Great Poetic Influences in Urdu Poetry

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					Poetry can be regarded as a universal language the way it affects and attracts almost
every single human being. Everybody is bewitched by the charms of poetry at some
stage of his life.
 Poetry plays an important role in evolution of a particular language, so is the case
with Urdu language.
 Urdu poetry, as it pleases our souls in its current shape and form, took quite a time to
evolve to its current state and stature.
 Many a great poets have devoted their lives and tremendous efforts to enrich and
exalt the experience that is Urdu poetry; to the level we see it at, today.
 Starting from Ameer Khusro, being the first Urdu poet on record to have Urdu
poetry to his credit, followed by all time greats like Meer, Dard, Ghalib, Iqbal, and
Josh to recent additions like Faiz, Faraz, Mohsin Naqvi, Muneer Niazi, the list of
great Urdu poets continue till date with no ending in sight.
 Although every single of the poets have something uniquely distinct and marvelous
to add diversity and depth to Urdu poetry, a few of them rose above the rest like no
 Every poet 鈥檚 poetry has its own unique style and scope but depending upon the
significance of the poetic works Allama Muhammad Iqbal 鈥檚 poetry seems to be
on the pinnacle amongst all of the prestigious ones.
 Some regard Iqbal as the best articulated representation of the modern Muslim figure
the Muslim world had to offer during the 20th century.
 Being highly educated with a vast exposure to the western philosophy and society to
his credit, Allama Iqbal 鈥檚 poetry surely adds new dimensions to Urdu poetry in
general, presenting the thoughts and ideals of a new modern Muslim that nobody had
been and perhaps never will be able to present to the world, but also serving to ignite
a flame of religious and communal renaissance that helped in shaping the course of
history for the Muslims of the region.
 Almost all of his poetry is exceptional but few major milestones of his Urdu poetry
are: Shikva , Jawab-e-Shikva, Baang-e-Dara, Zarb-e-Kalim etc.
 He not only versed wonders in Urdu but Persian Poetry is also indebted to his
masterpiece like Asrar-e-Khudi, Rumuz-e-Bekhudi, Payam-e-Mashrik and a few
 Although different in its scope and theme than Iqbal 鈥檚, Mirza Asad Ullah Khan
Ghalib 鈥檚 poetry has added several new dimensions to Urdu poetry, exalting it
beyond the constraints of time and place.
 Ghazal genre of Urdu poetry is indebted to him for exalting it to all other forms of
poetic expression with his own unique style, so much so that his verses have evolved
to be idiomatic phrases over time and people use them frequently in their day to day
 Ghalib also wrote Persian as well as Urdu. It was his Persian poetry that he showed
real pride about but over the course of centuries his Urdu poetry has bestowed him a
place that has no match to find.
 Rightly carrying on the legacy from golden past of Urdu poetry, contemporary poets,
most dominantly, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmad Faraz, Mohsin Naqvi, Muneer Niazi and
likes have lead Urdu poetry to unprecedented fame and likelihood amongst masses by
adding the dimensions of realism and actuality into their poetry, writing on masses
鈥?issues along with traditional topic of love and romance, thus making poetry even
more of a common man 鈥檚 domain.
  It can rightly be concluded that Urdu poetry has played its part in evolution of Urdu
as a language and literature, helping it maintain an important place in world literature.

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