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									                               Application for Activity Body-2010

                               Self Sufficient Home
                            A Research and Development cell MJCET

                                   (an initiative by E-cell MJCET)

The ‘Self Sufficient Home’, a Research and Development initiative by E-cell MJCET, is a solution to the
problem of obtaining a more sustainable and affordable life for the not so privileged section of the
society. By making the use of all the renewable resources of energy, it is an attempt to provide a viable
ways and means of living.

This venture urges all the students to come up and contribute their technical knowledge, thereby being
instrumental in finding a justified answer to all the impending problems faced by people today.

Apart from this R&D is also a platform to provide wings to all your out of the box ideas which might be
technically oriented. Interested students can form a group of 3 to 5 and present a project proposal for
funding. These projects should aim at solving the problems persisting in the society applying the laws of
engineering or an innovative idea providing an ingenious resolution.

The team regarding the Self Sufficient Home would comprise of 24 people, dividing into groups of 3
people each, from all the 8 branches of the college. The branches in which posts are vacant are as

    •   Civil Engineering

    •   Computer Science Engineering

    •   Information Technology

    •   Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

Hence we invite all the students willing to become a part of the endeavor being first of its kind in India.

To join the team students are requested to fill in the following application form, according to which they
would be further called upon for an interview.

Hoping for a swift reply from all those with a desire to give back to the society their fair share.

                                 Entrepreneurship Cell, MJCET
                        Application for Activity Body-2010

          Application Form for the team working for the Research and
                    Development Cell, E-cell MJCET

                          Research and Development

                                        About YOU

Permanent Address

Telephone Number

E-mail Address

Date and Place of Birth

Branch of Engineering

Roll No

Academic Qualifications

Engineering Aggregate (till your last

No. of Backlogs (outstanding)

Previous practical & professional work

                          Entrepreneurship Cell, MJCET
                        Application for Activity Body-2010

    Fixed time commitments for the coming year
    (academic or otherwise)

                               Other Interests

•                                        If you were placed in a group of people all disagreeing
    with your idea, how would you make them agree with your point?

•                                      Provided with a fund of 50,000 for the technical
    growth of your society, what would you do with it?

•                                        What does innovation mean to you? How can it be
    applied in the field of research and development?

                          Entrepreneurship Cell, MJCET
                       Application for Activity Body-2010

•                                      ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. How far do you
    support this phrase and describe the importance of team spirit in your life.

•                                      Given the opportunity to be the head of a company
    running in losses or the member of a very successful MNC. What would you choose and

•                                     10 years down the lane you see yourself as…

                        Entrepreneurship Cell, MJCET
                        Application for Activity Body-2010

•                                        With the rise in the demand for a sustainable form
    of energy which according to you is the area most in need of it?

•                                      Research and Development a need of the hour.

•                                     The ‘Self Sufficient Home’ is an effort from our side
    to make a home for the people of the lower strata of the society

    It makes the basic usage of technology for the generation of power and water, the
    basic need of any home.

    In doing so we are keeping in mind the minimalistic expenditure and easy

    Mention 3advantages and 3 flaws regarding the project (all being different in their kind
    from each other)

•                                     List any project or         paper   that   you   have
    submitted/published in any magazine, paper or journal.

                         Entrepreneurship Cell, MJCET
                   Application for Activity Body-2010

 Please summarize your form in less than a page.
 Please mail the completed form to ecellmjcet10@gmail.com
 In case of any enquiries, please contact:

              -Khaleel 897 815 2833           -Misbah   970 376 7679
              -Salam 880 158 9940             -Wahab    996 312 4914
              -Shreya 970 153 4706

 -----------All the Best---------

                    Entrepreneurship Cell, MJCET

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