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									                                                                                                        Eastwood in Focus
                      EASTWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

                                                                                              October 2007

                        Eastwood in Focus
                           MISSION STATEMENT
To serve the Eastwood Community by encouraging growth through mutual co-operation

                            From the President
Presidents Review:

On behalf of the Eastwood Chamber of          A further achievement at the 2007 CNA
commerce, we congratulate Andrew Bland        Awards Northern Division for The Weekly
on his appointment as President of Ryde       Times being three time winners in the
Business Forum.                               following categories; Best Ad Campaign,
                                              Best Colour Advertisement and Best Mono
A further congratulations to the Events       or Spot Colour Ad!
Committee members of The Eastwood
Chamber of Commerce, for Hosting the          Congratulations to John Booth and his
successful "Trivia Night” at The Ryde Busi-   team on this fantastic achievement, again
ness Forum After Hours Function held          the photo gallery captures the proud mo-
Monday 03rd September at Ryde Eastwood        ments of this event. I was invited this
                                              month to attend an inaugural regional                                          REA
Leagues Club. Photographs from this eve-
ning are featured in the Photo gallery.       Business Leaders Briefing on the Local                Contents:                D IN
                                              BizGateway- a new Pilot initiative between
It was certainly a month for “winners” as     Local Government and small business.            From the President             1
The Northern District Times hosted the        Bizway is a one-stop entry point to a world
2007 True Local Business Awards On Fri-       of useful information for small business.       Events Calendar                2
day 31st August at The Epping Club.
Amongst the finalists and winners in the      The network is free information on a
                                              12month trial program in NSW.
                                                                                              John Lees Regular Column       3
following categories were our own Mac-
quarie Community College in the Business/     For further information please go online to
Professional Services category, Eastwood                          ECC Rewards Participants       4
Podiatry Clinic in the Health Services/Care
category, Harvey World Travel Eastwood in     Finally, let‟s not forget Granny Smith Festi-   Trina‟s Finance Column         5
the Tourism and Travel Services category      val Day on Saturday 20th October. Prepa-
and Midway Cellars, Denistone East in the     rations for this memorable event are un-        Top Ryde Shopping Centre       6
Liquor Stores category. Well done to all      derway now and once again the Eastwood
and let‟s see more Eastwood.                  Chamber will co-host the VIP luncheon
                                              held at The Eastwood Club, all Chamber          Achieve Foundation             7
Businesses participate next year! Once        members and guests are welcome. Our
again visit the photo gallery for photos of   next meeting will be the AGM held on            Eastwood Town Centre           8
this evening.                                 Monday the 15th October at The Eastwood
                                              Club.                                           Brickworks Re-development      9

                                              I look forward to seeing you all there with     Congratulations                10
Lydia Scuglia                                 your nominations and remember that a
                                              Chamber is only as strong as                    Brush Farm House               11
                                              Its membership!

                                                                                              Awards News                    12

President                                                                                     Ryde Business Forum Golf Day   13

                                                                                              Photo Gallery                  14
        “Risk is the refusal to forget desire!”                                               Membership Form                15
                                                                                                                               Eastwood in Focus

    Saturday 20th October                                                              Granny Smith Festival Day

    Thursday 1st November                                                 Achieve Foundation Inaugural Achieve Ball

    Friday 23rd November                                                           The Ryde Business Forum Golf Day

    Wednesday 5th December                                                     Combined Chamber Christmas Party

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                                                                                         Eastwood in Focus

                                                         Insurance brokers and accounting firms are not on their
                                                         own when facing this problem: chemists have for years

