Going Wireless In Your Home by hkksew3563rd


									Nobody likes tripping over wires and cords, so it makes perfect sense that
manufacturers are giving people the choice to be wired or not. Having a wireless
router so that you can run multiple devices off of a central modem is very convenient.
Not having to run a phone cord from the computer to the laptop to the PlayStation and
whatever else devices you are using, is a tremendous convenience.
  Remember when you wanted to go online; you would have to hook a telephone cord
from the back of your computer tower to the jack on the wall halfway across the
house? You can have pretty much any device go wireless, although some things need
a little extra help in getting there. Most things already have built in WiFi, but you can
get wireless adapters for things that do not. Being able to watch television or play
video games or surf the web on the laptop without having to worry about plugging in
is very cool. Even your handheld devices such as video games and IPods can use the
WiFi functions to get online access.
  Going even farther though, you can even have parts of your home entertainment
system wireless. So your television is hooked up to a satellite or cable provider and
then your video game consoles are wireless so that they can be taken online and you
can download content such as games, music and movies. But you can even have your
surround sound speakers wireless as well.
  Sometimes the introduction of the speaker is the most boring of the establishment of
the sound system. They can be difficult to thread and if your room is not set up right
or is too large, then it may be difficult to put the cables in a discreet place in the room.
But if you do not have time to prepare in advance, then, if the room is not the right
shape or size may well have a negative effect on how easy it is to put in place.
  So if you can bypass the wires, setting up the system is so much easier. Not only do
you have much more control over where the speakers go, you can put them in the
optimal spots so that they sound so much better. If you put them only where they fit or
reach, you can miss out on the best sound available.
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