Green Card Renewal- When and How

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					Green Card Renewal: When and How

The green card renewal procedure enables an immigrant cardholder to possess the
most existing proof of legal status. A green card entitles her to be able to reside and
work within the United States. A green card holder ought to usually be conscious of
your status of the card and monitor the expiration date so that a timely and seamless
renewal course of action could be carried out.

When really should a green card be renewed?

Green card holders may have numerous good reasons to begin the green card renewal .
A number of the top reasons are if a green card has expired, a green card is within
months of expiring, if the green card is lost or stolen or if the green card has become
illegible resulting from damage or mutilation. Green cards must also be replaced once
the holder has had a name transform, such as as a result of marriage or divorce. If an
address or any other information on the card modifications, the card also needs to be

How long does a green card last?

Green cards issued since 1989 have a 10-year active period, with an expiration date
clearly printed on the front of the card. There was a period between 1979 and 1988
where green cards didn't have an expiration date. Presently the USCIS is operating on
a system to replace cards from that era, but at the moment no renewal procedure is

How can I renew my green card?

When it is time to renew a green card, cardholders can fill out a form requesting the
renewal of your green card: Form I-90 "Application to Substitute a Permanent
Resident Card." The Forms can be found at US Immigration Support website You can also prepare your Green Card Renewal
and    Green     Card    Replacement      via    the    Application      Center    at
What are the penalties if I do not renew?

Many folks wonder concerning the penalties for not renewing a green card. The
cardholder's status doesn't adjust when the card expires-that is, they won't lose their
permanent resident status. On the other hand, a condition of permanent residency is
that they have to carry a current card or temporary proof of residency at all times, so it
might turn out to be difficult to get a job, apply for a variety of benefits or re-enter the
nation with an expired green card.

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