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					                                                     The Official Quarterly Newsletter of the
                                   National Association Citizens On Patrol
                                         Dedicated to citizen patrol volunteers, their organizations,
                                                      and members of law enforcement
    Issue 12
    Fall 2004

CONTENTS                      NACOP First Ever Southeastern Conference, Review
                                Over 400 people from 55 Florida agencies attended                                 pages 9 - 15
2   NACOP Overview
                              Escondido, California, Police Volunteer Patrol
3 Founders Message              Patrolling the Hidden Valley of San Diego County                                 pages 17 - 19

5 Grant Update                John Walsh, Citizen Patrol Public Service Ad
                                First ever made for TV and Radio ad for C.O.P. Groups                               pages 5 - 6
7 All Points Bulletin

8 Tips for Recognition        PLUS
21 Growing Trends             Equestrians On Patrol, Horses Helping Police Patrol                                      page 21

16 CPAT Overview
                              President Bush Honors Citizen Patrol Volunteer                                            page 7
                              C.O.P.'s Caravan to Establish New World Record                                           page 15
20 Training Calandar
                              Holiday Tribute to Our Troops and Law Enforcement                                         page 4
22 Membership Roster          Surprise, AZ, C.O.P.'s Respond to Hurricanes In Florida                                  page 16
                              Volunteer Coordinators Workshop Announcements for 2005                                   page 20
    Published quarterly by
    National Association
    Citizens On Patrol

    P.O. Box 727
    Corona, CA 92878-
    Ph: 951-898-8551
    Fx: 951-279-1915
    Arthur J. Femister

    Production Editor
    Ms. Jill Femister

    Questions and
                               Pictured above: Group photo with the Members of the Escondido, California, Police Volunteer Patrol
    comments regarding this
    newsletter are welcome.    with Police Chief White, LT. Holly Merkel and Volunteer Coordinator Officer Lew Shaver.
                                                  NACOP OVERVIEW
    Issue 10
     Issue 12                                                                                                           Page
  FALL 2004                                                                                                              2
 WINTER 2004

            The National Association Citizens On Patrol Corporate Status
 A Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation registered and incorporated within the state of California organized to meet
 the requirements of an IRS 501C3 tax exempt charitable organization.
                                                   Mission Statement
  1) Support existing Citizen Patrol organizations with increased communications, education and training to further
 increase their professionalism and efficiency, as well as assisting in recruitment and retention efforts.
 2) Promote the use of Citizen Patrol organizations in areas where they are not currently used by educating the community
 as to the many benefits such as reduced crime and cost savings.
 3) Educate the public and media regarding the role of Citizen Patrol organizations and how they benefit the
 4) Ensure our staff is equipped with the skills necessary for the association to be managed professionally.
                                                    Long Term Goal
 Provide Citizen Patrol organizations with the same level of recognition, awareness, and respect that other public safety
 organizations have which will help to increase the volunteers pride.

                                                      Board of Directors
                                   Arthur Femister, Chairman of the Board and Director
                           Ms. Helen Reardon, Los Angeles Sheriffs, Retired, Member of the Board
                                            Dr. John Bair, Member of the Board
                                         Mrs. Amy Kingery, Member of the Board                                 Mike McAleavey
  Arthur Femister                   Sgt. Darrell Hibbens, MCSD, Member of the Board
                                   Officer Tom Carney, NMBPD, Member of the Board
                                        Sgt. Cliff Weston, SBSD Honorary Director

                                                        Executive Staff
                                              Arthur Femister, President and Founder
                                                   Mike McAleavey, Vice President                                 Amy Kingery
  Helen Reardon
                                                Dr. John Bair, Secretary and Treasurer
                                        Mrs. Jill Femister, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor

   Tom Carney                                                                                                     Dr. John Bair
                          Sgt. Weston                                                         Sgt. Hibbens

                    This project was supported by Grant No. 2003-DD-BX-0377 awarded by the Bureau of Justice
                    Assistance. The Bureau of Justice Assistance is a component of the Office of Justice Programs,
                    which also includes the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Justice, the Office
                    of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and the Office for Victims of Crime. Points
                    of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not represent the official
                    position or policies of the United State Department of Justice.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                              Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                                            FOUNDERS MESSAGE                                                            Page

