Dec RegMIN Anson County Government by mikeholy


									       THE ANSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS convened for
their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 at 6:00 p.m. in
Courtroom #1 located in the Anson County Courthouse.

      Commissioners present: Blake Hildreth
                             F. O’Neil Jones
                             Steve Lear
                             Dr. Jim Sims
                             Harold C. Smith
                             Ross Streater

      Staff members present:   Chris Wease, County Manager
                               Bonnie M. Huntley, CMC, Clerk to the Board
                               Misty D. Randall, County Attorney
                               James Bennett, Assistant County Manager
                               Dorothy Tyson, Finance Officer
                               Rita James, Data Processing
                               Merrill Naylor, Emergency Management
                               Jan Benton, Inspections

      Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman: This being the organizational
meeting of the Board, County Attorney Randall called the meeting to Order. She
then called for nominations for the position of Chairman. Commissioner Sims
nominated Blake Hildreth. County Attorney Randall then called for a second with
Commissioner Jones offering that the nomination did not need a second.
Commissioner Jones then nominated Ross Streater. Motion by Commissioner Sims,
seconded by Commissioner Lear, to close the nominations. Motion carried
unanimously. County Attorney Randall called for the vote as follows:

         Ross Streater                        Blake Hildreth
      Commissioner Jones                    Commissioner Sims
      Commissioner Smith                    Commissioner Lear
      Commissioner Streater                 Commissioner Hildreth

Commissioner Jones was of the opinion that the former Chairman would continue
to serve until his successor was elected. Commissioner Smith felt the Board should
have to agree for him to continue with Commissioner Jones feeling it may take the
seventh person voting before a Chairman can be elected. After discussion,
Commissioner Smith wanted the Board to vote to accept Blake Hildreth as the
sitting chairman pending a final election. Motion carried 5 to 1 with Commissioner
Smith opposed.
        Chairman Hildreth welcomed those present. Reverend Jerry Robertson of
Deep Creek Baptist Church delivered the Invocation. Chairman Hildreth then
called for nominations for the position of Vice Chairman. Motion by Commissioner
Jones to delay the election of Vice Chairman until the Board elects a Chair and
suspend the rules to that effect. Commissioner Lear asked if until that time, if the
Chair was absent at a meeting, would the former Vice Chair remain as such until a
new election with Commissioner Jones answering yes. Then Commissioner Jones
amended his motion to read that the election for Vice Chairman be continued until
such time as a permanent Chair is elected and in the interim, the sitting Vice Chair
will act as the Vice Chair, that being Vice Chair Streater. Chairman Hildreth was
of the opinion this was out of order, feeling the Board might be able to elect a Vice
Chair if they were to proceed with the election. In an effort to be cooperative,
Commissioner Jones withdrew his motion. Chairman Hildreth then opened the
floor for nominations for the position of Vice Chairman. Commissioner Streater
nominated Commissioner Jones while Commissioner Lear nominated Commissioner
Sims. Commissioner Sims asked to withdraw his name as he had no interest in
serving as Chair or Vice Chair. Motion by Commissioner Smith that the
nominations be closed, seconded by Commissioner Streater. Being the only
nomination, Commissioner Jones was elected Vice Chairman.

       Chairman Hildreth asked to depart from the Agenda at this time and
recognize and honor two people that served us. He called on Bill Thacker to come
forward. Chairman Hildreth presented Mr. Thacker with a plaque honoring him for
his outstanding and dedicated service to Anson County, serving as County
Commissioner from January 11, 1993 until December 1, 2002. He stated Mr.
Thacker took the job seriously and participated in numerous outside activities at
the State and Federal level, noting his retirement was a loss for Anson County but
wished him well. Chairman Hildreth then called on Michael Livingston and
presented him with a plaque for his outstanding and dedicated service to Anson
County, serving as County Commissioner from December 1998 through December

       Chairman Hildreth then called on County Manager Wease to make a few
announcements. County Manager Wease announced that on Thursday, December
12 at 4:00 p.m. at the Health Technology Center at Fayetteville Technical
Community College, the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Committee would meet. There will also be a public forum that evening at 7:00 p.m.
via teleconference at SPCC. He reminded Board members of the annual employees
Christmas luncheon scheduled for December 11 at 12:00 Noon in the Ingram
Community Room at the Lockhart-Taylor Center. This is to thank employees for
another good year of service.

      Approval of the Agenda by Commissioners: Commissioner Sims asked
to move the Appearance of Jeff Cloud to follow the Consent Agenda and before
Administrative Matters. Everyone agreed. County Manager Wease added at the
end of Administrative Matters as item 6e, discussion of the grant administrator for
the Scattered Site Housing Grant. Commissioner Smith asked if it was necessary
to discuss this matter tonight with County Manager Wease answering it would be
helpful to the grant process. Vice Chair Jones asked if there was any reason Mr.
Cloud could not be heard before the Consent Agenda with Commissioner Sims
noting it only takes a few moments for the Consent Agenda. Vice Chair Jones
asked to remove the Sandhills Mental Health Contract from the Consent Agenda for
discussion with Commissioner Sims changing his request and asking to move Mr.
Cloud ahead of the Consent Agenda. Motion by Commissioner Lear, seconded by
Commissioner Streater, to approve the Agenda with the changes. Motion carried

      Presentation- Certificate of Appreciation: James Bennett explained
that Kris Morton single handedly responded to the Commissioner’s request to
beautify the grounds around the Courthouse. On behalf of the Commissioners, he
then presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation for her efforts.

