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					                             December 2006

                                                 Celebrate . . .
         Celebrate . . . but watch your mates!
        Current Campaign                   1
                                                 but watch your mates!
        Reflections from the CEO          2
                                                 A partnership between Youth
        Celebrate Campaign                       Solutions, The Rotary Club of
       Ad & Acknowledgements              2&3
                                                 Narellan and C91.3FM has been
       2006 Golf Day                      2      formed to encourage young
     Golf Day Acknowledgements            3
                                                 people to celebrate safely over
                                                                                                  The Rotary Club of Narellan
                                                 this festive season.
     Helpful Phone Numbers
    & Websites                            3      “Young people are a precious part of our
                                                 community - as part of Australia’s future,
   Points to Note                         4
                                                 they need to be encouraged, nurtured
   Camden Liquor Accord                   4      and protected”, stated Debbie Roberts,
   Bowls Day                                     Manager, Youth Solutions.

  Christmas Message                       4      A series of safer celebration radio
                                                 advertisements will play on C91.3FM over                   Supported by
                                                 the next 4 weeks. In support of this
                                                 campaign 20,000 postcards with the
                                                 same message are being distributed
                                                 throughout the region.
                                                                                               There is ample research which
                                                 The message is simple – Celebrate . . .       identifies alcohol use amongst young
                                                 but watch your mates! The festive             people as an issue of concern. Such as:
                                                 season should be about fun, family and          • The 2004 National Drug Strategy
                                                 friendship, but far too often, we have          Household Survey showed 24.4% of
                                                 experienced much hardship in relation to        14 – 19 year olds consuming alcohol
                                                 celebrations across the Macarthur region.       weekly.
                                                 Too many young people have ended up             In 2004 the National Drug Research
                                                 hurt or worse.                                  Institute (Curtin WA) reported that:

                                                 The ‘Celebrate . . . but watch your mates!’     • Over 80% of all alcohol consumed
                                                 campaign explores issues about: young           by 14-17 year olds is drunk at
                                                 peoples ability to choose not to drink          risky/high levels for acute harm
                                                 along with a focus on their personal            Disturbingly, the RTA reports that
                                                 safety, travel, the consequences of             between the period 1999-2003:
                                                 swimming while intoxicated, drink spiking       • Young drivers with a P license are
Suite 19, Level 4                                as well as general drug use.                    six times more likely to be involved in
Macarthur Square                                                                                 a fatal crash between 10pm and 5am
                                                 Youth Solutions, The Rotary Club of             than other drivers
Shopping Centre,
                                                 Narellan and C91.3FM are hoping that
Gilchrist Drive, Ambarvale                       the campaign: promotes the safer
                                                                                               “The Rotary Club of Narellan is
PO Box 112                                       celebration message to young people
                                                                                               committed to assisting Youth Solutions
                                                 while creating a positive conversation
Macarthur Square NSW 2560                                                                      to continue their work to encourage
                                                 between young people, their parents and
                                                                                               safer celebrations by young people”,
P: 4628 2319                                     the broader community. As well as,
                                                                                               stated President of the Rotary Club of
                                                 increase access to help and information
F: 4626 7844                                     via the Youth Solutions website and
                                                                                               Narellan, Chris Paul.
E:                    phone.
           Please consider the following statistics
Welcome to the final edition of Solutions      appropriate to give children an alcoholic        Australians who drink responsibly.
for 2006!                                      drink in the home at aged 15 or 16.
                                               • Researchers have long been saying              Remember to:
As we approach the festive season and          that there is a strong link between early          • Pace yourself
the frantic period of celebrations, it is      teenage drinking and alcohol problems
important that we consider some of the                                                            • Drink slowly
                                               in life.
following statistics:                                                                             • Start with water
                                               • People who drink heavily usually
  • 80% of all alcohol consumed is at          develop a tolerance to alcohol; as a               • Eat before drinking
  risky levels .                               result they can drink large amounts of             • Allow at least 2 alcohol free days per
  • 17% of people admit to feeling             alcohol without appearing intoxicated.             week
  pressure to drink alcohol in a workplace     The amount of alcohol consumed can
  situation.                                   still damage their health.                         • Plan safe transport options. It is safest
                                                                                                  not to drink alcohol at all if you are
  • Alcohol is associated with 30% of all      • If a male and female drink the same              going to drive
  motor vehicle accidents.                     amounts of alcohol, the female will
  • 60% of Australians have a friend or        generally have higher blood alcohol
                                               levels and feel drunk quicker.                   Thank you for your support during 2006.
  family member that has experienced a
                                                                                                On behalf of all the team, I wish you a safe
  problem with alcohol and 10% say that        • It is not known if there is any safe
                                                                                                and enjoyable holiday season and a
  at some point they have been in that         level of alcohol consumption during
                                                                                                prosperous 2007!
  category.                                    pregnancy.
                                                                                                Enjoy the rest of Solutions.
  • Those in this ‘at risk’ group are also
                                             Source: Pfizer Health report in partnership with
  more likely to have had their first full   the National Drug and Alcohol Resource Centre
  serve of alcohol at 13 or 14 years of      2005
  age.                                                                                                              Linda Goldspink-Lord
                                             This does not mean that every celebration                              Chief Executive Officer
  • This is of concern considering more
  than a third of Australians consider it    has to be alcohol free. There are many