Welcome to the Fall edition of "Eyes and    her greatly and wish her the very best
Ears", the only published newsletter in     going forward.
the nation dedicated to Citizen Patrol
Volunteers and the Coordinators who         Another note of sad news is that as of
support them!                               this writing, it appears our Federal Grant
                                            is not being renewed for the year 2005.
As we close out the year 2004 we have       We are still waiting for confirmation of
much to be grateful for in that this past   this and will keep you informed as to
year we received a federal grant in the     the status of our grant which allowed
amount of $50,000 that was utilized to      us to expand our services. However,
help bring our conferences across the       with or without federal funding, the
nation, to expand the distribution of       NACOP will continue to remain strong         In addition to founding the NACOP,
this Newsletter; and of course, produce     and deliver the services our members         after a 22 year career in the Information
the first ever Public Service Ad to help                                                  Technology sector, Mr. Femister
                                            have come to expect and enjoy while we
                                                                                         founded the Public Safety Volunteer
increase the use of Citizen Patrol groups   continue to advocate the use of Citizen
                                                                                         Institute to help train Volunteer
hosted by one of the nation's best          Patrol groups across the nation. Unlike      Coordinators on topics such as how
known crime fighters, Mr. John Walsh         other non-profit groups, we are not          to recruit, manage, reward and retain
of "America's Most Wanted."                 dependent on federal funding to exist.       volunteers and travels the nation
                                                                                         conducting workshops. Prior to
With this good news is some sad news.       As always, I welcome any feedback and        that he served four years in the U.S.
It was recently announced that Ms.          look forward to hearing from you.            Coast Guard conducting Search and
Deborah Daniels, the Assistant U.S.                                                      Rescue Missions and Law Enforcement
Attorney General, in charge of the Office     Until then, Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Heard,      patrols. Mr. Femister has been an
of Justice Programs, has announced she      Make a Difference and Happy Holidays          active Citizen Patrol volunteer since
will be leaving her office to return to       and New Year to all!                         1997 and completed a Level II Reserve
the private sector in January, 2005. It                                                  Police Officer training course. He
was under Ms. Daniels leadership that       Respectfully,                                also serves as an on-call Volunteer with
our organization received our grant and     Arthur Femister                              his local county Fire Department and
allowed us to share with the nation the     President and Founder                        serves on his city's CERT, Community
wonderful work you all do. We will                                                       Emergency Response Team.
                                            National Association Citizens on Patrol
                                                                                         Mr. Femister is recognized as an
                                                                                         expert in the area of Citizen Patrol
    Coming Next Month                                                                    knowledge and has been featured on
    Clearwater, Florida, Citizens Patrol Profile                                         TV, Radio and Newspapers. He has
                                                                                         received numerous awards for his
    Fifth Annual NACOP Conference Coverage                                              community service and is one of the
    Mid-Atlantic Regional C.O.P. Conference Coverage                                    few civilian recipients of the IACP's,
                                                                                         International Association of Chiefs
                                                                                         of Police, "Presidents Coin" which
                                  JOIN US!                                               he received for his efforts with the
 If you're serious about supporting your Citizen Patrol Volunteers, we                   NACOP to reduce crime throughout
                                                                                         the nation.
 invite you to join the National Association Citizens On Patrol, the
 first and only non-profit organization dedicated solely to supporting                     Mr. Femister continues to serve and
                                                                                         patrol as an active Citizen Patrol
 C.O.P.'s and their Coordinators, who support them. Please see page
                                                                                         Volunteer and regulary donates 40
 23 for more details on the many benefits membership in the National                      hours plus a month of his time to
 Association Citizens On Patrol has to offer!                                             various Public Safety organizations.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                             Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                       Tribute to Our Troops and Heroes                                Page

               During this holiday period we wish all the brave men and
               women defending our nation, locally and abroad, in the
               United States Military and Law Enforcement a very happy and
               safe holiday period, and New Year, as they risk their lives to
               defend our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy every day.

               Please join us in doing the same by taking a moment to thank your
               local heroes when you see them on the street or at your station
               and please don't forget the families of the fallen soldiers and law
               enforcement that live in your community. They, more than anyone,
               have made the ultimate sacrifice and need your support also.
               Happy and safe Holidays and New Year
               to everyone from the staff of the NACOP!!
Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol       Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                              C.O.P. TV Public Service Ad                                  Page

  John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, Films First Ever Public Service
            Ad for Citizens On Patrol to Help Expand their Use.
Pictured below are several still shots from the 30 second PSA produced by the National Association
Citizens On Patrol featuring various scenes used in the made for TV ad. The PSA was
produced to help increase recruitment efforts for C.O.P. groups and assist members of the
community in better understanding the role of Citizens Patrol Volunteers and organizations.
     To view the PSA online, log on to and click the link to the PSA.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol           Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                              C.O.P. TV Public Service Ad                                             Page
 WINTER 2004

                                PSA Ordering Information
To order your copy of the PSA, log onto, click on the PSA link, review the ordering
information and download the request form. Please Complete the form with necessary agency signatures
and mail it back to the address listed on the form along with your check for $25.00 to cover cost of shipping
and handling. Please allow 30 - 45 days to receive your PSA kit as our staff is all volunteer and orders are
filled as time permits. Please Note, due to grant funding limitations, the PSA is only available in limited
quantities, one set per agency, and only to qualified volunteer organizations that are directly associated with a
law enforcement agency. Individuals may view the PSA online at no cost at

Text of Script Used in the PSA for TV and Radio
"Hi, I’m John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted and I’d like to introduce you to some very special
folks called Citizens On Patrol.
They're trained volunteers who work with local law enforcement agencies patrolling their communities
acting as “Eyes and Ears” while assisting with non-enforcement duties.
If you’d like to volunteer and help your community, call your local law enforcement department and
log onto N A C O P dot org to learn more about Citizens on Patrol. And remember, you can make a
      The National Association Citizens On Patrol would like to thank the
  following people and organizations for their help and assistance in making
      history with this first ever Public Service Ad for Citizens On Patrol!

 To Mr. John Walsh and the entire staff of America's Most Wanted for all their
  time and efforts in helping to make this a great success!
 To the following agencies for their personnel, vehicles and/or station facility:
   San Bernardino County Sheriff's Chino Hills Station, City of Perris Citizens Patrol,
   Madera County Sheriff's Citizens Patrol, City of Riverside Citizens Patrol, City of El
   Monte Police Volunteers Caring and Patrolling unit, Los Angeles County Sheriff's
   Volunteers on Patrol, Riverside County Sheriff's, City of Norco Citizens Patrol, City
   of Montclair Police Volunteers, City of Corona Police Volunteers.
 The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance,
   for their funding of this program.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                   Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                                        ALL POINTS BULLETIN                                                      Page
• Welcome New Members to the National Association Citizens On Patrol:
     Welcome to our newest member orgainzations from: Orange County Florida Sheriffs; Satellite Beach Florida;
     Okeechobee, Florida Sheriffs; Kinston Police Volunteers, North Carolina; Odessa, Texas, C.O.P.'s; New York
     114th Precient Citizen Observer Patrol; Ocean View, Delaware, Police Volutneers; Santa Barbara, California,
     Sheriff's Volunteers; Palm Desert, California, Citizens Patrol; Pleasanton, California, Police Volunteers; Bedford
     County, Virgina, Sheriff's Volutneers, have all joined our nationwide organization. We welcome these new member
     organizations who represent the very best across the nation and appreciate their support!

