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   m                       Translated into English By Dr. Arafat K. El-Ashi

News & Events              Q1. Is it religiously perm            arry  an
                                                     issible to m a wom from the people of the
                           book under the Canadian Law?
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     ic                    A1. The m   ajority of Muslim jurists are of the opinion that it is m     akrouh
                                                                     arry        an
                           (religiously disliked) for a Muslim to m a wom of the people of the
MuslimBusiness Directory                                                                          ust
                           book in a non-Muslim country. If a person finds it necessary, he m fulfil
                                                      ic             ents      ake
                           all conditions and Islam legal requirem to m it Islam         ically valid. Here
Ask the Imam                                                                 m
                           in Canada, there exists within the Muslim com unities abundant Islam        ically
Volunteer With Us          qualified persons (m   a'zoons) who are authorized by the Canadian governm    ent
                           to performthe m     arriage contract.
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                           Q2. What is the Islam rule regarding dealing with banks engaged in rebawi
                           (interest) transactions, such as opening checking accounts or letter of
                           credit accounts?
                           A2. It is concedable for a Muslim living in Canada to open a checking
                           account if there is a need for doing so. Those who want to be pure from
                           any shubuhat (doubts), they m give away the interests paid by the banks
                           on their deposits. Also, it is perm                            en
                                                              issible for Muslim businessm who find it
                           necessary to open letter of credit accounts to do so with a condition not
                           to be involved in interest transactions.
                                                 ic                          e
                           Q3. What is the Islam position on purchasing a hom through a bank's
                           mortgage with interest?
                           A3. It is prohibited for a Muslim to buy a hom by getting a mortgage with
                           interest fromthe bank except under the condition of absolute necessity.

                           Q4. What is the Islam ruling regarding purchasing cars or furniture through
                           what is known as leasing?
                           A4. It is Islamically prohibited for a Muslim to buy furniture, cars, or things
                           like that through leasing because it is an interest trick.

                           Q5. What is the Islam ruling regarding the insurance on cars, furniture,
                           properties and also life insurance?

                           A5. Life Insurance is Islamically prohibited because it is considred to be a
                           kind of organized gam                           ents
                                                  bling backed by agreem and contracts between
                           insurance com                                       ,      m
                                           panies and the insureds. However com ercial insurance
                           against dam and responsibilities that is necessitated by private or public
                           considerations or required by law such as car insurance, is perm    issible in
                           this country because there exists no Islam insurance com    panies.
                                                   ic                         eat
                           Q6. What is the Islam ruling regarding eating the m of animal
                           slaughtered by Jews and Christians?

                           A6. In order to dim                                  s,          . ade
                                               inish the hardship facing Muslim Allah S.W m it
                           perm                    s               eat
                                issable for Muslim to eat the m of Islam       ically allowed animals
                           slaughtered by Jews and Christians with the condition that their way of
                                          ust                     ic
                           slaughtering m conformwith the Islam way of slaughtering.

                           As for the seller of m there is no difference whether he/she is a Muslim  ,
                           a Christian, a Jewish or an unbeliever. However it should be noted that if
                           the person doing the slaughtering happened to be an idol worshipper a ,

                                                                                                                converted by W
                         eat   es
hindu, or an theist the m becom forbidden regardless of the religion of
the seller.

Q7. What is the Islam ruling with respect to subjecting chickens, cows and
other anim and birds to electric shocks before pursuing the m     echanical
                                                    ing      al
A7. Using an electric shock with the purpose of calm the anim or the
bird down before slaughter and without causing death is acceptable.
Afterward, there is no Islam prohibition in doing the cutting, the
separation of m frombones, and canning m    echanically.

Q8. Is it perm                                                 ent
               issable for a Muslim to participate in a retirem plan or an
unem ploym  ent plan that is offered by institutions, com        panies and
governm  ents?

A8. It is acceptable to participate in unem        ent
                                            ploym insurance plans. As for
the retirem plan, its circum              ay                   ong
                                stances m be different am governm           ent,
banks and other institutions and I do not have a detailed understanding of
these circum  stances in order to give Fatwa (religious ruling) on this subject.

Q9. What is it in joining the Canadian arm the police force or working in
the Canadian governm departm or m ents     inistries?
A9. It is perm  issable for a Muslim to work in an Islam   ically allowable
                       ent         ents
occupation in governm departm and institutions if his work does not
lead to prohibited actions (the sam answer to question 11, 12, and 13).

Q10. Is it perm issible to work in interest-related banks and insurance
companies in Canada?

           s ust
A10. Muslim m be far fromsuch jobs.

                   's      ent                        usic
Q11. What is Islam judgem of a person who listens to m of different
kinds and songs especially the high sounding m and the evil songs that
are aired here in the country?

A11. Basically the recurrence of m is allowed in Islam to listen to.
Otherwise Muslim would be prohibited from listening to sounds of birds,
the flow of water or the m ent of trees by winds, as each has its own
  usic.                                      usic
m What is forbidden is to listen to any m or song that is attached to
som                                         eans
    ething prohibited or that is used as a m to something prohibited or
that which prevented fromdoing what is a duty.

It is, however clear that songs in this country with all the high sound m usic
accom   panying themand the evil m  eanings repeated by lustful singers and all
that leads to raising the desire for dancing, drinking alcohol and evil deeds
          akes                   usic
all this m such singing and m prohibited in Islam         .

Q14. What if a Muslimselected Canada as a permanent place of residence?

         e       s
Q15. Som Muslim say that m   igration to a Muslim country is an obligation
                  ,                           s
upon every Muslim what about Canadian Muslim who do not have a Muslim
country to which they migrate?

Q16. In Canada a Muslim enjoys civil and potential rights which often do not
exist in any Arab or Muslim country, would he m from freedom and
honour to repression and persecution?
A14-16. The answers to these three questions are interrelated and
com entary, the details of which are as follows:

"In principle, if a Muslim living in a country can not perform his religion as
freely as ordained, and if he knew that in other than his country, he would
be m capable of fulfilling his duties toward Allah and he would becom        e
m steady in his worship, his m                        es
                                        igration becom genuine." Regarding
m igration from a non-Muslim country to a Muslim country, the jurisprudents
of Islamhave differentiated between two cases:

The first, if he is capable to dem onstrate his religion in a non-Muslim
country and he is not afraid of being persecuted because of it, then his
m                                      es
 igration to a Muslim country becom non-obligatory, however it is,
preferable if he can.

