Great Dining Selection in Torquay by hkksew3563rd


									You and your family will never have a dull moment during your Torquay holidays.
While staying in one of the luxurious holiday cottages, you will gain access to the
town’s major tourist destinations. There are several adventures to try, places to visit
and especially food to enjoy during your Torquay holidays. Not far from holiday
cottages are fine restaurants for the whole family. Enjoy sumptuous lunch or dinner
with family and friends. If you have no time to cook while staying in one of the
holiday cottages, try some of these great restaurants that will drive hunger away.
  The Orange Tree Restaurant
  The Orange Tree Restaurant is owned and run by the Wolf family. Under their belts
are years of extensive experience within the food industry. They have garnered several
citations and awards since they set up this restaurant. Located along Parkhill Road in
Torquay, Orange Tree Restaurant has gained solid following from tourists and locals
alike. Appetizing meals worth trying during your Torquay holidays include Fillet of
Sea Bream (Pan fried fillet with fennel and orange salad), Ham Hock and Chicken
Terrine (Terrine of cured ham hock served with wild mushrooms and vinaigrette) or
Vitello Tonnato (Thin slices of veal served with Tuna, anchovy beignets and caper
dressing). For the main course, ask for chef’s recommendations or try any of the
following: Credition Duck with Black Cherries (Free range duckling roasted in the
oven with balsamic sauce and black cherry), Orange tree Tournedos with Foie Gras
(Pan seared and oven roasted fillet of beef with foie gras, morel mushroom and white
truffle oil). Do not miss out checking this place as this is very near holiday cottages in
Torquay. Aside from delectable dishes, Orange Tree Restaurant has a wide selection
of wine from different corners of the world. Because this is a famous destination for
holidaying families, you may want to call first to make reservations before paying a
visit. This will guarantee you of sure seats for your group during your Torquay
  The Harbour Light Restaurant
  Easily accessible from your holiday cottages is another great dining area—The
Harbour Light Restaurant. Vegetarians and meat-lovers are both welcome here and
can choose from a great menu tailored for diverse taste and preference. Some of the
must-try dishes here during your Torquay holidays include Steak au poivre, Mexican
steak, Venison steak and Rack of lamb. Harbour Light Restaurant is famed for serving
quality food and superb service from the staff. It was founded by the same family
running the business today 50 years ago. Up to this day, excellent customer service is
still there and has made them well-loved. The restaurant is situated in Paignton.
Calling for reservations are recommended because Harbour Light Restaurant is a
strong favourite among tourists.

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