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									           JEWISH FEDERATION
                               Annual Report 2005

When We live generously, it does a World of good

      Live Generously
      Combined Jewish appeal

                                             Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver is committed to
                                             building a strong, vibrant and enduring Jewish community in
                                             the Lower Mainland, in Israel, and throughout the world by
                                             nurturing the values, practices and traditions which sustain
                                             and enrich Judaism and Jewish culture.

                                             Federation works in collaboration with many partners locally,
                                             nationally and abroad. Our efforts are combined with other
                                             Jewish communities in Canada through United Israel Appeal
                                             Federations Canada, and in Israel through Keren Hayesod and
                                             the Jewish Agency for Israel.

                      Executive Message       3
                              Leadership      4
                               Campaign       6
    Community Planning and Development        8
                              Volunteers     10
                             Allocations     12
                            Israel Affairs   14
                               Education     16
                Leadership Development       17
                               Financials    18
                                     Staff   20

                                                                                             JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                             GREATER VANCOUVER
                                           Doing a World
                                             of Good
                                          In adopting a campaign theme this
                                          past year of “Live Generously – It
                                          Does a World of Good”, the Federa-
                                          tion needed to live up to the promise
                                          of this phrase. With generous support
                                          of a growing number of community
                                          members and strong volunteer lead-
                                          ership, we believe we did. Our Jew-
                                          ish Federation of Greater Vancouver
                                          achieved strong results on many im-
     Bernard Pinsky, President            portant fronts:                               Mark Gurvis, Executive Director

• Our campaign grew to $6.4 million, reaching our 7% goal for increased dollars and surpassing our 7% goal for
  increased numbers of donors.
• Our Jewish Community Foundation hit a new milestone as it passed $20 million in assets.
• Our strategic engagement with Israel hit new levels as we launched a new Vancouver-based office for the Canada-
  Israel Committee and enhanced our funding for youth and education services in our partnership region in the Etzba
• We brought a second cohort of participants into our new leadership development program – “Leadership and Identity
  in a New Age”.
• Our electronic communications program reached 2,800 subscribers and surpassed industry standards on the percentages
  of recipients who open our mail and click through to additional information.
• Our public programs – Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Hazikaron observances, CJA campaign opening and other campaign
  events, Public Speaking Contest and High School Debates, and more – brought together thousands of community
  members for meaningful, high quality community gatherings.
The Federation continues to demon-        the full spectrum of community organi-     paign, we also demonstrate it in many
strate strong growth and creative de-     zations, to facilitate greater community   other areas of community life.
velopment. We are proud that we have      cohesion and collaborative effort. To-     Throughout this annual report you will
accomplished this alongside the success   gether we are so much stronger, and as     have the opportunity to read first-hand
of so many other community organiza-      we continue to communicate that mes-       about Federation’s work over the past
tions. We live in a thriving and grow-    sage to our community and act upon it,     year. You will also see examples of
ing Jewish community, but that growth     the results of joint community achieve-    the “World of Good” we are doing to-
brings with it many challenges. Our       ments continue to build. We demon-         gether. We cannot do any of it with-
Federation is committed to exercising     strate that when we come together in       out you.
leadership, working in partnership with   support of our community’s CJA cam-        Thank you for your generous support.

Bernard Pinsky                            Mark Gurvis
President                                 Executive Director

    Board of directors

                               President    Bernard Pinsky
                          VP Allocations    Ron Rozen
    VP Financial Resources Development      Mitchell Gropper
             VP Leadership Development      Diane Switzer
    VP Planning & Community Development     Jack Altman
                               Secretary    Shelley Ail
                               Treasurer    Michael Fugman
                       Members at Large     Craig Diamond
                                            Janice Loomer Margolis
                                            Stephen Gaerber
                Immediate Past President    Arnie Fine
            CJA General Campaign Chair      Jeffrey Goldberg
            CJA Women’s Division Chair      Bev Libin
          Jewish Community Foundation       Garry Zlotnik

       Board Members
       Rabbi Ilan Acoca, Shelley Ail, Jack * Life Long Members
    Altman, Gabe Bandel, Sam Belzberg*,
      Jonathan Berkowitz*, Rabbi Shmuel
           Birnham, Rabbi Philip Bregman,
         Bob Coleman*, Alex Cristall, Bev
           Davis, Craig Diamond, Gordon
             Diamond*, Michael Elterman,
        Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock, Rabbi
     Charles Feinberg, Arnie Fine, Dennis
           Frankenburg*, Michael Fugman,
     Stephen Gaerber, Geoffrey Glotman,
     Jeffrey Goldberg, Sondi Green*, Rob
       Greenwald, Mitch Gropper, Bruce
      Howitt, Mark James, Rabbi Claudio
        Kaiser-Blueth, Rabbi Laura Kaplan,
       Stacey Kettleman, Keren Kluk, Bev
    Libin, Janice Loomer Margolis, Reesa
            Margolis-Devlin, Peter Oreck*,
           Rabbi Schachar Orenstein, Dan
     Pekarsky*, Joshua Pekarsky, Bernard
       Pinsky, Lana Pulver, Lois Raphael*,
           Rabbi Andrew Rosenblatt, Mark
      Rosengarten, Harley Rothstein, Ron
         Rozen, Gary Segal, Joseph Segal*,
      Steve Shalinsky, Anita Silber, Diane
     Switzer, Alvin Wasserman, Malcolm
         Weinstein*, Bob Willmot*, Rabbi
           Yitzchak Wineberg, Ted Zacks*,
                             Garry Zlotnik

                                                                     JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                     GREATER VANCOUVER
    Committee Chairs                                                                                      5

