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					Green laser pointers are the most popular laser pointers. These electronics gadgets
really rocks. Now, technology development allows everyone of us to afford one. The
primary purpose we buy laser pointers is for our demonstrations and presentations.
But once we have such devices, why not have fun with them. Recently I bought a 3 in
1 200mW Green Laser Pointer & Flashlight from PICKEGG.COM, which could be
used as flashlights and laser pointers at the same time. I have studied how to use it in
a fun way foe a while and I would like to share with you.
 Pet playing toy or pet training toy. No other toys could match its functionality and
interestingness for having fun with pets. These tools could fulfill out pets nature to
hunt while not drive them crazy. But don't point your laser directly in the eyes of your
pet, you might hurt their eyes.
 Light up cigarette. Green laser pointers are especially effective in lighting up a
cigarette. Only seconds, you could see how powerful a green laser is.
 Self-defense. Laser dazzler, a kind directed-energy weapon employing intense
visible light, could cause temporary blindness or disorientation.
 Laser show. Scattered light spots could be also emitted by laser pointers like 80mW
532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer from PICKEGG offers four kinds of laser beams.
They are great tools for adding playoff atmosphere in parties or pubs.
 Laser beam refraction show: when you point your laser through a crystal, you could
create fantastic laser dance with numerous laser beams.
 There are certainly a lot of other ways to have fun with laser pointers. But when you
enjoy yourself, don't forget to take some safety measures and bears some warnings in
mind. Don't use your laser to point to another person's eyes or face directly. Make sure
that you use your device in a controlled environment. Wear laser safety goggles when
you have to deal with some high power laser pointers. No matter what you would take
advantage of this electronics device, your personal safety as well other people's is the
most important.

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