Health Drinks May Not Always Be That Healthy Especially When Alkaline Foods are the Focus by hkksew3563rd


									If your health drinks of choice are those colorful vitamin waters and sport drinks, you
will want to read this and pass it on, especially to anyone concerned about more
alkaline foods in their diet. Look at the ingredients in most of those sports drinks and
vitamin waters, and you will quickly discover that they are far from being healthy
  Next time you are buying health drinks or alkaline foods, here are things to watch
out for:
  * Phosphoric Acid is exactly what it says it is - acid. This is a definition of
phosphoric acid: "A clear colorless liquid used in fertilizers, detergents,
pharmaceuticals and food flavoring, irritating to the skin and eyes and moderately
toxic if ingested." When a healthy diet is supposed to be 80% alkaline foods and only
20% acid foods for proper pH balance, this really puts your body upside down.
  * High Fructose Corn Syrup is only empty calories that promote weight gain and
abnormal blood sugar levels, which may develop into diabetes. Excess sugars have no
place in health drinks, and processed sugar is not found in any alkaline foods.
  * Artificial Flavors are another ingredient to steer clear of. When artificial flavorings
are in health drinks, they are similar to soft drinks, sugary sport drinks, and candy.
These artificial substances create a very acidic pH balance and force the body to find
something alkaline, such as calcium in your bones, in order to neutralize the acid from
the excito-toxins.
  * Artificial Sweeteners are clearly something to avoid in health drinks today.
Because of the acid forming properties of artificial sweeteners, scientists express
concerns about their harmful effects on the human body. Many consumers now make
the connection that artificial sweeteners may play a role in brain disorders, such as
  * Isolated Vitamins - When vitamins are isolated and produced in a lab, then added
to so called health drinks, the nutrients break down before the body can use them. The
body really needs vitamins and minerals from whole foods, not from so called health
drinks that are really synthetic waters with isolated chemicals from a lab.
  When shopping for good health drinks, here are a few things to ask yourself.
  * Is it heated or pasteurized in the bottling process? If so then any enzymes have
been destroyed, thus making it more difficult for the body to absorb and put the
nutrients to work. * Does it provide chlorophyll from plants to help transport oxygen
throughout the body? * Does it give you natural antioxidants that eliminate free
radicals? Natural antioxidants are necessary for anti-aging. * Is it made with real
whole foods like fruits and herbs or other vitamin rich alkaline foods?
  Now, uncover advanced health drinks that are not advertised with flashy TV ads or
filled with colorful dyes: Here are some of the characteristics of these truly healthy
  * Not liquefied or bottled, but in powder form * Processed at low enough
temperatures to maintain the whole food structure of the ingredients * Contain live
enzymes from whole alkaline foods and chlorophyll from plants * Complex whole
food structures are left fully intact * Loaded with powerful antioxidants that defy
aging by combatting free radicals
 Do your health drinks do that? Not if you picked them up at a convenience store, a
grocery store or the health food store at the mall.
 Everett Smith, owner of an online health food store, offers the free Alkaline Foods
Test for shoppers who want to know if they are selecting the right health drinks and
whole foods.

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