  Combined Jewish Appeal 2005
                           General Campaign Chair          Jeffrey Goldberg
                                   Women’s Division        Bev Libin
                                           Major Gifts     Craig Diamond & Judi Korbin
                               Business & Professional     Barry Glotman & Larry Vinegar
                            Young Leadership Division      Natalie Rosengarten
                                Community Campaign         Helen Pinsky
                                            Marketing      Alvin Wasserman
                                       Opening Event       Sally Coleman, Tamara Frankel, Susan Tick
                                 Night of 100 Dinners      Trudy Pekarsky, Lianne Hayes Peretz,
                                                           Elaine Shafran
                                               Choices     Lisa Boroditsky, Gaynor Levin & Cheryl Stein
                                              Telethons    Myriam Freedman, Lindsay Isserow
                                                           & Sigal Mathews

Community Planning & Development
                                    Planning Council       Jack Altman
                                   Census Committee        Jean Gerber
                                     Council on Aging      Jack Altman & Gloria Levi
                                   Council on Poverty      Shelley Rivkin
                            Non-Profit Housing Society     Gabe Bandel

                       Communications Committee            Joshua Pekarsky

                          Israel Affairs
                                         Israel Affairs    Stephen Gaerber
                               Canada-Israel Experience    Janice Margolis
                                   High School Debate      David Emanuel
                       Israel and Overseas Connections     Arnie Fine
                                    March of the Living    Myra Michaelson
                                       Partnership 2000    Jean Cooperberg
                                Public Speaking Contest    Larry Barzelai
                                 Scholarship Committee     Susan Fine
                                        Walk with Israel   Judy Promislow
                                       Yom Ha’atzmaut      Allen Gaerber, Stephen Gaerber
                                        Yom Hazikaron      Geoffrey Druker, Gabi Peled

         Leadership Development
                           Leadership Development          Diane Switzer
                    Young Leadership Award Committee       Fred Mikelberg

   Jewish Community Foundation
                                          Board Chair      Garry Zlotnik (to June '05)
                                                           Isaac Thau (from June '05)
                                         Development       Lana Pulver
                                     Grant Distribution    Brenda Karp
                                            Investment     Garry Zlotnik (from June '05)
                                                           Isaac Thau (to June '05)
                       Professional Advisory Committee     Michael Moscovich
                            Women’s Endowment Fund         Josephine Nadel
                           WEF Distribution Committee      Arlene James


Our annual Combined Jewish Appeal raises the funds that provide services in our community,
in Israel, the Former Soviet Union and wherever Jews are in need. Money raised locally supports
the disadvantaged, educates children and adults, keeps seniors engaged and maintains Jewish
identity through cultural and recreational activities.

In 2005, CJA, our community campaign, inspired 3,650 donors and almost 500 volunteers to
live generously.


                             52% increase in total
2003                         dollars raised over the
                             past 4 campaigns, $4
2002                         million to $6.4 million
       $4 million            $6.4 million

                                                                                                                      Marlee Matlin headlined
                                                                                       Bev Libin led the Women’s      the Opening Event at
                                                                                       Division to unprecedent-       Schara Tzedeck Syna-
                                                                                       ed growth in the Wom-          gogue, attended by 700
                                                                                       en’s Campaign, spurred         people.
                                                                                       on by fabulous events like
                                                                                       the Night of 100 Dinners
                                                                                       and Choices.

                                                          For the first time CJA
                                                          and the Jewish Commu-
                                                          nity Foundation held the
                              The first-time White Rock   Legacy of Giving, a joint                                   Choices featured inspiring
                              Mission to Vancouver        Major Gifts event honour-                                   speaker Alina Spaulding,
                              brought 17 members of       ing generations of philan-                                  teacher and communal
Eitan Schwartz, the win-      that community to visit     thropic families. The eve-   Bob Markin participated        professional, who was
ner of the Israeli reality    constituent agencies and    ning featured appearances    in all 9 telethons held dur-   rescued as a child from
TV show "The Ambassa-         organizations in Rich-      by world Jewish leader       ing this year’s campaign,      Russia with her family.
dor" spoke to the Young       mond and Vancouver;         Mendel Kaplan and actor      helping to raise $188,000.     This new event had an
Leadership Division about     part of an ongoing pro-     and author Goldie Hawn,      His willingness to reach       incredible turnout of 300
how to present positive       gram to involve regional    pictured with Jill Dia-      out by phone to so many        women, and resulted in
views of Israel, reaching     communities more active-    mond, Lauri Glotman and      in our community is truly      114 new donors to the
beyond the conflict.          ly in the campaign.         Gordon Diamond.              inspiring.                     campaign.

                                                                                                                        JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                                                        GREATER VANCOUVER
                                           Live Generously
                                           Combined Jewish appeal
                                                     IT DOES A WORLD OF GOOD

     CJA surpassed its goal of $6.4 million in 2005, achieving a 7% increase in both new gifts and
     total funds raised. There were nearly 600 new gifts – more than 300 net new gifts. The Phyliss
     and Irving Snider Foundation again provided a challenge grant of $100,000 that helped fuel
     the campaign’s ability to reach these goals.

Our community received
United Jewish Commu-
nities’ prestigious Sapir       The campaign ran 9 tele-     Jeffrey Goldberg, Bev
Award this year, recog-         thon sessions, including 2   Libin and new Campaign
nizing our outstanding          in Richmond, and raised      Director, David Berson
CJA campaign achieve-           $188,000.                    participated in a mission
ment over the past several      Randi Winter, volunteer.     to Tbilisi, Georgia and Is-
                                                             rael to see first-hand how    Major Donors breakfast
years.                                                                                     featured Mark Gold, na-
                                                             federation funds are being
                                                             used to support programs      tional chair of the Cana-
                                                             for the elderly in the FSU    da-Israel Committee who
                                                             and newly arrived Ethio-      spoke about promoting
                                                             pians in Israel.              the case for Israel at all
                                                                                           levels of government.
Rikki Mullu, who success-
fully emigrated from Ethio-
pia to Israel, shared her
moving and inspiring story
with the Young Leadership       Jeffrey Goldberg, continu-
Division (YLD). Rikki is pic-   ing as Campaign General      The spring CJA Leadership     The 2nd annual Night of      Bobby Higer, co-chair of
tured with with Women’s         Chair, set the tone for      Briefing brought represen-    100 Dinners was a great      the UJC National Young
Top Gift Recognition Event      the 2005 campaign by         tatives from constituent      success, with over 200 at-   Leadership Cabinet from
organizers Lola Pawer and       encouraging everyone to      agencies and the Cam-         tending a cocktail recep-    Florida led a training pro-
Eve Camerman, Women’s           do “one more thing,” ex-     paign Cabinet together        tion hosted by Lauri and     gram for campaign can-
Campaign chair Bev Libin        tending a challenge to all   from all around the Low-      Barry Glotman, and then      vassers. Training sessions
and Campaign Associate          board members to bring       er Mainland to focus on       fifteen different themed     were also held in Rich-
Yael Rubanenko.                 in one new donor each.       fundraising goals.            dinners.                     mond.

