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AVID Newsletter Final Draft


									                                                                                                       Summer 2008

                                       AVID Newsletter
                                        Advancement Via Individual Determination
                                                  801 N. 11th Street
                                                 St. Louis, MO 63101
                                                Office (314) 345-4474
                                                Fax    (314) 345-4482
                                           Linda Bell-AVID District Director
 College by Design Not by Chance                                                  College by Design Not by Chance


                                                                   Anicea Brown won 1st place in a Spellman essay writing
                                                                   contest about becoming college bound after attending a
                   AVID Program Soaring at Williams                Spellman-sponsored information session/concert.
                                                                   AVID Teachers: Anna Gardner Andrews/Samantha Smith

One of the most important aspects of the AVID curriculum is        AVID at Langston Middle School
WICR- writing, inquiry, collaboration and reading. The AVID
students of Williams Ninth Grade Academy typify this cur-
riculum aspect in recognized, award winning ways.                  The students at Langston have par-
                                                                   ticipated in a lot of activities
The students of Williams were asked to write an essay to be        throughout the school year. We are
submitted to the AVID headquarters describing what AVID            involved with the Chess Club of St.
meant to the students and how it has affected their lives.         Louis, in which 10 of our students
Each AVID student wrote their own personal story. The best         will compete in the district wide tour-
essays were entered into a competition with other students         nament on May 21, 2008.
from across the country to win scholarship money, a trip,
and the chance to present the essay to one or several of the       Langston Middle participated in a Career Fair. There
7 AVID Summer Institutes for teachers.                             were many attendees: doctors, lawyers, engineers and
                                                                   others various occupations. They spoke to the children
Antoine Bailey’s essay “AVID- Empowering Minds, En-                about their long term goals.
riching Lives” won. He, along with 87 AVID teachers and
administrators, will go to Chicago where he will present his       Four AVID students also participated in the Saturday, St.
essay. In the essay he shares how his own family was in a          Louis library program called "My Tracs”. They have re-
crisis, his AVID “family” filled the gap. His sister was injured   ceived several recommendations from the program's co-
in a horrific automobile accident and while his family rallied     ordinator.
around her, Antoine was left to sort out his feelings. He
                                                                   Devin Buford wrote our schools' Christmas play. GREAT
turned to his AVID teacher and tutor for help. His essay is
from the heart and a tearjerker for sure.

Tyree Bibbs wrote a story based on her interpretation of a         The AVID class at Langston Middle School was the only
classical music piece. Students were asked to listen to the        class to have perfect attendance throughout MAP testing
piece and formulate their own story for the “Express the           and also placed second in the "Million Minutes by
Music Contest”. Tyree Bibbs won the contest and a schol-           March" program.
arship for her work. Tyree wrote about a fictional girl and her
feelings about the death and funeral of her grandmother. It is     Langston Middle School has 24 students who currently
very imaginative and creative.                                     have a 3.0 GPA. I am very proud of my AVID students
                                                                   and wanted to share some of their accomplishments with
La’Sheka Nicholson participated in the reading element by          everyone!
being one of the first St. Louis Public Schools’ students to                                     - Stephanie Petrucci
read the most minutes in the “Million Minutes in March”                                              AVID Teacher
reading campaign. She read 4,200 minutes, in nearly 3
whole days!
Page 2                                                                                                   AVID Newsletter
AVID Tutor                                                   AVID at Clyde C. Miller
Jeanne Patrick                                               Career Academy (CA)