 Celebrate Campaign                                                                              Thank You
                                                                                                 Supporters & Distributors
                                                                                                 Community minded supporters and
                                                                                                 distributors of this campaign message
                                                                                                   •   Argyle Hotel
                                                                                                   •   Bargo Bowling Club
                                                                                                   •   Bargo Hotel & Bottle Shop
                                                                                                   •   BCP Accounting
                                                                                                   •   C91.3FM Road crew
                                                                                                   •   Caldwell, Martin & Cox Solicitors
                                                                                                   •   Camden Council
                                                                                                   •   Camden Hotel
                                                                                                   •   Camden Lakeside Golf Club
                                                                                                   •   Camden Police
                                                                                                   •   Campbelltown Catholic Club
                                                                                                   •   Campbelltown City Council
                                                                                                   •   Campbelltown Youth Services
                                                                                                   •   Club 209
                                                                                                   •   Community Links Wollondilly
                                                                                                   •   Crown Hotel
                                                                                                   •   IMB Campbelltown
                                                                                                   •   Injury & Occupational Health
                                                                                                   •   Jam Studios
                                                                                                   •   Lean & Hayward
                                                                                                   •   Lifeline
                                                                                                   •   Liquorland Picton
                                                                                                   •   Lockie’s Hotel
                                        2006 Charity Golf Day
                                        Thank you to The Protectors Insurance Brokers
Drug & Alcohol Treatment Access Line
Sydney South West Area Health Service
                          9616 8586

     ADIS (Alcohol Drug Info Service)
                 24 hour free service
                       1800 422 599

                    For Emergencies

             After Hours Counselling    The Protectors Insurance Brokers held
                    Lifeline 13 11 14
                                        their annual charity golf day at Camden
                                        Valley Golf Resort on Thursday 30
                                        November, with $20,000 in proceeds
                                        being donated to Youth Solutions.

     Information about Cannabis,        “The Protectors Insurance Brokers is an
  young people and local services       incredible supporter of Youth Solutions.
                                        David Michell along with all the team at   Gold Sponsor – QBE Australia Team
                                        the Protectors has supported Youth
                                        Solutions for a number of years and for
Comprehensive drug information site
                                        that we are extremely grateful”, stated            Manager Debbie Roberts.
   Provides accessible counseling       Youth Solutions heavily relies on the
  service to all Australian children    funds raised at the annual golf day to            continue to deliver our current range of   Silver Sponsor – AMP Team
                                        services to the community.
  Online service for young people
                                        Extra funds raised through fundraising
      looking for support through
                                        events such as the annual golf day, mean
                     difficult times
                                        that we will be able to:
                                          • Establish a Volunteer Program
                                          • Work more with our schools and
                                          young people                             Silver Sponsor CGU Team
                                          • Continue our parent program
• Macarthur Chronicle                     • Continue to help young people             Gold Sponsor
• Macarthur Community Forum
                                          access other services in our region.          • QBE Australia
• Macarthur Credit Union
• Macarthur Grange Golf Club            The day would not have been possible          Silver Sponsors
• Macquarie Fields Police               without the clients and friends of The
• Marsdens Law Group                    Protectors Insurance Brokers who took to        • AMP
• McDonalds, Rosemeadow and             the greens, special mention to Gold             • CGU
Glenquarrie                             Sponsor QBE Australia, Silver Sponsors
                                                                                      Bronze Sponsors
• Merino Hotel                          AMP and CGU Insurance, and Hole in
• Mt Annan Club Hotel                   One Sponsor JUA Underwriting Agency,            • Accident & Health International
• MTM Transport                         Bronze Sponsors as listed.                      • Allianz Australia
• NRMA Campbelltown
• NRMA Picton                                                                           • Barrie Grimes Finance and
• Parent volunteers at Youth            Congratulations go to all the players.          Insurance
Solutions                               Thanks also to those who donated prizes
                                                                                        • CGU Workers Compensation
• Pete’s Cafe                           for the players including: The Steadfast
• Picton Bowling Club                   Group, St George Bank, Markitforce,             • Consep
• Picton High School                    Dipak Joshi, The Welcome Hotel, Cucina          • Finance Select
• Picton Hotel & Bottle Shop            105, Abode Hair and Beauty, Paul Feasey
• Profit Advantage Group                CK Sports, Camden Valley Golf Resort,           • Hunter Premium Funding
• Quarryman’s Surf Shop Picton          Cassons & Motorcycle Accessories, The           • Preston Group
• Rotary Club of Narellan               Observatory Hotel, Filicudi Italian
                                                                                        • Radio C91.3FM
• Southern Highlands Community          Restaurant, Ashfield Cycles, Café C, All
Centre                                  Suburbs Strata Liverpool, The Computer          • Top Stuff 4 Business
• Warragamba & Silverdale               Department, JUA Underwriting Agency,            • Tri City Trucks (NSW)
Neighbourhood Centre                    Kobe Jones Sydney, Medispecs, Wests
• Wesley Uniting Employment             Tigers                                          • Zurich Insurance
• Westpac Narellan                                                                    Hole in One Sponsor
• Wollondilly Shire Council
• Woolworths, Camden                                                                    • JUA Underwriting Agency
• Youth Solutions
          Corporate Sponsors

