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                              BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT

         oxes or bags containing one or two macarons are becoming very fashionable
         to give as wedding favours. (For Stockists see page 127.) Create shiny
         macarons and rub on some metallic lustre. Serve platters of them in the
middle of each table: almond macarons with silver or lilac dusting, rose with
metallic pink lustre, vanilla with gold, and bronzed chocolate. They will all look
stunning to complement after-dinner coffee on your special day.
    Alternatively, use a macaron shell for place names. As there is no need for any
ganache fillings, they can be prepared in advance and stored in airtight jars up to a
week before the big day. Colour them to match your wedding theme – or use pink
for the girls, lilac for the boys – brushing on some lustre before adding guests’ names
using writing icing or with pens that have liquid food colour as ink (see Stockists).
    Macarons are quite fragile so bear this in mind when planning to serve them at
weddings. Keep it simple. Because they freeze so well you can prepare them a few
weeks in advance. You could freeze the shells then make the fillings and assemble
the macarons one or two days before the big event, or freeze them complete with
fillings, already in their gift bags or boxes. You’re going to need plenty of freezer and
fridge space so be prepared. Don’t take on the job if you don’t have adeqate space to
store them. Bag or box them up carefully and leave adequate space around them so
that they do not crack or get crushed. Check that they are intact a week before the
event so that there is time to make more if any have become damaged.
    If you are the bride, give someone else the job of carefully transporting them to
your event on the day!
    Make a few more than you need in case of inevitable breakages or inadvertent
    Don’t attempt anything you haven’t tried a few times before. For example, you’ll
see elaborate conical towers of macarons at some weddings – difficult for the
amateur cook to achieve. You can’t be sure of the temperature of the room in your
venue and so the “glue” you use (such as chocolate or caramel) may melt. Someone
will have to construct it right there at the venue – you can’t transport such an item.
If you are the bride – or even a key guest of the bride – this will very probably all be
too much to achieve on the day of the wedding without a lot of stress and worry.