Guide To Singapore Subsidiary Registration by hkksew3563rd


									The requirements and procedures in Singapore Subsidiary Registration are mostly the
same as registering a new Singapore company. The only difference is that in a
Singapore Subsidiary, the shareholder happens to be the foreign company.
  Before we proceed with the requirements of Singapore subsidiary registration, let us
first define a Singapore Subsidiary and list some of its features or characteristics. A
Singapore Subsidiary of a foreign company is a locally incorporated company with
the shareholder being the foreign company. As such its a separate legal entity and
distinct from its parent company.
  The following are the common characteristics of a Singapore Subsidiary Company.
鈥?The foreign entity can hold 100% shares of its Singapore Subsidiary Company.
鈥?At least one of the directors of the Singapore Subsidiary must be a local resident
director. 鈥 ?Each Singapore Subsidiary must appoint a local resident qualified
company secretary. 鈥?Any overseas staff planning to work for the Subsidiary
Company in Singapore will need to obtain an employment pass. 鈥?A Singapore
Subsidiary needs to file annual audited accounts with authorities.
  For foreigners who wish to register a Singapore company, you should hire the
services of a professional company incorporation agent, which will prepare and
submit all the necessary documentation for registering your Singapore company. For
your reference, to register a Singapore company, the following information needs to
be submitted to the registrar of companies (ACRA): 鈥?Memorandum and Articles of
Association 鈥?Statutory Declaration of Compliance 鈥?Particulars of Shareholders,
Directors, Secretaries, etc. 鈥?Certificate of Identity 鈥?Situation of Registered
Office/Office Hours at Time of Registration 鈥?Consent to Act as Director and
Statement of Non-disqualification to Act as Director 鈥?A Consent to Act as
  A Singapore subsidiary cannot start its operation unless it is officially registered with
Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Note as well that the time frame if
registration processing would depend on two factors, the company name approval and
whether you will sign the needed documents in Singapore or overseas. You also need
to secure an EntrePass or Employment Pass if you are a foreigner who needs to
relocate to Singapore for business operations.
  If all of the above considerations and registration requirements are available,
Singapore subsidiary registration would be as comfortable and as quick as you would
want it to be.
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