      Public Hearing – Zoning Ordinance Amendment: Motion by
Commissioner Lear, seconded by Vice Chair Jones, to open the public hearing.
Motion carried unanimously

       Ms. Benton noted that in October, Steve Leary requested the Planning Board
to amend Section 86 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow hatcheries and meat and
poultry processing plants as a conditional use in Light Industrial areas. Light
Industrial provides that these uses not be located within 1,000 feet of a residence,
Church or school. The Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the request
and it is now before this Board for approval. Ms. Benton did note that presently,
hatcheries and meat and poultry processing plants are only permitted in Heavy
Industrial areas. Commissioner Sims then asked the definition of a meat
processing plant, wondering if Valley Protein would fall in this category. Ms.
Benton answered that the one in Marshville is considered meat processing.
Commissioner Sims commented on the smell coming from the Marshville plant at
times and feels 1,000 feet is not far enough from schools and houses. Commissioner
Lear voiced that he was not sure meat processing should be permitted in Light
Industrial and asked if this was consistent with other counties with Ms. Benton
answering it differs in each county. Ms. Benton also noted that hatcheries could
most likely be found in Light Industrial while meat and poultry processing plants
should be in Heavy Industrial. Commissioner Streater suggested the item be
returned to the Planning Board for more information. Commissioner Smith noted
there was no problem with the hatchery as the problem was with the other.
Commissioner Sims would like to see a more precise definition of what constitutes
meat and poultry processing plants, with emphasis being on meat. Commissioner
Sims also wants to know where most people put these plants, in Light Industry or
Heavy Industry and what are the positives and negatives for each. He would like to
know why we are asking for a change and asked that we check around to see the
distance used by others between the plant and Churches, schools and houses.
Motion by Commissioner Streater, seconded by Commissioner Smith, to close the
public hearing. Commissioner Lear stated he would like to open the issue to see if
anyone in the audience had anything to say. Commissioner Smith withdrew his
second with Commissioner Streater withdrawing his motion. Chairman Hildreth
then asked if anyone present would like to address the subject. Bobby Little
commented that he felt there was a lot of heavy industry areas around and why
crowd the Light Industrial. Vice Chair Jones asked that when Ms. Benton returns,
she bring a chart of the county showing where Light Industry is zoned. Motion by
Commissioner Streater, seconded by Vice Chair Jones, to close the public hearing.
Motion carried unanimously

       In open session, Chairman Hildreth noted the direction to Ms. Benton is to
carry the notes you gained from the discussion and bring the Ordinance back to the

       Appearances: Jeff Cloud wanted to share with Board members his ideas
on the Airport. He feels we will have a great facility there and it will so different
that he is afraid some will not know what to expect. The synopsis of Mr. Cloud’s
ideas, as presented each Board member, is as follows: In the future, when the
value of the airport is pondered, please consider all the ad valorem taxes that are
generated by its presence. The taxes generated by the airport go into the general
fund and unless an effort is made, their source will be overlooked. These airport-
generated taxes do not have some of the costs attached that others do such as
schools, social services, police protection and mental health. When issuing leases to
improve airport land, please give consideration to a lease that attracts venture
capital. Mr. Cloud does not think a lease has been issued but he has seen a copy of
a suggested lease that was only for 20 years with no option to renew. He is
reasonably sure that the County would find it difficult to provide capital for hangars
or other improvements, and if venture capital was not attracted, improvements
would be slow in coming and not in the best interest of the County. The argument
for 20 years was that the county did not want to inherit dilapidated buildings. The
wording of the lease could protect the County. When considering the taxes
attributable to the airport, Mr. Cloud asked that we don’t overlook the taxable value
of aircraft that good T-hangers would attract. The under utilized airport
commission has some valuable information in T-hanger leases. In an effort to get
the most mileage from the monies generated for airport improvements, Mr. Cloud
feels the surplus should be spent resurfacing the present runway, which will be
used as a taxiway to the new runway, and for grading T-hanger sites with access to
the taxiway. There are possibilities for hangers on the west side of the old runway.
Monies spent thusly would dovetail into attracting venture capital, producing
taxable improvements and taxable personal properties. Motion by Vice Chair Jones
that the synopses Mr. Cloud is tendering to the Board be included in the minutes.
Commissioner Sims commented that he understands Mr. Cloud is saying that the
Board should watch out for leases and that we would be better off to use venture
capital. Mr. Cloud feels that unless the Board is willing to invest the money for
hangers, we would be better off to get someone else to invest. Commissioner Sims
noted if this was done, we could then tax the building, real estate, improvements,
what is inside the building and the plane with Mr. Cloud agreeing. Mr. Cloud did
state that folks from Rock Hill, Concord and other places have inquired about
hanger space here in Anson County. Mr. Cloud also explained the hanger lease
could require a bond that would cover the building condition at the end of the lease.
Commissioner Sims asked if surplus funds could be used for hangers with Mr.
Cloud answering that the funds have certain restrictions and cannot be used for
hangers, but could be used to grade for hangers. Vice Chair Jones asked Mr. Cloud
if his views were reflective of those of the Airport Board with Mr. Cloud answering
yes. Vice Chair Jones then asked Mr. Cloud if he could influence the Airport Board
to reduce this to writing and transmit to the Commissioners in order to have it in
the records. Mr. Cloud noted he would try. Mr. Cloud referred to a conversation he
had with David Griffith who runs the Stanly County Airport, where Mr. Griffith
asked the responsibility of our Airport Commission. Mr. Cloud answered that they
make recommendations only as they have no authority but he feels as the airport
grows, the Airport Commission should be given authority to do certain things
within limits. Mr. Cloud noted they are knowledgeable and dedicated and he feels
they would do a good job. Motion seconded by Commissioner Lear and carried
unanimously. Chairman Hildreth thanked Mr. Cloud for his contribution to the
project and other areas of the county.

      Consent Agenda: Vice Chair Jones asked to be heard on item f, the
Sandhills Mental Health Contract, at the appropriate time. Commissioner Smith
asked the amount of money in the purchase of the ambulances from funds collected.
Chairman Hildreth noted item e-Resolution authorizing the Purchase of
Ambulances through financing with BB&T and item f-CJP Program Contract with
Sandhills Mental Health, would be pulled from the Consent Agenda. Motion by
Commissioner Streater, seconded by Commissioner Lear, to approve the Consent
Agenda, removing the Resolution Authorizing the purchase of Ambulances and the
Sandhills Mental Health Contract for CJP. Motion carried unanimously.

