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					                            CAIRNS YOUTH                                                     CENTACARE CAIRNS
                                                                                      CAIRNS YOUTH MENTORING SCHEME

                          MENTORING SCHEME
         Co-Ordinator’s News
                                                                November 2007            Volume 7 , Issue 6
Hello readers
It is nearly the end of the year already. The
Scheme has seen many successes this
year and I would like to take this opportunity
to thank all the wonderful volunteers and
CYMS community for your support. Thank
you to all the fantastic mentors who entered
the Scheme and who demonstrated how
they support the community by encouraging
and supporting young people. This year the
Scheme has also been extremely success-
ful in the fundraising events. A special thank
you goes to Peter Goulding who secured a
$2000 donation from BDO Kendalls and
Karen Roberts who has worked effortlessly
on the upcoming fundraiser.

This year also saw much change in the
Scheme with the funding for administration
support finishing and Karen leaving the po-
sition. I had to allocate much of my time to
administration duties. This meant that there
was less time allocated towards the match-
ing of mentees and mentors. I appreciate
the patience and support from all the men-
tees and mentors waiting for a match.
However good news came our way when in
the last month funding was secured to ap-
point a trainee administration person to as-
sist the Scheme. The new person ap-
pointed is Erna. I hope that over the next
few months you will have an opportunity to
say hello and make her feel welcome. I am
sure she will be a valuable resource to the
Scheme and her position will allow usto
move towards bigger and better outcomes.

It is Celebration and Christmas time again.
This month it will be held at the Flexible
Learning Centre Basketball courts with spe-
cial guests—-some members of the                                   COMING EVENTS
CAIRNS TAIPANS! The night will be action         November
packed with basketball activities, BBQ sau-      Tuesday 13th               Mentor Skill Builder
sage sizzle and of course the celebration
ceremony for mentees and mentors who             November
have completed their 6 month relationship.       Wednesday 28th             Celebration and Christmas Party

I will be on holidays from December 20th to December
January the 10th. Wishing you all a joyous Tuesday 4th                      Major Fundraiser
and safe Christmas and New Year. I look
forward to seeing you in the New Year.      January
                                                 Tuesday 29th               Mentor Training Info Session
Kind Regards                                     February
Anita Andacic—CYMS Co-ordinator                  Saturday 2nd               Mentor Training Workshop
     Page 2                 CAIRNS YOUTH MENTORING SCHEME

              It’s time for another


November 28th will be a combined CYMS Celebration and Christmas Party
                 with special guests from the Cairns Taipans

Come for a fantastic night of socializing, basketball activities and BBQ
Sausage Sizzle, and be entertained by mentor/mentee couples with
presentations of their projects and interesting recounts of their 6-month

     DATE: Wednesday 28th November 2007
     TIME: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
     WHERE: The Flexible Learning Centre, Clarke
     Street, Manunda (between Wilkinson and
     Hoare Streets)

So, whether it’s to socialize with others, meet Cairns Taipan players,
participate in Basketball activities, hear about the relationships, or to catch
up with others from the CYMS community, it will be a night to remember!!

                          All Welcome!

                          Please RSVP by Friday 23rd November to the CYMS
                          office on 4041 5844 or we
                          as need to know for catering purposes.
                         Volume 7 , Issue 6                                      Page 3

                                              Good Luck Stephen………..

                                              The Scheme last month said good bye and
                                              good luck to Stephen Sakach who left Cairns
                                              for Albury to follow his dreams of joining the
                                              Brotherhood with the Catholic Church.
                                              Stephen was a member of the Action Group
                                              and was a great assistance with this years
                                              celebrations and Fundraisers.

                                              We will miss him lots.

    CYMS would like to thank the following for their support over the past few
     BDO Kendalls for donating $2000. This donation will go towards mentor training and
      mentor / mentee celebrations;

     Far North Queensland Volunteers for assisting the scheme with volunteer interviews
      and mentor recruitment;

     The Cairns Sun for continual support of the Scheme;

     Debbie Goschnick and 4CA for allowing CYMS collection tins to be displayed at out-
      side broadcasts;

     Mel from Conceptual Graphic Design for the editing of CYMS marketing products;

     Nicky Jurd from City of Cairns for maintaining the CYMS Website;

     Troy Hudson— Production Manager from Goodman Fielder Cairns for donating
      bread for the Bunnings Fundraising BBQ; and

     The wonderful sponsors of the CYMS Major fundraising event: - Mantra Amphora
      Palm Cove and FNQ Apartments, Independent Aviation, Quicksilver, Cairns Central
      and Caleb Wiles, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Buckin Mex, Champagne Balloon Flights,
      Mercy Ministries, International Hotel and Reef Hotel Casino.

       With-out your support this event would not be possible.
If you no longer wish to receive this                                                           Page 4
newsletter please contact the co-
ordinator as per the address on this
page and your details will be removed       Welcome new mentors ….
from the relevant listing. PLEASE
NOTE that the newsletter is now dis-        On November 3rd, 8 new mentors attended the mentor
tributed every 2 months and will be         training. Congratulations to Neil Robson, Leonie Ella-
emailed to all members and mailed to
                                            cott , Kimberlee Bernays, Attilio Querin, Kris Darlington,
Mentees. In order to protect your pri-
vacy, the distribution list that has been
                                            Raymond Genn, Jaxson Pleydell and Michael Virgona, for
compiled for this newsletter will not be    successfully completing the training.
used for any other purpose and your
name and contact details will not be        I forgot to take the camera to the training, thus there is
disclosed to any third party.               no picture attached. However I hope through other
                                            CYMS activities that you all get to say hello to our new
      CENTACARE CAIRNS                      mentors and welcome them to the program. I need to
   CAIRNS YOUTH MENTORING                   strap the camera to my arm next time!
                                            We also had a guest from Kuranda High School join our
          Flexible Learning Centre
        Clarke Street, Manunda 4870         training day as a learning experience. Kuranda High
                    Postal:                 hope to establish a school based mentoring program
                PO Box 201                  within the near future.
             Cairns Qld 4870

                         CYMS was happy to help and
            Phone: 4041 5844
                         hope to continue to support
              Fax: 40 809 200
           Mobile: 0438 413 949
                         their program through re-
Please send info, photos sources and sharing of knowl-
and stories for the next
newsletter. Any/all items
of happenings, what you
are doing, what you hope
to do, what you missed out
on doing.                                                      Christmas Break

All items are of interest to                During the Christmas period the CYMS Office will be
other mentors and mentees.                  closed from 19th December 2007 to January 11th 2008.
Email to the office at or                 During this time mentors are still required to lodge their
                                            activities by email or leaving a message on the phone.
contact the office on 4041                  Please ensure that Duty of Care is applied and parental
5844.                                       consent is gained before any activity with your mentee
                                            is undertaken.

                                            If there is an urgent matter that requires addressing
                                            please contact the appropriate support service available
                                            or Thomas Jia at Centacare Cairns on 4044 0130 during
                                            office hours between 02/01/08—10/01/08. If you would
                                            like a list of services available please contact the
                                            Schemes Co-ordinator.

                                              Wishing you a safe and prosperous Christmas and New

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