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                                                                                            Total Event Solutions

Game Set and match for ThE ARENA GRoup
the arena Group haS cemented itS poSition aS the top Seed in BritiSh tenniS event production,
SupplyinG the three moSt preStiGiouS uK tournamentS in the international tenniS calendar.

GAME...                                                                                          The Arena Group demonstrated world class credentials at the
                                                                                                 inaugural Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, fulfilling the first of a five
                                                                                                 year partnership for the event, hosted at The O2 in London.
           The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has selected the Arena Group to
           supply all temporary overlay for the AEGON Championships from               Arena Seating’s special structures division delivered bespoke broadcast and media
           2010 to 2013. Grahame Muir led negotiations on Arena’s behalf to win        facilities inside the main O2 arena. Commercial director Martin Clark managed
the contract which includes temporary structures, seating, interior design and         the meticulous design, manufacture and installation of broadcast studios. Arena
furniture for the event held in June each year at Queens Club.                         Structures supplied 3 double deck facilities overlooking the players practice court,
                                                                                       and an extensive temporary media village on the first floor. Director Ron Smith
This builds on the huge success of the 2009 Championships, where a fresh look was      oversaw the project supported by Arena Managers David Moynes and Dan Bluff
created for new sponsors AEGON by the Arena Group, working closely with the LTA.       and liaised with the ATP and event sponsors. Spaceworks supplied a range of
Arena Structures director Ron Smith, and Arena Seating sales director Dave Withey,     contemporary furniture. ATP event manager Lottie Creswell, said:
led the implementation of numerous innovations and changes in 2009, and along          “Having the experience of the Arena Group supporting us has been a great asset
with Spaceworks will work to ensure another fantastic year in 2010, and beyond.        this year and I am delighted they are contracted for the following four years.”

...ANd MATCh
          Continuing their longstanding relationship, the prestigious
          Wimbledon Championships has extended the Arena Group
          contract for a further 3 years.
                                        Arena Structures will continue to
                                        exclusively supply all of the temporary
                                        hospitality structures on and off site, with
                                        Arena Seating building the temporary
                                        grandstands around the courts.
                                        Spaceworks will provide a wide range of
                                        furniture to private hospitality and public
                                        catering areas.                                                                                                            01480 46 88 88
arena SeatinG IN FAShIoN
          Arena Seating supplied the temporary theatre seating for the
          21st time at the Clothes Show Live exhibition in the NEC this
          December, attended by 130,000 people over six days.
The theatre was installed to a precise five day schedule by Arena Seating
senior project manager Martin Clark and an experienced event seating team.
With a capacity of 6,200 (larger than the Royal Albert Hall), it featured seven
one hour fashion shows a day, with 130 models wearing £5 million of the
latest designer labels.
Martin said: “In addition to creating a temporary in-the-round theatre that
gives clear views and creates a vibrant atmosphere comparable to a concert
for the audience, one of our prime considerations when designing this layout
was to ensure speedy ingress and egress that was vital for the organisers to
achieve a rapid turnaround between shows.”
Haymarket Group operations director Bernard Cottrell had nothing but praise
for the Arena Seating team:
“Arena Seating have shown themselves to be head and shoulders above their
competition; they’re fantastic people who respond very quickly and positively.”

                                                                                  arena in
                                                                                  RACING CoLouRS
                                                                                    Continued innovation and value were cited as some of the
                                                                                    reasons Arena Structures, Spaceworks and Scaffolding have
                                                                                    been awarded the contract to supply the Aintree Grand
                                                                                    National until 2013, building on excellent ongoing long term
                                                                                    relations with the racing world. Arena also have long term
                                                                                    contracts to supply Cheltenham and Doncaster with multi-
                                                                                    storey structures.