        Minutes: Approved minutes from regular sessions dated October 29 and November 12,
        Tax Releases: Approved as follows:
        November Tax Releases – Nov 02:
        Baucom, Claudia F                    2001          67.40        Proration
        Burns, James D                       2002          22.35        Value
        Donathan, Stephen                    2002           2.70        Situs
        Forbes, William M                    2002           2.16        Situs
        Gaddy, Cynthia S                     2002          11.79        Value
        Johnson, Patty                       2002          23.48        Situs
Kiker, Fincher                      2001          31.57    Proration
McSwain, Nelson                     2001         711.30    Proration
Morton, Bobby                       2002          57.51    Value
Phifer, R Trucking                  2002          12.27    Situs
Plank Road Realty                   2002         160.54    Situs
Scott, Anna I                       2002          37.80    Value
Seigler, William W                  2002          16.45    Value
Shaw, Gary Jr.                      2002         263.48    Situs
Skipper, Allen R                    2002          36.29    Situs
Thomas, Stephanie C                 2001          5.88     Proration
Yates, Johnny                       2001          8.88     Proration
Yates, Johnny                       2001          14.85    Proration
                      Total                $   1,486.70

Vehicle Tax Adjustments – Nov-02:
Donathan,Stephen                    2002          0.25     Situs
Forbes, William M                   2002          0.20     Situs
Johnson, Patty                      2002          2.44     Situs
Plank Road Realty                   2002         15.15     Situs
Skipper, Allen R                    2002          3.36     Situs
                     Total                 $     21.40

Vehicle Tax Refunds – Nov 02:
Crouch, Hubert L                    2001         14.88     Proration
Donathan, Billy                     2001         42.32     Proration
Frost, Patricia                     2001         24.15     Proration
Lee, Elizabeth D                    2001         13.04     Proration
Martin, Thomas D                    2001         45.01     Proration
Ratliff, Eva H                      2001         26.70     Proration
Tyson, Kevin L                      2001         19.40     Proration
Walker, Bobbie G                    2001         52.43     Proration
                      Total                $    237.93

Property Tax Releases – Nov 02:
Alltel Communications               2002        2,776.61   Listing Error
Baucom, Elizabeth T                 2002          153.57   Sr Exemption
Bentley, Mable                      2002          520.01   Error
Brown, Winnie ET/AL                 2002        1,186.14   Listing error
CIT Lending Serv.                   2002          295.53   Listing error
Crawford, John J                    2002          792.96   Clerical error
Ebenezer Missionary Baptist         2002          318.66   Church exempt
Flake, Christine                    2002          307.35   Sr exemption
Flake, James E                      2002          299.01   Exemption
Flake, James E                      2002          358.48   Exemption
Freeman, Thelma                     2002            5.07
Gaddy, Thomas A                     2002           68.98   Listing error
Hedrick BV Gravel                   2002           38.83   Value
Harmeling, Scott                    2002          229.63   Exemption
Harmeling, Scott                    2002          122.25   Exemption
High, Monte B                       2002            4.30   Listing error
High, Monte B                       2002        1,147.02   Listing error
Hildreth, Myrtle                    2002           36.57   Listing error
Hunt, Jannie D                      2002          181.72   Value
       James, Terry A                          2002              241.34        Listing error
       Liles, Mable                            2002              200.72        Sr Exemption
       Lovett, Mongelee                        2002              402.74        Double listed
       Martin, Tony L                          2002              800.90        Listing error
       Moore, Patricia M                       2002              114.93        Listing error
       Moser, Christine                        2002              202.37        Listing error
       Pac-Van In                              2002              156.56        Listing error
       Plank Road Realty                       2002            4,078.64        Double listed
       Rollins, Donald M                       2002               54.52        Clerical error
       Sequeda, Juan R                         2002              490.92        Double listed
       Sequeda, Juan R                         2002              527.06        Double listed
       Sequeda, Juan R                         2002              153.25        Clerical Error
       South Central Oil                       2002               55.26        Clerical error
       Washington, Shelby                      2002              184.20        Sr Exemption
       Watkins, Bertha                         2002              128.85        Sr Exemption
       Wells Fargo Lease                       2002               62.35        Listing error
       Wright, William V                       2002              366.75        Listing error
                               Total                     $    17,065.05

        Budget Report: Report ending 11-22-02 shows we are operating at a deficit for the FY.
Most departments are within the budgetary parameters, noting not more than 41% of each budget
should be expended thus far. Collections for property taxes will increase in December and hopefully
the deficit will decrease. Water and sewer funds are within their established parameters as well.

       Budget Amendments: The first amendment for $3,000.00 appropriates funding to the
Health department for the use of state grant funds for Bio-terrorism Response and Preparedness.
                             Anson County Budget Ordinance FY 02/03
       BE IT ORDAINED by the Anson County Board of Commissioners that they 2002-03 FY
Budget Ordinance be amended as follows:
       Section 1. Expenditures:
               Increase Health Programs                11-5110-5182          $ 3,000.
                       Total Increase                                        $ 3,000.
       Section 2. Revenues:
               Increase Health Programs                11-5100               $ 3,000.
                       Total Increase                                        $ 3,000.
       Adopted this 3rd day of December, 2002.

        The next amendment provides $5,000 for the deductible necessary to handle an insurance
claim in the Sheriff’s Department. The $49,264 integrates the Criminal Justice Partnership
Program’s grant into the general fund budget and the $651,000 appropriates funding for the
estimated costs of the Pool Project at Little Park. It was noted that some of this money has yet to be
                             Anson County Budget Ordinance FY 2002/03
                BE IT ORDAINED by the Anson County Board of Commissioners that the 2002/03
FY Budget Ordinance be amended as follows:
        Section 1. Expenditures:
                Increase:               11-4310                                 $ 5,000.
                Increase:               11-4373                                 $ 49,264.
                Increase:               11-6130                                 $615,000.
                                Total Increase                                  $669,264.
        Section 2. Revenues:
             Increase:                11-4110-3800 (Fund Bal Approp)   $ 5,000.
             Increase                 11-4373                          $ 49,264.
             Increase                 11-6130                          $615,000.
                              Total Increase                           $669,264.
      Adopted this 3rd day of December, 2002.

       Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Ambulances (2) through
Financing with BB&T: Commissioner Smith wanted to know the amount of
money in reserve that was put towards the purchase of these vehicles. County
Manager Wease noted the total cost, being $161,404, was financed for the two
ambulances at a rate of 3.03% interest. County Manager Wease noted this FY they
budgeted in the EMS appropriations $25,000 to cover the debt service for this
project. The method of payment chosen for payments will depend on the cost this
Fiscal Year. County Manager Wease noted one option was to pay an annual
arrears, which means we will not make a payment until next fall. This will make
the total interest payment more over the three-year period but pushes the cost into
the next Fiscal Year. Commissioner Smith asked if we receive any revenue from
the trips made by the ambulances with County Manager Wease noting the Contract
is worded such that we pay the difference between the cost of the operation and the
amount of revenue generated. Chairman Hildreth voiced a problem with this
arrangement, feeling appropriate incentives are not in place. Commissioner
Streater feels we don’t have much choice since the county must provide this service.
Chairman Hildreth feels the contract should be written so that we reimburse them
80% of what is uncollected. Vice Chair Jones was of the opinion that while EMS is
collecting 49%, the Rescue Squad collects only 15% and he would like to revisit this
relationship at a later date. Commissioner Lear asked if there were any competing
agencies that we could talk with to provide this service with County Manager
Wease noting it could be sent out for bids to see if there were other agencies that
could provide this service. County Manager Wease feels another agency will have a
tough time competing with the Hospital but feels it could be done. Vice Chair Jones
feels there is a healthcare dividend in having one agency from beginning to end but
feels we need to make sure we get the best relationship we can and suggested it can
be done with the next contract. Chairman Hildreth asked if the Resolution contains
a provision for early pay-off without a penalty with Dorothy Tyson answering it
probably does. Commissioner Sims feels it important to have the opportunity to pay
off the loan without penalty and voiced that if it were not for the desperate situation
we are in, we should not even lease. Vice Chair Jones noted this would be called an
acceleration clause. Commissioner Smith again asked if there were any revenues
coming from ambulance trips that could be applied towards the purchase with
Chairman Hildreth answering he feels the revenue flows in the other direction.
After discussion, motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by Commissioner Streater,
to accept the Resolution and to include an acceleration clause in there. Motion
carried unanimously
       Criminal Justice Partnership Program-Contract with Sandhills
Mental Health: Vice Chair Jones noted he knows a little about this item and feels
this contract calls for us to pay for something we already have. Vice Chair Jones
noted the Area Director of Sandhills has no boss except his Board of Directors and
all salaries and operating expenses are paid by the State. Vice Chair Jones
explained that the General Assembly has said they can keep all the money they
generate and it goes into a fund to be spent as their Board dictates. Vice Chair
Jones feels most of the money comes from drunk driving convictions. He sees the
contract as a way for counties to pay the funds users can’t afford to pay. Vice Chair
Jones feels that unnecessary fees are listed in the contract. After discussion, motion
by Vice Chair Jones that a committee be appointed to study this thing and report
back to this Board at the February meeting. He read his motion as follows: That
the Chairman appoint a 5-person committee, consisting of Chairman Jim Sims,
which at this point Commissioner Sims voiced that he did not wish to serve. Vice
Chair Jones noted he picked Commissioner Sims because he needed someone that
would neutralize the committee. Vice Chair Jones amended his motion to put
Commissioner Streater as Chairman of the committee consisting of Jim Boylin,
Sheriff Tommy Allen, Elizabeth L. Taylor and F. O’Neil Jones, to examine the
proposed Sandhills Substance Abuse Contract and report back with the appropriate
recommendations to the Board at its regular February meeting. Commissioner
Streater noted he is already on the Board and Vice Chair Jones might want
someone else to serve with Vice Chair Jones answering he still wants Commissioner
Streater to serve. Commissioner Streater noted Sandhills received a $49,000 grant
that also can be used for pre-trial hearings that will get folks out of our jail. Motion
seconded by Commissioner Streater. Commissioner Sims asked if the grant money
was from the State with no county tax dollars with County Manager Wease
answering yes. Commissioner Lear inquired if we would lose the grant funds if we
waited until February for the report with County Manager Wease answering we
have already signed the grant agreement for the substance abuse and pre-trial
release program. Motion carried unanimously

       Administrative Matters:
       9-1-1 Master Street Address guide/ 9-1-1 Addressing Ordinance: Each
Board member was presented a copy of the revised edition of the addressing guide.
Chairman Hildreth noted this constituted the second reading. Merrill Naylor noted
this was the final approval of the MSG and once signed, the notification process will
start throughout the county. Official notification of addresses will begin in
January. Mr. Naylor stated that notice of the process appeared twice in the
newspaper to give citizens a chance to look at the map and ask questions. They had
seven citizens to come by and only a few mistakes were found. Mr. Naylor did state
that approval of the guide does not mean future mistakes cannot be changed. Once
the process is implemented, we have a twelve-month warranty from the
manufacturer that they will fix any defects free of charge. Commissioner Sims
noted penalty for violations calls for a $25.00 fine and if that is not paid, we have a
process to follow. He asked if there was a more precise way to cover someone that
will not put his or her sign out. Mr. Naylor knows no simpler way than to assess
their taxes the cost of the fine. If we have to put the sign up for the homeowner and
they take it down, then that becomes a matter to follow legal due process. County
Manager Wease understands that if the homeowners does not display the sign, the
county will display the sign and send the homeowner the bill. Mr. Naylor noted the
sign with the house number has to be visible from the roadway. Commissioner
Smith asked if we could make a private individual name their street with Mr.
Naylor answering a private street with two or more houses can petition the Board
to name the private street. Commissioner Smith asked if citizens who happen to be
indigent, renting a home, would be made to display a sign with Mr. Naylor
answering it is the responsibility of the property owner to display the house
number. County Manager Wease asked the biggest reason for the signs with Ms.
Hall answering it is to assist EMS, fire, and law enforcement to find the appropriate
house in need of their service. Ms. Hall explained there are one thousand addresses
per mile that is GPS backed to assist in locating the residence. Mr. Naylor
explained when a call is received at the 9-1-1 Center, the address location flashes on
the screen to enable them to direct the emergency vehicle directly to that location.
They can also locate the nearest fire hydrant or water point pond and give any
needed medical information of the resident. Motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded
by Commissioner Streater, to adopt the Ordinance. Motion carried 5 to 1 with
Commissioner Smith opposed.