    Community Planning
    and development
    Each year the Federation’s Planning Department is faced with the challenge of ascertaining
    the needs of a changing population and allocating funds where they can do the most good
    for the greatest number of people. Various committees focus on the specific issues facing the
    community such as a growing senior adults population, fair funding for education, and the
    need for accessible, affordable housing.

                                                                                    JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                    GREATER VANCOUVER
The West End Outreach program has                                                The Association of Jewish Commu-
blossomed into the Vancouver Down-                                               nal Professionals of Greater Vancou-
town Jewish Community, holding                                                   ver provided opportunities for learn-
well-attended events such as Shabbat                                             ing and professional development
dinners, a Community Pesach Seder,                                               through a series of sessions facilitated
Simchah Live and a joint Chanukah                                                by scholars and leaders from the Na-
party between VDJC and Chabad, at-                                               tional Jewish Center for Learning and
tended by 150 downtown residents of      The Kehila Society of Richmond          Leadership (CLAL).
all ages. The VDJC is co-sponsored       opened a new Seniors Drop-in Cen-
by NCJW and Federation.                  tre housed at Beth Tikvah Syna-
                                         gogue, featuring weekly programs
                                         and lunches for the seniors living in

                                                                                 The Allocations Planning Committee
                                                                                 reviews program funding proposals
                                                                                 from local constituent agencies and
                                                                                 recommends the allocation of funds
                                                                                 from the annual CJA campaign.

With JFSA, the Non-profit Housing
Society worked to create a Commu-
nity Apartment Rental Program.
                                         Yad b’Yad – the Council on Poverty
                                         is working on a Central Assessment
                                         Mechanism to ease families’ partici-
                                         pation in camps, schools and other
                                         Yad B’Yad hosted a conference on
                                         poverty for professionals in the com-

Jack Altman (right) with new Commu-
nity Planning and Development Di-
rector, Abba Brodt (left). Jack Altman
became the new chair of the Planning
Council as Diane Switzer completed
her 2 years in that position.