arena Group on courSe With
RydER Cup ANd pGA
          The Arena Group has been confirmed as the preferred
          supplier at the prestigious 2010 Ryder Cup at the Celtic Manor
          Resort in Wales. Arena Structures will build a triple decker
structure overlooking the 18th green for the organisers, partners,
sponsors and VIP guests, as well as an international media centre and
several on-course structures. Arena Seating will be installing 16,000
spectator seats on the course with Arena Scaffolding and Spaceworks
furniture also contracted for the event.
Ryder Cup Match Director Edward Kitson commented:
“This is one of the most anticipated events in the sporting calendar, which
deserves and demands the best. We have examined many criteria in making
our selection of contractors for the forthcoming Ryder Cup, from setting new
standards in environmental sustainability to creativity and I am delighted at
the prospect of working with Arena.”
Contracts for other key golfing events, including the BMW Championship at
Wentworth and Barclays Scottish Open at Loch Lomond have been awarded
to Arena Structures, Arena Seating, Arena Scaffolding and Spaceworks for
on-course facilities.
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                                                                                            Total Event Solutions

arena SeatinG                                           Wdt -                                                ChEERS To GuINNESS
poLITICALLy CoRRECT                                     FoRbES houSE                                         from arena SeatinG
           Over the past four years the team at                   Moving Venue caterers called on Well                 In September 2009 Arena Seating
           Arena Seating have done their bit                      Dressed Tables to provide catering                   provided the tiered seating
           for democracy, providing temporary                     equipment at the prestigious Forbes                  for the Guinness Arthur’s Day
seating at the conferences of all major political       House in Belgravia for Christmas 2009.               Celebrations at the famous St James’s Gates
parties and consistently meeting the needs                                                                   Brewery in Dublin.
of a variety of venues and event sizes. Their           With specially adapted menus from Moving
most recent success was at the Conservative             Venue and a range of equipment to compliment         The Brewery is a unique venue and challenging
Party conference in Manchester in October               the spectacular surroundings from WDT, the           space to work in, and Arena Seating had to call
2009, where they constructed 1608 Arena In              two companies catered for 600 covers in the          on their technical expertise to safely construct
Style upholstered tiered seats with rear access         spectacular 18th Century Townhouse. Russell          an impressive temporary grandstand seating
staircases.                                             Walton, function manager at Moving Venue, said:      933 guests.

Arena Seating is now gearing up for the next            “With WDT equipment we created a mix of              At the first gig of its scale ever to be held at the
election, ready to apply their extensive expertise at   traditional, yet contemporary dishes and             Guinness Brewery, event-goers enjoyed a one
political conferences and road shows. Joe will be       the feedback we got from all guests was              night only concert featuring Tom Jones and
checking all expense claims!!                           extremely positive!”                                 Ronan Keating (pictured), Kasabian, Estelle and
                                                                                                             Dizzee Rascal.
                                                                                                             Sevens7 managing director Luke Carr said of the
                                                                                                             challenging installation:
tfS createS neW eventS
venue in bATTERSEA                                                                                           “It’s a 24 hour working operation, and it’s one of
                                                                                                             the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland. But we
poWER STATIoN                                                                                                allowed ourselves two weeks for build up and
                                                                                                             we involved a lot of top suppliers, who all put in
          Arena Structures was selected by                                                                   a really good effort.”
          1st Option, who exclusively manage
          events at London’s Battersea Power
Station, to build a multi-purpose, semi-
permanent events space, installing their TFS
(Tensioned Fabric Structure) venue to high
specifications including a clear gable-end with
views onto the iconic Battersea chimneys.
The venue has capacities of 1000 standing or 500
seated. 1st Option director of events and location
filming Elias Devries said:

“The structure has exceeded our expectations and
the size, style and quality have been well received
by the industry.”

                                                        arena SeatinG clearvIEW™
                                                        international SucceSS
                                                                   Arena Seating’s innovative parabolic
                                                                   clearview™ seating system has
                                                                   been busy across mainland Europe.
                                                        Following 3 years of research and development
                                                        by the company’s team of engineers, the
                                                        system was launched in 2008, the first system
                                                        of its kind with 8 different risers utilising the
                                                        same set of equipment thus providing perfect
                                                        sightlines for every type of event.
                                                        The system has proved a huge success with
                                                        German-based seating rental company Rang
                                                        Eins, who continue to invest in the system after
                                                        an exhaustive period of assessing other systems
                                                        from around the world, including this installation
                                                        pictured at Regensburg, Germany.

