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									If you have thick, curly hair, how will you choose the properest hair straightener for
  My friend Monica has very thick, curly hair (and a little frizzy), she was bored with
her curly hair.
  So she wanted to get a hair straightener, but have no idea which ones to choose.
  She asked me: "I was thinking about hair straighteners, but I heard a lot about Chi
and Hai and others. Which do you think is the best hair straightener? I want a great
one that is gentle to my hair, and keeps my hair straight all day. And the quality is
good. The money is no problem .What’s your idea?" My answer was simple, don't
spend money with hair straightener iron, do a brazilian keratin treatment. Keratin is an
extremely strong protein, which is a major component in our skin, hair and nails. Whit
time, our hair tends to lose parts of its keratin, resulting in dry, damaged and tired
looking hair. The beox Professional Brazilian Keratin is a revolutionary straightening
and treatment procedure that replace lost keratin back to the hair, making it shinny,
silky, healthy and manageable.
  Stop burning your hair and get it the way you like. If your salon still don't have it
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