    How being very                                       been saying that they give advice, and yet the chemists in
                                                         most pharmacies are only ever „seen‟ in the dispensary…so
                                                         they would have to use megaphones to live up to their
   busy and good at                                      promise!
                                                         Bookstores and music retailers sell books, DVDS and CDS

   service can cause                                     but only give help to customers at the counters…and so an
                                                         ever-increasing number of

    your downfall…
                                                         consumers are now buying these products on the Inter-
                                                         net…where, inexplicably, the service is much better than
                                                         the stores offer. The reason that most clients leave a salon
                                                         to go elsewhere has nothing to do with problems associ-
                                                         ated with the style, service or price…but because their sa-
                                                         lon visit was a non event, and so when friends tell them
By John Lees, sales & marketing specialist               about a salon that takes a personal interest…they beat a
                                                         path to the „other salon‟. It is natural and right for busi-
Most accounting firms and general insurance bro-         nesses to aim to „be busy‟, but it is abnormal and wrong to
kers are managed and populated by knowledge-             be just reactive while being active. In other words, if all
able people…and yet their days are numbered.             you do is address the „wants‟ of customers, you will even-
The reason for this sad state of affairs is that         tually be found wanting!
both types of „suppliers‟ have lots of customers
and serve them well, but they fail to act on the         A business must recognise that two forms of loyalty are at
„needs‟ of those they serve. Evidence of this fail-      play in every market, the first concerns products and the
ure is that a) the clients of most insurance bro-        second relates to the suppliers of products. The truth is
kers do not have adequate cover, and this poten-         that most customers are loyal to products and services but
tial dilemma applies to regular people and com-          not to suppliers. I may be a regular buyer of medicines,
mercial enterprises, and b) the business clients of      CDS, loans, credit card services, clothes, cars, fuel and
most accounting firms are not guided towards             much more…but I am „usually‟ quite happy to buy these
prudent and successful management of their fi-           products and services on the basis of convenience, special
nancial situations. Another reflection of this failing   offers, etc. What does that say about the „suppliers‟? It
in accounting firms is that most accountants do          says that they are content to serve me with a smile but not
not manage the personal financial affairs of their       to help me with ideas…and yet the impact of ideas „can be‟
business clients. These „failings‟ in both estab-        significant in building loyalty to the supplier! A smile lasts
lished sectors creates two massive areas of vul-         seconds but ideas, when
nerability for them…and substantial opportunities        „given‟, live on and make
for their competitors:                                   an enormous difference
                                                         to people. We show
1. Eventually, most of the clients of brokers and        more loyalty to doctors
accounting firms will be seduced by cheaper,             and dentists, because
more convenient ways to buy insurance and ad-            they offer personalised
vice on taxation matters, etc. The rule here is          service, but their profes-
that if customers only get what they want and            sions may die too. Centu-
expect, why not find a way to get it cheaper…            ries ago in China, people
2. Eventually, many of the clients of brokers and        paid their doctors every
accounting firms will be attracted and assisted          month, however if they
professionally by advice-driven suppliers. Here,         fell ill the payments
the rule is that since clients are paying for a ser-     stopped. The lesson? It
vice but buying a result…they will do business           pays to ensure that your
with suppliers that sell the best results                customers do well!

                                                         John Lees is the author
                                                         of 10 books on business development and is a leading
                                                         speaker, trainer and consultant. Visit his website at
                                                                                        Eastwood in Focus

As an incentive to members and to encourage business within the Eastwood area, the Chamber has
developed the „ECC Rewards Program‟ initiative. Members offer a discount for their services or
products to other members of the Chamber when presenting their membership card.
As an example, if your company is a restaurant, you may wish to offer a 10% discount to any current
members. To participate in the „ECC Rewards Program‟, please contact Trina Mosley on
0432 22 44 89 or email address

Current members of the ECC Rewards Program are :

 Rams Home Loans Northern Districts
 Contact Paul van Rooyen on 9858 2533 or 0409 786 829 who is offering
$100 off the loan costs of any loan arranged by RAMS Home Loans Northern

Harvey World Travel
Harvey World Travel Eastwood will offer 20% discount on Travel Insurance to all
Eastwood Chamber members when presenting their membership card. Contact
Lydia Scuglia on 9858 5188.

