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									                                      SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: DAY 1

      TIME                         TOPIC                  CHAIR PERSON                       SPEAKERS
7.30 – 8.00 a.m.      Break-fast

SESSION I             Basics in burn management:            Dr J L Gupta,
                                                            Dr A Vartak
 8.00 – 8.20 a.m.     First aid, transport fluid resuscitation, General management:   Dr. Ravindra Tah

 8.20 – 8.40 a.m.     Management of small burns                                       Dr. S.P.Bajaj

                       Safdurjung profesorship oration: Dr. I. N Tiwari, Dr.Anil Chadda

08.40 – 09.00 a.m.    Half a century of burn management: Where we went wrong?         Dr. S.P.Bajaj

SESSION II -             Epidemiology                    Dr.M. Ramakrishnan (5mins each)
                                                         Dr. B. P. Sarma, Dr. Mamta Sikoria
09.00 – 10.00 a.m.                                                                    Dr.S. Bhattacharya Delhi
                                                                                      Dr. A. Vartak,Mumbai
                                                                                      Dr. R.K.Narayan, Delhi
                                                                                      Dr. M. Gore, Mumbai
                                                                                      Dr. Jayaraman, Chennai
                                                                                      Dr. S. Keswani, Mumbai
                                                                                      Dr. R. Bharat, Jamshedpur
                                                                                      Dr. Babita Chaudhari, Indore
10.00 – 10.30 a.m.    TEA

SESSION III - Prevention                                 Dr Hanumadass,
                                                         Dr Malti Gupta (7mins
10.30 – 11.30 a.m.    Introduction to Prevention:                                     Dr. Michael. Peck, USA

                      Campaigning to ban the fire bomb stoves:                        Ms. Teri Kruger SA

                      Plant fuel and new stove design                                 Mr. P. Mukundan Chennai

                      School Education Program – Impact:                              Dr. A. Vartak, Mumbai

                      Bride burning – a myth                                          Dr. Atul Shah, Baroda

                      Planning a prevention program for Indore:                       Dr. Shobha Chamania, Indore

                      Life style and burn prevention                                  Dr Malti Gupta, Jaipur

                      Burn Prevention program at upper assam region                   Dr. B P Sarma

SESSION IV:           Critical Care                  Dr Rajeev Ahuja, Dr              15-mins each speaker
                                                     Jenny Thomas
11.30 - 01.00 p. m.   Burn Shock Pathophysiology + Resuscitation                      Dr. M. L. Hanumadass, USA

                      Inhalation Injury                                               Dr. Pramod Kumar, Manipal

                      Septic Shock – Pathophysiology & Management                     Dr. H. Rode, SA
                      Electrical Injuries with renal shut down : Management        Dr. Arun K. Singh

                      Challenges associated with Pain Management                   Dr. Rene Albertyn
01.00 – 02.00 p.m.    LUNCH

SESSION V: Nutrition                                     Dr P K Bilwani,
                                                         Dr Pramod Kumar
                                                         (20mins each)
02.00 - 03.00 p. m.   Nutrition in Burns                                           Dr. Michael Peck, USA

                      Influence of advanced immuno-nutritional
                      enteral support in Burn sepsis                               Dr. Ramakrishnan

                      Twinning of Burn centers                                     Dr. Tom Potokar UK

SESSION VI:       Workshops

03.00 – 05.00 p.m.      Cost effective management of large burns                   Dr. H. Rode, Dr Ramesh
                        Cost effective management of small burns
                                                                                   Dr. A. Burd, Dr. A. Chadda
                        Cost effective Prevention
                                                                                   Dr. Michael Peck, Dr. R. Bharat
                        Cost effective Rehabilitation
                                                                                   Dr. Hanumandass, Dr.
05.00—06.00 p.m.        Free paper session               Dr. Nimmi Lalwani,
                                                         Dr. G L Jakhetia

RAJAT SONI              Use of various fabled topical agents in India

UPPAL SANJEEV           To ascertain whether the quantitative wound biopsy is superior to routine swab method

A C GIRISH              Comparison of povidone iodine ointment with simple vasaline gauge on SSG healing time

RAMESHA K T             Comparison of topical hyluronic acid with silver sulfa

MOHAN                   Clinical study of collegen in healing
                                    SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: DAY 2

      TIME                        TOPIC                     CHAIR PERSON                  SPEAKERS
07.30 – 08.00 a.m.   Break-fast

SESSION I            Role of Surgery in Acute           Dr S P Bajaj,
                     Burns                              Dr Tom Potokar
                                                        (15 Minutes each)
08.00 - 09.30 a.m.   Acute Burn Wound Management                                  Dr. A. Burd, Hong Kong
                     Role and timing of surgery (guest lecture)

                     Protocol of Early surgery                                    Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Delhi

                     Peri operative management of burns (10 Minutes each)         Dr.Jenny thomas SA

                     Out Come Analysis: A comparison of the conventional          Dr.S.Keswani
                     and early surgery                                            Dr.Umesh Shah

                     Early Tangential excision with pre op application            Dr. Sanjeev Uppal
                     of Methylene blue in extensive burns.

