Golf Putting Setup Fundamentals by hkksew3563rd


									Before you can even contemplate mastering your putting performance, you should
work on building a solid and reliable golf putting setup. There are 5 key fundamental
elements to the putting setup that you need to consider.
  The 5 Key Fundamentals to the Golf Putting Setup:
  1. Putting Grip 鈥?this is vital as it is the connection between you and the putter.
There are many different styles to choose from, so it is down to you to find out which
one feels the most comfortable. One of the most common golf putting grips is the
Reverse Overlap, so you may want to try this one out.
  2. Ball Position 鈥?all golf putters have a slight loft to them, so ideally you want
your ball position to back just ahead of the lowest point of your putting stroke.
Generally speaking, this will be roughly an inch or so inside your left instep. Having
the wrong ball position can have a serious impact on the roll of the ball and direction
in which it travels.
  3. Putter Position 鈥?the important factors here are that the putter head needs to be
flat on the ground, square to the target, the grip end of the putter should be pointing to
the centre of your body and your hand position directly under your shoulder line.
  4. Eye Line 鈥?this one is not up for debate, your eye line should be positioned so
it is looking directly over the golf ball. An easy way to test this is to hold another ball
between your eyes and let it drop, it should land on top of the other ball.
  5. Putting Posture 鈥?the important factors here are the position of your feet which
should be roughly shoulder width apart, flexing the knees slightly so you are
comfortable and feel balanced, tilt your body at roughly 45% so comfortable and your
eye line is over the ball, your weight on the balls of your feet and slightly favouring
the left side and making sure you body is aligned correctly so shoulders hips and feet
are parallel to the target line.
  You will find that having an efficient and reliable golf putting setup, that you are
comfortable with, will give you an excellent foundation from which to build an
effective and consistent golf putting stroke
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