                                                                                                                                     Harris A
                                                                                                             Adams, Cathy Adie, Alan Adirim
     volunteers                                                                                              Scott Alexander, Miles Alperste
                                                                                                             Altman, Jack Altman, Morey Altm
                                                                                               Ames, Darlene Ames, Sheila Anzarut, Jessic
                                                                                               Bader, Melanie Bailey, Yechiel Baitelman, Lo
                                                                                          Barnett, Larry Barzelai, Cindy Behrmann, Madeline
                                                                                          Benbasat, Bella Berezin, Elana Berger, Sara Ber
                                                                              Berkowitz, Caron Bernstein, Sara Bernstein, Gillian Berson, Den
                                                                              Leon Bogner, Sandi Bojm, Claudia Bolotin-Givon, David Book
                                                                              Alisa Bowman, Jake Boxer, Esther Brauer, Martin Braverman,
                                                                        Brown, Katie Burnett, Gail Butt, Eve Camerman, Annica Carlsson H
                                                                        Charkow, Jen Chelin, Esther Chetner, Kerri Chetner, Lucy Chung,
     Federation has over 500 volunteers who gave                        Coblenz, David Coblin, Elisa Cogan, Susana Cogan, Fred Cohen, Ga
     hundreds of hours, sent thousands of emails,                       Marlene Cohen-Wexler, Helen Coleman, Robert Coleman, Sally Co
                                                                        Corenblum, Debbie Cossever, Karen Coulter, Alex Cristall, Jodi Crist
     coordinated events and programs, and made                   Aida Davis, Bev Davis, Sheryl Davis-Kahn, Iris Dayson, Guy De Picciotto, S
                                                                 Craig Diamond, Gordon Diamond, Isabelle Diamond, Jill Diamond, Jodi
     decisions that affect Jews in our community Dumoulin, Louis Eisman, Aryeh Elbaz, Victor Elias, Mark Elster, Michael Elterma
                                                          Mark Epstein, Michael Epstein, Alfonso Ergas, Lori Ergas, Marcos Ergas, Motti Essak
     and around the world. These are people               Howard Feldman, Pearl Feldman, Nora Ferera, Arnold Fine, Susan Fine, Michae
     who exemplify living generously with their           Fishman, Nevin Fishman, Paulette Fishman, Stephen Flamer, Ellen Flanders, Tamar
                                                          Deborah Freedman, Ellen Freedman, Mason Freedman, Myriam Freedman, Des
     time and their passion.                       Fugman, Allen Gaerber, Leana Gaerber, Morry Gaerber, Shari Gaerber, Shari Gaerber, S
                                                   Michael Geller, Jean Gerber, Elina Geselev, Andrea Gillman, Tania Gini, Carla Gir
                                                   Glassman, Anat Glickman, Barry Glotman, Geoffrey Glotman, Myriam Glotman, Ta
                                                   Goldberg, Cathy Golden, David Golden, David Goldman, Penny Goldsmith, Julio Go
                                                   Greenwald, Marla Groberman, Elaine Grobman, Miriam Gropper, Mitchell Gropper, Zo
                                                   Elad Guberman, Lori Guincher, Danny Gumprich, Joel Guralnick, Marla Guralnick, Pe
                                                   Hardiman, Marelynn Harowitz, Sharon Harowitz, Joyce Hassan, Arlene Hayes, Jacquel
                                                   Gabriel Hirsch, Raquel Hirsch, Shirley Hirsch, Sandra Hollenberg, Michael Horowitz,
                                                   Andrea Isserow, Lindsay Isserow, Saul Isserow, Alex Jackson, Raisie Jacobson, Simo
                                            Jankelowitz, Debra Jeroff, Eli Joseph, Ronald Josephson, Bernard Joss, Deborah Kafka, Peter K
                                            Claudio Kaiser-Blueth, Michael Kalef, Jonathan Kallner, Shannon Kallner, Tamara Kalvari, Dav
                                            Karp, Shelley Karrel, Jeremiah Katz, Barry Katzen, Sandi Kaye, Stephen Kaye, Stacey Kettlema
                                            Wendi Klein, Keren Kluk, Uriel Kluk, Y    aniv Koblentz, Morley Koffman, Myrna Koffman, Rache
                                            Stan Korsch, Alana Korsunsky, Beverley Kort, Lorne Kotzer, Mel Krajden, LuLu Krause, Mar
                                            Kushner, Samantha Lachman, Nadine Landa, Robert Landy, Naama Laniado, Irving Laskin,
                                            Gloria Levi, Tamar Levi-Bandel, Gaynor Levin, Samantha Levin, Shanie Levin, Allan Levine,
                                            Levitt, Lynn Levitt, Stewart Levitt, Cody Levy, Cynthia Levy, Debbie Lewin, Bev Libin, Judi L
                                            Debbie Lipman, Alisa Lipson, Deborah Litvack, Wendy Lo, Gerri London, Allan Loomer, Evely
                                            Alex Magil, Livia Mahler, Judi Majewski, Steve Malkin, Ezra Mandel, David Mandleman, Jud
                                                   Sarah Marel-Schaffer, Simon Margolis, Marian Margolis-Berz, Reesa Margolis-Devlin, A
                                                   Mattuck, Meyer Mattuck, Tammy McLaughlin, Susan Mendelson, Betsy Menkes, Myra
                                                   Micner, Frederick Mikelberg, Rose Mikelberg, Sarah Mikelberg, Riley Milavsky, Evelyn
                                                   Minnes, Dina Mintz, George Minuk, David Mivasair, Michal Mivasair, Razi Mizrahi, Ru
                                                   Phyllis Moscovich, Marilyn Moss, Ira Nadel, Josephine Nadel, Peter Nemetz, Victor
                                                   Orenstein, Gerri Ostry, Don Pacht, Bess Panar, Alexis Pavlich, Lola Pawer, Myra Pea
                                                   Robert Philipp, Bernard Pinsky, Helen Pinsky, Marion Poliakoff, Maryellen Polikoff, Elliot
                                                          Porte, Allan Posthuma, Alf Price, Judy Promislow, Brent Pullan, Lisa Pullan, Dou
                                                          Rigal, Rivian Rimer, Frances Ritch, Barry Rivelis, Shelley Rivkin, Eliot Roadburg
                                                          Jenny Rootman, Karen Rose, Helene Rosen, Joshua Rosenberg, Richard Rosen
                                                          Rosengarten, Natalie Rosengarten, Laura Rosenthal, Zmirah Rosenthal, Jeffrey Ro
                                                          Rozen, Ron Rozen, Mark Rozenberg, Talya Rozenberg, Barbara Rubanenko, Y          ael
                                                                Jeffrey Sacks, Leyla Sacks, Greg Samuels, Melanie Samuels, Tova Sandbra
                                                                Schonfeld, Rick Schreiber, Patricia Schwartz, Reisa Schwartzman-Ross, Din
                                                                Segal, Nanci Segal, Arnold Selwyn, Nassa Selwyn, Deborah Setton-Tabe
                                                                Shamir-Elron, Iris Sharir, Rebecca Shaw, Julia Shepetina, Danny Shmilovit
                                                                Silver, Jonothan Simkin, Al Simmons, Stephen Simon, Frank Sirlin, Heathe
                                                                        Michael Soloveichick, Georges Sommer, Taly Sorkin, Virginia Soro
                                                                        Glassman, Goldie Steele, Francie Steen, Cheryl Stein, Howard Stein,
                                                                              Nancy Stern, Jane Stoller, Ronald Stuart, Wendy Stuart, Diane
                                                                              Rachel Taub, Esther Tauby, Carol Taussig, Leyla Tekul, Linda T
                                                                                    Robert Thompson, Stephen Tick, Susan Tick, Aron Tisch
                                                                                    Larry Vinegar, Andy Wachtel, Leonard Wall, Alvin Wa
                                                                                    Weinberg, Arthur Weinstein, Jill Weinstein, Judy Weinstei
                                                                                               Wineberg, Anita Winestock, Ruth Wingerin,
                                                                                               Wohl, Pamela Wolfman, Daniel Wolfson,
                                                                                                       Maxine Woogman, Yosef Wosk, G
                                                                                                       Deborah Youngson, Ali Yusuf, Theodo
                                                                                                       Nathan Zalkow, Vivian Zalkow, Mindy
                                                                                                                         Carla Zivot, Garry
                                                                                                                         Mark Zlotnik, Gary

