; Goa Honeymoon Tours - Perfect Honeymoon destination for Couple
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Goa Honeymoon Tours - Perfect Honeymoon destination for Couple


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									Honeymoon in Goa is a dream coming true for newly-wed couples. India tours are
memorable tours in themselves, but Goa stands out. Aptly names as 鈥淧 earl of the
Orient 鈥? Goa is a hot tourist destination of India and a perfect honeymoon spot.
With its romantic beaches and scenic surroundings, you are sure to have a dreamy
getaway with your loved one. Laid back and leisurely outlook makes Goa a favorite
relaxation and romantic destination. Vibrant life is a reflection of Goa 鈥檚 way of
celebrating life.
  Beaches are nature 鈥檚 lounge and you will have plenty of choices when you get to
Goa. Calangute is the most popular of them all and also the most crowded. You could
indulge in a variety of water sports such as parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skiing
and more. Beach bumming is the favorite pastime. Do nothing and just enjoy basking
under the sun on one of the many beach chairs with umbrellas offered by a group of
beach shacks. While you are at it, gulp a few beers and enjoy some typical Goan
cuisine. You could head to Morjim, Arambol or Kerim for a less crowded and quieter
time together. The sunrise and sunset on the beach are nature 鈥檚 delight that you
can witness in Goa. Beach sports are other activities that you may engage in.
  Of course, Goa is far more than just pristine beaches and sparkling Arabian Sea.
Clubbed with a unique history, rich culture and mesmerising natural sceneries, you
may want to visit old Goa and witness the architectural heritage of the place and
experience Goa 鈥檚 Portuguese history. Spanning centuries various dynasties like
Rashtrakutas, Kadambas, Silaharas, Chalukyas, Bahamani Muslims and most
famously the Portuguese have been rulers of Goa. World heritage architecture like
Basilica of Bom Jesus is truly a sight to behold and is a fine example of Jesuit
architecture. You may also choose to pay your homage at the Church of Our Lady of
Rosary and Se Cathedral. Goa is surrounded by forts namely Tiracol, Corjeum,
Aguada, Chapora etc.
  Tickling your taste buds with goan delicacies is a kind of tradition that no one misses.
Calangute and Baga beach areas offer plenty of options for those who would like to
enjoy some authentic and delectable goan cuisine in a typical goan ambience. Goa 鈥
檚 local markets are amazing places to get a bargain on interesting stuff inviting
loads of people around the world to enjoy a lot of activities. The Wednesday market
on Anjuna beach is highly recommended and so is the Flee market every Saturday
night on the Calangute side. An exciting night life awaits you in Goa. The place is
always abuzz with lively chatters of people and melodious music.
  Goa is the most favored destination of the South India tours. The seasoned and
cordial tour managers in India will help you find that perfect romantic getaway for
you. They well know that first impressions are important and hence ensure a
memorable and comfortable trip for their clients who are about to start a new bonding

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