The Personality Cults of Modern Dictators by dfsiopmhy6


									The Personality Cults of Modern Dictators
Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London

22-23 October 2010

Friday 22 October

9.15 Registration and coffee
10-11 Keynote address
Lucy Riall, The Cult of the Leader in the Nineteenth-Century: Garibaldi

11-12.30 Parallel sessions
Session 1. Cults in Eastern Europe
Jan Bröker, The Horty-Cult and Lèse-Régent—1920-1930
Balazs Apor, Exporting Charisma: Stalinist Leader Cults in the Soviet Bloc
Vilius Ivanauskas, The First Secertary in Soviet Lithuania and His Leadership:
Localism and Media Reflections (1945-1987).

Session 2. Models and Precursors
Nicola Tranfaglia, Authoritarian Populism in Modern Italy
Anna von der Goltz, ‘The Marshal and the Corporal’ Hindenburg as Hitler’s
mythical patron.
Marco Cupolo, Laureano Vallenilla Lanz’s Political and Social thinking, the Revival
of the Bolivarian Cult, and Hugo Chávez’s Pop Caudillismo.

Session 3. Architecture and Urban Planning:
Emanuela Costantini, Moulding Romanian society. Nicolae Ceauşescu and the
transformation of Bucarest
Eugene Pooley, Mussolini and the city of Rome

12.30-2 Lunch (own arrangements)

2-3.30 Parallel sessions

Session 4. Fallen Idols:
Claudia Baldoli, Bombing and the Cult of Mussolini, 1940-45
Vladimir Boyko, The rise and fall of Mohammad Daud in Afghanistan (1953-1978):
domestic and international dimensions of Asian dictatorship.
Polly Jones, Between ‘public’ and ‘popular’ memory: literary images of Stalin and
their reception by Soviet readers in the 1950s and 1960s.

Session 5. Christ and Anti-Christ:
Florian Mussgnug, The Rule of Antichrist: Prophecy Fiction, Eschatology,
Luke Berryman, Goebbels. Wagner’s Parsifal and Hitler’s personality cult
GregoryDeacon/ Gabrielle Lynch, ‘War with Satan’: Daniel Arap Moi’s
dictatorship in Kenya and evangelical Christianity
Session 6. Shaping the Mussolini Cult:
Robert Suzzi Valli, Piccoli duci: the charismatic leaders of the Italian fascist
movement before the seizure of power.
Ernesto Ialongo, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and the Cult of the Duce
Sofia Serenelli, Predappio as a site of Pilgrimage

3.30-4 Tea

4-5.30 Parallel sessions
Session 7. Leaders and the People:
Paul Baxa, The Winged Lion and the Dux: The Cult of the Duce and Mussolioni’s
Visit to the Veneto in 1938.
Manuela Marin, Working Visits and Nicolae Ceauşescu’s Cult of Personality
Cynthia Machado Campos, The Impact of the GetúlioVargas’ Nationalization
Campaign in Southern Brasil in the 1930s and 1940s.

Session 8. Transitions and successions:
Philip Dwyer, Memory, Charisma and the Cult of Napoleon
Hendrik Meurs, Constructing National Identity: The Contemporary Cult of
Personality of Turkmenistan
Virginie Grzelczyk, Kim Jong II, his dynasty and succession patterns

Session 9. Aspects of fascism:
Lauren E. Forcucci, Battle for Births: The Fascist Pronatalist Campaign in Italy
Carl Levy,’Sawdust Ceasar?’ Critics of Mussolini’s Charismatic Dictatorship, the
view from the Inter-War Italian Left.
Saverio Battente, Rocco and Mussolini

6.30 – 9.00 Conference buffet dinner at Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art.
Private view of exhibition ‘Against Mussolini: Art and the Fall of a Dictator’.
Saturday 23 October
9-9.45 Keynote
Maria Wyke, Julius Caesar in Western Culture: Crossing the Rubicon

9.45-11.15 parallel sessions
Session 10. Hitler and Mussolini:
Deborah Holmes, The ‘German’ Mussolini
Christian Goeschel, Mussolini’s personality cult as a template for Hitler’s rise to
Bianca Gaudenzi, Advertising the Dictators: the commercialisation of the Führer and
the Duce in interwar Europe.

Session 11. Humour and pop culture:
Julie A. Cassiday, Bakhtinian Carnival as Realpolitik: Performing Masculinity with
Putin in Contemporary Russia.
Jonathan Waterlow, Stalin’s Cult of Personality 1929-41L Hallowed or Hilarious?

11.15-11.45 Coffee

11.45-1.15 Parallel sessions
Session 12. Images and the cults:
Nicola Hille, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. A Comparative Study of visual propaganda
in three totalitarian states.
Alice Mocanescu, Representations of domesticity: 20th-century Leaders’s ‘Private’
Alessandra Antola, Photographing Mussolini.

Session 13. Mobilising the Past in Fascist Italy:
Oren Margolis, The Cult of Scipio Africanus in the Renaissance and Fascist Italy
Fabian Tietke, A Dictator Mirroring Two Others: film adaptations of Giovacchino
Forzano’s Campo di Maggio.
Jane Dunnett, Staging the Cult of Caesar under Mussolini

Session 14. Chinese Cults:
Jeremy E. Taylor, Remembering and forgetting Chiang Kai-shek in
post-authoritarian Taiwan.
Emily Hill, Emulation and adjustment: propagation of the Chiang Kai-shek
Personality Cult.
Sherman Xiaogang Lai, Poetry and the Mao Zedong Personality Cult.

1.15-2.30 Lunch (own arrangements)

2.30-3.15 Keynote address
Sudhir Hazareesingh, Cult of Leaders in France
3.15-4.45 parallel sessions
Session 15. Visual Images:
Miriam M. Basilio, The question of Audience Reception and the Construction of a
Cult of Personality for Francisco Franco.
Caterina Preda, The personality cult of Nicolae Ceauşescu: artistic declinations
Florian Göttke, Propaganda and Counter-Propaganda. The Images of Saddam
Hussein in the Media

Session 16. Views of Dictators in the 1930s:
Anastasia Yiangou, Ioannis Metaxas and Cyprus: the influence of a Greek dictator
on Cypriot politics, 1936-41.
Andrew Baldwin, Dictatorship within or without the constitution: British
expectations for the fate of the German Republic during the 1920s and 1930s.
Francesco Montero, From Illusion to Disenchantment: the Complex Catalan Gaze on

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