                                                                                                                    JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                                                    GREATER VANCOUVER
Abro, Ilan Acoca,
    Adams, Verity
m, Myra Adirim, Shelley Ail, Patti Aknin,
 ein, Alissa Altman, Aren Altman, Arliss
  man, Morris Altman, Tovah Altman, Cliff
 ca Apter, Heather Aronson, Gary Averbach, Claude
 ori Balshin, Michael Balshine, Gabriel Bandel, Hildy
ne Bell, Ilene-Jo Bellas, Matt Belzberg, Sam Belzberg, Izak
  rnstein, Heather Berkowitz, Jonathan Berkowitz, Joshua
ena Bild, Sid Bild, Shmuel Birnham, Judith Blumenkrans, Beth Bogner,
  k, Larisa Boriskov, Lisa Boroditsky, Golriz Boroomand, Maoz Bouskila,
 , Philip Bregman, Bernard Bressler, Chelsea Bretz, Paula Brook, Lorne
Hyman, Peter Caulfield, Audrey Chan, Marni Chark, Neal Chark, Pam
 , Sara Ciacci, Sharon Ciccozzi, Linda Civkin, Vivian Claman, Trudi
 ary Cohen, Heidi Cohen, Nechemjah Cohen, Richard Cohen, Tracey Cohen,
 oleman, Julian Collis, Maureen Collis, Jean Cooperberg, Joshua Corber, Allan
 stall, Barry Cutler, Harvey Dales, Juliana Dalley, Yossi Darr, Reva Davidson,
  Sherri Deutsch, Robert Devlin, Marian Dewitt, Carrie Diamond, Charles Diamond,
 i Diamond, Rita Dilek, Arthur Dodek, Marie Doduck, Geoffrey Druker, Anthony
man, David Emanuel, Megan Emanuel, Susan Emanuel, Catherine Epstein, Elana Epstein,
akow, Daniel Ezekiel, Lynne Fader, Daniel Fedder, Avraham Feigelstock, Charles Feinberg,
  el Fish, Randy Fisher, Robert Fisher, Ben Fishman, Jan Fishman, Lionel Fishman, Martin
  ra Frankel, Sheldon Franken, Dennis Frankenburg, Naomi Frankenburg, David Freedman,
 s Friedland, Phillipa Friedland, Robin Friedlander, Diane Friedman, John Fuerst, Michael
  Stephen Gaerber, Noemi Gal-Or, Ivan Gasoi, Laurie Gasoi, Daniel Gelb, Corinne Gelfer,
  rvitz, Daniella Givon, Monte Glanzberg, Kevin Glassman, Orli Glassman, Rose Marie
 amara Godfrey, Hillel Goelman, Bea Goldberg, Benjamin Goldberg, Fran Goldberg, Jeffrey
  omberoff, Joyce Gordon, Sheldon Green, Sondi Green, Roger Greenberg, Morley Greene, Rob
 ora Gropper, Erica Groschler, Doreen Grossman, Fay Grostern, Gershon Growe, Bill Gruenthal,
  enny Gurstein, Sam Gutman, Serge Haber, Colin Halliwell, Sam Hanson, Ran Harash, Rachel
elyn Hayes, Lianne Hayes Peretz, Sandy Hazan, Barbara Heller, Gloria Hendin, Cecil Hershler,
  , Bruce Howitt, Jamie Hsu, Robert Huber, Shirley Hyman, Bette-Jane Israels, Sharon Isaacson,
 on Jacobson, Alana James, Brent James, Gail James, Mark James, Howard Jampolsky, Ruth
 Kafka, Lawrence Kahn, Mark Kahn, Saul Kahn, Joseph Kahn-Tietz, Simon Kahya, Yigal Kaikov,
 vid Kaplan, Laura Kaplan, William Kaplan, Howard Karby, Rosalind Karby, Ben Karmel, Brenda
  an, Michael Kierszenblat, Rozanne Kipnes, Lynn Kirson, Aaron Klein, Aden Klein, Dalya Klein,
  el Koffman, Ethel Kofsky, Richard Kohn, Caroline Kolof, Janet Kolof, Judi Korbin, Anna Kornilov,
  rilyn Krell, Samuel Krikler, Naomi Kronitz, Marilyn Krygier, Jack Kunin, Jerry Kushner, Shirley
   Megan Laskin, Lucy Laufer, Gary Lazar, Rhea Lazar, Glen Leader, Tobi Lenett, Anna Lermer,
 , Lani Levine, Marc Levine, Risa Levine, Sarah Levine, William Levine, Alberta Levitan, Giselle
  Libin, Eyal Lichtmann, Carole Lieberman, David Linde, Ivan Linde, Merle Linde, Harry Lipetz,
 lynne Loomer, Janice Loomer Margolis, Cathy Lowenstein, Lynn Lutterman, Donna MacDermot,
 dy Mandleman, Arturo Manes, Inge Manes, Linda Mann Zacks, Heidi Mannis, Alan Marchant,
 Alan Margulius, Bob Markin, Danna Marks, Robert Matas, Roy Mathews, Sigal Mathews, Gail
 a Michaelson, Brian Mickelson, Howard Mickelson, Leslie Mickelson, Roberta Mickelson, Jack
yn Miller, Norman Miller, Sandra Miller, Niels Millman, Andrea Milman, Eli Mina, Gabriella
 uti Mizrahi, Esther Mogyoros, Marcos Mogyoros, Ari Morris, Shelley Morris, Michael Moscovich,
    Neuman, Lyora Nifco, Tim Oberlander, Carol Oreck, Peter Oreck, Tabala Oreck, Schachar
  arlman, Daniel Pekarsky, Joshua Pekarsky, Trudy Pekarsky, Gaby Peled, Ginaya Peters,
ot Poll, Michelle Pollock, Neil Pollock, Leah Pomerantz, Dale Porte, David Porte, Hershey
  ug Pulver, Lana Pulver, Naomi Pulvers, Lois Raphael, Jeff Reed, Rory Richards, Jennifer
 g, Melody Robens-Paradise, Sarah Robin, Vicki Robinson, Gary Romalis, Lisa Romalis,
 nberg, Ryan Rosenberg, Shar Rosenberg, Andrew Rosenblatt, Gregory Rosenfeld, Mark
 oss, Ruth Ross, Jeff Rothman, Marcia Rothman, Harley Rothstein, Doreen Rozen, Drory
el Rubanenko-Horwitz, Inessa Rubin, Toby Rubin, Abby Sacks, Abe Sacks, David Sacks,
 and, Jared Schachter, Stephen Schachter, Steven Schacter, Julie Schneiderman, Jodi
na Schweber, Jordan Schweber, Raphael Seelig, Blanche Segal, Gary Segal, Joseph
 enkin, Elaine Shafran, Zev Shafran, Stephen Shalinsky, Sam Shamash, Y         ael
  tch, Jill Shore, Ruth Sigal, Anita Silber, Herbert Silber, Stacey Silber, Amira
 er Sirlin-Kenney, Noah Slepkov , Shael Smith, Jacob Sneg, Deborah Snider,
  onow, Darlene Spevakow, Penny Sprackman, Margaret Stark, Janna Stark
  , Richard Stein, Julius Steinberg, Daniel Steiner, Philip Steiner, Marvin Stern,
 e Switzer, Phil Switzer, Boris Tabakman, Yosef Tabenkin, Alan Tapper,
 Tenenbaum, Edna Tepper, Barry Tessler, Isaac Thau, Anne Thompson,
hler, Iris Toledano, Peter Tolensky, Miriam Vale, Carla van Messel,
 asserman, Dan Waterman, Paul Watson, Joseph Weinberg, Kim
ein, Malcolm Weinstein, Abby Weintraub, Bob Willmot, Yitzchak
   Randi Winter, Lu Winters, Natalie Wiseman, Sandy
   Bud Wolochow, Ruth Wolochow, Lisa Woogman,
Gary Y     affe, Ellen Yackness, Margalit Yonash,
  or Zacks, Sari Zack-Weintraub, Julio Zaharia,
  y Zimmering, Shaun Zipursky, Laura Zitron,
     Zlotnik, Lisbeth Zlotnik,
   Zumar, Michele Zychlinski