       Master Street Addressing Guide (MSAG): Mr. Naylor noted this
authorizes him to sign off on all street names and allows no street name changes for
three years. Commissioner Lear noted that since this has been properly advertised
and made available to the public, he moved to accept the addressing guide. Motion
was seconded by Vice Chair Jones. Vice Chair Jones voiced that he feels this is a
major step forward for our county and congratulated those involved. Commissioner
Smith asked about addresses in the city limits with Ms. Hall answering no changes
were made inside the Wadesboro city limits. Wadesboro and Lilesville elected not
to participate in the number system as theirs was already established.
Commissioner Smith asked what happens with 9-1-1 in Wadesboro with Mr. Naylor
answering it will show as it is currently, but if half of a street is wiped out by a
storm, we will not be able to tell exactly where a house was located but we can in
the county. Motion carried 5 to 1 with Commissioner Smith opposed.

      Water Project Update-Addition of Project to Priority List: Vance
Gulledge presented the information regarding the addition of the Forestville Acres
Development water project to the priority list. He presented each Board member
with an updated map of the area. Mr. Gulledge referred to the priority list showing
the White Store Road and Union Church road projects as the top two. Using the
map, he explained both project locations for Board members. They have completed
the portion from Turkey Grower Road to the old store site, from Mineral Springs
Church Road to the site, the store cross roads to Austin Road and they are about
200 yards from Meltonville Church right now. Mr. Gulledge noted they is about 3.5
miles from there to the end of the project and at that point, White Store No. 1
project will be completed. The Union Church Road project will be the next portion.
Mr. Gulledge offered they lack about thirty construction days in completing both
projects, but because of weather, have not had any construction days in the past 30
days. Commissioner Sims asked for information on the Monroe-White Store Road
project. Mr. Gulledge noted this was number 16 and was never a part of either of
the above projects. This project was a result of a request from citizens on the road
but the project is too far down on the list to project a start or finish date. There was
a discussion of the location of this project. Mr. Gulledge did comment that when the
White Store water project was announced, everyone who considers themselves as
living in White Store assumed they would be getting county water and that is not
the case. Mr. Gulledge offered that project No. 13, Tice Road, is also in the White
Store area. Commissioner Sims asked how many feet of pipe are laid in a year with
Mr. Gulledge answering between 50 and 75,000. Commissioner Sims felt this was
an important issue and wondered if anyone had ever considered a small additional
charge per customer in order to contract out and give all county residents water.
Mr. Gulledge answered that about three to five years ago they did a study on this
and found the cost to be about twenty-five million dollars. Mr. Gulledge noted that
currently we have water available to about 80% of the houses in Anson County.
Commissioner Sims asked the following of Mr. Gulledge: “We are doing all that we
promised the people of White Store in terms of waterlines, plus, since we had that
flow problem, we added additional lines plus a water tank and we are not leaving
until that is finished, is that correct.” Mr. Gulledge answered that is right and that
the water tank will be a contracted job with the location still to be determined but
probably somewhere close to highway 109. Mr. Gulledge noted the Forestville
Church project was not a part of the priority list and he is asking for a Resolution to
add it to the list after Little Farm Extension, as priority 7. He again explained this
project is due to the fact that DOT wants to take over the maintenance of the road
and they are requiring that we move the water lines. The water department has
received tentative approval from the State water quality section to run a temporary
two-inch line around the road on top of the ground, connect all the customers and
then plow up all the individual customer waterlines. This will be handled by a
small crew and will not require flagmen and will not affect the other priority
projects. Commissioner Streater asked if project numbers 4 and 5 would still be
around the spring of the year with Mr. Gulledge answering they will come in line
right behind the other projects. Commissioner Sims understands no one will lose
their place or time by adding this small project. Motion by Commissioner Lear,
seconded by Commissioner Sims, to approve the Resolution pending DOT’s
acceptance of this road project. Commissioner Smith noted he would not move to
put this project ahead of other folks with Mr. Gulledge stating he is just asking for
authorization to construct. Commissioner Sims feels Commissioner Smith may
have a good point to not give this project a priority just authorize the construction of
the project when appropriate. Commissioner Lear noted the Resolution just states
that the project is added to the list without a specific position and it gives these
citizens an opportunity that they have not had before to get their road paved. It has
not been on a list before because the paving of the road has not been an issue until
now. Commissioner Lear stated his motion is to approve a Resolution to complete
this project pending approval of DOT in accepting this road. Commissioner Smith
asked the motion with Chairman Hildreth answering the motion was to authorize
Mr. Gulledge and his water department to install the water line in the Forestville
Acres Subdivision in parallel with their other work. Commissioner Smith again
asked the motion with Commissioner Lear noting the motion is to approve the
Resolution to have our water department do this work without affecting the
timeline of any other projects on our priority list so that these folks can have their
road paved by DOT, and pending approval of DOT to accept this road project.
Motion carried 5 to1 with Commissioner Smith opposed.

