Golf Club Review- King Cobra S9 Golf Irons by hkksew3563rd


									For years Cobra Golf had been riding on the past success of their original King Cobra
oversize line of products, years passed where new products came out, such as golf
irons, taylormade driver, bakugans, but nobody out there really noticed let alone
bought their equipment.
It was not until a few years ago that Cobra Golf started to re-introduce the King Cobra
name to the market, and again creating a buzz that is still going strong today. I have
reviewed many products from their new King Cobra line and hope that you will again
give them a look.
The King Cobra S9 golf irons are the mid handicap players dream. It has forgiveness
and looks at a great price! The S9 golf irons feature a oversize club head to help
players hit the center of the face more often, a wide sole so that they do not have to
worry about catching shots just a little fat and watching them dribble into the water,
and a very unique weighting system for forgiveness on off center hits.
The cavity features a type of weighting similar to those of Callaway Golf golf irons to
add forgiveness when the player does not hit the sweet spot. This notch moves weight
from directly behind the ball to the perimeter. The notch and cavity are also filled with
Urethane to provide a very soft feel and cut down on vibrations at impact. The
oversize head is very clean looking with a polished head and Polymer top line to give
it a very rich, distinctive look. Top it all off with a lightweight Nippon steel shaft and
you have one heck of a club!
When I tested the S9 golf irons last fall I hit some very good shots with very little
negative feedback. They went long, and while not as long as an iron they have coming
out this season it was a very big surprise to see these clubs go further than their
competitors golf irons in the same game improvement category. They launched high
and landed soft with the Urethane really making a difference in the feel when I struck
the ball. The Nippon shaft also helped to get the ball airborne with a soft, responsive
feel throughout the swing. I was able to get solid results on off center hits due to the
clubs weighting and was even able to hit a few fades with this iron!
Overall this is a great mid priced golf irons for the mid handicap golfer. If you are
looking for the ultimate in game improvement golf irons from Cobra, wait until I
review their new UFI golf irons!

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