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					Pecanwood Estate differentiates itself by improving quality of life through the
provision of consistent and superior services which focus on stability, security and the
environment. Sustainable infrastructure by fostering mutually beneficial relationships
with all our stakeholders. In 1992 Maccon purchased an agricultural farm on the
banks of Hartbeespoort Dam with a view to creating one of South Africa’s first golf
estates. The name was inspired by the grove of pecan nut trees on the property. Since
its launch, Pecanwood Estate with its Golf and Country Club has established itself as
a benchmark for golf estates in South Africa. Moreover, the development also served
as a catalyst for tremendous growth in the area. Ten years down the line, Pecanwood
Estate has developed into the five-star estate the developers envisioned it should be,
and now all owners and members involved in the estate share the aim of maintaining
and improving on what has been created. When immersed in the hustle and bustle of
city life it seems hard to imagine that the ideal escape is situated less than an hour’s
drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Pecanwood Golf Estate and Pecanwood Golf
and Country Club, situated on the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam and nestled in the
rolling hills of the picturesque Magaliesberg Mountains, adds a new dimension to the
concept of rest and relaxation. What’s more, this prestigious development is home to
South Africa’s first Jack Nicklaus signature golf course. It offers a unique
combination of superb climate, outdoor activities and residential excellence that result
in a lifestyle experience which many aspire to. The Pecanwood Estate Homeowners
Association will work towards ensuring that Pecanwood Estate is the preferred
residential and golf estate. Our service ethic is based on best practice with regards to
leadership, financial management, staff development and retention, as well as on
efficient processes, resulting in timeous delivery whilst continuously seeking
improvement. If you are looking for a secure and tranquil family environment set in
the beauty of natural surroundings then Pecanwood Estate is just for you. It’s an
escape to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with stringent security measures
providing residents with peace of mind and the freedom to move around the estate,
Pecanwood is a haven for you and your loved ones. So spend quality time with your
family: enjoy a picnic or a nature trail. Go fishing or play volleyball. Pecanwood
Estate provides an idyllic home for families. And more time to live.

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