         Chairman Hildreth called for a ten-minute break. Commissioner Smith
asked the Board to discuss their responsibility in filling the vacancy created by the
retirement of Commissioner Thacker. Motion by Commissioner Smith, seconded by
Commissioner Sims, to address at this time, the filling of the vacancy created by the
retirement of Commissioner Thacker. Motion carried unanimously. Chairman
Hildreth explained the issue had been addressed at the last Board meeting and he
wrote a letter to Dannie Montgomery asking for a recommended candidate from the
Democratic Party to fill this position. Ms. Montgomery acknowledged receipt of the
letter and faxed to Chairman Hildreth a copy of the advertisement that will appear
in tomorrow’s paper. They have scheduled a precinct meeting for December 14 to
review candidates with the Executive meeting being held December 17. A vote will
take place on December 17 and it is their intent to submit their recommendation to
this Board by December 18. Commissioner Sims asked if we were to have
candidates and a split three-three vote, would the decision then go to the Clerk of
Court with Vice Chair Jones answering yes and he has sixty days to rule.
Commissioner Smith asked the effective date of Mr. Thacker’s resignation with
Chairman Hildreth answering December 1. Commissioner Smith favored naming a
replacement now with Vice Chair Jones feeling that without waiting on the
recommendation of the Democratic Party, this Board runs the risk of being sued.
Commissioner Smith was of the opinion that the General Statutes read such that
this Board names the replacement and therefore, nominated Mr. Jarvis Woodburn
to fill the unexpired seat of Bill Thacker in District 6. Motion by Commissioner
Streater, seconded by Vice Chair Jones, to close the nominations. Commissioner
Sims favored giving the Democratic Party a chance to make a recommendation.
County Attorney Randall noted she had talked with an Attorney at the Institute of
Government who stated we need to give the Party a reasonable amount of time to
make a recommendation. She advised that the Board has to consult them but they
do not have to agree with the Party’s recommendation. After much discussion of the
issue, Chairman Hildreth called for a vote on the motion. The motion failed 3 to 3
with Commissioner Lear, Commissioner Sims and Chairman Hildreth opposed.
Vice Chair Jones commented that the nominations were still open and Mr.
Woodburn was still on the table and others could be made at this time. Chairman
Hildreth noted the floor had not been opened for nominations but one had been
made from the floor. At this point, Vice Chair Jones nominated Jarvis Woodburn
and Mike Livingston. Commissioner Sims felt this was truly a case of putting the
cart before the horse with the Board voting on the next member while the
Democratic Party is in the process of making a recommendation. Motion by Vice
Chair Jones that his nominations be stricken at this time. Then Vice Chair Jones
made a motion that the consideration of the replacement in this District for Mr.
Thacker’s seat, District 6, that it be postponed until the next meeting. Motion
seconded by Commissioner Lear. Commissioner Smith was of the opinion that this
motion was totally out of order and asked this to be reflected in the record.
Commissioner Smith was of the opinion the nominations had been closed with
Chairman Hildreth explaining the motion did not carry. Motion to postpone until
the next meeting failed 3 to 3 with Vice Chair Jones, Commissioner Streater and
Commissioner Smith opposed. Motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by
Commissioner Streater, to nominate Jarvis Woodburn and Mike Livingston.
Motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by Commissioner Streater, to close the
nominations. After much discussion, Chairman Hildreth called for a vote on the
motion to close the nominations. Motion failed 3 to 3 with Chairman Hildreth,
Commissioner Sims and Commissioner Lear opposed.

        Tom Thacker referred to the sixty-day period the Board has to name a
replacement or the matter goes before the Clerk of Court and asked what started
the sixty-day period. County Manager Wease noted it started December 1, which
was the date of Mr. Thacker’s resignation. If this Board does not reach a consensus
on the person to fill the vacancy, the Clerk of Court then has 10 days to fill the
vacancy. Motion by Commissioner Lear, seconded by Commissioner Sims, to table
the matter and move on to item 7c. Chairman Hildreth stated if this motion passes,
it will leave the two nominations on the table for consideration at the next meeting.
Vice Chair Jones asked the Chair if this was not a redundant motion that in
substance really passes on an issue that has already been voted on. The effect of
tabling this matter to a time specific is the same motion as the one made to
continue. Commissioner Lear felt it may not be the same as they may revisit the
issue after item 7c. Vice Chair Jones was of the opinion Commissioner Lear tabled
the matter until a time specific. Vice Chair Jones voiced that tabling the motion, in
order to bring it from the table at a subsequent meeting, would need a 2/3 vote,
meaning five members would have to vote on the matter. At this point,
Commissioner Lear withdrew his motion and Commissioner Sims withdrew his
second. Motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by Commissioner Lear, to proceed on
with the Agenda. The two nominees are still before the Board and the power to fill
the vacancy still lies with this Board. Motion carried 4 to 2 with Commissioner
Streater and Commissioner Smith opposed.
      Commissioner Smith asked while he was present, and feeling the issue might
be somewhat directed at him, to discuss the compensation to Commissioners.
Chairman Hildreth stated the meeting would continue following the Agenda as

      Chairman Hildreth called for a five-minute break.

      It is noted that Commissioner Smith left the meeting during the break and
because a vote was not taken to excuse Commissioner Smith, he will be counted as
voting in the affirmative from this point on.

       After the break, the next item of discussion was Bid for Chevy: Motion by
Vice Chair Jones, seconded by Commissioner Lear, to accept the bid of $217.00 for
the 1987 Chevrolet Caprice. Commissioner Sims asked that the record reflect this
is an older car in poor condition with high mileage. Commissioner Lear asked if
this was the only bid received with County Manager Wease answering yes. Motion
carried unanimously

      Announcements-May Day Festival: James Bennett mentioned that
Michael Livingston had proposed the 250th birthday celebration in 2000 and it was
such a big success, that Mr. J.B. Watson has proposed an annual festival similar to
a county fair. Mr. Bennett noted the committee is looking at three possible sites,
that being the Airport, Little Park and the Refuge. The following names were
presented as the committee working on the festival: Rev. Priscilla Durkin, Richard
Melton, Paul Ricketts, Winnie Bennett, Lynn Horton, Sue Newton, Joe Estridge,
Richard Harrington, Diane Timmons, Theodore Carr, Tim Carpenter, Cliff Martin,
Mark Bennett, Fred Sparger, Bernice Bennett, Joanne Huntley, Marlene
Richardson, J.B. Watson, Rev. Jeannett Monroe, Dr. Fred Senter, Leon Gatewood,
Janine Rywak, Ellen Huntley, Tony Wood, Dr. Fred Thompson and Dr. Don Altieri.

      Mr. Bennett mentioned that County Manager Wease received a letter from
the NCACC requesting an ornament for the Christmas Tree displayed in Raleigh.
Gail Pegram of Wade Street Originals, designed and donated an ornament for us to
send and he asked everyone to help in thanking her for the donation. He also
mentioned the catalog given each Commissioner wherein they are to select a
Christmas gift, courtesy of the County. All county employees are being given the
same catalog and he asked that all selections be returned to him by December 16.