About a year and a half ago, I was a col-                    Our first year as an AVID school
lege student searching for ways to get in-                   has been a great success. We
volved and make a positive difference in                     have taken field trips, volunteered in the community, had
the St. Louis Public School system. I was                    great EnTeam activity Fridays. We are looking forward to
told one way to do so was to become a tutor for              ending the year on a high note and working towards our
AVID. As a pre-service science teacher committed to          goals for next year as well.
urban education, AVID seemed to be a good way for me
to work with students before I could actually teach in the   CA AVID classes have participated in many activities:
classroom. I thought, perhaps naively, that getting in-
volved would just allow me to help students suc-             ⇒   May 6, 2008: We will tour the campus of Washington University
ceed. What I didn’t realize is that AVID would also help
me. I have made connections with like-minded individu-       ⇒   March 26, 2008: Twenty AVID students were selected to attend a
                                                                 performance of “DEATH AND THE KINGSHORSEMAN” at the
als and have learned about the many great schools and            Black Repertory Theatre. Students were not only exposed to the live
people in this district. Tutoring has helped me prepare          theatre experience, but they also were able to participate in a ques-
for my career in the classroom. Most importantly, the            tion and answer session with the actors after the show.
relationships I have made with the students, the teach-
ers, and other tutors are invaluable to me. After spend-     ⇒   April 11, 2008: We took a field trip to the UMSL campus. Students
                                                                 were able to see classrooms, tour the campus, see a dorm room,
ing a semester tutoring at Gateway High School, I knew           eat in the student union, talk to UMSL students and ask questions.
that I would love to student-teach there next year. The          It was a very educational experience.
high school has great kids, helpful teachers, and of
course, a focused science curriculum. I requested and        ⇒   April 24, 2008: The St. Louis Shakespeare Company will perform
received approval to complete my internship and student          for our school.
-teaching at Gateway High School. I wouldn’t be in the       The St. Louis Shakespeare Company performed for about
place I am now without my tutoring experience, and I am      100 select students of CA, including several AVID stu-
proud and grateful to be a part of the AVID family.          dents. The students were exposed to the live theatrical
                                                             experience, they were also introduced to a Shakespearian
                                                             play and were able to participate in a question and answer
                                                             session with the performers after the show.

                                                             EnTeam comes into our classes for our activity Fridays.
                                                             Students have been working on team building skills, relat-
                                                             ing their AVID skills to other classes as well as college and
                                                             life in general and overall having fun.
                                                             CA AVID has been doing outstanding academically. For
                                                             the third quarter, 2 students with a 4.0 GAP, 29 students
                                                             on the honor roll with 20 close behind at 2.8 and above.

                                                             CA is applying for NCA accreditation. As part of our com-
                                                             munity service to AVID, the students have been members
                                                             of the beautification committee to help prepare the school
                                                             for the NCA visit. On April 21, 2008, 22 AVID students
                                                             participated in cleaning the main entrance, trophy cases,
                                                             offices, and main hallways to make them presentable for
                                                             our visitors. All students will receive community service

                                                             Melfreya Findley
                                                             AVID Teacher
Page 3                                                                                                             AVID Newsletter
AVID at Carnahan High School                      (
Mr. Green
Southern Exposure
Early, Monday morning on May 5th, twenty 9th
and 10th grade AVID, AP and GEAR-UP stu-
dents boarded a charter bus -- destination:
Our nation’s Capitol, Washington DC. These
students have earned this opportunity by per-
forming academically and maintaining a good                                                           Arlington Cemetery
citizenship record throughout the year. The trip        The Capital
is scheduled to run from May 5th thru May 8th
with a whirlwind itinerary planned for every waking moment.                         AVID at Stowe Preparatory Junior High School
Mr. Cornelius Green, Project Lead the Way, a Personal Finance Teacher and
trip coordinator planned the trip for these students for several reasons he
said. “I wanted them, first of all, to have an opportunity to see our government
up close and personal, to see not only how, but also where it works. Then, I
wanted to demonstrate to all Carnahan students the opportunities that each
of them have simply by doing what is expected of them at school – study and
                                                                                    On Thursday morning at 3:28am I arrived at Stowe Pre-
behave,” he said. “These students can be considered role models in the              paratory Junior High School. We waited for the charter bus.
school, but they are also pioneers for what is to come for all other Carnahan       After we ate we went to LeMoye-Owens College. It was
students.”                                                                          fun. I want to go to that college, not just because it is a
                                                                                    HBCU, but because they have a lot to offer.
Among their many stops while in Washington, the students will visit the Capi-
tol, Arlington Cemetery, the National Mall and the Holocaust Museum. But
because they are college-bound students – a major focus of Carnahan High
School, GEAR-UP, AP and AVID – they will get campus tours of both Howard
University and Georgetown University. The five chaperones include Mr.
Green, Ms. Candice DeBoise, AVID Teacher, Mr. Laposa, 9th Grade Lan-
guage Arts Teacher, Mrs. Huddleston, Parent Liaison and Mr. Steve Ander-
son, GEAR-UP student coordinator.

