Good Feelings by hkksew3563rd


									All people ever buy are good feelings. Thats how people feel as a result of doing
business with you. If you make it difficult they won't feel good, you won't make any
money. Thats just the way it is. If you boil all the water out of the pan, your product or
service has inherent feelings to it. It's like if someone buys your nuts and bolts and
feels thier machinery will hold up as a result of thier purchase. Same as when
someone who uses your home security system feels good when they leave thier house.
 There are good feelings in every product or service you can name. Finding them and
being aware of them will help you understand on what your customers are really
paying for. Once you identify those feelings, you amplify those in your advertising
 Aa a marketer, you are really reminding them what good feelings they can posses by
embracing this moving forward. Every good product or service solves a problem for
somebody else. If you provide something of service and value, you can take care of
yourself along the way.
 Communicate that as a good feeling in a compelling and attractive manner. All that
matters is how people feel about doing business with you.
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