      Scattered Housing Grant: County Manager Wease mentioned the Grant,
which is totally funded by the State Community Development Block Grant
Association, is in the amount of $400,000 for the scattered site housing.
Improvements are proposed in almost every area of the community. County
Manager Wease noted a committee has been appointed to review and score each
applicant for the Grant Administrator position but he has not received all the
results. The deadline for the grant is in January and in order to receive the grant it
will be necessary to approve the administrator in a timely manner. County
Manager Wease asked Board members to consider approving the applicant that
scores the highest as the Administrator. Committee members are Chairman
Hildreth, Commissioner Streater, Joe Dutton, Ellen Huntley, Marvin Deese, Lynn
Horton, James Bennett and Chris Wease. Motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by
Commissioner Streater, to appoint the applicant scoring the highest as the Grant
Administrator. Motion carried unanimously

       Library Board: Motion by Commissioner Lear, seconded by Commissioner
Sims, to approve the appointment of Johnnie Pettiford to fill the vacancy created by
the resignation of Mary Bennett Little. Vice Chair Jones voiced that this is a great
lady with energy, imagination and he could not find a better person in the county to
serve on this Board. Motion carried unanimously

        Criminal Justice Partnership Board: Vice Chair Jones said when
comparing this list with prior boards, he finds there is no at-large representation.
He suggested this is not in compliance with the Statute and numbers (15), (14) and
(13) have not been addressed in the list submitted. Vice Chair Jones voiced that he
hoped the County Manager would suggest to Mr. Boylin that this Board would like
for him to complete the committee with additional appointments. Vice Chair Jones
feels it is good for the public and the people at large to be on these boards and not
just the people in the business. Motion by Vice Chair Jones to have the County
Manager suggest to Boylin that he give this Board such additional nominations as
would be necessary to fill it out. Chairman Hildreth noted that was from categories
(13), a member of the business community, (14) a member of the community who
has been a victim of a crime and (15) members at large, including persons who are
recovering from chemical dependency or are previous consumers of substance abuse
treatment services. Commissioner Streater feels number (6) a criminal defense
attorney and number (7) a public defender, are not represented on the list. County
Manager Wease noted the Statute says not less than ten members to the greatest
extent possible including the following and he feels it does not have to include all
but some. Vice Chair Jones asked that County Manager Wease call his attention to
this and have him place some at large folks on this Board. Commissioner Lear
suggested the appointment of Bobbi Little from the Lilesville area and employed
with the Anson County Schools to this Board. Board members agreed to the
appointment of Ms. Little to this Board. Appointees are as follows: James
Bennett, Lisa Thacker, Russel Scarborough, Jim Boylin, Tim Rogers, Bobby Usrey,
Kay Ratliffe, Cathelean Little, Michael Beale, Tommy Allen, Sandra Ricketts, Ross
Streater and Judy Smith. Motion seconded by Commissioner Lear and carried
       ACTS Advisory Board: Chairman Hildreth noted this was an effort to get
a rider as a member of this Board. Motion by Commissioner Lear, seconded by
Commissioner Sims, to approve the appointment of Ms. Lena Tanner to the ACTS
Advisory Board. Motion carried unanimously

      Anson County Board of Health: Chairman Hildreth noted this needs to
be a Commissioner and is a replacement for Michael Livingston. Commissioner
Sims suggested waiting to see if the new Commissioner might be willing to serve.
Commissioner Sims suggested holding this appointment, along with Centralina
COG, until there is a full Board. Vice Chair Jones noted he would not object to an
appointment to the Mental Health Board. Motion by Commissioner Lear, seconded
by Commissioner Streater, to appoint Vice Chair Jones to the Mental Health Board.
Motion carried unanimously

       NCACC Voting Delegate: Motion by Commissioner Sims to appoint
Chairman Hildreth and the necessary expenses for his service be provided from the
Commissioner’s budget. Commissioner Lear mentioned he has taken an interest in
some of the issues raised and would like to go at no expense to the county.
Chairman Hildreth noted he would accept the assignment but if someone else
wanted to go that would be alright. Commissioner Sims then withdrew his motion.
Motion by Commissioner Sims, seconded by Vice Chair Jones, to appoint
Commissioner Lear the voting delegate. Commissioner Streater was of the opinion
that both men could attend the meeting. Commissioner Lear noted he has been
serving on the Public Education Steering Committee for the NCACC and his eyes
have been opened to the way other Boards operate and he is pleased that the Board
of Education and the Board of Commissioners get along so well. There is
interesting legislation being proposed to be lobbied and he will be glad to share
information learned with this Board. Motion carried unanimously.

      Chairman Hildreth noted he serves on the State Tax and Finance Committee
and he’s been asked by the NCACC to represent Anson County on the NC Risk
Management Poole Committee. Mr. Thacker served on this committee and
Chairman Hildreth asked if anyone had a problem with this. Motion by Vice Chair
Jones, seconded by Commissioner Sims, to approve. Commissioner Sims feels when
someone is appointed for a specific situation then reasonable expenses should be
covered through our budget. Motion carried unanimously