Stamford Hotel North Ryde
The Stamford Hotel North Ryde offers members 25% off the full bill in
Parrots Restaurant to a maximum of $30. There must be a minimum of
2 diners. Bookings on 9888 1077.
Len Gallo of offers members 10%
discount for any flower orders. Len can be contacted
on or telephone 9876 1399.

 Allegiance Home Loans Pty Ltd
 Trina Mosley of Allegiance Home Loans would like to offer $100
refund off the loan costs when a loan has settled or been drawn.
Up to 32 Financial Lenders available.
Trina can be contacted on or
telephone 02 9801 3330 or 0432 22 44 89.

                  Eastwood Chamber of Commerce
             President                 Vice President          Treasurer           Secretary
             Lydia Scuglia              Margaret Lee           Tony He             Trina Mosley
             The Eastwood Chamber of Commerce can be contacted on 9804 0621.
             If no one is in attendance, a message servicing company will take messages.
                                                                                               Eastwood in Focus

          Trina Mosley’s                                       Hey there!
                                                               My name is Kylie Polglase. As
         Finance Column                                        most of you are probably al-
                                                               ready aware, I have recently
                                                               had my 21st birthday and I
This is my Second edition of Trina Mosley‟s Finance col-       have been asked to write a bit
umn. I thought I would continue with some interesting          about the party that was so
information.                                                   generously put together by a
                                                               wonderful group of merry
 As you are all aware – Australia‟s population is ageing due   helpers. The party was held
to all the “baby boomers” retiring and us just not having      on the 15th of September and was definatly the best day
as many children.                                              and night of my life so far. During the day i was pampered
                                                               like i have never been before. I had my hair and make up
 There is a loan product on the market now called              done, by a salon in Epping who gave me an upstyle for free
“Reverse Mortgage” or “Seniors Loans” – I am actually          and a make up artist called Chenelle who gave up her time
attending a 2 day conference on the 24th & 25th of Sep-        to make up my face and amazingly make me look grown
tember to hear guest speakers about this loan. (Should be      up! My dress was made by one of my good friends who
interesting – have to keep up your education).                 chose the pattern and materials and made the dress espe-
                                                               cially to fit my body. It all looked amazing when it was put
DID YOU KNOW:                                                  together. I was picked up around 7.10pm in a red mustang
                                                               provided by Roseanne Gallos husband, Len. He cheuferred
    -       The Reverse Mortgage market is now worth           my mother and myself to the venue, the Macquaire Univer-
        $1.5 BILLION and it has grown 80% in the past          sity Sports Club. When i arrived there, everyone was wait-
        year.                                                  ing outside for my arrival, i felt like it was my wedding day!
                                                               The hall looked beautiful in all the hot pink and black deco-
    -      25% of Australians will be aged 65 or more by       rations (that were so nicely dontated by Buddy Abood from
        2044-45, roughly double the present proportion.        celebrating balloons). The DJ played some great music and
                                                               it was great to see everyone and know that they were there
    -        Over the next 10 years, the Over 70+ age          for me and my special occasion that we never thought i
        population will grow at 2.2 TIMES the rate of the      would get to see let alone celebrate as wonderfully as we
        general population, and the Over 80+ population        were able to that night. Speeches were said and tears were
        will grow 4.2 TIMES (amazing statistics – All from     shead (happy ones of course) and it was a beautiful night.
        our Census information we provide to the Govern-       All my friends are still messaging me to say that they had
        ment)                                                  the best time and that it was an amazing night. I wanted to
                                                               say a huge thankyou to everyone who has been a part of
    -        As a lot of the ageing population don‟t have a    my life and who has had a hand in helping me get to this
        lot of Superannuation behind them, the vast ma-        point of my life....this occasion provided the perfect time
        jority of Australian Seniors are struggling to live    and place for me to be able to get up and say thankyou to
        above the poverty line (especially with the cost of    everyone that i needed to say it to. The reason i wanted to
        living continually increasing).                        have a 21st party was to have everyone in one place at one
                                                               time so that i could say thankyou, not only was i able to do
    If you are interested in knowing more about these          this but i had the best time of my life dancing and listening
         type of Loans – please don‟t hesitate to contact      to the touching words of others who are very dear to me.
         me on 02 9801 3330 or 0432 22 44 89.                  So on this note, i want to say a HUGE thankyou to EVERY
    ENJOY – See you all soon .                                 ONE who was involved in the planning, donating and run-
                                                               ning of my party. It was a night that i will never ever forget
                                                               for as long as i live.

