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GoAir_ the Smart Way to Fly


									Fliers today are spoilt for choices given the numerous flights options to the same
destination. Moreover, getting a current booking done and easily getting a reservation
is possible due to the same. GoAir Airlines has been considered one of the most
preferred low cost airlines by the masses ever since it started its operations. The
airline was launched by the Wadia Group in November 2005.
  GoAir Airlines connects 15 cities with more than 700 flights every week. There are 8
flights in service at present and 12 aircrafts has been ordered to execute expansion
strategies. Although Goair Airfares start at 1600 Rupees approx, the airline staff never
compromises on maintaining its top in-flight services. In fact, GoAir Airlines tickets
are nominal if compared to its competitors and the services allure everyone Radixx
International, Florida has currently agreed to assist GoAir with Flight Management
System and reservations on the GoAir official website.
  If you want to save time, avail discounts, and get points, get the GoAir online
booking done at its official website. At the same platform you can check GoAir
schedule to the destinations it covers and check GoAir status as well. Moreover,
discounts and special offers on various Goair Airlines Tickets floods the GoAir
official website with loads of online bookings.
  'Fly Smart' is GoAir 'tagline and 'Smart' is what most of the customers feel after
experiencing the world class service. GoAir has a new service called 'Go Business',
which is expensive as compared to its economy class. GoAir supplies free food and
drinks to passengers traveling by Go Business. Visit the official website to know more
and to avail offers like Special Student offer, Defense Personnel Offer, and Huge
discounts on return fares. GoAir became the first Low Fare airliner to bag an
international award for brilliant services, presented by The Pacific Area Travel Writers
Association (PATWA) in 2007.
  All the in-flight facilities and services, when combined with online facilities like
speedy GoAir status tracker for flights, GoAir online booking, domestic travel
insurance facility and all the latest updates makes flying a 'Happy "GO" Lucky'
  Ajit is a travel freak and loves to write on travel related websites like Go Airways
and Go Air ticket booking.

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