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									Childcare Centre
Information Booklet
Welcome to the HSBC Childcare Centre!
Our beautiful, new 85 place Long Day Care centre will provide
convenient, high quality care and education to families which
will benefit from workplace based childcare. Whilst the majority
of the places in the Centre will be reserved for the employees
of HSBC Bank, there are still plenty of places available for other
families whose parents work in or around the 580 George St
building. We are confident that the standard of care and facilities
that will be provided at our new centre will be of the highest
standard available, reflecting the demands of our clientele. Our
commitment is to provide you and your family with a service of
the highest quality, so that you can relax in the knowledge that
your child is in safe and experienced hands.
We understand that the best way for a child to learn is through
discovery, and this is best achieved through providing ample
opportunities for extended play. Our programming is therefore
based upon individual needs and interests.
We consider each family unique in structure, culture and values.
We respect relationships between children and families, and
incorporate this perspective in all interaction with children.
Our programs are based upon the principle that the whole child
must be developed if they are to become well-adjusted to achieve
their full potential. We provide the environment and experiences
that will enable your child to grow physically, emotionally,
intellectually and socially, through a balance of structured play,
exploration learning and group participation.
Children at the HSBC Childcare Centre will experience the
•   Care from dedicated staff
•   Group activities that develop social skills, independence and
•   Active play and equipment for gross motor skills development
•   Activities to stimulate the imagination, including story time,
    music and movement
•   A full range of activities that encourage curiosity and
•   A School Readiness Program to support the transition from
    preschool to infant school
•   A program of age appropriate activities that can be tailored for
    each individual child
•   A high child/staff ratio to permit each child the individual
    attention they require
•   A learning program that develops cognitive and perceptual skills
    that support a child’s sense of competence and self esteem
•   Fine motor skills activities such as painting, sand play, crayons,
    water dough, etc
•   A positive and accepting environment
Our centre provides a full service to all children attending including
the following:

•   All meals (full Morning Tea, hot lunch and Afternoon Tea)

•   Nappies

•   All bedding and linen

•   Entertainment – examples include an Easter Show, Christmas show,
    Kindifarm (baby animals), visits etc

Please note, due to the variety of dietary requirements, our centre will
not provide formula for babies each day, so we request that each family
provide their choice of formula. We will however provide a private space
in the nursery for nursing Mothers to visit and maintain their breast feeding

We recognise Early Childhood as a unique and valuable stage of life and
accept that each phase within a child’s development is important in its
own right.
DETAILS                              AGE GROUP       FEE PER DAY ($)

ROOM 1                               0-2 Years       $95.00

ROOM 2                               2-3 years       $92.50

ROOM 3                               3-5 years       $90.00

CASUAL CARE/EMERGENCY CARE           All Rooms       $95.00

Our centre has been designed to deliver best practice design and accessibility
requirements, ensuring that we accommodate all children with special
needs. We strive to ensure our service is available to all children, regardless
of their abilities.

The HSBC Childcare Centre will be registered for Accreditation with the
National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC). Centres registered and
accredited through the NCAC are eligible to receive Child Care Benefit (CCB).

CCB is a subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved
long day care child care centers. This subsidy is provided to support families
to meet the costs of child care and can be made available to families through
reduced fees in a service.

Parents may apply for Child Care Benefits through their local Family
Assistance Office on 136150. However parents will require the Centre’s
Provider Number, which can be obtained from the Centre Director
on opening.
The Federal Government provides parents with a 30% rebate – a non
refundable tax offset that is limited to 30% of your out of pocket child care
expenses. Out of pocket expenses are your total child care fees less your
Child Care Benefit. The maximum amount parents are entitled to claim for
each child is $4,096.00. As a non-refundable tax offset, this rebate is used to
reduce the tax you would ordinarily have paid over the year.

Our Centre features a high level of security with electric entry and an intercom
facility. Your child’s safety and security is paramount to us and we observe
secure pick-up and drop-off procedures.
Parent participation sends a strong positive message to your child that you
support them and are part of the child care environment – we love involved
parents and value your input.

There are many opportunities for parental involvement at our centre,
these include:-

•   Participation in excursions
•   Attend special activities and functions in the Centre
•   Volunteer time
•   Attend parent/teacher nights

We believe that our staff are our greatest asset, and as a result we pride
ourselves on not only the quality of staff that we choose for our Centres, but
also the way we look after them to ensure their happiness and therefore
work is continually of the highest standard.

A typical HSBC Childcare staff member will be:

•   Outstanding in their field, well-trained, enthusiastic, and motivated
•   Warm, caring, and genuinely interested in serving the best interests of
    each child
•   Approachable and happy to discuss each child’s development
    with parents
•   Dedicated to continual self-improvement
As an employer our intention is to be recognized as an “employer of choice”
in the industry. To achieve this we:

•   Acknowledge our staff for their efforts and commitment to
    their vocation

•   Recognise the invaluable contribution they make to each child

•   Provide ongoing in-service training and development opportunities

•   Provide staff financial support to further their childcare qualifications

We believe this approach is a positive investment which supports the
development of positive relationships between staff and families.


The first five years in a child’s life is the most important time to develop a
good foundation for learning. Our Nursery and its programs are designed
to develop awareness of both self and the world around the young child
within a warm, caring and family-based environment. Quality programs
focus on sensory learning and development. This prepares children for future
learning and the transition into our Toddler Room. As our children gain more
independence, emphasis is placed on developing their social skills such as
sharing or playing alongside others and the development of imagination
through creative play and exploration of their environment.

In our Nursery room, our routines are very flexible, allowing children to move
freely around the room to discover, learn, create and develop. All of our
babies are shown affection, held and nurtured to ensure that they receive
every opportunity to develop to their highest potential, in a safe, happy,
stimulating and loving atmosphere.

This is a very busy time for your toddler because they are so intent on
discovering new things about themselves and their environment. Beginning
to walk, trying to talk, learning to listen, climbing on things, investigating
cupboards and trying to take things apart are all examples of your toddler’s
growth and development.

Our program includes a variety of stimulating activities, small group
interactions, quiet time, free-play and independent exploration. Our staff
will provide encouragement and offer a safe, secure environment as these
busy little people develop self-confidence.


Our aim is to prepare and transition your child into formal schooling through
education and experience. We expand on early literacy and numeric skills,
as well as encourage creativity, self-help, reasoning- cause and effect, social
and life skills.

Play-based learning environments offer diverse opportunities to explore,
discover and create. They foster qualities such as curiosity, perseverance and
risk taking. It is believed these qualities motivate lifelong learners but are
difficult to invoke if not self discovered when young.
If you would like to become a part of the HSBC Childcare Centre (which is
due to open in December this year) and our approach to care, learning and
development, we invite you to please either:

- complete the attached Enrolment Form (if you are fairly certain of your
  child care needs); or

- complete the attached Expression of Interest Form (if you think you may
  have a need for child care at our centre but are perhaps not yet certain)

                    Please post the appropriate form to:
                         The HSBC Childcare Centre
                                PO Box 5178
                         Elanora Heights NSW 2101

We have established a wait list of interested parties and will contact
you shortly to discuss your likely needs. More information is available by
contacting us on (02) 9264 2555 or by visiting our website at which is due to be launched on 20 November
          580 GEORGE STREET
             SYDNEY CBD
         02 9264 2555 (Phone)
          02 9264 9911 (fax)


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