                                                                                                                     01480 46 88 88

 Grahame Muir and Ian Lea jointly commented:          The logistics of this project were managed by        Exhibitions & Event Director Amanda Stainer stated:
                                                      Arena Group director Jeremy Perkins with the
 “It has been an invigorating challenge to create     fantastic support from Grahame Jones of FIL and      “Starting from scratch we considered every
 such a vast permanent event infrastructure           the CAA. Jeremy said:                                element of this new facility; the result is Arena
 from scratch in such a tight timescale. Having                                                            Lea has delivered a stunning new permanent
 just six months to bring these stunning              “Starting with rough desert terrain in September     event space with luxury, flexibility and legacy.”
 structures from the 3D visual stage to               we have excavated 600,000m³ of rock and
 reality has been a testament to the whole            chartered 4 planes to transport the first of         “We limited our exhibitor numbers by offering
 team. Our partnership yielded some truly             the 200 tonnes of steelwork required for the         40 exclusive fully fitted chalets, ensuring they
 groundbreaking event solutions and designs           business chalets. “                                  all received focused, extensive services. Those
 alongside the logistical feat of delivering this                                                          40 clients have met international delegations
 event to an unbelievably short time-line.”           “Up to 670 workers per day were required to          and showcased 94 flying and static displays
                                                      enable the on-time hand over of the pristine         (planes) and all have given us positive feedback
 Chairman of FIL and British Aerospace, Defence and   15,000m² turn-key facilities across a 2.5km          regarding the facilities and the show. Alongside
 Security (ADS) trade association Ian Godden said:    site this January. Our remit has included the        the exhibitors chalets Arena Lea has also
                                                      overall site design, site preparations, in-putting   created the luxurious Royal Suites and lounges.”
 “Arena Lea has met and exceeded all                  concrete foundations, steel structures, custom
 expectations working with us and the CAA to          buildings and interior décor.”
 create an environment that has allowed our
 clients to focus on their business contacts.”
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                                                   Total Event Solutions

                                                          AIRShoW 2010
                                                          launcheS With
                                                          arena lea
                                                                    The inaugural Bahrain International
                                                                    Airshow 2010 hosted at the Sakhir
                                                                    Airbase this January 21st – 23rd
                                                                    was hailed a huge success, further
                                                                    establishing Bahrain as a key business
                                                                    hub in the international aviation
                                                          industry and showcasing the best of British
                                                          events expertise.
                                                          The organisers; Civil Aviation Affairs, Kingdom of
                                                          Bahrain (CAA) in association with Farnborough
                                                          International Ltd (FIL) appointed Arena Lea in July.
                                                          Their brief was to design and construct a 5-star
                                                          facility for the world’s first guest invitational VIP
                                                          aerospace trade exhibition with designated public
                                                          areas. Arena Lea was awarded the £17m contract
                                                          for the design and construction of the buildings
                                                          and interiors covering the 2010, 2012 and 2014
                                                          Arena Structures managing director Grahame
                                                          Muir and Lea International managing director
                                                          Ian Lea combined both company’s expertise and
                                                          experience with the formation of the new Bahrain
                                                          based partnership Arena Lea to deliver the project.


FIL Chief Executive Officer Shaun Ormrod said:
“The Bahrain International Airshow 2010
infrastructure will galvanise the UK industry
to look at the level at which brands are
showcased. This semi-permanent structure is
of a higher standard while retaining flexibility
and has inspired me to look to create
more of a sense of permanency within the
Farnborough International Airshow over the
next 2 to 3 shows.”
“Arena Lea attracted me because they have a
100% ‘can-do’ attitude. We spend a lot of time
interpreting our customers’ needs back to our
suppliers. With Arena Lea I have absolute trust
and confidence they can deal directly with our
clients first hand and I trust they can deliver
their expectations or come back to us with
any issues.”

