Gourmet Cat Food To Show Your Cat You Care

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					One of the best ways to get to your cat's heart is through their stomach. Feeding them
a tasty, high quality gourmet cat food is a sure way to let your cat know you love them.
While it's impossible to ask your cat if they like what you're feeding them; it's a sure
bet they love the food you put in front of them when they empty their dish, then come
over and jump on your lap for some affection.
  You can find many labels that say "gourmet cat food" right on the label -- but is there
a way to tell if the ingredients are what they say? Other than sending the food away
for expensive analysis, there really isn't a clear way to tell. The best thing you can do
is look for a trusted brand, that has a great track record and reviews among
  A popular trend these days is to by human grade, or holistic gourmet cat food. You
will likely end up paying a little more, but in the end you get the confidence of
knowing that your cat is getting wholesome food ingredients that you yourself could
comfortably eat. Being that cats have such sensitive immune and digestive systems,
you can't go wrong spending a little extra on quality for their food.
  You'll find ingredients like fresh: chicken, beef, lamb, rice and other whole grains in
many differing mixtures of gourmet cat food on the market. Make your cat's meal
even more of a treat and give them a mix of wet and dry food to give them some
variety. You can find a variety of raw mixtures that come in resealable bags for
  Keep your cat's food extra fresh by putting their food in the refrigerator to help lock
in the flavor of their food after the package is opened.

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