CEMENT SILO by hjkuiw354



 Bulwer Island

Project Overview                                   Success Factors
The project involved the construction of a         Good partnering principles were achieved with
reinforced concrete silo 27m in diameter           sub trades with a non adversarial approach to
and 55m high located in an environmentally         complex problem solving. One example and
sensitive location.                                result was the demonstration and introduction
The works consisted of major excavation and        of a permanent formwork system that became
placement of 315 concrete driven piles and         the critical driving factor for ensuring the time
1200mm deep pile caps in preparation for           performance of the project.
the major structural loads that the filled silo
will contain. The completed project involved
a broad range of geo technical, civil and
construction skills.

Challenges                                         Value Added
During the construction, tight environmental       A project control group was formed with all
measures were in place which included              stakeholders to asses the methodology and
Control and Management Plans for Erosion           construction techniques to construct the
and Sediment, Stormwater and Water Quality,        critical path sections of the project.
Noise and Vibration, Air Quality and Dust, Flora   The inside ‘slip’ was redesigned and
and Fauna, Soils and Acid Sulfate, Waste and       configured for a reduced wall thickness and
Hazardous Materials and Community Impact.          reinstallation for a stage two ‘slip’ to the
Continuous risk assement, monitoring,              roof. 18 precast panels that formed the cone
reporting and auditing requirements were           structure were designed to be lifted in over
introduced to maintain strict control over         the completed wall structure and placed in
these issues.                                      position, supported by a temporary structural
                                                   steel frame.

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