     A gift to Federation's annual Combined Jewish Appeal campaign provides funds to meet urgent,
     ongoing humanitarian and social services needs of Jews worldwide.

     Local Constituents                                                   Overseas & National Agencies
     Burquest Jewish Community Association                                Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy
         Community centre and synagogue for Burnaby, Coquitlam,               The national coordinating agency for Jewish advocacy
         & New Westminster region.                                            efforts across Canada, with an emphasis on matters
     Day Schools: King David High School, Richmond Jewish Day                 relating to Israel and domestic affairs.
         School, Vancouver Hebrew Academy, Vancouver Talmud               Canada-Israel Committee
         Torah Elementary School                                              An advocacy body focusing on strengthening the bilateral
         BC accredited day schools that provide a full Jewish and             Israel-Canada relationship.
         general studies curriculum.                                      Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region
     Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver                             A non-governmental organization that speaks on behalf of
         Provides opportunities for community members to engage               the Jewish community in matters affecting the quality of
         in Jewish life through cultural, recreational, social and edu-       life for Jews in Canada.
         cational programs serving the full spectrum of our community.    Jewish Agency for Israel
     Jewish Family Service Agency                                             A non-governmental agency in Israel through which funds
         Social service organization providing resources and opportu-         for Israel raised in our community support services for
         nities to strengthen and enhance the quality of life for indi-       Jews in distress, new immigrants, youth, and other
         viduals and families by anticipating, identifying and re-            vulnerable populations.
         sponding to societal and community issues.                       Joint Distribution Committee
     Jewish Historical Society of BC                                          International relief agency providing rescue, relief and
         Collects and curates the community’s history in BC.                  rehabilitation services to Jewish communities in more than
     Kehila Society of Richmond                                               60 countries around the world.
         Collection of Jewish organizations in Richmond BC,               Jewish Immigrant Aid Society
         focused on ensuring programs and services are in place.              National service organization providing information,
     Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture                                 counseling, resettlement and relief services to new
         Organization providing Jewish and Yiddish cultural programs.         immigrants throughout Canada.
     Religious Schools: Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation            Partnership 2000
         Beth Tikvah, North Shore Hebrew School, Or Shalom,                   Relationship and community building program through
         TAG Community High School, Temple Sholom                             which our community is partnered with the Etzba HaGalil
         After school and weekend education programs teaching                 region of Israel, with a focus on strengthening the quality
         Hebrew, religious studies, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah                       of life in the region and building direct relationships
         preparations.                                                        between its residents and our community.
     Shalom BC                                                            National Jewish Campus Life
         Provides a newcomer’s welcome service and community                  Provides funding and other resources to support Hillel
         information and referral, and manages the community’s                and other Jewish campus programs and services
         Volunteer Centre.                                                    throughout Canada.
     Summer Camps: Camp Hatikvah, Camp Gan Israel,                        United Israel Appeal Federations Canada
         Habonim Dror Camp Miriam                                             The national umbrella organization of the Canadian
         Bursaries are provided for children attending these summer           Jewish federations and non-federated communities,
         camps.                                                               providing fundraising support and national planning and
     Vancouver Hillel Foundation                                              allocations functions.
         Provides support services and Jewish presence on local
         campuses including UBC, SFU, Langara, Kwantlen, and
     Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
         Teaching museum and educational resource devoted to
         Holocaust based anti-racism education.
     White Rock/South Surrey Jewish Community Centre
         Providing basic social functions and synagogue services for
         this region.

                                                                                                                       JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                                                       GREATER VANCOUVER
                                          Where your money goes

       Total Allocations $4,807,447
                         National 8%

Local 52%
                                          Israel and
                                          Overseas 40%

                                  Local Allocations $2,490,678
                                              Youth 13%        Arts and Culture 4%
                                             $332,398          $88,208

                                                                                Community Building 26%
                   Jewish Education 28%

                                                          Social Services 29%

     israel affairs

     The Israel Affairs Department builds and nurtures our connection with our Jewish homeland,
     creating many opportunities for living generously. Through joyous celebrations, special events,
     interesting missions and exciting youth Israel experiences, we strengthen our everlasting bond
     with Israel. The Partnership 2000 (P2K) program has forged personal relationships with our
     Israeli family in the Galilee Panhandle (Etzba HaGalil) region in northern Israel through ongoing
     educational, professional and cultural exchanges.