• Extra, Extra, Read All About It:                 Continuing our mission of advocating the use of Citizen Patrol groups
     across the nation, we have added another new free service to the public. Each week we review and add news stories from
     around the nation regarding how C.O.P.'s are helping to make a difference. Log onto to view them.

 • Clearwater C.O.P. Volunteer meets President Bush
 A retired Clearwater man who puts in many hours as a volunteer assisting
 law enforcement at the Clearwater, Florida, Police Department, received
 presidential recognition from President Bush in October, 2004, where he met
 the President at Air Force Once when it landed at a nearby airport. Chip Collins
 is an active volunteer with the Clearwater Police Department Park Patrol where
 he patrols city parks looking for safety hazards and criminal activity, helps
 officers with traffic details, and edits the department newsletter for volunteers.
 “We’re the eyes and ears of the police department,” Collins said and he hopes
 the meeting with President Bush will help promote the idea of volunteering.

                                                • Citizens Patrol Assist with Offender Notification:
                                                Pictured to the left, members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Citizens
                                                on Patrol look over a list of residents who were informed that a sex offender
                                                has moved into the neighborhood. The volunteers are utilized as part of an
                                                effort to insure residents of their particular community are informed when a
                                                registered sex offender moves into the area.

 •NACOP Founder's Son Earns Eagle Scout Rank:
 A regular sight at the past five NACOP conferences, Tim Femister, age 17,
 son of Jill and Art Femister, founder of the National Association Citizens On
 Patrol, recently completed his Eagle Scout project for the Corona, California,
 Fire Department. His project included building 10 life size mannikins for the
 city's Public Safety Training Center. The manikins, which if purchased would
 have cost the city approximately $6,000 dollars, will be used by Fire, Police,
 and the Community Emergency Response Team for disaster response training.
 Tim has been an integral part of the NACOP since its founding working behind
 the scenes helping with many administrative duties including conference
 notification mailings and video tributes to the Volunteers and Coordinators.

 If you'd like to share noteworthy information about your Citizen Patrol group or a special Volunteer, please
 forward your information to us for review and possible inclusion in a future edition of "Eyes and Ears".
 Please e-mail your story, along with contact information, and any pictures to Art Femister, afemister@nacop.
 org or you may fax, or mail it to us at the address listed on page one. We look forward to hearing from you!

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                             Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                                QUICK TIPS FOR RECOGNITION                                              Page

 Pictured Below: Police and Sheriff 's Department Volunteer Coordinators gathered at
 the recent Orlando, Florida "How to Recruit, Manage, Reward and Retain your Law
 Enforcement Volunteers" workshop presented by the Public Safety Volunteer Institute.

Recognizing your Volunteers is one of the Keys to success to retaining them for the long term. During
a recent Public Safety Volunteer Institute workshop held in California, one particular simple and yet
excellent way to accomplish this was discussed by Ms. Chris Wolf of the Chino, Calif. Police Dept. We
thank Ms. Wolf for her willingness to share this great holiday idea to recognize Your Volunteers!
 The Best Gifts Are From The Heart..... As the saying goes,
 pictured to the right is a handmade book of quotes put
 together by Ms. Chris Wolf, Coordinator of the City of Chino,
 California, Police Community Support Team Volunteers. To
 help recognize the departments volunteers several holidays
 ago, Chris gathered quotes from Police Officers and employees
 regarding the volunteers. With quotes in hand, Chris printed
 each one on an individual page and then compiled them all
 together and bound them into a book of quotes. According to
 Chris, "several of my Volunteers had tears in their eyes as they had
 no idea how much they were appreciated by the department's
 civilian employees and of course our Police Officers".

                                                                                          Pictured to the left:

                                                                                          A quote from
                                                                                          one of the Chino
                                                                                          Police Department
                                                                                          employees stating
                                                                                          how proud she is
                                                                                          of the Volunteers
                                                                                          and thanking them
                                                                                          for their efforts.

If you have a "Quick Tip For Recognition" that you'd like to share with others, please forward them
to us for review and consideration in future editions of "Eyes and Ears".
Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                       Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                            2004 SE CONFERENCE PREVIEW                                                       Page

                        First Annual Southeastern Regional
                 Citizens On Patrol Conference Agenda Overview
       Held on Saturday, July 31, 2004, at the Performing Arts Center, North Miami Beach, Florida

9:00am - 9:30 Opening remarks, Agenda Review, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Volunteer Honor Guard Presented

Welcome speech from Chief Bill Berger, Chief of Police, North Miami Beach, Florida and Past President, International
Association Chiefs of Police and Palm Beach County Sheriff Ed Bieluch

Video Tributes to Citizen Patrol Volunteers and their Coordinators

Premier of the first ever Public Service Television Ad for Citizens On Patrol, featuring John Walsh of America’s Most
Wanted, developed by the NACOP for use across the nation.
9:30- 9:45 BREAK

9:45 - 10:45 “Preventing Acts of Terrorism in your Community”
Speaker: FBI Special Agent Tom Rice, Miami Field Office,
Counter-Terrorism Threat Response Team

10:45 - 11:00 Break

11:00 - 11:45 “Developing a Volunteer Home Front Security Program”
Speaker: Officer Skip Brown, Delray Beach, Florida, Police Department

11:45 - 1:30 Lunch and Networking Time. This special two hour period was used for attendees to eat lunch and meet
with others from throughout Florida and beyond, take pictures and view the many C.O.P. Patrol Cars on site from various

Special demonstration by the NMBPD SWAT Team was held during the lunch period.