                                                               THANKYOUS TO
                                                               the eastwood chamber of commerce
                                                               The shack youth outreach at epping
                                                               and the Macquarie park rotary club
                                                               for being the most caring and generous groups of people i
                                                               have had the honor of meeting.
                                                               Thanks for all your help and generosity.

                                                               Kylie Polglase
                                                                                       Eastwood in Focus

Hi Members and friends, Nathan Vincin is            saw improvements to the school by the local busi-
departing as Manager of Top Ryde Shopping           ness community including a new kitchen being
Centre. Please join Nathan for farewell drinks at   installed for
the Royal Hotel Ryde from Midday                    students, furniture being donated, the
Thursday 6th September (The day before the          installation of reverse cycle air-conditioning in 5
APEC long weekend)                                  classrooms.

Nathan was the first President of the reformed      Please join us in thanking Nathan in person for all
Ryde Chamber of Commerce and held the posi-         his hard work and dedication to our local commu-
tion for 3 years initiating many local              nity;
projects to improve the local business              Thursday 6th Sept at noon at the Royal
community. Nathan was also instrumental in ral-     Hotel. I look forward to seeing you there.
lying support for the Top Ryde Shopping Centre
redevelopment and subsequent DA approval with       Regards,
Ryde Council. Nathan also served on the Ryde        Charles Kilby
Public School Board and was the driving force       President
behind the "Adopt a classroom" project which        Ryde Chamber of Commerce

Dear Members,
                                                    economic landscape of Ryde. I again thank all
As you would be aware I have now left the           those members who gave up their personal time
full-time employment of the Beville Group (Top      to assist in the push for change. Your efforts will
Ryde Shopping Centre). This was a mutual deci-      be rewarded.
sion by myself and Mr Malcolm Beville. Thank
you for all those who attended my                   Although I will be working out of the area, I feel I
farewell lunch last week and thank you for the      have become a part of Ryde and will return on
kind messages sent from those of you that could-    occasion to catch up with the many dear friends I
n't make it. Thank you also for the                 have made.
generous gift, my family and I will enjoy the
weekend away, and you really shouldn't to have      It is my hope that over the next few years the
gone to all that trouble with the card.             Ryde Chamber will grow from strength to
                                                    strength, which I am sure it will. Please do not
As, you are aware the Ryde Chamber of               hesitate to contact me if I can assist in anyway on
Commerce played a significant role in the council   0419622153.
granting the LEP and the DA. This development
will revitalise the social, civic, and              Kind regards,
                                                                                                Eastwood in Focus

                                                                                         PO Box 1029 Eastwood NSW 2122
                                                                               Level 4, 2 Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW2122
                                                                                           Ph:0298748544 Fax:0298748870

                                                                                                    ABN:76 059 432 610
                                                    27th August 2007