                     Meek Micrografting technique for covering large burn         Dr. Vithal Lahane
09.30 – 10.00 a.m.   TEA

SESSION II :            Burn Wound Infections:         Dr. Mathangi R, Dr. Umesh Shah, Dr. Sanjay Kucheria

10.00—12.00          15 minutes each
                     Burn wound infections, clinical presentation and             Dr. Manish Ghosh,
                     management :                                                 Dr. P.K.Bilwani Ahmedabad
                                                                                  Dr. Sudhakar, Hyderabad

                     Invasive sepsis                                              Dr. R. Ahuja Delhi

                     Swab colony versus wound biopsy"s bacterial quantitative
                     analysis in predicting the burn wound sepsis                 Dr. Prabha Desikan, Bhopal
                                                                                  Dr. Subodh Kumar

                     Antibiotics policy and infection control protocol in burn:   Dr. M Ramakrishnan

SESSION III : Invited Lectures (12 mins each)        Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Dr. R Bharat
12.00– 01.00 p.m. Research on use of plants for scar management              Dr. Mary Babu, Chennai

                     Molecular research in deciphering the mech. of scar less
                     healing:                                                 Dr. Enoch Stuart UK

                     Designing a burn unit:                                       Dr. P K Bilwani, Ahmedabad

                     Role of Ig G in sepsis                                       Dr. V K Tiwari
01.00 – 02.00 p.m.   LUNCH

SESSION IV : Rehabilitation                           Dr. Sudhakar, Dr. I.N.Tiwari, Dr. P Chhajlani
02.00-02.30 p.m. Invited lecture: Life after burns, thoughts
                 on surgical rehabilitation:                                  Dr. K. S. Goleria, Mumbai

02.30– 04.00 p.m.    How much do we understand the path of scars              Dr. Tom Potokar UK
                     Comprehensive rehabilitation                             Dr. M. Gore, Mumbai

                     Rehabilitation at Safdarjung Hospital                    Dr. Narayan, Delhi

                     PT for non burn physiotherapists                         Manna Davies UK
                     Physical management of scars                             Dr. Sudhir Kothari, Indore

                     Paralegal clinic : A ray of hope for the survivors       Dr. Sudhir Shidhaye, Indore

                     Psychological management of survivor                     Mrs. Supriya Dongde, Indore

                     Patients view point                                      Mr. Alok Nigam, Nagda

04.00 – 04.30 p.m.   TEA & Hands on training with therapists

04.30 – 05.30 p.m.   General Body Meeting
                                     SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: DAY 3

      TIME                        TOPIC                                                         SPEAKERS
08.00 – 08.30 a.m.   Break-fast

SESSION I            Presentation by delegates on workshop outcomes

08.30 – 09.30 a.m.   Dr. A Burd, Dr V Jayaraman

09.30 - 10.00 a.m.   TEA

SESSION II :            Invited Lectures: Dr. R P Narayan, Dr. Madhuri Gore 15 mins each

10-11.30 a.m.        Experiences of Nurses Training Program in 2006                    Sheila Kavanagh, Australia

                     Nabi Web site                                                     Dr. Atul Shah, Baroda

                     Principles of anesthesia for Pediatric burn surgery               Jenny Thomas SA

                     Assessment of burn Pain                                           Rene Albertyn SA

                     Application of the concept of BFBT in management of a             Dr. Malti gupta,
                     burn epidemic


11.30 –01 00 a.m. Free paper session         Dr. M F Shaikh, Dr. Prabhat Shrivastav (7 minutes each)

RAMESH P G                     Chest wall defects: post electrical burns

SHIVKUMAR CHAUHAN              Rehabilitative management of acute hand burns
RAHUL PATIL                    Use of micro vascular free tissue transfer in electrical burns

KHUZAIMA KHETTY                Audit of electrical injuries
S P BAJAJ                      Effect of blister fluids in case of superficial burns

BORA K L                       Dying declaration in burn patients

VINOD TAMRAKAR                 Atypical burns

RAKESH SARAF                   Comparative study of skin grafting of chronic burn wounds with and without
                               removing granulation tissue
D.Mansharamani                 Incidence of premorbid Psychiatric problems in Burns

H RODE                         Neonatal burn

Kuldeep Singh                  Factors responsible for survival of major burns

01.00 p.m.                     Valedictory
01.15 p.m. onwards            LUNCH

Information for Speakers

Time allotted for each paper is mentioned in the program. Please adhere to it strictly in order to have
discussion and a good break in the evening.
We would request the presentations to be submitted in a CD form to the preview room at least one day before
LCD projector, windows XP operating system with Kodak video clip showing facility is being provided.
35 mm slide projector will be available.

Information for the Chair Persons

The success of each session depends to a large extent upon the chairpersons running the sessions. The
combination of necessary discipline, time keeping, monitoring of discussion and encouragement of debate
By suitable questions requires a great deal of skill. As a chairperson of the session, it is important to insist on
strict time keeping. Incase of the absence of any presenter the time may suitably be used for discussion of the
previous papers/accommodation of the standby papers.

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