The second, if he is unable to demonstrate his religion freely in a non-

                                                                                   converted by W
Muslimcountry, then his residency in that country becom prohibited, and
his m                                   es
      igration to a Muslim country becom obligatory if he can, otherwise
he is religiously excused until he can.

Q17. What is the ruling regarding a Muslim changing his nam to a Canadian
nam hoping to escape discrim   ination in Canada, to obtain a job or in order
to avoid harassm fromMuslimcountries?
A17. It is prohibited. It is a turning point from the religion of Islam and
getting m  elted in a non-Muslim pot and the excuses brought about are not
religiously acceptable to com it this act.

Q18. Why it is not perm                       an   arry       s?
                       issible for a Muslimwom to m non-Muslim and
what is the wisdombehind it?

A18. It was stated that a Muslimm would not hurt his wife who belongs to
the people of the book, whether in herself (physically) or in her religion,
because he believes in all the prophets and the m   essengers of Allah and
because the ethics of Islam prevent him from mistreating her. Whereas, it is
doubtful that a non-Muslim would not hurt his Muslim wife in her beliefs or
in her worships because he does not believe in the m   essage of Islam and
because his religion would not deter himfromthat.

                            en                           en
It was also stated that wom are generally weaker than m and they are
m susceptible to tem                                an arried to a non-
                         ptation. So if a Muslim wom is m
          an,              ay
Muslimm her husband m lure her away fromIslamtoward his religion.

                                                                     ily ust
It was also stated that Islam requires that the leadership in the fam m
be for m and that the law of Islamsurpasses all laws.

                                        ic       ent
My opinion is that fulfilling this Islam requirem is an act of worship and
does not need to be justified on any basis and all the justifications stated
above are matters of opinion.
Q19. What is the ruling of Islam of a Muslim who stays away from the Muslim
    m                                                ing
com unity in Canada and who does not keep com to their m            osques or
their meetings, therefore, getting m elted in the Canadian society?

A19. For a Muslim staying away from his righteous and pious Muslim brothers
and risking losing his Islam identity is one of the greatest sins "for the wolf
eats the distant sheep." In this case it is obligatory upon him to hasten to
enhance his link with the righteous Muslim and to increase his cooperation
with themfor the welfare of Islamand Muslim in this land.

Q20. What is the ruling regarding burying Muslim in non-Muslimcemeteries?
A20. In principle, this is not allowed unless in the case of necessity.
                    es                                    m
Therefore, it becom an obligation upon the Muslim com unities to do
what they can to purchase a separate cem etery for the purpose of burying
the dead Muslim s.
Q21- Can a Muslim wom take off her Hejab in Canada under the pretext
that she wants to get rid of discrimination troubles and to prevent being
fired fromher job and sim excuses?

A21. No. It is not perm                        an
                       issible for a Muslim wom to take off her Hejab for
                       ilar                       m
those excuses or sim ones. The Muslim com unity should seriously
endeavour to establish com ercial, industrial, m  edical and educational
institutions which would provide good job opportunities for com itted
Muslimwom without being harassed due to their faith.

Q22. Who is considered sinful for not establishing Islam schools, banks and
institutions that help Muslim practise their religion in Canada?
A22. The sinful are those Muslim who are residents of this country;
because establishing the said institutions is obligatory so that if they are
                        e          ,
established by som of them then the rest are relieved of the
responsibility; but if all Muslim neglect this duty they are all sinful.

Q23. Is it possible to take financial aid from the Canadian governm to
establish Islam schools and institutions in Canada?

A23. Y It is allowed in Islam to accept financial help from the Canadian
governm for this purpose.

                                                                                  converted by W
Q24. Is it allowed in Islam to use financial assistance from the Canadian
        ent       plem                           ent
governm to im ent relief and developm project in favour of
Muslim in developing countries?

A24. Yes indeed. This is permissible in Islam.

Q25. What is the position of Islam concerning m education forced on
Muslim even for those who try to learn the language of these people?

                             m                     s.           ,
A25. This is one of the com on tragedies for Muslim If, however does not
exem Muslim residents of this country of the religious responsibility to
establish Islam schools that abide by the regulations of Islam and observe
Islam conduct and try to bring up Muslimyouth according to the guidance
of Islam the religion of truth.

Q26. What is the judgem of Islam concerning the visa, the MasterCard,
Am                          ilar
  erica Express or other sim cards?

A26. It is basically permissible to issue such credit cards and to use them as
long as they are free fromthe elem of interest transactions.

Q27. Is it true that watching TV is prohibited in Canada?

A27. The TV is a neutral set, and the judgem on what is watched from it
                                             s                        ic
depends on its quality; thus useful program that contain no un-Islam item    s
are perm                 ,                     s
         issible in Islam otherwise all program on sex, evil or corruption are

                       ent        ent
Q28. What is the judgem of governm financial aid to poor Muslim
   ily,          ily
fam and the fam bonus?

A28. A Muslimcan take these aids fromthe Canadian government.

Q29. Is it allowed in Islamto use tricks and cheating to get financial aid from
the Canadian governm    ent?

A29. Using tricks or cheating or lies to obtain financial aids from the
                 ent                      .        s
Canadian governm is forbidden in Islam Muslim should be perfect
exam of honesty and trustworthiness in their financial dealings with non-
Muslim s.

Q30. Is it allowed to invite people to food and to listen to lectures given by

against certain charges or fees that will be used for a certain Islam cause?

A30. There is no harmin this fromthe Islam point of view.

                s               e                                 aller
Q31. Can Muslim sharing the sam city differ on Islamfeasts (the sm and
the sacrifice feasts)? Although the purpose behind such difference m     ay
som es be to obtain worldly benefits or due to hatred of other Muslim   s?

                    ong em                           m
A31. Difference am m bers of the Muslimcom unity and its institutions
in the sam Canadian city concerning fasting Ram       adan, breaking their fast
and their celebration of the Islam feasts is an indicator of their perversion.
It is also a proof of the control of the grip of ignorance and personal whim  s
over their affairs. This phenom  enon warns of an evil future should Muslim   s
continue following this ill-om                                     em
                                ened division and conflict. Rem ber the
Quran verse: (And fall into no disputes, last you lose heart and your power
depart). 8-46.
Q32. What is the Islam view of celebrating Isra and Miraj, the Prophet's
birthday and other sim occasions where food is offered, songs are sung
        etim                    etim
and som es flags are raised. Som es also these occasions are used to
    ind      s
rem Muslim and teach themtheir religion?

