Go Green with Compatible Toners by hkksew3563rd


									We have done enough damage to the society. That is exactly why we are getting
concerned about the good of the environment. Keeping this well being in mind, there
is a move by all the industries to go green. You must have heard the term ' go green' a
lot of times. That is just an effort by the different industries to do as much as they can
to protect and preserve the environment. One of the industries that are quite guilty of
harming the environment to a considerable degree is the printing industry. It is not just
the accessories used by them that create the problem. Even the whole ethos of printing
on paper is quite damaging to the society. After all to get one sheet of paper quite a
number of trees are cut down.
  In case you do have a printer at home you know that the extra printing that you do is
quite harmful to the society. But you can do your bit for the environment while using
a printer. Remember the three Rs of printing are to reduce, reuse and recycle. It goes
without saying that you can reduce your amount of inkjet paper supplies as much as
possible. But what about reusing and recycling. Well in case you visit the printer
stores they will ask you to recycle your old cartridge instead of just throwing it away.
When the ink gets over we typically throw off the cartridge and buy a new one. But
did you know that to make one cartridge you need to use about 1 to 2 litres of water.
Now does that make you guilty or not?
  There is an even better way of going green with these cartridges. In case your ink
gets over you could just get a new bottle of compatible toner. This means that you
would not be required to throw away the cartridge. You will just have to refill it. This
is not just something that is good for the environment. In fact it is also going to save
you a few bucks. A compatible toner is much cheaper than an entire cartridge. In case
your cartridge gets over just check if you can reuse it and then go to any toner store
and you will get what you want. In fact the popularity of the compatible toner has
gone to such heights that all the upscale brands have been producing it. From Canon
toner to Oem toner, HP compatible toner to Xerox toner, you get it all in the market.
  In fact it is quite a profit for you as well as your environment if you switched to
getting your own toner instead of a new cartridge every time the print gets over. There
are some cartridges that are not reusable. If you have one of those then make sure you
drop it for recycling next time you go to the store. And when you get a new cartridge
make sure that it is one that is reusable. That would mean, next time your ink gets
over you can simply get toner that is compatible to your printer and refill your
cartridge. That is exactly what is meant by making smart decisions.
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