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Green Card Renewal- A Layout of the Procedure


									Green Card Renewal Procedure

* Overview
* Application and forms details
* Application Submission
* Travel abroad while replacement is in process
* Checking Case status
* Associated Links

The green card is evidence for permanent resident status having a authorized right to
work inside US. The USCIS Form I-551 is the certificate of alien registration or an
alien registration receipt card , which is popularly referred to as the green card.

The green card should be in possession of the resident citizen with appropriate
validation in any respect times as it's also the proof of allegiance towards the US
immigration laws. Any resident who fails to comply shall be held guilty of
misdemeanor and, might be topic to fine and/or imprisonment upon conviction.

You'll will need to initiate the green card renewal procedure and acquire a whole new
one if:

* Your previous card was lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed;

* Your card was issued to you prior to you were 14 and also you have reached your
14th birthday;

* You are actually a commuter and at the moment are taking up actual residence in the

* You happen to be a permanent resident residing in the usa and are actually taking up
commuter status;

* Your status may be automatically converted to permanent resident status, this
includes Special Agricultural Worker applicants who are converting to permanent
resident status;
* You may have a earlier version of the alien registration card (e.g., USCIS Form
AR-3, Form AR-103, or Form I-151 - all no longer valid to prove your immigration
status) and ought to renewed it using the present permanent resident card (Form
* Your card contains incorrect data;

* Your name or other biographic details about the card may be legally changed since
you last acquired your card; or,

* You never acquired the earlier card that was issued to you by the USCIS.

Application Forms

Form I-90 is used for filing green card renewal application. A form I-90 is usually
downloaded from the official US Immigration Support web page Renewal can also be done online through e-file;
please Introduction to E-Filing for extra filing details.

Submitting for green card replacement

Starting on May 31st, aliens submitting a Form I-90, regardless of their state of
residence, should mail those applications with an application charge of $290 along
with a biometrics payment of $80.

Don't include things like any initial evidence and supporting paperwork when
submitting the Form I-90 to the Los Angeles Lockbox.

All applicants will receive an appointment notice for a biometric processing at an
ASC (application service center) close to you in the mail and will also specify the
documents to be submitted on the time of appointment.

Travel abroad while replacement is in process

Replacement course of action requires time, commonly 3-10 months or it all depends
upon the plus details presented.
If one have to trave during the procedure of green card replacement both for
employment or reasons, it can be advisable to get their passport stamped with I-551 in
the local INS office to indicate that the applicant has filed for a whole new card.

The stamp within the passport will be the proof of lawful permanent resident status of
the passport bearer. It's going to allow a to travel out U.S. and re-enter as the stamped
passport indicates, the person has filed for green card renewal as needed by law.

Checking your application status

As soon as you file the application mail or e-file, you are going to receive a case
number together with the receipt notice via mail. This case number really should be
used for all your application status tracking purpose. It is possible to check your case
status      on-line     at      US       Immigration        Group       internet     site All information relating to your application such as
your receipt number, Alien Registration Number, name and date of birth should be
handy when making the call.

Note: Information provided in this article is an overview of green card renewal
procedure and just isn't to become regarded as a legal advise; the matter supplied is
topic to alter in accordance with USCIS guidelines and regulations.

Resources and Links

* Immigration Forms and Fees
* USCIS eFiling

Ted Flores is a senior writer for the bi-weekly newsletter of the successful online
Immigration firm K-1 Visa Today that specializes in marriage visas and marriage
greencards via America and the Philippines.

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