“I am so excited about this trip. Who knows, I may go into politics someday. I
would like to see what they do.” said student Lawrence Welby. “                     Then we went to Slave Haven. I can’t believe how many
                                                                                    people would try to help slaves. They normally don’t tell
                                                                                    you all of that. They just tell you bad things. We saw a lot
“I have never been to Washington although I have seen the places where we           of black inventions. They wanted us to look at the stuff in
will go in books and on television. I can’t wait to see them for real.” said stu-   the gift shop. A beaded necklace cost $10 and thats a lot of
dent, Mercedes Brown                                                                money for a necklace. Then we got on the bus they did a
                                                                                    head count and we went to the National Civil Rights Mu-
“I’m excitied about the trip to Washington.”, said student, Andrea Samat-           seum. We saw were Martin Luther King Jr. was assassi-
manivong. She’s looking forward to handling a budget on her own since she           nated. We also saw the room he slept in. We saw how
learned to do personal finance in Mr. Green’s class.                                hard they had it back then. After that we went to Neely’s
                                                                                    BBQ. It was good. I loved their fries. I thought we were
                                                                                    going to get dessert, but they gave the adults cake.
Each student will receive a prepaid Visa card, which they are to purchase           Raymond Stepney
meals. Mr. Green said, “Students are being cautioned to take into account
how many days and how many meals they will need so that they have
enough throughout the trip. It will be interesting to watch them put into prac-
tice what we’ve done in class.”                                                     After visiting the Scott Joplin House in St. Louis,
                                                                                    Missouri, the 9th grade AVID class decided to visit
                                                                                    Memphis, Tennessee. Upon making this decision,
                                                                                    we formed a committee of students to help plan our
                                                                                    trip, including: Marquetta Quinn, Jaron Fortune,
                                                                                    Savon Riggs, Nayriah Mull, and Quinesha Shannon.
                                                                                    We agreed that we wanted to go to McDonald’s for
                                                                                    breakfast, LeMoyne-Owen College (which is a His-
                                                                                    torically Black College and University—HBCU), the
                                                                                    Slave Haven, National Civil Rights Museum,
                                                                                    Lorraine Motel, and Neely’s for dinner.
                                                                                    Quinesha Shannon
                National Mall             Holocaust Museum
Page 4                                                                                                           AVID Newsletter
AVID at Stowe Preparatory Junior High School
Mrs. Payne-Artis

May 8,2008, we visited LeMoyne-Owen College located at 807
Walker Avenue in South Memphis. As we toured the campus,             The tour guide told us the house use to hold
there were four people who talked to us about the history of the     slaves and she showed us this awesome paint-
                                                                     ing in the hallway of the slave ship and the
university. I learned that there was
                                                                     ocean. She took us in the cellar where the slaves
a High School located on the cam-                                    used to hide. After that we atelunch. I ate some
pus called Hollis F. Price. There                                    horrible Asian food. Next we went to the Civil
were two students who currently                                      Rights Museum. We saw were Dr. Martin Luther
attended the high school that told                                   King, Jr. was shot. After that we ate dinner and
us about how they were receiving                                     came back home.
two college credits for attending
Hollis F. Price.                                                                                  William Chunn

