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					2070 Hadwen Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L5K 2C9
TEL: (905) 855-4450
FAX: (905) 823-3947

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Smurfit-MBI launches new Display Group
Smurfit-MBI has announced the launch of Smurfit-Image Pac Display Group, described as a “New
Division with a New Vision”. Formerly Smurfit-Stone Display & Packaging (located in northeast
Toronto), the operation is dedicated to the design and production of complex high-graphic displays and
point-of-purchase units.

The newly launched Display Group will be managed through Smurfit-MBI and runs parallel with Smurfit-
Image Pac, a recognized industry frontrunner in advanced printing technology and high-end graphics
reproduction on corrugated.

Bob O’Neill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Smurfit-MBI describes the new Smurfit-Image
Pac Display Group as “opening broad new horizons of capability” in every aspect of high-end displays:
“The most complex and technically demanding projects will benefit from our concept of fully-integrated
full service project management.”

By integrating creative and structural design with production, assembly and copacking services, the
Smurfit-Image Pac Display Group answers the most demanding customer requirements. Their unique
business approach begins with fully-integrated creative and structural design, and features hands-on
management at every stage from initial concept through production, assembly, filling, copacking and

Core services are augmented with postprint, preprint and single face laminating. Fulfillment needs are also
covered, with special handling capabilities that include filling and packing in a secure, dedicated, climate-
controlled facility.

Not only do significant cost savings accrue from this seamless integration of concept-design-production,
the approach also helps ensure that nothing “falls between the cracks” along the way. With all specialized
services available in-house, customers enjoy the reassurance that a single team of specialists is involved
throughout every phase of each project.

The new Smurfit-Image Pac Display Group has direct links to the other specialized operations of Smurfit-
MBI across Canada including Smurfit-Image Pac, Image Pac Graphics and Image Pac Merchandising, as
well as access to the vast facilities of Smurfit-MBI and the entire Smurfit organization throughout North
America and around the world.

                     Greg Wege, Manager, Sales & Marketing, Smurfit-Image Pac Display Group
                              5595 Finch Avenue E. Unit #1, Toronto, Ontario M1B 2T9
              t: (800) 414-9698 p: (416) 297-9494 f: (416) 297-1601 e:

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