A32. It is not allowed in Islam to celebrate Isra and Miraj, and the Prophet's
birthday as two Islam feasts where food is served, songs are sung and flags
are raised etc. As for seizing these occasions to warn people and rem     ind
them of the teachings of their religion, the obedience to their Lord, teach
them what they need of the legislations of their law and enjoin them to
                          ony                       s,
observe unity and harm and to abandon whim racial bias and personal
ends, all this is good in the sight of Islam.
Q33. Is it allowed to share Jews and Christians their feasts like Christm and

                                                                                  converted by W

A33. It is absolutely prohibited for Muslim to participate with Jews and
Christians in observing their religious feasts like Christm and others. This is
because whoever im    itates any group of people he will be one of them on
the Day of Judgem God forbids.

                               ed                 s?
Q34. Is there a special uniform dress for Muslim Is wearing suits, shirts,
neck ties and other types of dress forbidden for Muslims?

A34. There is no one uniform dress for Muslim m as long as they put on
        iliar                        ent
the fam dress of their environm provided that it covers one's sham         e,
unless the dress is special for Jewish rabbis or Christian priests or others.
Then in this case it is not allowed to im them   .

                                        usic                 its
Q35. What about listening to songs and m and what are the lim of
what is allowed if any?

A35. Listening to songs and m are part of the culture and life of non-
Muslim who resort them as a m    ethod of consolation against their feeling of
desertion as a result of their distance from God and due to their being cut
off from the true religion. Thus songs and m becom a factor of e
recreation from a disbeliever who is unm   indful of his Lord and forgetful of
what he was created for.

              ,         ,                 em                      es,
A true Muslim however is one who rem bers his Lord at all tim he is
perpetually attached to His glory seeking His help, depending on Him and
surrendering to His will in full obedience and supplication. Such a person
finds his pleasure in God, his happiness in God's obedience doing all that
pleases God. His utm bliss is m                        em
                                   anifested in his rem brance of God, his
gratitude to Him and his consciousness of his Lord, in addition to his
                                          .                 usic
acceptance of all that Allah wills for him Thus songs and m (which are
the four for the unm                                                  ind
                      indful of God) have no place in the heart and m of
the Muslimnor in his culture and life.

                      ic      ent
Q36. What is the Islam judgm of a Muslim who does not observe daily
prayers or the one who neglects som prayers?

A36. There is no difference am Muslim scholars that the person who
abandons prayer rejecting it as an obligation is a non-Muslim He is to be
treated as an apostate. As far the person who is neglectful of prayer due to
laziness while he believes it to be incum               ,
                                           bent on him then he is in fact
     m         ajor                                     ent
com itting a m sin for which he deserves a punishm in the Hereafter
                                                       m ajor
according to what Allah threatened those who com it m sins. Som            e
jurists, however said: This is disbelief and rebellion against Islam due to
what the Messenger of Allah said: The covenant between you and us is
prayer, and whoever abandons it is a disbeliever.

As far the worldly verdict that should be established by the leader of
Muslim against the abandoner of prayer due to laziness, jurists have three
different opinions:

1- That he is out of the fold of Islamand should be killed due to apostasy.

2- That he does not leave Islam but he should be killed according to the
prescribed punishm if he does not repent and refuses to pray like the
killer of an innocent victim.

3- He does not leave Islam nor should be killed, but should be punished by
beating and im        ent
              prisonm until he prays.

As far the one who is lazy and is unm                 e
                                        indful of som prayers, he has to
reform his position at once and repent of this sin against Allah. He has to
observe prayers constantly with seriousness and activity on their prescribed

                            ic        ent
Q37. What is the Islam judgm on joining prayers due to job
circum                                                 s
       stances? A37. It is possible for resident Muslim to join noon prayer
with the afternoon prayer and to do the sam with sunset and night prayer
for unavoidable circum stances beyond their control.
                        ic      ent                 e       s
Q38. What is the Islam judgm concerning som Muslim who pray only
Friday prayer in imitation of Jews and Christians who pray only on Saturdays
and Sundays?

                                                                                  converted by W
A38. If such people abandon daily prayers due to rejecting them as religious
duties, this an apostasy against Islam If this is due to negligence and laziness
then this is one of the m       ajor sins which requires repentance and
continuous observance of prayers at their prescribed tim (see answer to
question 36.)

Q39. Can a Muslim sit on the sam table with people drinking wine as a
com ent to them  ?
A39. It is prohibited for a Muslim to share the sam table with drinkers of
           plim                                      m
wine. Com ents are not accepted as excuses to com it this sin.

                      ic     ent
Q40. What is the Islam judgem of a Muslim who is shy of Islam and tries
to hide him fromothers?

A40. This is a sign of weakness in faith, and anyone who suffers from this is
in danger of an evil end. Such a Muslim should always rem ber what Allah
                                                         ,          ust
says in the Quran: So lose not heart nor fall into despair for you m gain
m astery if you are true in faith (3-139)

Q41. Is it possible for a Muslim youth to invite a Canadian girl to Islam What
is allowed and not allowed in this respect?

A41. Wherever a Muslim lives he should be a caller to Islam through his
words confirm by his actions and behaviour. In case he invites a Canadian
girl to Islam he should abide by the Islam regulations in his relationship
with her and should treat her like any other stranger woman.

                        ic         ent
Q42. What is the Islam judgem of one who spreads hatred instead of
love in the nam of religion, and spread difficulty instead of ease and
deprival instead of enjoying all that is permissible?

A42. Such a person is a falsifier of Divine revelation; he is com itting lies
against Allah; he is a preventer of people to follow Allah's path; he has no
accepted excuse for doing this whether this is due to his ignorance of Islam
or due to psychological disturbances that control him .
Q43. What are the conditions of the Islam dress (Hejab) for the Muslim
wom Is it enough for her to cover everything except her face and hands,
or is it essential for her to cover themalso as well as her feet?
A43. The Muslim wom dress in front of strangers should cover all her
body except her face and hands which she does not have to cover unless
their exposure would lead to mischief or evil.
Q44. What is the Islam conduct concerning growing or cutting one's hair
as well as one's beard? Is it true that it is not allowed to cut any part of
one's beard or that the beard is only a handful long and anything m than
that can be cut?

