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									   LOCAL RESOURCE AND REFERRAL NUMBERS                                                   WHO MAY BE ELIGIBLE?
                                                                       1. Anyone who sustains a personal injury as a victim of a violent
                                                                       crime, while going to the aid of another person or peace officer, or
District Attorney’s Office                           940-349-2600
                                                                       while attempting to prevent a crime of violence.
Denton County Sheriff’s Office                       972-349-1600
Friends of the Family Crisis Line                    800-572-4031      2. The surviving spouse, child or other dependent of a deceased
Adult Protective Services                            800-252-5400      victim.
Child Protective Services                            800-252-5400      3. A dependent or immediate family member of a deceased victim who
Child Abuse Hotline                                  800-252-5400      resides within the same household and who requires psychiatric care
Denton County Mental Health Mental Retardation       800-762-0157      or counseling because of the crime.
Denton County Probation Department                                     4. An immediate family member residing in the same household with
     Lewisville                                      972-434-4800      a victim who is under 17 years of age and who requires psychiatric
                                                                                                                                                   FLOWER MOUND POLICE DEPARTMENT
     Denton                                          940-349-3300      care or counseling.                                                                 4150 Kirkpatrick Lane
North Texas Region MADD                              866-399-6233
North Texas Legal Aid                                800-955-1407
                                                                       5. Anyone who legally assumes the obligation or voluntarily pays the             Flower Mound, Texas 75028
                                                                       medical or burial expenses of a deceased victim.                                        972.539.0525
Christian Community Action - Lewisville              972-219-4357
Texas Crime Victim’s Clearinghouse                   800-848-4284                         WHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE?
Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation                    800-983-9933
Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles                                     1. Anyone injured in a motor-vehicle accident, unless the driver:
                                                                                   (a) intentionally caused the injury,
     Victim Services                                 800-848-4284
                                                                                   (b) was driving while intoxicated,
                                                                                                                                                        CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION
                                                                                   (c) failed to stop and render aid.
                                                                       2. The offender and/or accomplices, or when an award would unjustly         The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Act provides certain
                                                                       enrich the offender or accomplice.                                          benefits for victims of violent crime. The law applies to any
               VERIFICATION PROCEDURE                                  3. A victim whose own misconduct caused or contributed to the crime.        resident of the United States, its possessions and territories,
                                                                       (In such cases, benefits may be denied or reduced.)                         or District of Columbia who is the victim of a violent crime
After receiving the proper claim forms, the Attorney General’s
                                                                       4. A victim who was incarcerated in a penal institution (as defined in      in Texas.
Office conducts an investigation to verify eligibility. Witnesses,
law-enforcement officials, physicians, hospitals, and employees may    Subdivision (26) Sec. 1.07, Penal Code, at the time of the offense.)        A Texas resident who becomes a victim in another state is
be contacted by investigators. If a claim is denied, or the award is                                                                               covered if that state does not have a compensation program
reduced, a dissatisfied claimant may petition the Commission for a                       WHERE TO FILE A CLAIM
                                                                                                                                                   for which the victims would be eligible, and the victim would
hearing or appeal the decision to a District Court.                    Applications may be obtained from your local law enforcement
                                                                       agency, or:                                                                 have been eligible if the crime had occurred in Texas.
                                                                          CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION DIVISION
For more information contact:                                             P.O. Box 12198
Crime Victim Services Division - CVC Program                              Austin, Texas 78711-2198
Office of the Attorney General                                         NOTE: Article 56 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure states: “A
P.O. Box 12198                                                         judge, attorney for the state, peace officer, or law enforcement agency
Austin, Texas 78711-2198                                               is not liable for a failure or inability to provide a right enumerated in
800-983-9933                                                           this article.”
                                                                                                                            CV-Rev 6-1-2009
                                                                           and procedures for application for compensation under that Act, the                      VICTIM’S RESPONSIBILITIES
A victim of a violent crime is (1) someone who has suffered bodily
injury or death or who is the victim of sexual assault, kidnapping or      payment for a medical examination under article 56.06 of this code for       To be eligible for consideration for compensation, a victim must
aggravated robbery, (2) the close relative (spouse, parent, or adult       a victim of sexual assault, and when requested, to referral to available     comply with the following requirements:
brother, sister or child) of a deceased victim, or (3) the guardian of     social service agencies that may offer additional assistance;
                                                                                                                                                        1. REPORT CRIME WITHIN 72 HOURS. Victims must report the
a victim. As a victim of violent crime, close relative of a deceased       7. The right to be informed, upon request, of parole procedures, to          incident to law enforcement officials within 72 hours unless the victim
victim, or guardian of a victim, you have the following rights:            participate in the parole process, to be notified, if requested, of parole   is under 17 years of age or there is a valid reason for reporting later.