                                                                  01480 46 88 88
                                                                                 ICE CooL at
                                                                                 london’S natural
                                                                                 hiStory muSeum
                                                                                          IMG entrusted Arena Structures to produce a Horizon two
                                                                                          storey facility for skaters overlooking a 975sqm ice rink in
                                                                                          front of the Natural History Museum for the festive season.
                                                                                 Arena has supplied other ice rinks including those at Canary Wharf,
                                                                                 Durham and Halifax.
                                                                                 Arena Structures’ CAD engineers ensured the flooring system could
                                                                                 accommodate the weight loadings of the ice rink, skaters and a 3 ton ice
                                                                                 machine. The adjoining structure included two ground floor changing rooms
                                                                                 and a tastefully designed Alpine bar on the second floor, with a bespoke
                                                                                 brushed aluminium/glass handrail incorporating a drinks shelf to prevent
                                                                                 drinks being dropped over the edge.
                                                                                 Arena Structures project manager James Thomas said: “This was Arena’s first
                                                                                 time constructing at the Natural History Museum. We overcame several
                                                                                 operational sensitivities whilst installing the structures, interior design and
                                                                                 ice floor at this iconic location.”

StandinG room at
            Arena Seating’s covered terracing system has been selected
            by Exeter Rugby Club, one of the West Country’s premier
            clubs, as part of the extensive upgrading of spectator
facilities at the Sandy Park Stadium.
The new contract extends beyond rented Arena seating at the ground to
include a permanent 2,436 capacity standing terrace, designed by in-house
specialist CAD designers with an Arena roof cover.
Exeter Chief’s CEO Tony Rowe commented:
“I’ve dealt with Tony (Sainsbury) at Arena Seating for a few years now and
have always found him very competitive and thorough in his approach in
delivering solutions.”
Pictured: Arena’s standing terrace system to be installed at Exeter Rugby Club

                                                                                 dANCING oN Tv
                                                                                            Having successfully seated the audiences of recent popular TV
                                                                                            shows such as ‘Move It Like Michael’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ,
                                                                                            Arena Seating is currently providing a complex set up of 497
                                                                                 tiered-tip seats for the third series of Dancing on Ice at Elstree Studios.
                                                                                 The installation was completed in late December 2009, and will remain in
                                                                                 place until the show’s end. Project manager Tony Sainsbury said:
                                                                                 “We have designed the seating to create the best possible sightlines for the
                                                                                 live audience, at the same time ensuring perfect camera angles to convey the
                                                                                 show’s electric live atmosphere to those watching at home.”
                                                                                 ITV’s Jeremy Allardyce said:
                                                                                 “Arena Seating is clearly the leading player with a proven track record. Their
                                                                                 service is good, prices very competitive and I feel no-one else could deliver a
                                                                                 studio to their standard.”
                                                                                 Arena Seating will be back on the dance-floor with the upcoming Strictly
                                                                                 Come Dancing UK tour later this year.
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                                                                                            Total Event Solutions

harlequin arena                                                                                                        A TASTE oF SuCCESS
middle eaSt SCoRES                                                                                                     FoR SpACEWoRkS at
WITh FIFA                                                                                                              the canapé cup
          The Organising Committee for the                                                                                         Spaceworks was thrilled to sponsor
          FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi                                                                                         the 2009 Square Meal Canapé Cup at
          entrusted Harlequin Arena Middle                                                                                         Old Billingsgate in September.
East to provide and manage temporary
structures including interior design, décor,                                                                           The Canapé Cup tests the creativity, taste and
scaffolding and air conditioning for the                                                                               presentation of London’s’ top caterers. Annie Williams,
tournament won by Barcelona in December 09.                                                                            of Spaceworks and Well Dressed Tables is pictured
                                                                                                                       presentintg prizes to contestants alongside Graham
For the largest football event ever staged in the                                                                      Hill, head of Venues and Events at Square Meal.
region, Harlequin Arena built hospitality structures
in two stadiums, the Mohammed Bin Zayed and                                                                            Spaceworks will launch a new bespoke service in
the Zayed Sports City Stadium. The build consisted                                                                     February 2010. In addition to the extensive range of
of VIP hospitality structures with bespoke interior                                                                    event furnishings offered by Spaceworks, clients will
designs for dignitaries and VIP’s, including internal                                                                  now have the opportunity to order tailor-made items.
toilets, kitchens, media centres, a temporary
Mosque and a sponsor’s village.