Lunch was offered for a reasonable fee by the North Miami Beach Police Employees Association, with proceeds going to
support families in need. There were also many restaurants in the immediate area to purchase lunch from.

1:30 - 2:00 Awards Presentation: “Best in Show Patrol Vehicle”, “Furthest Traveled to the Conference”, “Furthest Driven
Patrol Car”, “Most Unique Vehicle” “Most Attended COP Group at the Conference”, and others to be announced.

2:00 - 2:45 “The Role of the Office of Emergency Management in Florida”
Speaker: Chief Carlos J. Castillo, Director, Office of Emergency Management, Miami-Dade County

2:45 - 3:00 BREAK

3:00 - 4:00 “Localizing Homeland Security”
Special Guest Speaker: Col. Danny McKnight, Ret. U.S. Army
Portrayed in the Epic Blockbuster movie, “Black Hawk Down”
Col. McKnight, as portrayed by actor Tom Seismor, was the ground forces commander for the Task Force that led the
rescue mission to save a team of Army Rangers and Delta Force members after their attempt to rescue the downed pilots.

4:00 pm End of Conference, 69 Patrol Vehicles staged for a Police escort caravan through North Miami Beach to the
Florida Turnpike video taped for event submission to the Guiness Book of World Records.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                        Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                     NACOP SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE                                          Page
   The following pictures are some of the attendees at the South Eastern Citizens Patrol Conference

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol             Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                     NACOP SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE                                                  Page
   The following pictures are some of the attendees at the South Eastern Citizens Patrol Conference

                              Above: Speaker FBI                                      Above: Officer Tom
    Above: Speaker Retired                                Above: Keynote Speaker,
                              Special Agent Tom Rice,                                 Carney, North Miami
    Army     Col.    Danny                                Sheriff Ed Bieluch, Palm
                              speaks about the various                                Beach, Florida, Police
    McKnight, Portrayed in                                Beach County, Florida,
                              types of Terrorist groups                               Department,      provided
    the epic movie "Black                                 Sheriff's Department.
                              that threaten our nation,                               tremendous local support
    Hawk      Down"speaks
                              locally and aboard.                                     for the conference.
    about"Localizing Home-
    land Security"

                                                          Chief Carlos J. Castillo,    Above: Speaker Officer
                                                          Director,      Office of       Skip Brown, Delray
                                                          Emergency Management,        Beach Police Dept.
                                                          Miami-Dade         County
                                                          discusses Florida's EMS      discusses     Homeland
                                                          operations.                  Security Volunteers.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                   Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12     NACOP 5th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE                                             Page
  FALL 2004
   The following pictures are some of the attendees at the 5th Annual National Citizens Patrol Conference

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                 Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12     NACOP 5th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE                                             Page
  FALL 2004
   The following pictures are some of the attendees at the 5th Annual National Citizens Patrol Conference

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                 Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                      NACOP SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE                                                          Page

          Heroes Recognized at First Ever
      Southeastern Citizen Patrol Conference!!

 Pictured Above Left: North Miami Beach Police Chief Bill Berger and incoming new Police Chief, Deputy Chief Linda Loizzo
 present the Presidential Life Time Achivement Service Award to NMBPD Volunteer Mr. Lenny Sperrazza for his 18,000
 hours of Volunteer Service. Mr. Sperrazza was blinded in WWII while rescuing a fellow solider. Upon returning to North
 Miami Beach, Mr Sperrazza founded the North Miami Beach Mobile Crime Watch program which later developed into
 todays NMB PD Citizens on Patrol. Lenny continues to volunteer his time by working the dispatch center and coordinating
 the activities of the volunteer patrol units. Later that afternoon, Col. Danny McKnight helped us re-dedicate the NACOP
 "Citizen Patrol Volunteer of the Year" award to Lenny which he received in 2002 however was unable to accept in person.

Pictured Above: Col. Danny McKnight, ret. U.S.           Pictured Above From Left to Right: Col Danny McKinight, C.O.P.
Army Ranger, presents certificate of recognition to       Volunteer John Philmoe, NACOP Founder Art Femister and North
North Miami Beach PD Citizen Patrol Volunteer            Miami Beach Police C.O.P. Coordinator, Officer Tom Carney.
Mr. John Philmoe for his heroic efforts that saved        John Philmoe later received the first ever "Citizen Patrol
the lives of two people from a burning building.         Volunteer Medal of Valor" at the Fifth Annual NACOP
                                                         Conference in California for his life saving heroic efforts.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                         Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                        NACOP SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE                                                                  Page

                Citizen Patrol Units Caravan to Establish a
               New Guiness Book of World Records Category
 Pictured below at the July 31, 2004 Florida C.O.P. conference over sixty nine Citizen Patrol vehicles stage to prepare for the end
 of conference caravan through the streets of North Miami Beach, Florida, to the Florida Turnpike to help establish a new record
 for the longest Citizen Patrol Volunteer patrol vehicle caravan that is being submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records.