Second, we visited the Slave Ha-                                                                                         Slave Ship
ven located at 826 N. 2nd Street. While visiting the Slave Ha-
ven, there was a young woman who talked about how the slaves
were treated. She also showed us a whip that still had blood on      AVID Banquet
it and a painting where the slave were shown to be free souls        On the evening of May 15, 2008 at C. Miller Career Academy a
after they were tossed overboard the ship. I learned that there      banquet honoring the achievements of the AVID program was
was a Nigga Depot, which is where the slaves were sold. I found      held. Linda Bell, Tiffany King, and LaCorsha Thomas welcomed
out that Harriet Tubman freed                                        the guests and honorees to a night of poetry, dinner, and music.
300 plus slaves and was                                              The performances began with the reading of an amazingly inspira-
wanted dead or alive for                                             tional poem about AVID by Devin Buford., Resonia Killian, sang
$40,000.                                                             an exquisite solo. And Lquadra Burnett played a beautiful flute
                                                                     solo. Antoine Bailey, read his scholarship winning essay. .,
Third, we went to the National                                       Marianne Ragins winner of more than 400,000 in scholarship
Civil Rights Museum and the                                          money was the guest speaker. Twenty autographed copies of
Lorraine Motel. As we en-                                            her book were given to parents and students. The following stu-
tered the museum, there was                                          dents were acknowledged for their accomplishments Antoine Bai-
a sculpture that was designed                                        ley, of Williams 9th Grade Academy, was the AVID Essay Scholar-
as the outline of the United                                         ship Winner and received $500, Aniecea Brown, also of Williams,
States of America. Inside the             Slave Haven                was the 1st place Spelman Essay Winner and received a $100 gift
museum, I saw a designed                                             card. Ashley Jackson, of Vashon High School, was the 2nd place
bus with a sculpture of Rosa Parks seated in the front. I also       Spelman Essay Winner and received a $75 gift card. Keona
read the conversation that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had with his   Davis, of Roosevelt High School, was the 3rd place Spelman Es-
wife when he was in prison. In the Lorraine Motel, located at 450    say Winner and received a $50 gift card. Tyree Bibbs, also of Wil-
                                                                     liams, was the “Express the Music” Finalist. After the award cere-
Mulberry, we saw room 306 where Dr. King slept and was assas-
                                                                     mony, Amenta Christian-Robinson t gave the closing remarks and
sinated. Across the street from the motel in a building, I found
                                                                     thanked the 300 students and parents for attending this event.
out something I did not know before, that there were two shoot-
                                                   ers,    James
                                                   Earl Ray and
                                                   his    brother.
                                                   We saw the                    AVID Schools 2008 - 2009
                                                   Mustang that
                                                   James      Earl
                                                   Ray      drove,          High Schools                Middle Schools
                                                   the clothes he           Beaumont                    Busch AAA
                                                   wore,     bath-          Carnahan                    Bunche
                                                   room that him            Cleveland NJROTC            Compton Drew
                   Lorraine Motel                  or his brother           Clyde C Miller              Fanning
                                                   were standing            Gateway IT                  Gateway
in, and the rifle used to shoot Dr. King. Finally, we visited
                                                                            Roosevelt 9th               Langston
Neely’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant. The French fries, ribs, nachos,
and cake were good. Overall, I had fun visiting Memphis, Ten-
                                                                            Roosevelt                   L’Ouverture
nessee. Even though it was my first time visiting Memphis, I felt           Soldan                      Long
like I have already been there before.                                      Sumner                      McKinley
                                                                            Vashon                      Stowe
                                                                                            3.0 GPA & UP
                                                                          Ariel Tate        Jasmaa Grant        Maureen Poindexter
                                                                          Ashlee Davis      Kala Parisi         Mercedes Brown
                                                                          Erica Harper      Kristen Wilford     Mark Allen

                                                                                           CLYDE MILLER
                                                                                                 4.0 GPA
                                                                                    Amenta Christian-Robertson
                                                                                         LaQuadra Burnett

                                                                                            3.0 GPA & UP
                                                            Akeeva Pork          Daria Jones           Jillian Ross       Shabriel Sims
                                                            Asha Clark           Dominique Wallace     Juel Cannon        Whitney Robins
                                                            Aynissa Moorehead    Erica Joiner          Keith Lovett
                                                            Brian Williams       Erick DeVoil          Kimmika Warren
                                                            Brittany Brewer      Eurneka Hill          Markiesa Parker
                                                            Brittany Gunn        Hakeem Stroud         Mia Sutton
                                                            Celeste Tyler        Jamaya Valentine      Precious Duncan
                                                            Corrier Talton       Jared Fulks           RaChell Richards

