Island Mist Blueberry Pinot Noir by dfsdf224s


									Island Mist is a delicious alternative to everyday wines and
wine coolers. Combining the crisp freshness of distinctive varietal
wines with full fruit flavours, this unique winemaking kit makes a
fun, refreshing wine-based beverage to enjoy any time.

Island Mist
Blueberry Pinot Noir
Spring has sprung and we are excited to announce the latest in our line of
delicious and refreshing Island Mist varieties. Get into Mist-chief this summer
with new Island Mist Blueberry Pinot Noir!

A delightful blend of blueberries and Pinot Noir, this latest addition to
Island Mist is sure to please everyone’s taste. The tangy, sweet burst of
blueberry combines with the light-medium body and cherry-spice flavours
of the Pinot Noir to bring a delicious blueberry fruit flavour to your palate.
This wine maintains the smooth, easy to drink taste that Island Mist is well-
known for producing. If you enjoy the Blackberry Cabernet or the
Black Raspberry Merlot you’ll be sure to fall in love again with the
new Blueberry Pinot Noir! Destined to be an award winner, like the
other eight Island Mist flavours that won medals at the 2006 WineMaker
International Amateur Competition.

For another great way to enjoy Island Mist Blueberry Pinot Noir try
our Island Mist Electric Blue-Tini:

4 oz. Blueberry Pinot Noir
½ oz. Vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec

Shake drink mixture over ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a martini

Toss in some frozen blueberries and add a twist of lemon for garnish. For an
added treat, rim the glass with sugar.

This tangy cocktail will delight your taste buds all on its
own or as a refreshing complement to warm blueberry compote (fruit
cooked in syrup). Drizzle compote over a round of brie
cheese and spread over crackers for a light summer snack.


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