                                                                                        JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                        GREATER VANCOUVER
The Yom HaZikaron ceremony, held
at the Norman Rothstein Theatre,
had 400 attendees who honoured the
memory of fallen Israeli soldiers and
victims of terrorist attacks.

                                            Seven people from Vancouver partici-    The Living Bridge (Gesher Chai) con-
                                            pated in the 2005 March of the Living   tinues to foster strong ties between lo-
                                            for adult groups commemorating the      cal day schools and their counterparts
                                            60th anniversary of the liberation of   in Etzba HaGalil. Four Israeli teach-
                                            Auschwitz.                              ers visited their sister schools Talmud
                                                                                    Torah and Hebrew Academy in the
A delegation visited from Tel Hai Col-                                              fall. Hebrew Academy has joined the
lege in Kiryat Shemona. The highlight                                               program this year and enthusiastical-
for our community was the musical                                                   ly welcomed its visitors. Four educa-
evening at the JCC featuring an Arab                                                tors from Vancouver Talmud Torah
and a Jewish student who shared their                                               Elementary School and Richmond
views on coexistence.                                                               Jewish Day School visited their part-
                                                                                    ner schools during the winter break.
                                            Vancouver birthright alumni put on
                                            their First Annual Mega Event Par-
                                            ty. Over 350 birthright alumni and
                                            friends attended.

The 13th Annual High School Debates
welcomed participants from various                                                  Dance Troupe Hora Goel from the
teen and high school programs to the                                                Arthur and Ancie Fouks Community
growing competition to speak about                                                  Centre in Kiryat Shemona, visited
important issues in Jewish life.                                                    Vancouver for a week, conducting
                                                                                    workshops and performances around
                                            The 17th Annual Public Speaking         the community, and participating in
                                            Contest had over 170 participants       the JCC’s 1st Festival HaRikud.
                                            from Grades 4 to 7 speaking to an au-
                                            dience of about 500 people on topics
                                            of Jewish interest.

Thanks to the hard work of the Scholar-
ship Committee, students demonstrating
financial need are able to attend educa-
tional programs in Israel ranging from 10                                           King David High School sent a group
days to one year.                                                                   of students, parents and teachers on
                                                                                    a fact-finding mission to build a long-
                                            Hanan Yovel, Shira Yovel and Yardena    term relationship between KDHS and
                                            Arazi entertained 1,100 people at the   Har VaGai High School in the Etzba
                                            Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration co-chaired   HaGalil. October 2005, KDHS hosted
                                            by Allen and Stephen Gaerber.           12 students, 2 teachers and principal
                                                                                    from Har VaGai during a reciprocal


     The Federation’s Educational Initiative has made great strides in bringing together the professional
     leadership of all of our local Jewish schools. Heads of day schools and supplemental schools
     meet regularly throughout the year to plan professional development programs and explore
     common approaches to working with special needs students.
                                                                        Over eighty teachers from the 3 elemen-
                                                                        tary day schools gathered for a profession-
                                                                        al development day co-sponsored by the
                                                                        Western Coalition of Jewish Education,
                                                                        York University and the Federation.
                                                                        Beyond Apples and Honey was the
                                                                        theme for a learning day for supple-
                                                                        mental teachers in early September.

                                                                        Artist Maureen Kushner spent time at
                                                                        all 3 elementary day schools facilitating
                                                                        a collaborative project as part of Peace
                                                                        through Humour. The second phase of
                                                                        the project will include an exhibit at
                                                                        the JCC.

                                                                        150 teens now attend King David High
                                                                        School which opened in September
                                                                        2005. Through generous support from
                                                                        the Diamond Foundation, the commu-
                                                                        nity and Federation, the building was
                                                                        completed on time and provides a new
                                                                        venue for Jewish studies.

                                                                        28 Jewish teachers from the Lower
                                                                        Mainland attended the CAJE Confer-
                                                                        ence in Seattle in August, thanks to
                                                                        subsidies provided by the Jewish Com-
                                                                        munity Foundation, Federation, and
                                                                        private donors. They joined 2,000
                                                                        Jewish educators from all over North
                                                                        America, attending sessions presented
                                                                        by leaders in current Jewish education.

                                                                                                 JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                                 GREATER VANCOUVER
                                                                          leadership                                         17

Our community’s growth depends on development of fresh new leadership to build on the
strengths and accomplishments of those who lead now.

Young Leadership Award
                                         Every year an award is given to rec-    tors since 2002 and joined the JCC-
                                         ognize young volunteers in our com-     GV Executive in 2005. Alex has also
                                         munity who have shown outstanding       served JCCGV in the areas of facilities
                                         leadership and made significant con-    improvement, membership and the
                                         tributions. For 2005, Federation was    JCC Maccabi Games. Alex also serves
                                         proud to present the Young Leader-      on Federation’s Board of Directors and
                                         ship Award to Alex Cristall.            Allocations Committee, as well as the
                                                                                 Maccabi Canada Board of Directors.
            Alex Cristall                Nominated by the Jewish Community
                                         Centre of Greater Vancouver, Alex       Alex is known for his creative think-
As JCCGV put it, “Alex is a true         Cristall exemplifies the commitment     ing, respect for diversity, and passion
asset to our entire community”           and enthusiasm that distinguishes       for Jewish values.
                                         great young leaders. He has been a
                                         member of JCCGV’s Board of Direc-

Leadership Program
Federation’s leadership program for      ship, Volunteer Vancouver, and other
young adults, “Identity and Leadership   local community resource people. A
in a New Age” was launched with its      second cohort is now learning during
first cohort. Faculty for the program    the program’s second year.
came from CLAL: The National Jew-
ish Center for Learning and Leader-

Ben Gurion Society
                                         The Ben Gurion Society is a recogni-    members about the impact of the CJA
                                         tion program for CJA donors under       on the lives of Jews locally, nationally,
                                         45 years old who contribute $1,000      in Israel and around the world.
                                         or more to the annual campaign. The
                                         BGS offers programs that educate its

                                           Pictured are BGS member Lisa
                                           Romalis and her husband, Dan
                                           Levitt. Their daughter Aria is held
                                           by speaker Marlee Matlin.