                                                                                         4.0 GPA
                                                                                   Ermina Kasumovic

                                                                                     Krystal Meza                                            VASHON
                                                                                   3.0 GPA & UP                                            3.0 GPA & UP
             4.0 GPA                                Alexandria Chandler     Jessica White         Mark Dintelman  Thu Tran
                                                                                                                                       Andreanna Kennedy
Breonica Scott      Lasheka Nicholson               Amanda McDaniel         Kenya Cheathem        Marshae Owens   Tieriany Roberts
                                                                                                                                       Corissa Mack
Erica Cotton        Mariza Feming                   Benjamin Cehic          Kiara Gordon          Matthew Johnson
                                                                                                                                       Delores Dickerson
                                                    Carneta Galloway        Kimberley Borosh      Naida Bukvic
          3.0 GPA & UP                                                                                                                 Delores Herron
Aniecia Brown       Elijah Clark                                                                                                       Emecia Washington
Ashley Richardson Indira Fredrick                                            ROOSEVELT                                                 Erika Harrington
Bonaire Smith       Isshawn Davis                                            3.0 GPA & UP                                              Kim Steward
Brittany Snipes     James Foxworth                                                                                                     Linda Chatman
                                         Angela Pirtle      Jeremy Robinson       Nunande Wesseh Shakira Ghulammohammad
Buron McElroy       Jemika Morrison                                                                                                    Marcus Kyles
                                         Brittany McPherson Mahad Rage            Riam Yousif
Charles Rice        Krystal Reed                                                                                                       Natasha Norman
                                         Cameron Creamer    Mona Everett          Samir Hamzic
Charnay Sleet       Marvin Stewart                                                                                                     Saladin Smith
Daeveon Jackson     Maya Riggins                                                                                                       William Wallace
Danielle Reed       Raven Davis
Dashawna Taylor     Shirley Henley                                 4.0 GPA
Dorothy McPherson Tyree Bibbs                                    Ajasha Long
Ebony Regans        Verlencia Robins                            Chandra Smith
           Warneisha Terrell                                  3.0 GPA & UP
                                        Abhishek Kestur     Darronica Rodgers        Jasmine Howard
                                        Ajla Catic          Ervin Meka               John Enos
                                        Ariuna Thomas       Hanifa Zlibanovic        Joshua Walker
                                        Breanah Smith       Hashmat Afsari           Juan Miller
                                        Crystal Williams    Jasmine Bailey

                                          Kia Taylor
                                          Lisa Nolan
                                           Miranda Cannon                                Con
                                             Raul Torres
                                               Ren Dorsey
                                                Rubi Vera
                                             3.0 GPA & UP
            Ashraf Afsari                   Donna Gladden                    Jevon Jones
            Aquila Daniels                  Esmin Pasic                      Mehdi Ali
            Bridgett Latimore               Farzana Abdul-Ahad               Misra Yassin
            Chelcy Bishop                   Hazheen Ibrahim                  Nona Nguyen
                                                                             Rebecca Brents

                                               4.0 GPA
                                           Nephreteri Tutwiler

                                            3.0 GPA & UP
        Aigner King                      Jerard Davidson                 Shaibriel Mack
        Alberto Navarro                  Joann Herron                    Sharniece Dunn
        Appollonia Davis                 John Austin                     Sierra Parness
        Brionca Grimes                   Josue Aviles                    Synetta Dye
        Chyenne Linchan                  Kyrrej Baker                    Tabia Brown
        Daniel Carter                    Linda Phan                      Tarrin Casey
        Dominic Ball                     Malcom Nelson                   Titus Alexander
        Ena Duvnjak                      Maryam Fakire                   Tramez Davis

                                     3.0 GPA & UP
Alexis McConnell      Chris Tate          Jaerel Hulsey          Mariah Lane
Antwan Thomas         Deonta Ervin        Jamal Jones            Mary Russell
Arieana Wood          Derick Rivers       Jeresha Gatlin         Rebecca Frazier
Chantel Hardy         Devin Buford        Kalen Petty            Sean Lane
Charmelle Mays        Dwayne Hooks        Kuianna Allred         Tony Kimple
                                                                 Wesley Jacobs

                            3.0 GPA & UP
                   Chelsea Lacy        DeMonte Hobbs
                   Marquetta Quinn     Quinesha Shannon
                   Nayirah Mull        Tenika Stewart

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