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					Golf swing basics should be at the heart of every golfer. It seems that many golfers
out there are unaware of the importance of their hands during the golf swing. For the
most part we know that the hands grip the golf club and attach the body to the club
itself. But what about when you are actually going through the motion of the golf

The answer solely lies in the releasing of the club that in part are pure golf swing
basics that we forget. We will review some basics of golf biomechanics quickly.
Remember, that during the swing from address position to follow-through, the hands
are in a passive type of manner.

Lets dig a little deeper into golf swing basics. The intent of the golf swing is to move
the club on the correct swing plane so that your shot placement is spot on. Now all
this occurs through the body moving through various positions one after another. All
of these positions are found in the different phases of the golf swing.

The phases are address, take-away, backswing, transition, downswing, impact and
follow-through. Please note that these are simple golf swing basics, which we should
all learn first to improve our golf swing. Now during all these different phases, the
intent of the golfer should be to travel upon the right swing plane, which will result in
the desired shot. Proper impact with the golf ball requires the golf club first and
foremost to be traveling n the right swing plane.

Now you might be asking where exactly do the hands come into play in the golf
swing basics? To answer that questions, remember that in order for the club to travel
on the correct swing place it is vital for the clubface to open and close. Oftentimes,
these terms in open and close in golf are also referred to releasing of the golf club.
This is where your hands come into play.

A lot of time you see great golf trainers refer to certain golfers having great hands
apart from fundamental golf swing basics. When they say that, they are referring to
exactly what was described above. There is not coincidence that players like Phil,
Tiger and Vijay are on top their game; just look at their hands.

But what does this all mean? Well, we are aware that the hands are involved in the
opening and closing of the clubface during the swing. This movement therefore
allows for proper release of the golf club. Again, these are golf swing basics that
should be practiced all the time. Like mentioned before, the hands are active in your
golf swing but in a passive manner.

Again, to open and close the clubface during the golf swing the hands move back
during the backswing, hinge right at the top of the backswing, almost hang there and
return the club to square impact and release the club afterwards. In order for all this to
occur the hands must always be in passive during all the motions.

What exactly does the passive mean in the golf swing basics?

As a golfer you cannot force your hands to go through the golf swing. If you do that,
it'll create a lot of tension in the golf swing, affects the tempo and overall the result
will be a poor shot. If you don't believe this concept, try it out at a driving range, grip
the golf club as hard as possible and attempt a swing. The results of this aggressive
momentum will be much less optimal. When you have a relaxed feel and are tension
free, you automatically come on the right swing plane.

Now how do you develop these good hands?

First of all it's easier said then done and like all other golf swing basics, it requires
practice. In order for you to have the right feel during the golf swing and be tension
free, you must master 3 fundamentals golf swing basics.

Golf Swing Basics - Fundamentals

 1. You have to understand the golf swing and in order for you to do that you must
know what the body and the golf club are doing during the golf swing. You must
know the biomechanics, study them and implement them.
 2. Then you must develop the mechanics of the golf swing on the golf course. You
must train your body and mind to integrate these mechanics as repeatable processes.
This occurs with the proper instruction and practice of the golf swing mechanics. ( see
Golf Swing Video - The Simple Swing Review for more details)
 3. You have to develop your body. It must be able to be flexible, enduring and have
the strength and power to perform the golf swing properly. If your body is the total
opposite, you will never be able to perfect the mechanics of the golf swing.

Developing your hands and their movements during the golf swing can go a long way
in improving your golf swing. These are some golf swing basics that you must master
in order to move forward in your golf game. Understand the proper biomechanics of
the golf swing, develop them, and develop a body that can support all these
movements. After you fix all these golf swing basics your golf swing will improve

Now Golf swing video - The Simple Golf Swing Review, has found a great training
program that can help you master these steps. This program has helped over 18 000
people worldwide in improving their golf swing.

Last reminder, fix these golf swing basics and your golf game will be better
I enjoy playing all year round. Improving my game is one of my biggest passions.