1. The right to receive from law enforcement agencies adequate             proceedings concerning the defendant in the victim’s case, to provide
                                                                           to the Board of Pardons and Paroles for inclusion in the defendant’s         2. COOPERATE WITH POLICE. Victims must cooperate with law
protection from harm and threats of harm arising from cooperation                                                                                       enforcement officials in their investigation and prosecution.
with prosecution efforts;                                                  file information to be considered by the board prior to the parole of
                                                                           any defendant convicted of any crime subject to this Act, and to be          3. FILE CLAIM WITHIN ONE YEAR. A compensation claim
2. The right to have the magistrate take the safety of the victim or       notified, if requested, of the defendant’s release;                          must be filed within one year of the attack, unless the victim is under
his family into consideration as an element in fixing the amount of                                                                                     17 years of age, or a medically documented physical incapacity
bail for the accused;                                                      8. The right to be provided with a waiting area, separate or secure
                                                                           from other witnesses, including the offender and relatives of                prevented filing on time.
3. The right, if requested, to be informed of relevant court proceedings   the offender, before testifying in any proceeding concerning the                                AVAILABLE BENEFITS
and to be informed if those court proceedings have been canceled or        offender; if a separate waiting area is not available, other safeguards
rescheduled prior to the event;                                                                                                                         Approved claims can provide for:
                                                                           should be taken to minimize the victim’s contact with the offender
4. The right to be informed, when requested, by a peace officer            and the offender’s relatives and witnesses, before and during court          1. Loss of earnings or support.
concerning the defendant’s right to bail and the procedures in criminal    proceedings;                                                                 2. Certain funeral expenses.
investigations and by the district attorney’s office concerning the                                                                                     3. Reasonable medical, drug counseling and rehabilitation expense.
                                                                           9. The right to prompt return of any property of the victim that is held
general procedures in the criminal justice system, including general                                                                                    4. Child care for gainfully employed victim or spouse (but not both),
                                                                           by a law enforcement agency or the attorney for the state as evidence
procedures in guilty plea negotiations and arrangements, restitution,                                                                                   or the surviving spouse of a deceased victim.
                                                                           when the property is no longer required for that purpose;
and the appeals and parole process;                                                                                                                                      COMPENSATION LIMITS
                                                                           10. The right to have the attorney for the state notify the employer of
5. The right to provide pertinent information to a probation               the victim, if requested, of the necessity of the victim’s cooperation       1. Total recovery: not to exceed $25,000.
department conducting a presentencing investigation concerning             and testimony in a proceeding that may necessitate absence of the            2. Loss of wages: up to $200 a week.
the impact of the offense on the victim and his family by testimony,       victim from work for a good cause;                                           3. Child care: limited to $50.00 a week per minor child and may not
written statement, or any other manner prior to any sentencing of                                                                                       exceed $125 a week for three or more children.
the offender;                                                              11. The right to counseling, on request, regarding AIDS and HIV
                                                                           infection and testing for AIDS and HIV related infections, if the            A claimant may be required to reimburse the compensation fund
In addition, state law provides that a victim, guardian of a victim,       offense is a sexual offense or sexual assault;                               if the victim receives restitution from the offender, or is awarded
or close relative of a deceased victim, may complete a Victim                                                                                           money in a civil suit.
Impact Statement and have that statement considered by the court           12. The right to be present at all public court proceedings related to
in a criminal case prior to the imposition of a sentence and by the        the offense, subject to the approval of the judge in the case;                               OTHER BENEFIT SOURCES
Board of Pardons and Paroles in the parole process. Victims may            13. The right to privacy as far as is reasonably practical, the address      There are NO PAYMENTS for losses covered by other sources,
also appear in court and present a statement to the court after the        of the victim may not be part of the court file except as necessary to       including, but not limited to:
sentence has been pronounced;                                              identify the place of the crime. The phone number of the victim may          1.   Health insurance.
6. The right to receive information regarding compensation to              not be part of the court file.                                               2.   Sick leave paid by an employer.
victims of crime as provided by the Crime Victims Compensation             If you or your family have been contacted or threatened by the               3.   Disability insurance.
Act (Chapter 56 of the code of Criminal Procedures), including             defendant or the defendant’s family since the crime occurred,                4.   Workers compensation.
information related to the costs that may be compensated under that        please contact your local law enforcement agency and prosecute               5.   Social Security.
Act and the amount of compensation, eligibility for compensation,          immediately.

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