A44. A Muslim can shave all his hair or he can cut it without shaving. He can
also leave it until it reaches his shoulders in imitation of the Messenger of
God p.b.u.h. What is im   portant is that he should neither shave or cut his
hair like wom nor should he im                       s
                                    itate non-Muslim or deviators because all
actions are controlled by intentions.
Q45. What is the allowed exposed ornam for Muslimwomen?
A45. Every Muslim should follow the Prophet's guidance in abiding by all
characteristics of nature part of which is growing his beard. It is size,
        ,                                 ong
however is a question of difference am Muslimjurists. The Hanafi jurists
                                m                            ore
said for instance: it is recom ended to cut what is m than a handful
         am                         m                             e
while Im Malek said: it is recom ended to cut the extrem length of the
beard. He did not lim it to a handful. As for the Shafii school they said: he
should leave it as it is without cutting any part of it. This is one version with
the Hanbali school. In this difference, I believe there is plenty of room for
Muslim s.

Q46. What do you think of taking photographs? What is allowed or prohibited
of this?
A46. What is prohibited according to the Prophet's traditions is amking
                                        en          als.
statues or idols for living creatures m or anim As for taking
photographs (by using a cam this is allowed in Islam unless one takes
                                     en       en
photographs for prohibited parts of m and wom or anything that leads

                                                                                    converted by W
to evil and mischief.
                                      ent           en
Q46. What is the allowed exposed ornam for Muslimwom outside their

A46. A Muslim wom should avoid exposure of her body and ornam             ent
                 e.                                  en's
outside her hom What is forbidden is to draw m lusts to her person
through putting perfum having cosm      etics or applying colours on her face
and lips and other tricks in clothes and ornam which invite the interest
of m and invite their sexual desire in her. As for the Quranic verse that
says: [They should not display their beauty and ornam      ents except what
ordinarily appear thereof] Chap. 24-v 31. This verse refers to the face and
                                 ay                          .
hands according to Ibn Abbas m Allah be pleased with him Ref Al-Majm      oo'
by Nawawi vo. 3/167.

                      ic      ent                       an's
Q47. What is the Islam judgem on showing a wom beauty and
ornam to the husband's relatives like his brothers and the like kins?
A47. It is prohibited for a Muslim wom to show her beauty and ornam      ents
in front of her husband's relatives for they are strangers to her. She should
                                           en                       en
not expose anything which believing wom cover in front of all m except
the husband and the allowed categories of m         ales. Bukhari and Muslim
reported the Prophet p.b.u.h. who said: Abstain from entering upon
     en.            an
wom Then a m is from Al-Ansar asked: O Messenger of Allah, what
about the husband's relatives? He said: The husband's relatives are death. He
m eans the husband's brothers. The m     eaning is that a husband's brothers
solitary encounter with the wife is m dangerous than that of strangers.
                  's             en                             en?
Q48. What is Islam decision of m shaking hands with alien wom Is a
Muslim preacher sinful should he shake hands with a non-Muslim wom so
that he m not hurt her feelings? Then he would explain to her the
judgem in the course of his presentation of Islamto her?

A48. Muslim jurists gave the following details about shaking hands with alien
wom en:
a. Shaking hands with an old alien wom who is not usually desired is not
sinful provided one is sure of this.
b. It is disliked to shake hands with a young alien wom even without
sexual desire.

c. Shaking hands with lust with an alien young wom is a disobedience to
Allah. It is considered as a m sin based on what Muslim and Ahm           ad
reported Ibn Abbas m Allah be pleased with him who said: I have seen
             ilar    inor
nothing sim to m sins than what Abu Huraira reported the prophet
p.b.u.h. who said: Allah has recorded on the son of m his share of
adultery which he will sure have: for the eye's adultery is through looking,
the hand's adultery is though touching and the self likes and whispers, while
the sexual organ either fulfils this or ignores it. This m sin becom a   es
m one through insisting on doing it as is the case with the rest of all
m sins.

                  's    ent
Q49. What is Islam judgm of sm oking? Is it included in the Quranic verse
that says: He m lawful the good things and prohibits for themevils?

A49. Sm                                                            an
        oking is one of the evils due to its sure harm upon the hum body.
On the other hand spending m     oney to purchase cigarettes is one type of
extravagance which is forbidden in Islam Man will no doubt be asked on the
Day of Judgm about his m      oney where he obtained it from and where he
spent it. He is accountable for this as is confirm by traditions of the
Prophet p.b.u.h.

                             e        ?
Q50. What is the value of tim in Islam Is it allowed for a Muslimto spend his
tim on useless activities under the pretext of innocent recreation?
A50. Tim is one of the precious gifts granted by God Alm                    an.
                                                                 ighty to m In
the life of a Muslim it is his capital which is intended for developm and ent
production. Thus it is not logical for any sane person to waste his tim and  e
             less                                    am
lead an aim chaotic life. May Allah bless Im Ibn Al Qayyim who said:
Man's tim is actually his life. It is the raw m   aterial of either his everlasting
life is perpetual bliss or his life of suffering in continuous punishm It   ent.
passes like clouds. The part of his life spent for God and in the cause of God
is indeed his real life and age while anything else is not counted as part of
his life even if he should live the life of animals.

                                                                                      converted by W
                               es           m
Q51. How does Islam look at gam like backgam on, playing cards and

                      m                                     .
A51. Playing backgam on and cards is not allowed in Islam They are part of
prohibited recreation. As for chess the m  ajority of scholars believe it to be
prohibited while the Shafii jurists say it is prohibited if it causes delay in
establishing prayers at the appointed tim or if it is played for certain
com pensation. If this is not the case then it is disliked.

Q52. What are the sports encouraged by Islam and the sports and games
prohibited by it?
A52. Islam encourages all sports that strengthen the body and take care of
health so that they help m be better able to work and obtain his allowed
provision and help him better obey God Alm   ighty. As for sports and games
that cause harm or hurt to the hum body as free boxing, wrestling and
the like, these are prohibited based on the Prophet's saying No harm nor
              .                               e
cause of harm Otherwise every sport or gam that neither achieve benefit
                                               es                e
nor cause harm then it is part of the vain gam that waste tim and spend
it uselessly.

Q53. Does Islam accept love before marriage? How far true is the following
statem Whoever loves a chaste love then dies he dies as a m   artyr.

