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					The Golden Retriever is a dog which has seen a meteoric rise in popularity since its
recognition as a distinct breed in 1911. They are intelligent, hard-working dogs,
designed specifically for wild-fowl hunting. The gentle face of the Golden Retriever
says it all about their personality: they are lovable, charming, good-humored, and
highly intelligent. They are well known for making a wonderful family pet and as is
the case, it's no surprise to discover that many children with collections of plush toys,
have one or two beloved Golden Retriever stuffed animals amongst their assortment
of teddy bears, panda's and bunny's. A Golden Retriever stuffed animal is as popular
as the the real thing and given its huggability and soft plush coat, it's no wonder it's in
such high demand.
  The Golden Retriever breed was first developed in the late 1800s at the estate of Sir
Dudley Marjoribanks (later known as Lord Tweedmouth) in the highlands of Scotland.
In 1865, he purchased a Golden Retriever named 鈥淣 ous,鈥?from a shoemaker in
Southern England; Nous was the only yellow puppy in a litter of black wavy-coated
pups. Nous had been given to the shoemaker for payment of a debt and Sir Dudley
took the dog to his estate so he could join Sir Dudley's other sporting dogs. Sir Dudley
was especially interested in developing a breed of dog that could withstand the
Scottish climate and terrain. In addition, he wanted a retriever dog to be able to hunt
along side him for whatever available game there was at the time. In both 1868 and
1871, Nous was bred to Belle, a now extinct breed known as a Tweed Water Spaniel.
The results were several yellow pups which became the foundation for a line of
yellow retrievers. Over time, Nous and Belle's offspring were bred with retriever's
that had wavy, flat coats along with a red setter and another Tweed Water Spaniel. The
first Golden Retrievers as we know them today were first shown at dog shows in 1906.
The official recognition of the breed came in 1911 and then 鈥淩 etriever-Golden,
鈥?in 1920.
  A Golden Retriever stuffed animal certainly comes from a breed of dog with a very
long and interesting history. Like the real thing, the Golden Retriever stuffed animal is
a big (or small), cuddly canine that makes a loyal playmate. Purchasing one of these
plush dogs in a giant life-size form is the best way to capture what it would be like to
have the actual dog. Some of them even have posable frames which adds equally to
their realism. Better yet, if you can find a Golden Retriever stuffed animal that is in a
permanent lying down position, you will fool even the most seasoned dog owner into
thinking the plush toy is the bona fide thing.
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