         Inaugural Achieve Ball                     Dear Friends of Achieve,
     On Thursday 1st November, 2007
                                                    As Achieve Foundation's first Ambassador and MC for our special
      Waterview Convention Centre                   event, it gives me great pleasure to invite your company to our
            Homebush Bay                            Inaugural Ball, as a Corporate Sponsor. Founded in 1964,
                                                    Achieve Foundation 's Head Office is located at Eastwood and
Join us for an evening of great entertainment by    provides Accommodation and Employment support services to
Enormous Horns, plus Dancing, Auctions, Raffles     people with a disability, in the northern region of Sydney. This
                & Mystery Prizes.                   area covers the Ryde, Parramatta, Auburn, Hornsby and Ku-ring-
                                                    gai Local Government areas and over 60 supported locations.
MC for the evening is Duncan Armstrong, OAM,        With a recent name change from Hornsby Challenge and in-
    Ambassador for Achieve Foundation.              creased promotion of its services, Achieve Foundation has
                                                    begun an exciting new chapter, including the introduction of for-
 Perhaps you might like to arrange a corporate      mal fundraising as a way to source additional needed resources.
                                                                          Corporate benefits:
For further information, please contact the Event
       Coordinator on 9874 8544 or email            I would be delighted if your team could join us at this fun-filled         and inspiring evening, which includes:

                                                    • Food, fun , entertainment - a three-course meal and drinks,
                                                    great entertainment by Enormous Horns,
                                                    dancing, auctions and creative, mysterious gifts and prizes
                                                    • Premium wines
                                                    • Marketing and networking opportunities - your support may be
                                                    publicly acknowledged by use of media,
                                                    our website, promotional material, signage on the tables, pro-
                                                    grams and potentially on the Big Screen at
                                                    the Achieve Ball
                                                    • A tax receipt for your contribution (ranging from $700 to
                                                    $8,700 per table)
                                                    • A first-hand experience in understanding and participating in
                                                    Diversity Awareness
                                                    • Premium seating
                                                    • Invitation to Post Ball event
                                                    • Assisting to enhance the lives of people with a disability
                                                    Please find enclosed an official invitation and corporate table of-
                                                    fers. Looking forward to the opportunity of
                                                    meeting you and your team at this very important and worthy
                                                    Yours sincerely,
           Invitation Details:

       The Inaugural Achieve Ball
   The Waterview Convention Centre                                Duncan Armstrong. DAM
                                                    First Ambassador - Achieve Foundation
 Bicentennial Park Sydney Olympic Park
                                                    Olympic Gold Medallist, Former Young Australian of the Year,
      Thursday 1st November, 2007                   Businessman, Commentator & MC of Inaugural Achieve Ball
                6.30 pm
Black Tie, lounge suit or suitable evening          Our Mission Statement
                  wear                              Achieve Foundation supports people with disabilities to achieve
                                                    their individual goals as valued community members.
                                                                                  Eastwood in Focus

Michael Whittaker
General Manager
City of Ryde
Locked Bag 2069
North Ryde NSW 1670

cc; Councillor Terry Ryan
                                                   After Hours
     Councillor Edna Wilde
                                                   Dear all
     Councillor Michael Butterworth
     Councillor Terry Perram
                                                   Our next Business After Hours will be held Monday
                                                   8 October 2007 - the second Monday in October
                                                   owing to the long weekend. Our host for this
Dear Mike,                                         event is Karen Laing, Director of Lady Anne Funer-
                                                   als Sydney at West Ryde. Join Karen and her all-
RE: TOWN CENTRES UPGRADE – EAST-                   female staff for a fascinating insight into an indus-
WOOD                                               try which affects everyone.