A53. Love before m    arriage naturally has certain introductions and
necessities which are not free from com itting sins. As for what has been
reported that the Prophet p.b.u.h. said: "Whoever loves, hides his love in
patience and dies, he is a martyr" and in another version: "Allah will forgive
him and grant him paradise" This is a false fabricated saying in its two
versions: Im Ibn Al Qayyimstates this in his book "Rawdatul Muhibbeen" p.

         e     s           an                   ent
Q54. Som Muslim despise wom and abuse her treatm what is Islam   's
      ent                         its
judgm on this and what are the lim of a husband's discipline of his

A54. It is prohibited for a Muslim husband to despise his wife or abuse her.
In his all-em                       on
              bracing farewell serm the Prophet p.b.u.h. strongly urged
Muslim husbands to do all that is good to their wives. He said: Fear Allah in
dealing with wom and do all that is good to them for they your
dependents who cannot be self-sufficient. Hear m speech for I have
conveyed the m                               ,
                  essage. (Reported by Muslim Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah and
Darm y).
On the other hand Islam has given the husband, who is dutiful to his wife,
the right to discipline her when she rebels and rejects to obey him and to
     ply         .
com with him He first counsels her in all love and kindness, then he can
abandon their m   utual bed if advice does not work; then if she insists on
rebellion and hatred he can beat her to the extent that restores her
obedience and forces her to fulfill her duties. Beating should not be severe;
he should avoid the face and should not leave any m on her body. The
husband should not resort to beating, as the last solution, if he thinks that
it will have no effect. Second, it should not be severe beating nor should it
cause any bleeding. He should avoid the sensitive parts of the body for it is
intended for reformand not punishm or dam        age.
Not only this but even when beating the wife is allowed m prom         inent
jurists of Shafii, Maleki and Hanbali school led by Im M. Ibn Idris Al Shafii
say that it is better for the husband to forgive his wife and abstain from
                                                 ercy        ily
beating her for the sake of keeping love and m in the fam life. (Al-Um
by Im Shafii 5-176 and other reliable sources.)

Q55. What is Islam position on rebellion against parents? and is it allowed to
rebel against disbelieving parents?

A55. Rebellion against Muslim parents is one of the m sins which cause
the anger of Allah Alm ighty. If the parents are polytheists or disbelievers
their Muslim children should deal with them in kindness and goodness. The
Holy Quran says: "But if they strive to m you join in worship with Me
things of which you have no knowledge, obey them not, yet bear them
com in this life with fairness and consideration." Chap. 31-v15. Im Ibn  am
T iyah says: Man has to obey his parents in all m      atters without falling in
sins even if they are deviators. This is as far as everything that brings about
                                             .                 iyah
benefits to themwithout any harmon him (Fatawa Ibn Taym P. 114).

                                                                                   converted by W
                  's    ent
Q56. What is Islam judgm of the person who abandons Friday prayer?
             bers                   m
A56. Mem of the Muslim com unity in Canada as else where should be
keen to establish Friday prayer (because it is obligatory on all Muslim males
                                                       s      eet
who are not travelers). This prayer enables Muslim to m other pious
Muslim to cooperate with them in all that is good and righteous and to
fulfill all that is good and honourable for Islamand Muslims.

                  's    ent en                 en
Q57. What is Islam judgm of m kissing alien wom and vice versa?
                                    en                 en
A57. It is prohibited in Islam for m to kiss alien wom whether they are
free of lust or not due to the legislation that forbids this and because of
the absence of any necessity to do this.
                      an                                 inor
Q58. Can a Muslimwom travel by air alone or with her m children to a
foreign country without an accompanying relative after her husband has left
her back hom due to an excuse or without an excuse?
A58. It is prohibited for a Muslim wom to travel alone or with her m     inor
kids without the com      pany of her husband or a close relative without
excuse. The presence of her m children is not considered enough as
long as they are m This is the view of the m   ajority of scholars of Hanafi,
Shafii, Maleki and Hanbali schools.

If however she has an excuse and has a trusted com        pany then we can
follow what Al Qaffal, of the Shafii school and others opened nam that a
     an's                                         ake
wom travel is allowed for trade, visit or to m voluntary pilgrim     age-etc.
                   pany                                  en
with a trusted com that included trustworthy wom or wom This is    an.
an exception of the prohibiting tradition. (several reliable sources confirm
this, but the general rule still prohibits this).

                  's     ent              an
Q59. What is Islam judgem of the Muslimwom who prays but does not
abide by the Islam code of dress?

A59. She is rebellious against the com ands of Allah and negligent of this
                                         e                  en.
orders due to displaying part of her sham in from of alien m Her duty is
to hasten to repentance to abstain from this deficient behaviour and to
    e          e                                      ic
com her sham in full through abiding by the Islam code of dress for
wom en.
                       ic      ent   e       s
Q60. What is the Islam judgem of som Muslim who fast Ramadan but
do not pray or pray in Ram and abandon prayer after it?
A60. The establishm of the five daily prayers and fasting Ram         adan are
both basic principles of Islam They are both part of the five pillars on which
Islam is founded. Those who observe the fast of Ram       adan and abandon
prayer has in fact underm one pillar of Islamwhile observing the other.
On the other hand, those who fast Ram                                  ,
                                           adan while abandoning prayer if
they are not believing in what they abandoned they are no m within the
fold of Islam and so they don't benefit anything from fasting or charity;
while if they still believe in what they abandoned they are deviators from
the com ands of God and their fasting without prayer is a clear proof that
they did not fast in obedience to God and in fulfillm of their slavery to
Him otherwise they would not have abandoned their duty to establish
prayer. Such fasting is observed due to habit they acquired from their
environm or inherited from their fathers. It is well-known that observing
a worship due to habits m it rejected and returned to the observer
because he did not observe it in obedience to God. See answer to question
No. 36.

                  's    ent
Q61. What is Islam judgm of the person who ignores the veil for Muslim
    en           s
wom and claim that it is only a habit rather than a worship?