                                                        aBu dhaBi Golf
                                                                Harlequin Arena installed
                                                                an expanded temporary
                                                                infrastructure for the 2010
                                                        Abu Dhabi Golf Championships.
                                                        A pristine double storey hospitality suite for
                                                        organisers and primary stakeholders was
                                                        positioned adjacent to the unique Falcon
                                                        club house overlooking the 18th green, with
                                                        additional hospitality viewing areas added on
                                                        the course. An expanded public village added
                                                        to the visitor experience, and they saw Martin
                                                        Kaymer claim his fifth PGA tour victory after a
                                                        thrilling final round. Following the tournament
                                                        renowned golf commentator Renton Laidlaw
                                                        praised the Abu Dhabi organisers for the
                                                        improvements to the course and facilities.

                                                        arena Group TEES oFF IN EuRopE
                                                               The Arena Group has been confirmed to supply temporary overlay for the Open de Portugal
                                                               and Portugal Masters 2010 and 2011 building on the success of transforming two European
                                                               golf courses in November 2009, installing temporary facilities at the Volvo World Match Play
                                                        Championship in Spain, and the Portugal Masters in Vilamoura.
                                                        At Spain’s Finca Cortesin golf course, Arena Structures Mark Shelley managed the installation of a double deck
                                                        sponsors suite, temporary media centre, public village, catering facilities and exhibition centre, while Arena
                                                        Seating installed tiered spectator seating around the course. Arena Scaffolding provided scoreboard and big
                                                        screen supports, and Spaceworks supplied furniture.
                                                        In Vilamoura, another Arena Structures team managed a similar temporary overlay of sponsors suites, hospitality,
                                                        catering, media and retail facilities at the famous Oceanico course, at the Portugal Masters. Arena Seating
                                                        director Bradley Merchant again ensured the grandstand seating was installed with care at key points on the
                                                        Arena Structures operations director Loren Johnson said:
                                                        “Working with the organisers of these two events to create world class facilities is indicative of the ethos that has
                                                        underpinned our international expansion this year.”

                                                                                                                               01480 46 88 88
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WINTER                10

                                                                                                                                            Total Event Solutions

the pERSoNAL touch
pEopLE                                                                                                                      JoINT vENTuRE FoR ESG ANd ARENA GRoup
           Arena Seating has continued its tradition                                                                                 The challenge and opportunity of securing and servicing iconic
           of developing staff with on-site expertise.                                                                               world events has been the catalyst for the formation of a joint
           Having excelled on various projects as                                                                                    venture between two of the UK’s leading event services and
site supervisor, Sam Feaviour has taken on a client-
facing role as Seating’s newest project manager.                                                                            overlay providers, ESG and Arena Group.
Sam’s progression highlights the success of Arena’s                                                                         By combining their respective resources, ESG Arena Group JV has created the
ongoing staff development programme, which means
the unique site experience and expertise they gain                                                                          largest single British-based event delivery partner, with a combined turnover of
at Arena can benefit clients by offering unrivalled                                                                         more than £70 million. The new venture has the financial resources, capability
standards of project management.                                                                                            and track record to deliver large overlay projects such as the Olympic Games,
                                                                                                                            and other global events.
NEW pARTNERS                                                                                                                Headquartered in East London, close to the Olympic Park, ESG Arena Group
                                                                                                                            JV is unique in being able to provide a comprehensive range of event services
             To meet an increasing demand in the region
             the Arena Group is creating new Arena                                                                          and dedicated event personnel considered essential to achieve a successful
             European agents with local partners Pedro                                                                      project outcome. Joe O’Neill, Managing Director of Arena Seating, said:
Sánchez and Alberto Aviles of Carpa 10 in Madrid,
whilst in Portugal Pedro Cavalheiro and Paula Reis also                                                                     “This is an exciting opportunity for ESG Arena Group JV to fly the British
become local partners. This expansion has been led by                                                                       flag at London 2012. Combining our extensive experience, expertise and
Arena Structures account director Simon Marsh.                                                                              equipment gives us the capability to deliver top class overlay projects on an
Investment in equipment combined with Arena’s experience                                                                    international stage.”
at international sport events alongside these well respected
local partners will strengthen the Group’s offering to a                                                                    For a copy of our Joint Venture brochure please email
significant number of European event organisers.