We refer to the recommendation in the Public       Come and ask the questions you've been too
Facilities and Service Committee Agenda No.        scared to ask before!
13/07 which recommends a deferment of
much needed funds into the Eastwood Town
                                                   When: Monday 8 October 2007
                                                   Time: 5.30 - 7.00pm
Under Ryde Council‟s 2007/2008 Management
                                                   Where: Lady Anne Funerals Sydney, 5 Chatham
                                                   Road, West Ryde
there is a budgeted amount of $400,000 to-
                                                   RSVP: by return email, phone 9807 4999 or fax
wards the
                                                   9807 4988 by Thursday 4 October 2007
upgrade of the eastern side of Rowe St, East-
wood. The council recommendation to defer
this investment and instead allocate this to-
                                                   Your invitation is attached - see you there!
wards the West Ryde upgrade ($370,000) and
                                                   Kind regards
Putney Shopping Centre ($30,000) during this
                                                   Sabrina Ferguson
financial year is strongly objected to.
                                                   Executive Consultant
                                                   Ryde Business Forum Inc
Eastwood has had very little investment in
                                                   T: 9807 4999
many years, private or public. Despite this, it
                                                   F: 9807 4988
has over time managed to develop a vibrancy
and uniqueness that many can be proud of. It
is recognised by the Department of Planning as
a Town Centre, an important centre for the
provision to a large residential population.
However, Eastwood‟s success is continually
being threatened by the lack of priority it is
given by Ryde Council, and we are concerned
of the impact that surrounding suburbs such as
Top Ryde and West Ryde will have on East-
wood as they continually grow.

The Eastwood Chamber of Commerce strongly
urges Ryde Council to resist in deferring impor-
tant funds to the community of Eastwood.

Yours sincerely,

Lydia Scuglia
Eastwood Chamber of Commerce
                                                                               Eastwood in Focus

Brickworks Re-development - ( Minutes attached)

To: Brickworks Residents Group
Hi everyone
The minutes from recent meeting with developers and Parramatta Council are
The main items covered at the meeting:

                                                         4. If you want to report speeding fill trucks
1. As you know Clarendon Homes has dropped
                                                         to Police you should contact Pennant Hills
out of the re-development. The site is fully
                                                         Police Station rather than Eastwood. Pennant
owned by Austral Bricks. The latest news is that
                                                         Hills has the highway patrol section.
Austral Bricks have put out an Expression of
Interest in an attempt to sell off the land to a
                                                         5. New staff in the Compliance Section at
developer. Austral Bricks would then just fill the
                                                         Parramatta Council - New Compliance Man-
hole and then hand over the site.
                                                         ager is Laurie Whitehead. New team leader is
Lorraine Weare was concerned that the devel-
                                                         Jamie Loader (Tel: 9806 5866). Our new
opment could be taken over by Frank Sartor`s
                                                         contact person is Josephine Hunia (Tel: 9806
office which could mean that the Master Plan
                                                         5715). Both Jamie and Josephine were at the
would not be adhered to and minimal commu-
nity consultation would occur.
                                                         Note: When the hole is finally filled the de-
                                                         velopers are not obliged to have meetings
2. The hole is now 65%- 70% full. Approxi-
                                                         with the community. In fact, Andrew Taylor,
mately 12 - 15 months of fill trucks to go -
                                                         the current Site Manger, indicated that the
depending on weather, availability of suitable
                                                         meetings with residents would cease when
material etc.
                                                         the hole is filled. Also note - he works for
                                                         Austral and will leave the site when/if it is
3. The six houses in Skenes Ave will still be
                                                         handed over to a new developer.
built by Clarendon homes. They are Torrens
                                                         Our next meeting will be mid-October.
Title. Construction of the first house there
                                                         Mob: 0416 317 254
should commence in the next few weeks.

                                                                                           Eastwood in Focus


          Inaugural Achieve Ball
      On Thursday 1st November, 2007
       Waterview Convention Centre
             Homebush Bay
                                                         The launch of Achieve Foundation (formerly
                                                         Hornsby Challenge) held at the Epping Club
Join us for an evening of great entertainment by
                                                         on 2nd July 2007, was hailed a great success.
Enormous Horns, plus Dancing, Auctions, Raffles
                                                         Approx. 200 guests attended, including local
                & Mystery Prizes.
                                                         politicians, CEO‟s of disability organizations,
                                                         employees and people supported by Achieve
MC for the evening is Duncan Armstrong, OAM,
    Ambassador for Achieve Foundation.
                                                         The event saw the announcement of the or-
 Perhaps you might like to arrange a corporate
                                                         ganisation‟s first Ambassador, Duncan Arm-
                                                         strong (who was MC for the event) and guest
                                                         speaker was the Hon. Kristina Keneally.
For further information, please contact the Event
       Coordinator on 9874 8544 or email
                                                         Pictured above (L to R): Duncan Armstrong
                                                         (Ambassador), Anne Bryce (CEO) and the
                                                         Hon.    Kristina Keneally (Minister for Ageing
                                                         & Minister for Disability Services)


