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					                      HUE IS DESTINATION
       Hue is famous city about tourism, not only national tourists but also
international tourists . Many people always wonder “why is Hue famous
destination?”. So it attracts everybody to study and discover. Finally visitors
have realized that : Hue is not only scared land but also famous
characteristic buildings such as : imperial citadel , tombs, pagodas. Beside
Hue is also a cultural and educational center. And the city of international
festivals. Apart from Hue has famous hotels, special foods and peole here.
       Because, Hue is the place that saw last Dynasty of Vietnam – Nguyen
Dynesty. So the first beauty is the magnificient walls and palace. They are
historial remnant. A long time, they displayed special character art.
       Citadel Hue is was built under reign of Gia Long and Minh Mang (
1805 – 1833) . Citadel Hue forwards in the Southward. It gets Ngu Binh hill
makes ............................ and Con Hen , Con Gia Vien make “Dragon on the
left – Tiger on the right”(Tả Thanh Long - Hữu Bạch Hổ). The Citadel’s
land is 520 ha ( about 10 . It divide in three parts : Citadel, imperial
Citadel and Fobiddent purple citywith more 100 intructions inclued :
temples, palaces, intertaiment zones, theatres,... One of them Fobiddent City
is the most important palace. It is the place lived and worked of Royal
       If the northern bank of perfume river was the royal family lived and
worked, the southern bank was the last home of Nguyen Kings with 7 tombs
of 13 Nguyen Kings. They are the second palace for the Nguyen Kings relax
and rest, go sightseeingwhen they have free time and at the same time, those
are the last home when they deceased. They have in common the following
reatures :
       + The construction was started almost during the Emperor’s reign.
       + Each Tomb has dozens of splendid monuments in perfect harmony
with poetical natural enviroment.
       + The constructions in each Tomb are often arranged in the following
order : wall, triple gate salutation cuort, stele house, temples, lakes and
ponds, pavilions, gardens and finally the Tomb itself.
       Apart from the above similarities, each Tomb also has it’s own artistic
features in accordance with an Emperor’s character :
                              Gia Long Tomb : strength and serenity.
                              Minh Mang Tomb : solemnity.
                              Thieu Tri Tomb : freedom.
                              Tu Duc Tomb : lyricism.
                        Duc Duc Tomb : simplicity.
                        Dong Khanh Tomb : delicacy.
                        Khai Dinh Tomb : sophistication.
          So while exploring the Tomb , you fee lost in a legendary world of
vegetations, flowers, bird singing. Hue’s tombs are the place those funeral
appearance, smile, intertaiment sob.
         Beside the charm is very magnificent of Citadel and 7 Tombs. Hue
is also city of garden houses, those dot two banks of Perfume river. All the
garden houses were made of rare wood, decorated with lacquered bords and
panels engraved with chinese characters. Combine with quiet space of
emerald garden, they creat be comfortable, relaxing for visitors.
         Not only attractive charm of the splendid walls, palaces under
Nguyen Dynastry. Hue is also the center of Vietnam Buddism after 1945. So
now Hue has 99 pagodas located aroud Hue city. There are the famous
Pagodas such as : Tu Dam, Tu Hieu, Quoc An, Linh Mu,... They represent
for the world of spirit and protect this sacred land.
         Beside the charming nature, architec,... Hue is also well-known with
Cuisines. Hue convergs the fullest dishes Vietnamese. In total 1700 dishes
included : a meat diet (An man), vergtian diet (An chay) and a lot of cakes .
within each dishes have special flavors. Good example :
                    Com Hen ( perfume river mussel cooked rice).
                    Banh Beo ( Hue bloating rice cake).
                    Che Cung Dinh ( Royal sweet soup).
                    Bun bo gio heo ( Soft noodle soup with pork leg and
         Beside enjoying tranditional dishes with special flavors, tourists also
enjoy spirial foods. Tourists can enjoy court dacens and listen to Hue
classical music on a boat ride take part in traditional and habit of the Hue
cuorteous mild and quiet poeple. The perfomance that flies kite with dozens
different kites . They fly in windy blue sky with traditional forlk festivals...
They make Hue become a fecstival city.
         Hue is one of the center educations of the country with qiet perfect
system training from kindergartevs to universities and hingher universities.
Hue has more 10 universities and colleges. Within there are famous schools
such as : Quoc Hoc high school, pedagogu school, scienci university,...
Especially from 2002 Hue has the first private university – Phu Xuan
university. During 5 years development, it achives much success. In the
future, it will provide a big social labour with high level education for social.
        The creative subject is people here. We can say that : “people Hue
on a importan element to creat attraction for this area”. People Hue is very
agreeble ( tinh tu), subtle ( te nhi), gentle ( hien lanh ), benevolent ( phuc
hau),and a bit shy. With all those characteristics People Hue is very
mysterious. So we must study and discover.

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