     2004 - 2005 Highlights
     This statement includes the results of    gust 31, 2005 the Federation raised an     During the fiscal year allocations and
     the 2004 CJA campaign and the ac-         additional $423,895 in miscellaneous       distributions from CJA and Foundation
     tivities of Jewish Federation of Great-   contributions to local and internation-    sources to local, national and overseas
     er Vancouver and Jewish Community         al Jewish charities (2004 - $90,926).      agencies and programs amounted to
     Foundation of Greater Vancouver                                                      $6.61 million (2004 - $5.75 million).
     for the period September 1, 2004          The Foundation continued to experience     Of this amount $5.94 million ($5.25 in
     through August 31, 2005.                  steady growth, with new contributions      2004) was allocated from CJA funds,
                                               of $1.39 million (2004 - $1.45 million).   and $666,472 (2003 - $501,723) was
     The 2004 CJA campaign raised $6.03        At August 31, 2005 the Foundation’s        allocated from the Jewish Community
     million (2003 - $5.60 million). In        net assets amounted to $19.94 million      Foundation.
     addition, during the period ending Au-    (2004 - $16.87 million).

           Total Revenue                       Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver & Jewish
                                               Community Foundation of Greater Vancouver Combined
                                               Sources of Revenue Year ending August 31, 2005

                                    2005 $7,850,795
                                    2004 $7,139,054

                       CJA Regular Pledges
                                      2005     $5,665,231     72%
                                      2004     $5,269,593     74%

                          CJA Plus Pledges
                                     2005      $364,499         5%
                                     2004      $332,754         5%

                 Foundation Contributions
                                    2005       $1,397,170     18%
                                    2004       $1,445,781     20%

              Miscellaneous Contributions
                                    2005       $423,895         5%
                                    2004       $90,926          1%

                                                                                                                JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                                                                GREATER VANCOUVER
                                         Condensed Statement of Financial Position                                             19
                                                                  and Operations

 These condensed Financial Statements for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2005 are derived from the audited financial
 statements on which our independent auditors, Wolrige and Mahon, have expressed an unqualified opinion.
 The audited statements were approved by the Federation’s Board of Directors.
                                                                                                 Year ending August 31, 2005

                                                                    General      Foundation          Total            Total
                                                                  Fund 2005      Fund 2005           2005             2004

                                                       Cash          986,336         71,332      1,057,668        822,316
                                        Pooled Investments                 -     19,438,267     19,438,267     16,332,553
                                      Bonds and Mortgages                  -        629,038        629,038        654,581
                                         Pledges Receivable          876,554              -        876,554        982,692
                             Other Receivables and Prepaids          153,133        (18,743)       134,390         64,947
                                              Capital Assets          46,561              -         46,561         35,672
                                                       Total      $2,062,584    $20,119,894    $22,182,478    $18,892,761

                             LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
                     Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities       $373,315         $7,125       $380,440       $341,937
                                            Grants Payable                 -        167,732        167,732        138,750
                                          Deferred Revenue           668,568              -        668,568        511,222
                                                 Net Assets        1,020,701     19,945,037     20,965,738     17,900,852
                                                      Total       $2,062,584    $20,119,894    $22,182,478    $18,892,761

                                    Pledges and Contributions      6,029,730      1,397,170      7,426,900       7,048,428
                           Provision for uncollectible pledges       (58,673)             -        (58,673)       (100,000)
                                                Grant income         308,325         43,000        351,325         328,656
                       Interest, Dividends, and Miscellaneous        423,895        738,961      1,162,856         633,421

                                Realized and Unrealized Gain
                                       in Value of Investments             -      1,686,283      1,686,283       1,049,238
                                                          Total    6,703,277      3,865,414     10,568,691       8,959,743

                                         Financial Resources        726,261         159,806       886,067          718,810
                                              Administration        166,109         106,536       272,645          276,952
                                      Allocations and Grants
                                  (local, national, overseas)      5,778,687        559,936      6,338,623       5,474,824
                                Forgiveness of Debt (UIAFC)                -              -              -        (642,951)
                         Excess revenues over expenditures            32,220      3,039,136      3,071,356       3,132,108

                       Interfund Transfers and Miscellaneous         (46,087)        39,617         (6,470)         5,278
                                Net Assets, beginning of year      1,034,568     16,866,284     17,900,852     14,763,466
                                     Net Assets, end of year      $1,020,701    $19,945,037    $20,965,738    $17,900,852

                                                                Download a PDF version of the Annual Report at

                                        Executive Director      Mark Gurvis
                                         Assistant Director     Judith Wolfman
                                     Administrative Assistant   Shelley Goldberg/Tirzah Abraham

                         Combined Jewish Appeal
                                                    Director    David Berson
                                                  Associates    Yael Rubanenko/Eveline Schaffer Shekhman
                                                                Guido Setton
                                    Administrative Assistants   Lihe Katz/Nora Lender

                 Jewish Community Foundation
                                                    Director    Marcie Flom
                                     Administrative Assistant   Wendy Finlayson

     Community Planning and Development
                                                  Director      Abba Brodt
                            Council on Poverty Coordinator      Iris Toledano

                         Israel Affairs Department
                                                   Director     Yair Tabenkin
                                   Administrative Assistants    Gali Bar/Taryn Colley

                     Marketing Communications
                                                  Director      Cory Bretz
                                            Editor, Yachad      Kathe Izen-Mondlak
                        Desktop Publishing and Webmaster        Leslie Goodson/Anna Shevchenko

                                              Accountant        Emilia Yau
                                  Database Administrator        Naomi Voss
                           Campaign Assistant/Bookkeeper        Rita Propp

     Annual Report Production Kathe Izen-Mondlak, Anna Shevchenko, Mark Gurvis, Cory Bretz, Burroughs Printing, Taylor Graphics

            JEWISH FEDERATION                                                                                     Live Generously
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