A61. The fact that the veil for Muslim wom is proven in the Quran, the
Sunnah and the consensus beyond any doubt or interpolation. It is a clear
fact for the Muslim nation since the era of the Prophet p.b.u.h. until the
            e.            ous
present tim It is so fam that it because one of the basic issues which
are taken for granted in religion. Whoever ignores it becom a disbeliever.
                  's     ent
Q62. What is Islam judgm of one who attacks Islam through writing an
article in a newspaper or m            ic
                             ocks Islam teachings and sides with

                                                                                 converted by W
                   m                                       ,
A62. If this is com itted by any person attributed to Islam it is considered
an act of apostasy that qualifies him to be a disbeliever. The person who
com its this is treated as an apostate; but should a disbeliever do this,
nothing is m sinful than disbelief.

Q63. Does Islam allow a Muslim wom to travel alone abroad for seeking
knowledge, or does Islamdeprive wom fromhigher education?

                               en          en
A63. Islam encourages both m and wom to seek useful knowledge that
brings about all that is good in both lives and prevents all that is evil. This
includes higher as well as lower education.

As for a wom travel abroad for seeking knowledge without the com       pany
of a husband, a close relative who would protect her this is not allowed in
Islam based on what Al Bukhari and Muslim reported the Messenger of God
p.b.u.h. who said: It is not allowed for a wom who believes in Allah and
the Last Day to travel the duration of one day and one night without a close
relative. This is so because wom is an attraction whose single travel m   ay
cause evil for herself and for others.

                          an                     e
Q64. Does Islam allow wom to work outside her hom without a necessity
or due to a necessity but in a m work place although she abides by the
Islam code of dress or she does not?

A64. One foundation of Islam is that it safeguards the purity of the Islam ic
society and environm fromall illegal sexual relationships. Thus it prohibits
    m                                                      .
com itting such evils and closes all doors leading to them That is why Islam
    m           en                         ic
com ands wom to abide by the Islam code of dress and prohibits all
lonely encounters with alien m or travelling with them without the
com                                                                  en
    pany of a husband or a close relative. Islam also orders both m and
wom to lower their gaze. Everything that does not lead to evil or to
som                                      .
    ething prohibited is allowed in Islam Thus it exem              en
                                                        pted old wom from
lowering their gaze; solitary encounter with alien m and single travel
abroad, all of which apply to other wom Islam allows travel for wom       en
with a close relative. It also perm lust free gazes for a right reason like
m              ent,                            ony,
  edical treatm financial dealings, testim engagem for m     ent     arriage
and the like.

Accordingly, every Muslim wom living in these countries that force them
                                                 ony           ,
to work under conditions that are not in harm with Islam should abide
by the Islam code of dress. She should choose to work under conditions
that are least in conflicting with Islam Let her also exert her best to be as
close as possible to Islamand rem ber God's words: And observe your duty
to Allah as m as you can.

Q65. Is it allowed for a Muslim m  erchant to have partnership with a non-
Muslimm                                 its
         erchant? If so what are the lim for this partnership?
A65. The partnership between a Muslim and a non-Muslim m    erchant is valid
in Islam Jurists set certain conditions for such partnership especially that
the Muslim should have the upper hand and should be in charge of the
partnership and the investm this is because the non-Muslim partner is
not keen to avoid prohibited dealings and invalid contracts in the sight of
Islam .
Accordingly, if the two parties- the Muslim and the non-Muslim abide by
          ic        ic                        ited
the Islam econom principles and were lim to good perm        issible ways
of gain, then there is nothing awkward in their partnership.
                    's       ent            an
Q66. What is Islam judgm of the wom who enters the marriage
contract all by herself without a guardian?
A66. Im Abu Hanifa says that the guardian is not a precondition for the
validity of the marriage contract established by the intelligent adult wom an.
She can, in other words, establish her m   arriage contract all by herself; or
she can delegate whom     soever she wishes to of the intelligent adults to
im ent it for her. Such a contract is valid without a guardian.

The m                                    ,
       ajority of Muslimjurists, however of Shafii, Maleki and Hanbali schools
believe that a m  arriage contract can only be valid with a guardian; and that
a Muslim wom cannot perform the m          arriage contract for herself nor for
others. She cannot, according to them delegate any one else other than
her guardian to perform her m     arriage; if she does this the contract is not

                                                                                  converted by W
Q67. How long can a husband be absent abroad from his wife, and who has
the right to separate them from one another? What are the conditions for
such separation to take place?

A67. If a husband is absent from his wife after having m     arital intercourse
with her and he is away due to an accepted excuse like seeking
knowledge, trade, work or other sim reasons and he provides her with
what she needs of expenses, then she has no right to seek separation
whether the period of his absence is long or short, or whether she suffers
of som harmor not. This is because he is not unjust to her by his absence.
                                               e       ore
While if he is away for a long period of tim -say m than one year and     ,
    e                                                eant
som said over three years- and he intentionally m to harm her without
an accepted excuse, then she can present her case to the Islam judge   ic
asking him to separate her from her husband. She can prove his absence
without any excuse and that she suffers from real harm due to which she
suffers to slip into adultery. Once this is done, the judge would write to the
husband asking his either to return to his wife, or to help her join himor to
divorce her. The judge would give him a certain waiting period of tim        e.
Should the husband refuse all these options then the judge would separate
the two. Such separation due to absence can only be fulfilled through the
decision of an Islam judge.

Q68. Does the guardian have the right to prevent the marriage of his
daughter for one reason or another?
                           an                ic
A68. The guardian of a wom has the Islam right to stop her m     arriage from
the one who is not her equal m whether she asked to get m            arried to
him or each side desired the m    arriage to the other side or not or she did
not ask. The guardian, however has no right to prevent the wom underan
his guardianship fromm                      ate
                       arrying her equal m if she asks for this.
Q69. Who is the owner of dowry in m   arriage (the guardian or the daughter)?
Is it possible for the guardian to spend the dowry or part of it without his
daughter's perm  ission?
A69. The owner of the dowry in m                         an
                                     arriage is the wom alone and not her
guardian who has no authority to spend the dowry of his adult daughter or
part of it whether she is virgin or was m arried before.
Q70. Is it allowed that a m should eat, drink and urinate while standing?
        an,             an
A70. A m and a wom for that m       atter can eat and drink while standing
                 am                am
due to what Im Al Bukhari and Im Muslim reported on the authority of
Ibn Abbas m Allah be pleased with him who said that the Prophet p.b.u.h.
drank from the well of Zam from a bucket drawn from it, and he was
                        ,      m
standing. It is, however recom ended that a Muslim should eat and drink
while he is sitting based on what Muslim reported that Anas m     .A.b.p.w.h.
who said that the Prophet p.b.u.h. forbade that any Muslim would drink
while standing. Jurists understand that prohibition to be disliked or that
one is abstaining from som ething better. This the jurists did to coordinate
between traditions of the Prophet in this connection.
A Muslim can also urinate while standing based on what Bukhari and Muslim
reported from Huzaifah m         .h.
                         .A.b.p.w who said that the Prophet approached
the garbage place of som people and urinated while he was standing.
Jurists coordinated between this tradition and the other reported by
Tirm Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah from Aisha m                  .
                                                .A.b.p.w who said that the
Prophet p.b.u.h. never urinated except while he was sitting. Jurists
concluded that urinating in a position of sitting is part of good manners not
m ore.

