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									Unit	3	 	Bon appetit!

 1        Good food
       1	 Word builder:          food
       a Find nine foods in the word square.
         Use the pictures to help you.

            A      P   P   L     E   Q      L   O
            T      E   R   H    M       G   E   L
            O      Y   O   G     U      R   T   M
            C      O   R   N    O       I   T   G
            D      E   M   W     R      C   U   S
            T      R   Y   O     B      E   C   Z
            O      C   F   I     S   H      E   F
            N      Z   R   L     R      E   T   O
            M      I   L   K     E      E   G   G
            P      X   Q   M     T      Y   I   I

       b Complete the table with words in the box.

          apples               beans                milk        oranges   strawberries   bananas
          cheese               yogurt               butter      lettuce   peas           potatoes

          Fruit	                                       Dairy	             Vegetables


       c Can you write more words in the table?

  16       Unit 3
                                                                                        Bon appetit!     Lesson 1

d What food do you like?
      _____________________ are nice.
   1 _____________________ is delicious.                     5 My favorite food is _____________________ .
   2 _____________________ are delicious.                    6 My favorite international food is _____________________ .
   3 I love _____________________ .                          7 _____________________ aren’t very good.
   4 I dislike _____________________ .

2	 Grammar
a What’s your favorite food? What food don’t you like? Complete the table.

   I	love	…	                    I	like	…	                       I	don’t	like	…	             I	hate	…

b You are talking to a friend. Complete the
   Friend:	 What’s your favorite food?
   You:	     I really like (1)_______________________ .
             I don’t like (2)_______________________ .
   Friend:	 I also like (3)_______________________ and
             I love (4)_______________________ . I don’t
             like (5)_______________________ .

c Make the text true for your country.
  Choose words from the list below and write
  them in the spaces.
   In my country, people (1) _____________ a lot of
   meat. We (2) _____________ a lot of salads. The main
   carbohydrate is (3) _____________ . Our food is (4) _____________ . Our main meal
   is (5) _____________ . We usually eat (6) _____________ . We (7) _____________
   have (8) _____________ with a meal. We (9) _____________ have a dessert such as
   ice cream or fruit.

  1   a) eat                         b) don’t eat                   c) sometimes eat
  2   a) eat                         b) don’t eat                   c) sometimes eat
  3   a) rice or pasta               b) potatoes                    c) bread
  4   a) not spicy                   b) spicy                       c) varied
  5   a) in the afternoon            b) in the evening              c) in the morning
  6   a) around the table            b) in front of the TV          c) on the patio
  7   a) sometimes                   b) never                       c) usually
  8   a) coffee                      b) water                       c) soda
  9   a) don’t usually               b) usually                     c) always

                                                                                                        Unit 3      17
Lesson 2 Bon appetit!

2        Hungry?
     1	 Word builder:           food
     a Complete the table with the words in the box.

          vegetable soup          vanilla ice cream             teriyaki chicken             soft drink             roast beef
          tea                     potatoes                      peas                         milk                   lemon cake
          grilled fish            green salad                   fruit                        carrots                beef consommé

         Appetizers										   	Main	courses																		Vegetables																				Desserts																					 Beverages

     b    Can you write more foods in the table?

         Grammar	builder:	would like
         Use would like to express want in a polite way.                                    Language assistant
         The form is the same for all persons.                                              Notice the usual response forms
         I                                                                                  to an offer made with Would you like:
         You           would like        a drink.                                           Would you like a cup of tea?
         She           (‘d like)         something to eat.                                  Yes, please. ✔
         They                                                                               No, thanks. ✔
                                                                                            Yes, I would like. ✘

     2	 Grammar
     a Are the sentences spoken by a guest (G) or a waiter (W)?
         1 Can I see the menu, please? ____________
         2 Can I have a table by the window? ____________
         3 Would you like any vegetables with that? ____________
         4 Yes, of course. Would you like to sit here? ____________
         5 Mineral water, please. ____________
         6 Yes, I’d like grilled chicken, please. ____________
         7 Are you ready to order? ____________
         8 And what would you like to drink?____________
         9 I’d just like a salad, please. ____________

18           Unit 3
                                                                                         Bon appetit!       Lesson 2

b Put the sentences in exercise 2a in the
  correct order to make a conversation.
	   Can I have a table by the window?

    Grammar	builder:	past	simple	of	be
    Use was with I, he, she, it. Use were with you, we, they.
    Was the food good?                         No, it wasn’t. It was very bad.
    Were the waiters helpful?                  Yes, they were. They were very helpful.

3	 Grammar
a Complete the sentences with the subject and the correct past tense
  form of the verb be in the correct order. The subject is in parentheses.
    A:	 (1)_________ (the wedding) good?                              A:	 (6)__________(the food) good?
    B:	 Yes, (2)__________ (it) great.                                B:	 No, (7)__________(it) bad, but (8)________
    A:	 (3)__________(the people) nice?                                   (the flowers) beautiful.
    B:	 Yes, (4)__________(they). (5)__________(they) wonderful. A:		(9)_______________(you) happy?
                                                                 B:	 Yes, (10)_________(I).
b Match the questions and answers.
    1 Were you stressed?                                        a) No, she wasn’t.
    2 Were the waiters friendly?                                b) No, they weren’t. I didn’t like them.
    3 Were the plates clean?                                    c) Yes, she was.
    4 Was the bride happy?                                      d) Yes, I was.
    5 Was the service slow?                                     e) Yes, it was.
    6 Was she on time?                                          f ) Yes, they were.

                                                                                                           Unit 3      19
Lesson 3 Bon appetit!

3       What was your favorite restaurant?
       Grammar	builder:	talking	about	the	past
       Word order in sentences with the past tense of the verb be is the same
       in the present and the past.
       Present                                     Past
       What’s your favorite café?                  What was your favorite café?
       Is the service good?                        Was the service good?
       The guests are great!                       The guests were great!
       The food isn’t good.                        The food wasn’t good.

     1		Grammar
     a Put the words in the correct order.
        1 favorite / sport / was / what / your / ?
        2 was / football / I / fan / a / .
        3 games / the / time / were / what / ?
        4 were / they / the / in / afternoon / .
        5 favorite / player / football / was / who / your / ?

     b Match the questions and answers.
        1 Why was he absent?                          a) It was Saturday afternoon.
        2 Who were those men?                         b) It was next to the park.
        3 Where was your school?                      c) It was ice cream.
        4 When was the game?                          d) It was at two.
        5 What was your favorite dessert?             e) I don’t know.
        6 What time was the lesson?                   f) He wasn’t feeling well.

20       Unit 3
                                                                              Bon appetit!    Lesson 3

c Remember when you were 10 years old.
  Answer the questions about you.

     1 What was your favorite subject?
     2 Who were your friends?
     3 What was your favorite sport?
     4 What time was lunch at school?
     5 Where did you go on weekends?

2		Grammar
a Think about your favorite foods when you were a child.
  Complete the table.

		 		                     	 5	years	old	                      10	years	old	



		   Main	course


b Write a short paragraph about your favorite foods when you were a child.
  Use the information in the table.

     When I was_______________ , my favorite _________________________________________________________






                                                                                             Unit 3      21

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