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Golf Putting Tips To Help With Putting Alignment


									There are many issues that golfers face on the putting green and one of the most
common problems is not being able to hit the golf ball along the intended line. This
may seem simple enough but you would be surprised at the number of golfers who
struggle to strike there putts where they actually want them to go.
 Here are a couple of useful golf putting tips to help you line up your putts with more
 One method which is used by a lot of the touring pro’s is to draw a straight line on
the golf ball and once you have read the green and are happy with the direction in
which you want to send the putt, stand behind that target line and place the ball down
so that the mark is aiming at the target you have chosen.
 Then when you address the ball just make sure that the putter face is square to the
mark on your ball. If you have a good golf putting setup and technique then you
should find that the ball will consistently go where you aim it.
 Another method which is commonly used is to pick an intermediate target, say a
blade of grass or mark on the green that is a couple of feet away from the golf ball and
directly in line with the target you are aiming for. Use this blade of grass or mark to
aim at when you address the golf ball. This helps because this blade of grass or mark
will be within your peripheral vision which in turn makes it easier to line up against.
 If you find that you are still not able to hit the golf ball consistently along the line
you intend, then you may need to focus on improving your golf putting stroke or work
on your putting setup!
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