hARLEquIN ARENA MIddLE EAST TEAM                                                                                            ShoWING SuppoRT
           Charlie Wright, Minnie Wallington and                                                                                       Arena Structures was
           Paul Berger, pictured at the Abu Dhabi                                                                                      pleased to be able to
           Golf Championships, are building on the                                                                                     support a voluntary
combined expertise and resources of the Arena Group                                                                         project in December, which saw
in the region, having secured contracts to supply the                                                                       Scottish, English and Gambian
Capitala Tennis Championships at Zayed Sports City                                                                          Scouts building a new school in
and the Dubai Triathlon on behalf of IMG, The Dubai                                                                         Gambia.
Marathon and the events at YAS Marina Circuit.

Temporary Structures          Temporary Seating                    Middle East                         Temporary Support Systems            Temporary Storage                     Spaceworks                      Well Dressed Tables
Arena Structures has been     Creating the perfect environment     Arena Middle East combines          Arena Scaffolding can design         Arena Store is a leading              Spaceworks can provide          Well Dressed Tables
shaping key events for over   for the audience to appreciate an    the international expertise of      and provide temporary support        supplier of temporary and             tailored solutions to enhance   custom deliver the
                                                                                                                                                                                  major events, exhibitions,      finest table and catering
240 years. The company is     event is an art. Seating provides    The Arena Group with the local      systems for any event. Our teams     semi-permanent solutions for a
                                                                                                                                                                                  conferences, weddings,          equipment and their
the largest temporary         focus and drama, where before        knowledge of Dubai-based            are highly experienced and can       multitude of logistical, industrial   banquets, film and television   extensive range includes
structures company in         there was only space. Excitement,    Harlequin Marquees. The partners    confidently recommend the            and commercial applications. We       productions, private parties,   some truly exclusive and
the UK. Our technology        anticipation and spectacle are       deliver the very best service and   best construction for all your       are confident we have a solution      corporate functions and         unique products. Whether
and equipment are state of    amplified and defined by effective   temporary structure technology      support and staging needs. Arena     for every space requirement,          more. Their extensive range     a single place setting
the art and this combined     seating, allowing performance to     to the United Arab Emirates and     Scaffolding can meet all your        regardless of size, location or       of hire products includes       or 15,000, Well Dressed
                                                                                                                                                                                  banqueting and cocktail         Tables can help set your
with the know-how,            exist through its spectators.        the Middle East region. Arena has   needs whether it be corporate,       purpose. We have an extensive
                                                                                                                                                                                  tables, backlit bars, dance     event apart.
experience and expertise      Arena Seating provide excellent      a new stock of equipment locally    live event or media related. Arena   stock holding and provide             floors and a huge variety of
of our team will              lines of visibility for spectators   stored to supply the Middle East    will ensure you have the best        competitive financial options;        seating options.
guarantee a breathtaking      while safely maximising the          event structures market.            solution from our extensive range    rental, purchase, leasing or even
event environment.            capacity for organisers.                                                 within stringent safety standards.   buy-back by Arena.                        

Arena Group Needingworth Road St Ives Cambridgeshire PE27 3ND
T. 01480 46 88 88 F. 01480 46 28 88 W. E.