                                                        Weekly Times winning 3 awards at The
                                                          Australia Northern Region Media
Happy birthdays to:
Tony He          14th October      LCD & Co Financial
Jackie Pettit    25th October      The Shack

                   LYDIA’S TRIVIA
    Proportionately, Earth’s atmosphere is thinner
              than the skin of an apple.
                                                                                                                           Eastwood in Focus

Help make Brush Farm House a REAL and VITAL community centre
      As you are aware, Brush Farm House is owned by                              I am asking members to make a contribution to the event.
      the City of Ryde. It is also the meeting place for the                      Donations to the Brush Farm Historical Society are tax de-
      Brush Farm Historical Society that has gathered                             ductible. All business/individual contributors will be ac-
      there for more than 25 years. We are working co-                            knowledged on the program. Business sponsors will also
      operatively with the City to ensure that the expecta-                       receive two tickets to the evening plus a guided tour of
      tions for the use of the restored Colonial-Georgian                         the house.
      house are realised.
                                                                                  Brush Farm House may become a venue that you might
      We have planned an exciting activity for 15 Decem-                          use in your business and this is a chance to see it at its
      ber. The occasion is the Christmas Party of the Soci-                       very best.
      ety. It will be held at Brush Farm House. The func-
      tion will start around 5pm with drinks on the front                         So, assist the Society by participating in this function that
      verandah. This will be followed by dinner and the                           may prove a beneficial introduction to the possibilities that
      evening will be completed with a concert in the                             this venue offers your organization.
      Forster Room.
                                                                                  And you already know that your financial participation will
      And here is the exciting bit!                                                                                    Eastwood in City
                                                                                  certainly make a significant contribution to theFocus of
                                                                                  Ryde community.
      I have booked the Carinya String Quartet to play at
      that function. They will play for an hour while peo-                        If you want any further information, contact me, Gregory
      ple are arriving and having a Christmas drink. Then,                        Blaxell, on 9874 2266 or email me at blax-
      they will join guests and members for dinner. At                  
      around 7pm, they will give a formal concert. The
      program for both these musical events is currently                          I look forward to hearing from you.
      being finalised.
                                                                                  Gregory Blaxell
      The Society has allocated funds for this function.                          Vice-President, Brush Farm Historical Society
      But we need the assistance of the business commu-                           City of Ryde Volunteer of the Year, 2007
      nity to make this event a dramatic first for Brush
      Farm House. If the concert works well at Christmas
      time, future concerts can become a regular feature.

                                                              Diploma of Communication & Media students
                             Thank you Eastwood Chamber of Commerce & Meadowbank TAFE
We are proud of designing this month‟s newsletter. We would like to thank everyone at Eastwood Chamber of Commerce and
                                 Meadowbank TAFE College who gave us this opportunity.

     Huseyin        David-        Hannah       Zoe              Danielle        Kim          Arijana       Gloria        Homira      Luke         Meagen
     Turem          Jack          Dawkins      Brissett         Bailey          Ravia        Lvaneza       Ayoubi        Haideri     Harrison     Mitchell
     (Teacher)      Fletcher

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                                                                                             Eastwood in Focus