                     its     es               e
Q71. What are the lim and tim of exposing sham between parents and

                     its        e
A71. The father's lim of sham which he should cover in the presence of
his sons and daughters are from the navel to the knees. The perm    ission
verse in chapter 19-58- speaks about children who are not adults but they
understand the m                                             e.
                    eanings of covering and exposing sham They are
com anded to seek perm     ission for entrance upon their parents on the
three tim during which they are usually exposed or naked. These tim     es
are: Before dawn prayers, for it is the m ent of the end of sleep and
                         ent                    ent;
replacing the night garm with the day garm then the noon break
which is another occasion of possible exposure and thirdly after the night
prayer which is again the occasion of exposure and possible nakedness for
sleep. Otherwise, on all other tim with the exception of these three

                                                                                  converted by W
                                em                e ily
occasions children and other m bers of the sam fam can enter upon
each other without perm                     e
                        ission, because sham is usually covered on them.

Q72. What is the right of a Muslimtowards his Muslimbrothers or sisters?

A72. A Muslim should offer the greeting of peace to his brother Muslim to
  eet                  iling                      ,
m them with a sm face, to advise them enjoin what is right and
                                          ong       ,
forbid what is evil, to visit the sick am them to pay condolences for
                            es                                  ,
death, to help themin tim of need, to divert harmfromthem to do them
all that is good and to be to them like a solid structure self-strengthening
                               s              ercy
and to be with them in term of love and m like one body should any
part of it com plain of pain all other parts would reciprocate with vigil and

Q73. Is it allowed in Islamto abuse a non-Muslimneighbour?

A73. Neighborliness is sacred in the sight of Islam Accordingly a Muslim
should in no way harm his neighbors. On the contrary, he has to deal with
them nicely which is the neighbors right even if they are disbelievers. If the
                       ,                      ed
neighbor is a Muslim another right is claim by him from other Muslim
neighbors; if again the neighbor is a relative he has three rights: that of
neighborliness, of Islamand relation. T treat one's neighbors in general in a
nice m                            m
       anner is strongly recom ended in Islam by the Quran and the
Sunnah. This covers Muslim and other. It also covers related neighbors and

Q74. Does Islam allow keeping fish in basins for ornam and holding
coloured birds in cages to enjoy listening to their voices and contemplating
their shapes and figures?

A74. Yes, it is allowed in Islamto do all this without any awkwardness.
                  's    ent                            ic
Q75. What is Islam judgm of adoption? Is there an Islam alternative for
                          s      an
A75. Adoption has two form in hum life:

1- That a m would sponsor the child whomhe knows to be som    eone else's
son, and would treat him like his own children as far as kindness, and
spending, as well as upbringing and care are concerned. The sponsor    ,
however does im               e
                 pose his nam upon the child and thus he does not
      e          ate
becom his legitim child nor does he establish any kind of sonship to him.
This type of adoption is a charitable act followed by som wealthy e
philanthropists who have no children and they treat it as an act of nearness
to God by upbringing a poor child or an orphan deprived of parental
kindness and ability to care for and educate. Such an act is encouraged by
Islam invited and rewarded.

2- What is generally understood from the word "Adoption" which refers to
attributing an alien child to one's self who is. Known not to be his own child
                                  e                ate
and to call him after one's nam as the legitim child and thus establish
legal rights of sonship to the adopted one. This behavior was com on      m
before Islam and com                                                   ic
                        prised one factor of inheritance for pre-Islam era.
The Quran was revealed to reject this type of adoption, prohibit it and
cancel its effects for the sake of protecting true genealogy and to preserve
fam rights based on true sonship and blood relationship which are
reckoned with.
                  's     ent
Q76. What is Islam judgem of Ahm                                aeli
                                    adiya (Qadiani), and the Ism sects?
What about Muslimyouth m                en
                         arriage to wom fromany of the two sects?
A76. Doubtless that both Ahm                                aeli
                                adiyah (Qadianiyah) and Ism sects are not
part of the religion of Islam Thus they are not considered Muslim even s
though they call them                s
                       selves Muslim to falsify things and lead others astray.
Accordingly Muslim should not eat what they slaughter the m   ,       arriage
                           en                       ales
contracts with their wom and between their m and Muslim fem is          ales
not valid. If any Muslim has relatives of either sect there is no inheritance
between the two and Muslim due to difference of religion.
Q77. Can Muslim join Sufi orders?

A77. Those who call them                                        ost
                              selves Sufis are various types, m of those,
however these days are innovators, superstitious people who follow a path
                   .             ,         ,
alien to real Islam It is not fair however to issue a general verdict against

                                                                                 converted by W
all Sufi and accuse them all of perversion, or to say that they are all good.
What one's heart feels ease to express is to say that those Sufis who follow
the Quran and the Sunnah are good, while those who pervert fromthe path
shown by Allah and his Messenger the path of truth; those who introduce
into Islam what is not part of it, these are innovators who have perverted
fromIslam  .

Q78. Is it allowed in Islam to present the Quran with English translation to
non-Muslim as a m                                        ?
                     ethod of introducing Islam to them Are non-Muslim     s
allowed to enter the m    osque? What m  anners should they observe in the
m osque esp. if they are wom  en?
A78. Y it is allowed in Islamto give the Quran with any translation (English,
French, or other) to non-Muslim in order to call them to Islam and
                      .                                  s
introduce it to them It is possible to allow non-Muslim to enter m    osques
and stay in them because Prophet Muham ad p.b.u.h. allowed disbelievers
to enter his m osque. On entering m                    s
                                    osques non-Muslim should abide by the
    e anners incum on Muslim like for instance they should not carry
sam m                bent           s
with them repugnant sm like that of garlic, onion or bad sm   elling clothes.
They should not cause any harm or im      purity or dirt. They should avoid
m aking noise or distraction for worshippers praying or reciting the Quran
etc. Non-Muslim should not enter the m               ake
                                          osque to m fun or m      ockery of
       s. om
Muslim W en should be decently dressed, not exposing their sham in       e
m osques.

