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					Presenting anybody with gifts is the best way to get them to be putty in your hands.
No one can resist a gift because it is the best way to remind the recipient of your love,
care, respect, gratitude and affection. Whatever the occasion, everybody can feel
special when they receive a gift or two.
  This is the idea behind promotional giveaways. These items are given away to
customers and prospects with the objective of making them feel special, hence,
convincing them of your value as a business. More than your print ads such as the
brochure or catalog printing, the promotional giveaways have given the corporate
world a means to a more effective advertising strategy.
  Promotional giveaways also make it easier for business owners to market. With the
use of messages and logos printed on the items, it allows the company to establish a
good reputation not only with the clients but also in the industry. People are just
happy to receive them and wouldn’t mind being promoted to if they get it in the form
of gifts.
  How else do these promotional items convince your target clients of your value as a
  One, they increase your brand awareness. Imprinted with your slogan and logo, the
promotional items make it easy for your target clients to remember and recognize you
especially if they’re using your gift regularly. Pens, key chains, notepads, mugs, bags,
pens: these are promotional giveaways that your target clients will not throw away for
the simple reason that they’re functional. They do more than promote. They actually
provide value by being practical tools in the recipient’s daily life. So the more they
use it, the easier it would be for them to remember and recognize you.
  Two, promotional items leave an impact that is lasting. Again, the more times that
your recipients use your promotional giveaway, the more times your message and
logo would be visible to them; hence, the easier it is to remember your company.
  Three, promotional giveaways are great thank-you gifts. No more of those thank you
notes that once opened will only end up in the trash. Yes, your customers will
appreciate your gratitude. Yes, they will keep the thank-you note for a few days just to
remind them of your gratitude. But nothing beats a functioning promotional item
because your recipient actually keeps it for its function. They use it, hence, they keep
  Finally, promotional giveaways are great marketing tools because they can actually
convince your customers of your worth. How? By making it possible for you to
establish ties with your recipients. Giving gifts is a personal gesture. So personal that
your customers would appreciate the gesture because they know you have given time,
money and energy just to make them feel special. That feeling would then transfer to
the company which gave the gift. That feeling would last until the next time they go
out again and buy your product.
  So when thinking of a marketing strategy, do not discount the effectiveness of a
promotional giveaway. It would be easier to convince your customers of your value
when they see that you appreciate them with your gift.
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