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Hardwood Flooring - Know the Available Types by hkksew3563rd


									If you are thinking about getting hardwood flooring for your house, you should know
your options first. While most types look good anywhere, you should know that there
are some kinds, such as distressed wood, that can change the look of your home.
  If you want an elegant yet natural look for your home, you should think about
installing hardwood flooring. Many people like this look over carpeting, tile, or
laminate, especially since there are a few choices so that you can give your house a
distinctive look. There are various types available, so you should learn what the main
kinds are before browsing this kind of floor.
  One of the most popular types is referred to as solid, as it is one solid piece of wood
that is cut into thick planks. This is the classic kind of floor, and is usually made of
ash, maple, or red or white oak. If you want more exotic floors, you can also choose
to get the type made of Brazilian cherry, Australian cypress, or tiger wood, just to
name a few options.
  You can also get engineered floors, which are typically several pieces of wood that
are glued together. The advantage of this is that natural hardwood flooring cannot be
installed over concrete slabs, while this kind can. If you want particularly long or
wide planks, you can choose longstrip floors, which are also engineered so that you
can install them over concrete slabs.
  Some people choose hardwood flooring in order to give their home a rustic,
traditional appearance rather than the look of a brand new suburban home. If this is
your goal, you can opt for handscraped floors, in which each plank is scraped by hand
to give the material an older, worn look. The advantage is that each plank is different
from the others since it is scraped by hand. You can also choose distressed hardwood
flooring, in which machines scrape the planks to achieve an ancient appearance. Of
course, you should only choose this kind if it matches the rest of your decor, or your
goal is for your house to achieve a classic look that makes it appear older than it really
  Clearly, there are a few different options when it comes to this kind of floor. Before
you decide on one in particular, you should consider the current theme of your house,
as well as the general look you like. A wooden floor tends to look good in any house,
regardless of the rest of the décor, but if you want something specific like distressed
wood, you should ensure that you are prepared for your home to take on a more
classic appearance than it may currently have.
  Knowing the types of NYC hardwood flooring available will help you make an
informed decision. Learn more at

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