           Special Note: To view the entire Caravan video, log onto the NACOP web site at

                                                                                               Pictured below, Citizen Patrol
Pictured to the right, just several of                                                         vehicles driving through the streets
the 69 Citizen Patrol vehicles as they                                                         of North Miami Beach, Florida,
caravan down the Florida Turnpike                                                              enroute to the Florida Turnpike
to establish a new world record.                                                               to video tape and document
                                                                                               the event for         submission.

Special Thanks to the North Miami Beach, Florida, Police Department, Officer Tom Carney, Police Chief Bill Berger,
the Traffic Units that provided the escort and Officer Todd Wilhite for videoing the caravan and of course, to all
the Citizen Patrol Volunteers and organizations for turning out in record numbers to take part in this great event.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                               Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                             CITIZEN PATROL ACTION TEAMS                                               Page
 WINTER 2004                                   WWW.CITPAT.ORG
 After two hurricanes had devastated Florida in early September, FEMA called on CERT teams around the
 nation to respond and assist in the Florida hurricane disasters. When the call was received in Surprise,
 Arizona, a twelve member team consisting of six members of the Fire Department and six members from
 the Police Department Citizens Patrol was assembled in three hours. Thanks to previous training in CERT,
 the Citizens Patrol was ready to be deployed. At 7 a.m. on September 7 the team headed for the Phoenix airport.
 The fourteen day assignment passed very quickly and left a lasting impression on every individual. Although
 the experience was sad and sobering at times, the team collectively said they are ready to assist again.
 Below are pictures of the team from the Surprise, Arizona, Citizens Patrol who traveled back east to assist
 FEMA along with photographs they took while their of the devastation left behind by the hurricanes.

                                                                          Citizen     Patrol  Volunteers    can
  The purpose of the Citizen Patrol                                       provide a much needed “Force
  Action Team initiative is to encourage                                  Multiplier” when the need arises,
  the use of, and help support the                                        however the majority of Citizen Patrol
  formation of Citizen Patrol Mutual                                      groups do not communicate with
  AidTeams, locally and across the nation,                                each other until a disaster occurs.
  to be used during natural disasters,                                    Our goal is to encourage, assist, and
  major law enforcement actions, and                                      support groups with the formation
  potential terrorist threats or attacks.                                 of mutual aid agreements locally,
                                                                          regionally, and on a national level.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                    Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
     Issue 10
      Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                                                                   PROFILE:                                                                  Page
 WINTER 2004                              ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA, CITIZENS ON PATROL

   Organization Snapshot                               A discussion with Officer Lew Shaver, Volunteer Patrol Coordinator
  Escondido Citizens Patrol
                                                       for the Escondido Police Department.         By Arthur Femister
  Year Started: 1999
  Number of Members: 47
  City Population: 140,000

Provide an overview of your community, where the
C.O.P. group operates (population, size, etc)

Escondido, California, was founded in 1888
during a period when agriculture was its major
business and the community had a population
of less than 800. Escondido, which means
"Hidden Valley", is located in north San Diego
County about 18 miles from the coast and 30
                                                       Pictured above: Group photo with the Members of the Escondido, California, Police
miles from downtown San Diego. The present
population is close to 140,000.                        Volunteer Patrol with Police Chief Duane White, LT. Holly Merkel and Volunteer
                                                       Coordinator Officer Lew Shaver.                            Photo by: Dennis Bailey
Who started the C.O.P organization and
why?                                                   Downtown Storefront; graffiti documentation;          Abatement Vehicle that was purchased utilizing
                                                       assisting with crime prevention; traffic              an Abatement Grant to remove abandoned
The Neighborhood Empowerment Organization              control; performing clerical duties in records,     vehicles from the road. The patrol cars are
(NEO) started in San Diego and later was               investigations and property; assisting in control   equipped with the police package, including
formed in Escondido in 1993 as Citizens                of fires; patrol malls; computer data entry; mail    radios, spotlights and overhead light bars.
Patrol where it was in operation from 1993 -           runs to the courthouse and DA; assist the radar
1999. In December 1999, the first Volunteer             trailer technician and other specified duties as     What type of uniforms do you have? Polo
Patrol Academy graduated and came under the            assigned.                                           shirts? Sheriffs uniforms? Combination?
umbrella of the Escondido Police Department
In 2002, it was renamed Volunteers In Police           What types of challenges did you face initially We are furnished a VIP Handbook, name tag,
Service (VIPS). The organization was started to        and what are they now if any?                   white shirts with patches (one long sleeve and
augment law enforcement officers in times of                                                             one short sleeve), metal badges, blue pants with
emergencies, basically serve as "eyes and ears" of     The initial challenges were getting the belts, baseball hats and a windbreaker jacket
the Police Department.                                 administration to buy into the fact that we paid for by the department. We are looking
                                                       needed uniforms, badges, and vehicles to fulfill into the possibility of having a casual uniform
How many people were initially involved and            the duties of the Volunteer Patrol Unit.        to include polo shirts to be used for call-out,
what did the organization look like then?                                                              etc.
                                                       If you have patrol cars, what was your first
The initial academy consisted of approximately         patrol car, (make, model, condition, etc.)      How many Citizen Patrol volunteers do you
15 personnel with a Volunteer Coordinator in                                                           actively have now?
charge of the program.                                 Our first patrol cars were 1987 Chevrolet
                                                       Caprices of which we had 3 in barely running We have approximately 47 Volunteers on our
What were your initial goals, crime reduction          condition. They were hand-me-downs from the roster at this time.
only, assist law enforcement with traffic, etc.          regular police force.
                                                                                                       What type of equipment do your members
The purpose of the VIPS program was to                 What does your Citizen Patrol car fleet look carry? Flashlights? Cuffs? Pepper Spray? etc.
provide support of non-enforcement personnel           like now, how many cars, what type, etc.
throughout the police department. Volunteer                                                            Our equipment consists of radios with
duties consist of patrolling the City during the day   We now have two 2002 Chevy Impalas and microphones, flashlights, whistles and personal
and night; manning the Mobile Storefront; the          have access to another 2001 Chevy Impala cell phones for use on patrol.