Awards News: Harvey World Travel, Eastwood

 Congratulations to Harvey World Travel Eastwood on          At Harvey World Travel Eastwood, we believe it's not
 winning the Travel and Tourism category at The True         a great deal if it's not a great holiday!
 Local Business Awards.                                      We're a team whose committment and passion for
                                                             professionalism goes hand in hand to fulfil our client's
 Harvey World Travel Eastwood were a finalist in the         We love what we do and we do what we love.
 2007 True Local Awards on the 31st August 2007.
 This is the first time that there has been a travel and     With Travel and Tourism being a new category in the
 tourism category and i'm delighted to say that out of       2007 NDT True Local awards, we are honoured to be
 the 5 finalists..."We were the Winner!                      first time winners, and we acknowledge the support
                                                             and loyalty of our clients and we hold that profes-
 I have attached photos from the evening and our             sionalism and teamwork is "The Secret to our Suc-
 local newspaper, The Northern District Times will be        cess!
 publishing an article next week on our victory.
 My statement to them was as follows:                        Regards,

                                                             Lydia Scuglia

                           The 2007 Granny Smith Festival will be held in Eastwood on Saturday 20 October at
                           Eastwood Oval.

                           Last year's festival attracted a record crowd of over 70,000 and this year we invite you to
                           once again participate in one of Sydney's leading street festivals.

                           Stalls will be in Rowe Street, The Plaza and Progress Avenue, with
                           some food stalls in The Avenue and a large food area with seating
                           facilities on Eastwood Oval. The oval will also host children's rides,
                           entertainment and a range of activities, including a concert and fireworks
                           In addition to six stages of entertainment, roving acts will parade
                           throughout the whole festival area.

                           If you would like to participate in the Festival as a stallholder, please
                           collect and fill out the Eastwood Retailers Participation Form. If you require further infor-
                           mation, please contact Council‟s Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222 and ask for more
                                                                                                 Eastwood in Focus

        Invitation for The Ryde Business
                 Forum Golf Day.
Dear all,
                                                                 As well as players for our golf day, we need prizes and
Our a nual Corporate Golf Day will be held on Friday, 23
                                                                  You can sponsor one of six holes for $600 - this in-
November 2007 at North Ryde Golf Club. Your invitation is
                                                                 cludes your banner at the hole and a team of four people
attached. This day is a great opportunity for you to enter-
                                                                 playing in the event.
tain clients in a relaxed atmosphere, or say thanks to your
staff for a job well done. Our day includes 18 holes of golf,
                                                                   You can give us something we can use either as a prize
lunch on the course and prize giving and a BBQ dinner at
                                                                 for players on the day or to use in a silent auction or raf-
the end of the day. Partners are welcome to join you for
                                                                 fle to raise money for Minimbah Challenge. Prizes can be
the dinner (at cost, TBA).
                                                                 anything from corporate gifts to bottles of wine to gift
                                                                 vouchers to electronic goods to signed football jerseys...
Our competition is Ambrose format, where everyone in the         and all our sponsors get recognition on all material asso-
team plays off the best ball hit by any member of the team.      ciated with the event, so there's extra publicity for your
So you don't have to be a top golfer to enjoy yourself. It's a   company too.
fun day out.
                                                                 For more information, or to book a team/individual or
We are also using the day to raise funds for a local charity.    donate prizes, contact Sabrina Ferguson on 9807 4999. I
Last year we supported Technical Aid to the Disabled. This       hope you can join us, or if you can't join us, support us
year we are supporting Minimbah Challenge, which caters          by donating a prize.
for intellectually (and often also physically) disabled adults
in its facility at Eastwood. Minimbah needs some new
equipment - and with your help we can give them at least          Kind regards
$500 towards it.                                                  Sabrina Ferguson
                                                                  Executive Consultant
                                                                  Ryde Business Forum Inc
                                                                  T: 9807 4999
                                                                  F: 9807 4988

                                                                                    How to get there

             When and Where:

             11:00 am
             Friday, November 23, 2007
             North Ryde Golf Club
             Twin Road, North Ryde
Photo Gallery   Eastwood in Focus

                                                                                                      Eastwood in Focus

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