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Guidelines for Buying Notebooks


									Business notebooks are high-tech communication devices. These sophisticated
devices are perfect for many different business applications such as record keeping,
instant communication, wireless networking, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Having
said that, it is very difficult for any company to go ahead without the aid of
  Laptops and notebooks are powerful even though they come in very small sizes.
They are capable of doing almost any applications for the business. Nevertheless, we
must be very sure our laptop is potent enough and efficient to get the job completed.
We know that at least 256MB RAM is required for Windows XP and Mac OS X.
  Storage space was a problem and in most of the recent models we find around 60 to
100 GIG hard drives that should be enough space for most of the companies. In case
our company is dealing with heavy graphics, designing or visual work, we require
more space which can otherwise be obtained with the help of an external hard drive.
  The most important purpose of your laptops or notebooks is portability. Hence,
people working as real estate agents, floor managers etc put in lot of effort and the
notebooks are ideal of such people. When our workers and employees travel a lot then
we need the lightest, affordable and most portable notebook we can find.
  Battery backup or battery life is also very essential for a traveling businessman. Most
of the recent notebooks are supplying more than 5 hours of power. We can buy an
extra battery if we need extra backup. Let’s remember that, while selecting the laptop
battery the battery which has the higher numbered cells must be chosen. The more
cells we have, the longer the battery life will be. This can solve the problem of battery
  Security is a major concern for our company's notebook. We will have to be very
careful to keep all the sensitive information very careful. Most notebooks like the
IBM/Sonoma ThinkPad series come with the integrated fingerprint scanner for
authentication through biometry. This uses Password Manager and the Embedded
Security Subsystem which provides additional security.
  Jayakanthan Chidambaram is an experienced writer who has previously authored
articles on technology, the internet and e-commerce as well as business notebooks.
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