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									                               Centenary Stormers Football Club
                               Small Sided Games (SSG) Carnival Day
                                        U6 / U7 / U8 / U9 /
                                        Sunday 2nd May 2010

Centenary Stormers Football Club will be hosting a Small Sided Games (SSG) Carnival on Sunday the 2nd
May 2010 for the following age groups:

   •   Under   6   -   (4V4)    30m x 20m pitch
   •   Under   7   -   (4V4)    30m x 20m pitch
   •   Under   8   -   (7V7) Including Goalkeeper    40m x 30m pitch
   •   Under   9   -   (7V7) Including Goalkeeper    40m x 30m pitch

We invite all FBI clubs in these age groups to enter teams into this carnival and attend a fun family day
packed great football, off field activities and entertainment for all ages.

All games will be held at our home grounds (Atthows Park, Westcombe Street in Darra UBD – Pg 197 Q11).
The team registration table will be open from 7:30am – 8:00am and the managers & coaches briefing will be
at 8:00am with the first games kicking off at 8:30am sharp.

The carnival format will have all teams in each age group divided up into pools. Each team we compete in a
round-robin league with each team having a maximum of 5 games for the carnival. There will be no sudden
death playoffs or knock out stages. A $50 nomination fee will apply per team.

Everyone is a winner and every player will receive:

   •   A Gold SSG Carnival medal.
   •   A lolly bag packed with goodies

Some of the features and activities for the day include:-

   •   Face war painting & colour hair spraying for teams and supporters.
   •   Jumping Castle
   •   Clowns & Magician (Lunch break entertainment)
   •   Music & DJ provided for great music all day

All places will be filled on a first paid, first registered basis. Get in early to avoid disappointment and missing
out on this fun family day. Please find below the general rules and regulations for the carnival day.
                                           SSG Carnival Rules & Regulations

   1. Under no circumstances will alcohol be allowed in the grounds or consumed during the carnival.
   2. All team managers & coaches must register and attend carnival briefing starting at 8:00am
   3. All games will consist of 2 x 10 min halves with a 2 min break between halves. (Carnival horn will
      sound to indicate time changes and end of halves or games)
   4. The goal score for each game is irrelevant therefore there will be no score or results board available.
   5. Current 2010 FBI Small Sided Games (SSG) rules will apply.
   6. The maximum numbers of players per team will be:

        -   Under   6   age   group,   a   maximum   of   7 players per team with only 4 on the field at any time.
        -   Under   7   age   group,   a   maximum   of   7 players per team with only 4 on the field at any time
        -   Under   8   age   group,   a   maximum   of   10 players per team with only 7 on the field at any time
        -   Under   9   age   group,   a   maximum   of   10 players per team with only 7 on the field at any time

Please Note: We require each team to supply a Small Sided Game (SSG) co-ordinator. The name of the
volunteer can be provided on the nomination form below. This team volunteer that will assist with co-
ordinating fixtures must report to the carnival registration desk by 7:30am for a briefing on rules and

   7. At no stage will the game co-ordinator be subject to any verbal abuse or aggression. Please note that
       any parent found guilty of this offence will be asked to leave the ground immediately!!!
   8. No parent will be allowed on the playing field during the game only the manager, coach or the first aid
       person on duty in the event of an injury during a match.
   9. Team managers or coaches must collect their team’s round robin draw when registering and will also
       receive their day planner or event time guidelines for the carnival.
   10. All teams and clubs that sign our nomination form and enter this carnival will have read and abide by
       all these rules and regulations listed above.
   11. This carnival is sanctioned by Football Brisbane (FBI) Inc. Only registered FBI players may participate
       in the carnival for insurance purposes and regulations.
   12. Please provide a reliable mobile number for the team manager or coach on your nomination form so
       we can send you carnival updates and team information etc.. also in the event of rain we can text
       you on the condition of the grounds and whether or not the carnival will take place.
   13. In the event of a rained out or cancelled tournament there will be no refunds of nomination fees.

Please return a signed nomination form together with your nomination fee to the Carnival coordinator by no
later than Sunday 25th April 2010. You can call Lee Forrest on 0402 673 172 if you have any problems or
questions with nominations etc..

All nominations forms must be posted to:-

Centenary Stormers SSG Carnival 2010
23 Heritage Street
                                    Official Nomination Form
                             Small Sided Games (SSG) Carnival Day
                                Prepball / U6 / U7 / U8 / U9 /

Name of Club:               ___________________________

Team Name for Carnival: __________________________

No of players in your team: _________ (Please see rules for maximum number of players per team)

SSG Age Group:        Under 6□         Under 7 □
                     Under 8 □         Under 9 □        (Please tick one)

Name of team supplied SSG co-ordinator:          _______________________

Contact Name (Manager or Coach) _________________________

Postal Address:          ___________________________________

Suburb / Post Code: ____________________________________

Mobile Number: ______________________

Email Address: _______________________

Please tick the box where applicable and sign form below.

   •   I have read the Carnival rules and regulations and will advise my team and provide all parents with a
       copy of them.
   •   I have enclosed a $50 nomination fee with this application
   •   I give you permission to use the supplied email and mobile number for carnival info notifications and

Signed :    ___________________ (Personal Responsible for this team) Date : _______________

Please Note :

   •   All nominations will be notified by SMS of your success to enter the carnival as soon as we receive your
       nomination entry form and entry fee. Should you be unsuccessful we will post your money to the address you
       have provided above.
   •   Copy of draw, time guidelines for the day and a receipt of your nomination fee will be given to you at the
       registration table between 7:30am & 8:00am on the morning of the carnival.

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