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    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                                                             PROFILE:                                                                     Page
Where is your Citizen Patrol office located?       DUI checkpoints and safety checkpoints,              What were your most current year’s statistics
                                                 assist with bicycle licensing; assist with bicycle   such as amount of miles patrolled, total hours
We have a volunteer desk located in the main     safety programs; assist with Juvenile Diversion      volunteered by all members, drop in crime
Police Station which is in an office shared with   Program; Code Enforcement; patrol City               rate due to C.O.P., specific crimes stopped in
our Graffiti Officer, Special Events Coordinator     parks, schools and churches; assist with control     progress or caught?
and Alarm Specialist plus our Volunteer          of fires; citizens assist; assist Search and Rescue
Coordinator occupies a desk in the COPPS         in locating missing persons; assist with gang        Last year, the volunteers patrolled 12,442
Office. We also have two volunteer desks at the    enforcement; assist with jail-intake and booking     miles in this diversified city of more than
Downtown Storefront at 235 East Grand.           procedures.                                          140,000 people. The VIPS group handled 830
                                                                                                      abandoned vehicles, 522 hotline calls, 383
How do you communicate between cars,                                                                  code enforcement situations and 189 vacation
volunteers and Law Enforcement? Cell                                                                  checks at homes. They also issued 546 tickets
phones, radios?                                                                                       while contacting 4,519 citizens. Specific crimes
                                                                                                      stopped were a rape suspect apprehended;
We communicate with standard police radios                                                            taggers caught in the act and arrested; a citizen
to dispatch and between cars.                                                                         assist which resulted in the vehicle being stolen,
                                                                                                      driver being intoxicated and driver having a long
How do you dispatch Citizen Patrol                                                                    rap sheet; volunteer finding a crime in progress
volunteers to accident scenes or calls for LE                                                         and keeping the suspects under surveillance
assistance?                                                                                           until an officer arrived; at a briefing patrol
                                                                                                      volunteers were informed to be on the lookout
The main dispatch center dispatches volunteers                                                        for a felony suspect - while on patrol, patrol
to accidents or if the volunteers hear the                                                            volunteers identified the suspect and kept him
accident broadcasted, they proceed to the                                                             under surveillance until an officer arrived and
accident scene to assist.                                                                             apprehended the suspect.

What type on initial training do Citizen                                                              What is your number one ongoing challenge,
Patrol volunteers get and is there any ongoing                                                        assuming you have one?
                                                                                                      Our ongoing challenge is to continue to keep
Initially, we are required to attend a           Pictured Above: Two members of the                   our volunteers active and interested in the
comprehensive 80-hour volunteer citizen law      Escondido Police Volunteer Patrol work               program.
enforcement academy. We are also required to     with a fellow Officer at a road closure
complete an 8-hour Citizen's Awareness Class,    during the devastating 2003 Wild Fires
an 8-hour CPR class and First Aid training.      which took dozens of lives and hundreds of
We continue to have a business meeting and
                                                 homes in San Diego County.
training meeting each month. Our business
meeting is the second Tuesday of each month
and our training meeting is the fourth Tuesday
of each month.                                   What are the qualifications to become a
                                                 Citizen Patrol member and what type of
Do you offer any Special Services to the          background check do applicants go through?
public or LE such as fingerprinting, vacation
checks, traffic control, crime scene control,      The qualifications require applicants to submit
stolen car checks, etc?                          an application, sign a waiver form, and commit
                                                 to work a four-hour minimum requirement
We offer fingerprinting, bicycle licensing,        each week. The applicant must be between the
vacation house checks, traffic control, crime      ages of 21 - 100. Volunteers are interviewed,
scene control, graffiti abatement, assisting       CII fingerprint searched; local and NCIC
investigators at crime or accident scenes;       warrant check; credit check; personal reference
assisting with vehicle abatement program;        check; previous and current employer checked,        Pictured Above: Escondido’s volunteer
writing handicapped and specific citations;       and a polygraph interview will be conducted          patroller Carlos Aguilar gets back from
clerical assistance in records, investigations   for sensitive assignments.                           patrol at the police storefront office in
and property; assist with COPPS; assist with                                                          downtown Escondido.