 • AMP Foundation
 • Macarthur Wealth Management
 • The Protectors Insurance Brokers
   Pty Ltd
 • Rotary Club of Narellan

         Corporate Supporters                                       Points to note
 • Barrie Grimes Finance and
   Insurance                           Diary Dates                                  Service Info
                                       Youth Week
 • C91.3FM                                                                          Youth Solutions – What we can do
                                       14 – 22 April 2007
 • Esanda Finance                                                                   for you?
 • Snap Printing Campbelltown          Drug Action Week                              • Answer your questions and
 • Tri City Trucks                     18 – 22 June 2007                             provide information about alcohol
 • Wollondilly Accounting & Business   Prevention Day 20 June                        and other drugs.
   Services                                                                          • Find someone who can help you if
                                       Youth Solutions Charity Event                 we can’t
       Board Acknowledgement
                                       Saturday 21 July 2007
 •   Deborah Gander – President        Campbelltown RSL Club                         • Help you take action on drug
 •   Tim Clancy – Vice President       Contact us to Book your Table                 related issues in your community
 •   Wayne Quick – Treasurer                                                         • Refer you to treatment and
 •   Helen Clancy                                                                    counselling services
 •   David Michell
     Graham West MP
     Gordon Hay
                                       Camden Liquor Accord
 •   Geoff Ellis                       Bowls Day
 •   Tony Ross
                                                                                      • The Council of Camden
 •   Peta Hudson
 •   Jose Drumond                                                                     • The Camden Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                      • Licensed Premises
           Strategic Direction
                                                                                      • Clubs, BYO Restaurants and other
Our Mission                                                                             stakeholders
Supporting young people to make                                                       • Youth Solutions
safer life choices to achieve their    3rd Place winners –
full potential                                                                      Camden Liquor Accord recently held a
                                       Gordon Hay, Minna Eloranta (17 yo exchange
                                                                                    fundraising Bowls afternoon in an effort
                                       student from Finland), Debbie Roberts and
Our Vision                             Geoff Ellis
                                                                                    to raise funds for the Accord.

Creating solutions with young          The Camden Liquor Accord aims to             Participants on the day included teams
people, families and the               improve community safety and to              from Youth Solutions, Camden Civic
community to promote positive          reduce alcohol related harm in               Centre, Argyle Hotel, Merino Tavern, and
life outcomes by preventing            Camden LGA.                                  a Road Safety Team with representatives
harmful drug use                                                                    from Camden and Campbelltown
                                       The Accord is jointly supported by           Councils.
                                       individuals and groups who have
                                       common objectives and wish to work           It was a great afternoon of fun. Well done
                                       together to achieve those ends.              to our own Youth Solutions Team for
                                                                                    coming in third place.
                                       Members include:
                                        • Camden Police
                                         • NSW Dept of Gaming & Racing

  This is a Quality Improvement
   Council Accredited Service                'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
         Printing sponsored by                                  Your children home safely, along with your spouse
                                                                 No drinkers were driving, no grog fuelled fights

                                                                 Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good-night!

     Snap Printing Campbelltown                                                      From all at Youth Solutions
           P: 4628 4168

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