Going back to basics with the Belling classic range

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					Belling has been a name to conjure with in the cooker market for decades. The
Belling range cooker is synonymous with quality, dependability and versatility
鈥?and has changed over the years in step with the fashions of the times. Kitchens
across the UK have been equipped with Belling cookers that fit with every prevailing
trend, every home decor idea and every lifestyle. Including the latest 鈥?which, as we
all know, is a nod to the old school. Enter the Belling classic range 鈥?an updated
take on the shapes and colours of a happy heyday.
  Belling classics have all the functionality and energy efficiency a person would
expect from a modern range cooker 鈥?cleverly arranged in a body that takes its
stylings from both the ovens of the 50s and 60s, the coal fired country ranges that all
range cookers are based on, and a modern urge to overlay classic designs with
contemporary twists. A new Belling range cooker has the excitingly offset doors and
double frontage of an old style range cooker, but with gleaming modern materials and
subtly smoothed away edges adding a properly contemporary look. The Belling
classic, like a car that has returned to a much loved image, brings today 鈥檚
sensibilities back to life with a warm and knowing nod to the machines that started it
  The Belling range cooker has the capability for dual fuel function and is crammed
with useful features. Owners in non gas areas are able to choose a classic Belling
cooker that runs only on electric, with the same range of colours and features as the
dual fuel models. With double ovens, top ovens and multiple grills attractively
arranged under a variety of different hob configurations, there 鈥檚 something in the
Belling classic range for every home and lifestyle. Even vast family dinners with all
the associated relatives and in laws taken into account are not problem 鈥?and the
modern energy efficiency of every Belling range cooker means that even cooking for
a full on reunion isn 鈥檛 going to put an unwelcome spike in the fuel bills.
  Know where to go for the right prices, and a classically styled Belling could be
coming back to the house for a lot less than it looks like it is worth. Smaller
independent retailers with less overheads are able to stock the Belling classic range
for several hundred pounds less than high street alternatives 鈥?trading, finally, on
years of honest sales as the industry big wigs start trying to make up their own
artificially high margins in a climate that is less able to support the gap. Look around
the Internet and you 鈥檒 l find a Belling range cooker that does everything you need
at the price you want to pay. Just remember, wherever you look, to make sure that the
dimensions of the Belling you find match the space you have available for it.
  The Belling classic range has made high class reliable cooking a possibility for every
home. With its great looks and versatile functionality, it 鈥檚 the ideal partner for
those festive winter feasts.
  The Belling classic cooker combines old school inspiration with modern technology
to deliver the perfect cooking experience so be sure to take a look at Belling range
cookers this year.