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                                          Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                                                                 PROFILE:                                                          Page
How do you recruit new members and what is           Has any Citizen Patrol member ever been
your average turn over of members?                   injured while performing their duties?               Most Significant Event
We have had recruitment advertisements in            No Volunteer has ever been injured while on
                                                     duty nor has any volunteer been involved in an
                                                                                                          Our most significant event for
the local newspapers and have found word-of-
mouth to be a good means of advertising. We          auto accident while on duty.                         our Volunteers was the wildland
also receive a fair amount of new members from                                                            fire storms in October 2003 that
other local volunteer groups such as the Sheriff's    How do you motivate, recognize and reward            hit our city hard along with many
department and CHP who want to lateral to            your Citizen Patrol Volunteers?
our unit. Our average turn-over of members is
                                                                                                          others in Southern California.
approximately 10% a year.                            We get a lot of accolades, certificates and praises   The department recalled all
                                                     from the City, the community and our Police          Police Officers and Volunteers.
How do you rate the overall acceptance of            Officers. We are honored at a yearly banquet at
                                                     an upscale country club.                             The department went into 12
your C.P. group with the public and LE
department?                                                                                               on 12 off scheduling. Many of
                                                                                                          the volunteers the first night
Our overall acceptance with the public and the                                                            put in 15-23 hours straight!
                                                           FUTURE ADDITIONS:
department is excellent and very positive and
they are very appreciative of what we do.             At the time this profile was being                   Volunteers worked intersections,
                                                      produced, the Escondido Police                      evacuations, evacuation areas,
If you could wave a “magic wand” and get              Volunteers were in the process                      logistics, and the command
whatever you wanted for your Citizen Patrol           of having in-car Mobile Data
group, what one thing would you ask for?
                                                                                                          center. Many volunteers acted
                                                      Computers installed that will allow                 as area coordinators to releave
We would ask for more vehicles, issued radio's        the Volunteers to access vehicle                    officers to work in the field.
and "Go" bags for the volunteers.                     information and other basic data to
                                                                                                          During the three days the fire
                                                      help assist them with their patrol
What are the most common issues/problems              duties.
                                                                                                          hit our city, the majority of our
you face (if you wish to discuss this)?                                                                   volunteers were working 12 hour
                                                      Each Volunteer is required to attend                shifts on and off.
Our most common issues involve the same
as most departments which is helping our              a four hour NCIC access class to
volunteers to better work together.                   learn the rules and regulations
                                                      regarding the use of this information.
What is your annual operating budget in
dollars, assuming you have one?

Our annual operating budget is determined by
the police department. We save the city about
$250,000 a year with our volunteer services.

What special events do you provide support
for such as High School football games, Fairs,
Graduations, traffic control for Marathon’s
and clean up days, etc?

We provide support at some of the high school
football games, graduations, fairs, traffic control,
cruising grand night on Friday nights, parades,
manning the downtown store front five days a
week from 9 - 5.

                                                          Pictured Above: Escondido Police Volunteers arriving at the Fifth Annual
                                                          NACOP Conference in Southern California in September 2004.

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    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                 PUBLIC SAFETY VOLUNTEER INSTITUTE                                     Page

    Public Safety Volunteer Institute, P.O. Box 727, Corona, CA, 92878-0727
                   Office: 951-279-6893 Fax: 951-279-1915
   Start the New Year Off Right and Improve Your Citizens
     Patrol and/or Volunteer Organization by Attending:
 "How to Recruit, Manage, Reward and Retain Your Volunteers"
                  Two-Day Workshops, and/or
           "Funding Your Volunteer Organization"
   One Day Workshops being held across the nation in 2005.
   The only workshop of its kind in the nation for Police and Sheriff's taught
   by working experts who do what they teach! Come see why over 150 Police
   and Sheriffs' Agencies from over 30 states attended this workshop in 2004.
      NACOP members receive a 10% discount on workshop fees.
                 To learn more, call 951-279-6893
         Or log onto: for workshop schedules
      or to schedule an on-site workshop at your agency and/or
       learn about Liability Reduction Services and Consulting.
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  FALL 2004
                                               ON SCENE                                          Page
      Equestrian (Horse) Patrols are a fast growing segment of the nations Police
          and Sheriff's Volunteer Patrol ranks and for many good reasons!

                                                       Pictured Below: Members of the Rancho
                                                       Cucamonga Equestrian Patrol mingle with parents
                                                       and children at a local event. Police and Sheriff's
                                                       Volunteers on horse back are a great way to bridge
                                                       the gap with the community.

  Pictured Above: Chino Hills Police Equestrian
  Patrol Volunteers Efren Abrego and Susan
  Bartholomew on patrol at the cities Concerts in the
  Park event. According to Efren, "Being on horse
  back allows us to see above and beyond what an
  Officer on foot can and also allows us to respond
  when requested or needed faster than a person on Pictured Below: Member of the San Bernardino
  foot within a park or rural environment.            Sheriff's Equestrian Patrol looking out for any
                                                      suspicious activity in a rural part of the community
                                                      on horse trails.

 Pictured Above: Equestrian members also provide
 a valuable resource during natural disasters when
 farm and ranch animals need to be evacuated as
 the volunteers are trained to work with them.

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    Issue 10
     Issue 12
  FALL 2004
 WINTER 2004
                                       MEMBERSHIP ROSTER
                           80 Groups in 14 States with over 5,000 members and Growing!!

