Hello Kitty still rules_ by hkksew3563rd


									Hello Kitty is one of the most popular and most instantly recognisable faces in the
world of marketing advertising and merchandising today. This cute little feline
creature with the dot for a nose and no mouth is one of the most recognisable images
today and whether you are a pop culture fanatic or a collector of the kind of little
knick knacks and merchandise that you get at fast food joints, you will definitely have
owned or possessed a hello kitty item at some point or other in your life.
 The brand was created in the mid seventies by a Japanese company called Sanrio
that is equally well known to fans of the little six whiskered cat. The company that
specialises in creating fictional characters for marketing purposes created this winner
of a character that has endured for over three decades. Despite the fact that the world
has changed infinitely since we first saw the little kitten and though children today are
very different to the ones who grew up in the seventies, Sanrio hello kitty is still one
of the most popular characters in Japan.
 In the rest of the world too the tiny kitty has remained popular with people of all
ages and merchandise with the image is still highly sought after. The tiny feline has
also been one of the biggest marketing successes in the history of the business and has
not only sold billions of dollars worth of merchandise for Sanrio but has also had
some very interesting tie ups with western brands. You can get kitty bank accounts,
kitty cheque books, highly valuable kitty jewellery with real diamonds and other
precious metals and stones in it. You can even fly on a kitty airplane if you so chose.
 Sanrio Hello Kitty is so evocative of everything Japanese in some countries that
Japan even chose the fictional character to be its mascot and the spear head of its
tourism and marketing promotion in other countries like China and Hong Kong in the
nineties at the extreme height of the popularity of the character.
 Despite the wild popularity Kitty merchandises and some specific items in particular
can be very hard to find in some parts of the world. The answer is to visit online
stores that carry the entire line up of Hello Kitty merchandise available today and
might even have out of production items.
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