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									When the body fails to produce enough insulin or when the body cells do not respond
to the insulin produced, glucose continues to stay in blood and in no time, the glucose
level in blood soars, leading to diabetes. Diabetes may be categorized in to three main
  1. Type 1 diabetes - This occurs when body fails to produce insulin. This type of
diabetes can be tackled by injecting insulin.
  2. Type 2 diabetes - This is the most widespread type. This occurs when the body
cells become non-responsive or resistant to insulin.
  3. Gestational diabetes - This occurs during pregnancy. Women, who never had any
previous history of diabetes, may become diabetic during pregnancy.
  Other types of diabetes include congenital diabetes that is caused by genetic
disorders in insulin secretion, monogenic diabetes, steroid diabetes caused by
over-intake of glucocorticoids, cystic fibrosis related diabetes.
  Herbs or herbal supplements for diabetes
  Some important herbs that are contained in most herbal supplements for diabetes are
listed below. These herbs have been found very helpful in lowering blood sugar
  1. Neem leaf juice or extracts can be very effective in treating diabetes. One may
simply chew 9-10 neem leaves every morning for a month and feel the difference.
  2. Chewing of 10-12 basil leaves a day also helps in controlling diabetes. Basil
leaves have the power to activate pancreas and make it produce enough insulin.
  3. Half teaspoon turmeric powder taken every day with honey relieves the symptoms
of diabetes.
  4. A paste made out of grinded lecaus leaves and pepper corns may be taken every
day for beneficial results.
  5. Liberal intake of onion and garlic can also control diabetes. They help in
maintaining a good cardiovascular health.
  6. Fenugreek seeds have excellent anti-diabetic properties. It may be taken in
grounded form.
  7. Blueberry is an effective regulator of glucose levels in blood.
  8. Asian ginseng is a useful herb for diabetes. It increases insulin output by
stimulating the pancreas and also leads to a rise in the number of insulin receptors.
  9. Gingko biloba is also rich in anti-diabetic properties. It can treat diabetes
  10. Bitter gourd or bitter melon is also known as plant insulin. It increases the
responsiveness of body cells to insulin and improves metabolism.
  11. Cinnamon is immensely potential in lowering blood sugar levels. Half teaspoon
cinnamon powder may be taken twice a day regularly for best results.
  Hope this article has covered some useful anti diabetic herbs that will help you lower
your blood sugar levels naturally and effectively and prevent diabetes complications.
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