 Alabama                                                       SBSD Lucerne Valley Citizen’s Patrol
 Chelsea, Alabama                                              SBSD Loma Linda Citizens Patrol
 Arizona                                                       SBSD Morongo Valley Citizen’s Patrol
 Chino Valley, Arizona                                         SBSD Rancho Cucamonga Citizen’s Patrol
 Surprise, Arizona                                             SBSD San Antonio Heights Citizen Patrol
 California                                                    SBSD Silver Lakes Citizens Patrol
 Brea Police Community Action Patrol                           SBSD Spring Valley Lake Citizens Patrol
 Calimesa Citizens Patrol                                      SBSD Trona Citizen’s Patrol
 Camarillo Citizens Patrol                                     SBSD Twentynine Palms Citizen’s Patrol
 Cathedral City Police                                         SBSD Twin Peaks Citizen’s Patrol
 Colton Police Citizen Volunteers                              SBSD Victorville Citizen’s Patrol
 Dinuba Police Community Volunteers                            SBSD Victor Valley Citizen’s Patrol
 El Monte Police Volunteers Caring and Patrolling              SBSD Phelan/Wrightwood Citizen’s Patrol
 Escondido Police Volunteers                                   SBSD Yucaipa Citizen’s Patrol
 Fullerton Police Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol              SBSD Yucca Valley Citizen’s Patrol
 Humboldt County Sheriff's Citizens On Patrol                   Florida
 Indio Police C.H.I.P.'s                                       Indian River County Citizens Patrol
 Jurupa Valley Citizens Patrol                                 North Miami Beach Citizens Patrol
 LA County Sheriff’s Santa Clarita                              Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol
 Madera County Sheriffs Citizens Patrol                         Orange County Sheriff's Citizen Patrol
 Moorpark Citizen’s Patrol                                     Palm Beach County Citizens Patrol
 Montclair Police Volunteers                                   Sanford Police Department Citizens On Patrol
 Norco Citizens Patrol                                         Satellite Beach Citizens & Marine Patrol
 Palm Springs Police Citizens Patrol                           Delaware
 Palm Desert Citizens Patrol                                   Ocean View Police Citizens Patrol
 Perris Citizens Patrol                                        Idaho
 Pleasanton Police Volunteer                                   Mountain Home Police Citizens On Patrol
 Long Beach Senior Police Volunteers
 Laguna Beach Police
                                                               Mount Vernon Citizen Patrol
 Quail Valley Community Crime Watch
 Rancho Mirage Citizens Patrol                                 Oregon
 Riverside Police Citizens Patrol                              Josephine County Sheriff's Office Volunteers
 Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Volunteers                      New Jersey
 Santa Paula Police Citizens Patrol                            Ocean Grove Citizens Patrol
 Thousand Oaks Police Volunteer's in Policing                  New York
 Whittier Police Volunteers                                    114th Precient Citizen Observer Patrol
 San Bernardino County Sheriff's Units                          North Carolina
 SBSD Apple Valley Citizen’s Patrol                            Kinston Sentinels Citizen Patrol
 SBSD Barstow Citizen’s Patrol
 SBSD Big Bear Valley Citizen’s Patrol
                                                               Frisco Police Department Citizens On Patrol
 SBSD Cadiz Citizen’s Patrol
                                                               McKinley Citizens Patrol
 SBSD Central Station Citizen’s Patrol
                                                               Odessa Citizens Patrol
 SBSD Chino Hills Citizen’s Patrol
 SBSD Colorado River (Needles) Citizen’s Patrol                Virginia
 SBSD Fontana Citizens Patrol                                  Bedford County Sheriff Office Volunteers
 SBSD Grand Terrace Citizen’s Patrol                           Leesburg Citizen Support Team
 SBSD Hesperia Citizen’s Patrol                                Purcellville Citizen Support Team
 SBSD Highland Citizen’s Patrol                                Washington
 SBSD Joshua Tree Citizen’s Patrol                             Kitsap County Citizens Patrol
 SBSD Landers Citizen’s Patrol                                 Spokane C.O.P. S

Nat i o na l A s s o c i ation Citizens on Patrol                      Visit our website at www . naco p . o rg
   Issue 10
    Issue 12
  FALL 2004
                                      MEMBERSHIP SERVICES                                                                        Page
 WINTER 2004                         JOIN US AND HELP SUPPORT YOUR C.O.P.'s

           Member Organizations of the National Association Citizens On Patrol receive the following
           benefits, services, and products:
                 • Nationwide Professional status for your Citizen Patrol Organization;
                 • Increase Recruitment, Pride, and Retention through ongoing awareness campaigns;
                 • Personalized Web Site and domain name for each member organization (
                   name) available for viewing by over 180 million people. Professionally maintained and updated.
                   Monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;

                 • Member Discussion Groups on NACOP Web site to help educate and communicate;
                 • Quarterly Newsletters for members with helpful information and articles;
                 • Design of personalized recruiting brochure;
                 • Free access to our Video Training Library;
                 • NACOP member window decals;
                 • Discounts to annual NACOP National Citizen Patrol conference;
                 • Discounts on products and services.

                                   Annual Membership Fees for Organizations
                              1-25 members       $125.00                51-75 members $225.00
                              26-50 members      $175.00                76-100 members $275.00
                                                 $50.00 per year for each additional 25
                                                   Individual Membership Fee
                             $25.00 per year - (does not include web site or Video Training Library)
               Law Enforcement Coordinators and Chief of Police/Station Commanders are included free with each C.O.P.
               organization’s membership.

                              SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER
                     Pay For Two Years Upfront and Receive the Third Year Free!!

               For a small average investment of just $5.00 per volunteer per year you can join us and the
               thousands of Citizen Patrol volunteers in our membership. Show your Citizen Patrol Volunteers
               you care and let your Organization, City, and Department benefit from the status, recognition,
               and services we deliver. Together, we can and will make a difference!

           The National Association Citizens on Patrol does not endorse or represent any individual Citizen Patrol members or groups.
           Further, we do not endorse or represent any political activities, candidates, or specific law enforcement departments.

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                             Published by the
 National Association Citizens On Patrol
              P.O. Box 727 Corona, CA 92878-0727

Check out the People and Programs Making a Difference and
Protecting our Communities and Homeland All Across America!

       Citizen Patrol Vehicles Staging to Establish a New World Record....

Pictured above, at the July 31, 2004 Florida C.O.P. conference over sixty nine Citizen Patrol vehicles stage to preare for the end
of conference caravan through the streets of North Miami Beach, Florida, to the Florida Turnpike to help establish a new recored
for the longest Citizn Patrol Volutneer patrol vehicle caravan that is being submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records.