      Commissioner Concerns: Chairman Hildreth noted that in the process of
developing the budget, and in trying to take appropriate steps to curtail expenses
and operate efficiently, it was addressed that County Commissioners would get paid
for meetings attended. Commissioners would be required to attend the regularly
scheduled monthly meeting with one paid absence. At the last meeting, he asked
the Clerk to look at the General Statutes and report back with amended Rules of
Procedure to cover how to compensate Board members in this manner. He referred
to the report that was included in the Agenda. Chairman Hildreth referred to the
comment from Fleming Bell where his opinion is that Commissioner’s salary could
only be set in the annual budget Ordinance. Chairman Hildreth noted the Board
did not intend to set Commissioner’s salary as the monthly enumeration did not
change, it was just basically paying for meetings attended. Commissioner Sims
commented that being a Commissioner is a diversified job and is not limited to one
meeting. There is a great deal of reading, communication with constituents and
other things that you have to attend. Commissioner Sims noted the focal point is
the regular meeting where most of the business is carried out and he would not
want to go beyond the regular meeting nor would he want to determine if someone’s
absence should be approved or not. Vice Chair Jones feels that some reasons like
death or illness would be fully justifiable and feels some exception needs to be
made. He then asked that the Board consider, along with or maybe in place of the
current proposal, General Statute 14-230, which says that if any Clerk of any Court
of record, Sheriff, Magistrate, County Commissioner of any county shall willfully
omit, neglect or refuse to discharge any of the duties of his office, for default whereof
it is not elsewhere provided that he shall be indicted, he shall be guilty of a Class
One misdemeanor. If it shall be proved that such officer, after his qualification,
willfully and corruptly omitted, neglected or refused to discharge any of the duties
of his office, or willfully and corruptly violated his oath of office according to the
true intent and meaning thereof, such officer shall be guilty of a misbehavior in
office and shall be punished by removal therefrom under the sentence of the court
as a part of the punishment for the offense. Commissioner Sims noted he was not
interested in that Statute as it far exceeds anything this Board is talking about.
Vice Chair Jones suggested the Board consider creating an Ordinance that says
that if any Commissioner misses three in a row, four in a row, then at that time the
County Manager shall report said facts to the Sheriff and the Sheriff shall take such
action under this Statute as he deems appropriate. That is to say we will set up a
rule that no one has any discretion over and if all of a sudden Jones misses three
times, at the third time the County Manager has no discretion, he has to turn
Jones’s name in to the Sheriff and the Sheriff has to do his duty. Vice Chair Jones
was of the opinion this was not tight, but if you do it, you run the risk of losing your
job. Vice Chair Jones feels it is an honor to be a Commissioner and it means that
we have a duty to the people and a duty to do a job. It is emphasized by the fact
that the General Assembly made it a crime to take your money and not do it. While
the Board is considering what to do with any people that might be negligent in
attendance, we ought to consider this Statute and a practical way to utilize it.
Commissioner Sims asked what was more practical that getting paid when you
come and not getting paid when you don’t come. Vice Chair Jones suggested doing
both. Vice Chair Jones just wants to get everyone to come to all the meetings as he
feels everyone present tonight made a contribution to the meeting and as a part of
the county he wants everyone to come and participate. He may consider drafting a
proposed Ordinance for consideration. Chairman Hildreth stated the particular set
of minutes of that meeting were not appended to the Budget Ordinance and it was
not a specific statement, and other decisions were made in budget meetings and it
was the intent that the results of such actions be reflected in the results of the
budget. The ruling from Fleming Bell was that the salary can only be set in the
annual budget and he feels that is a per month figure or a bi-weekly. Motion by
Commissioner Sims to continue discussion of this at the next meeting and he asked
the Clerk, Ms. Huntley, if she would contact no less than one dozen other counties
and ask how they handle absences and maybe if they have something in writing to
send to the Board. Vice Chair Jones noted when drafting his Ordinance, he will
define an excused absence. Motion seconded by Vice Chair Jones. Chairman
Hildreth stated that Commissioner Smith felt this may be directed at him and
noted that Commissioner Smith makes a contribution at every meeting he attends
and wished he would attend as many as possible. Motion carried unanimously

         Vice Chair Jones stated for the record, that he understands a Commissioner
gets $100.00 a month for travel. He will walk back and forth to the Courthouse and
if it is not a problem, he would like NOT to receive the $100.00. If he ever has an
expense, he would like to have the privilege of applying for and be reimbursed not
over a $100.00 a month.

       Chairman Hildreth noted that at the last meeting he asked Board members
to consider setting a calendar as firmly as possible through the next year. Meetings
are normally the first Tuesday night of each month at 6:00 p.m. in this location and
asked members to take a look at this. Commissioner Lear stated he would bring his
school calendar to the next meeting with Chairman Hildreth asking Board members
to look ahead to see if there are any conflicts with meeting dates for the next year.

       Chairman Hildreth stated indications were the Board would receive a
response from the Democratic Party with a nominee to fill Mr. Thacker’s unexpired
term on or about December 18th. He asked if Board members would like to recess
this meeting and reconvene the 20th or 23rd to address filling this position. Board
members agreed there was no need to do this before the January meeting.
Chairman Hildreth mentioned the next meeting would be January 7, 2003 at 6:00
p.m. in this location.

       At this point, Chairman Hildreth mentioned a technical concern that needed
to be addressed. The meeting opening took a little different direction and we failed
to address the swearing in of two Board members. He noted that Vice Chair Jones
was sworn in on Monday, December 2, 2002 and we need to stop and swear in
Commissioner Lear and Commissioner Sims. At this point, the Clerk to the Board
administered the Oath of Office to Commissioner Lear and Commissioner Sims.
After the swearing in, motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by Commissioner
Streater, that all votes and actions taken by Mr. Sims and Mr. Lear during this
meeting be hereby ratified and included in the minutes as if the Oath had been
rendered at the beginning of the meeting and he asked that the rules be suspended
to the extent necessary to cause that to take effect. Motion carried unanimously.

       Motion by Commissioner Sims, seconded by Commissioner Lear, to go into
closed session pursuant to N.C.G.S. 143-318(a)(6) to hear or investigate a complaint,
charge or grievance by or against a public officer or employee. Vice Chair Jones
asked if any charge or complaint had been filed with the County to which County
Manager Wease answered no. Vice Chair Jones commented that he is really tough
about secret meetings and will be very tough about going by the rules. He
announced that he is weird about this and will have no problem sharing with the
public and press the contents of such closed meetings when he feels it is being
abused. Commissioner Sims asked if he would forewarn the Board before going
public and he said he would give the Board a chance for an open meeting on issues
he feels do not constitute closed meetings. Commissioner Sims then asked Vice
Chair Jones if he would keep closed session material private as long as it is valid
and he agreed. Motion carried unanimously

       Motion by Vice Chair Jones, seconded by Commissioner Lear to go out of
closed session. Motion carried unanimously

       In regular session, Chairman Hildreth asked for any comment from the
closed session with Vice Chair Jones of the opinion there was no need to go on
record on what was discussed in closed session.

      Motion by Commissioner Sims, seconded by Commissioner Lear, to adjourn.
Motion carried unanimously

                                                    Respectfully submitted:

                                                    Bonnie M. Huntley, CMC
                                                    Clerk to the Board

Meeting time: 4 hrs.

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