Q79. Is it allowed for a Muslim wom to enter the m    osque and stay in it
while she has her m   onthly period in order to listen to lectures, attend
gatherings and the like?

A79. There is no difference am scholars that it is possible for the
m                           an
  enstruating Muslim wom to cross the m        osque for an excuse or a
necessity. As for her stay in the mosque for other purpose the majority of
scholars say it is prohibited based on what Im Bukhari reported the
Prophet p.b.u.h. to have said: Menstruating wom should avoid the
m            e                                     it         en
  osque. Som scholars from the Shafii school perm such wom to enter
the m osque and stay in it provided that they don't pollute it with their

                  's       ent
Q80. What is Islam judgem of a person who ignores the Prophet's
Sunnah and does not except other than the Quran?

A80. He is a Muslim who ignores the Prophet's Sunnah even if he accepts
the Quran. Should a Muslim reject the Sunnah he becom an apostate
upon whomthe rules of apostates apply.
Q81. What is the correct direction for Qiblah in Canada although m of
the m osques are directed to the north east? Those who differ from this
                       's     ent
direction what is Islam judgem of them   ?

A81. The right direction to Qiblah in Canada is to the north east -if Muslims
want to direct their faces to the Sacred Kaaba in Makkah Al Mukarram      ah.
Those who deviate fromthis direction only follow their perverted whim and
not the Qiblah com anded by Allah Alm   ighty.

Q82. Is it allowed to talk in the m                                es?
                                        osque during non-prayer tim Is it
prohibited to discuss worldly affairs in mosques?

A82. The m  osque in Islam is a place of worship in the general sense of the
                              pass       ,
word which actually encom prayer reciting the Quran, rem bering    em
Allah, Islam education and training, asking and answering religious
questions, inviting to the call of Allah and other innum good activities
that cultivate piety and obedience to God Alm  ighty.

It is not allowed to use m                               ent
                           osques as places of entertainm and recreation
                              ic its
or for establishing the Islam lim or for worldly talks void of good and
obedience to God. Prophet Muham ad p.b.u.h. forbade selling and buying,
trading, seeking lost things and the like in m osques. For these have their
places in m                     ent
             arkets, entertainm and recreation centres. Allah says in the
Quran chap. 24-v "In houses which Allah has per o be raised to honour    ,
for the celebration in them of His nam In them is the glorified in the
m                                                    en
  ornings and in the evenings (again and again) by m whom neither trade
nor sale can divert from the rem brance of Allah, nor from regular

Q83. Is it allowed to use swine rennet tablets in making cheese? Some

                                                                                converted by W
people justify this saying that a chem change takes place in the
produced cheese sim to the change taking place in pickle after it was an
intoxicant and this m pickle allowed.

A83. No Muslim scholars allowed the use of swine rennet tablets in m    aking
                                       ong        s
cheese, and there is no difference am Muslim jurists that all the swine
 eat,                  ilk       pure
m fat, rennet and m are im and prohibited. Thus it is not allowed
to eat any by-product of swine individually or added to something else.

As for the rennet extracted from a dead but originally edible anim jurists
differed concerning using it to m cheese, and whether the produced
cheese is allowed to eat. Jurists are divided into two categories: Shafiis,
Malekis and Nabalis said that such cheese produced from the swine rennet
is prohibited and that it is also prohibited to use such tablets to m ake
cheese while Abu Hanifa and Ahm in one version said that it is allowed to
m and each such cheese. They did this in analogy of the dead edible
     al's ilk
anim m which is allowed.

                  's      ent
Q85. What is Islam judgem of a person who avoids through tricks to pay
                              ent        e
taxes to the Canadian governm as som people who have business do it
and som individuals who do this at the end of each year?
A85. Muslim residing in Canada are bound according to their perm        anent
residence or their citizenship by a social contract with the Canadian
        ent                                e
governm which grants them the sam duties. Thus Muslim in Canada  s
have full right to benefit from m   edical and social welfare as well as baby
bonus and governm pension plan and unem               ent
                                                ploym benefits in addition
to other financial rights and services generously spent upon by the Canadian
        ent.                                    s
governm In return of these rights Muslim should pay the taxes they
owe to the governm without resorting to fraud or tricks that are against
     ic orals
Islam m and Muslimhonesty.

                  's    ent      ale
Q86. What is Islam judgm of the m person who puts a ring in his ears
or nose?

A86. W                                      en        en.
        earing ear rings in ears is for wom not m Allah Alm        ighty has
cursed m who im               en
                     itate wom and vice versa. As for wearing rings in the
nose I wonder whether this is for wom only or is it the habit of som       e
disbelievers and other perverted persons. If such rings are for wom only it
has the judgm of ear rings; and if they are wore by disbelievers and
perverts they are also prohibited for Muslim m but if neither they are
not prohibited.

                   's     ent
Q87. What is Islam judgm of a person who cuts part of his hair (say the
m                              e
 iddle or sides) and leaves som other part?

        am                                          ong
A87. Im Nawawi said: There is consensus am scholars that such act
                                                         en     en. e
called Qaz' is absolutely disliked in Islam for both m and wom Som
scholars m entioned that the wisdom behind prohibiting this is that it
distorts God's creation or that it is the style of polytheists.

                   's      ent                     eat
Q88. What is Islam judgem of a Muslimwho sells m killed by Christians
to Christians if such m is prohibited for Muslims?

A88. Originally m slaughtered by Jews and Christians- called in the Quran
as people of the book- is perm                     s
                                issible for Muslim to eat and sell or buy.
        ,          eat                     al
However if the m is of a dead anim no Muslim should approach it
neither by eating or trading in. Because the dead carcase is not an
acceptable capital in Islam Thus it is not allowed to exchange it for money,
as am the conditions of valid contracts in Islam is that the sold m   aterial
should be acceptable.

Q89. Is it possible for a Muslim to receive financial assistance from the
Canadian Ministry of social services and then find another job in the name
of another person under the pretext that what he receives from the
governm is not enough for himand his fam     ily?

A89. These crooked m  ethods that include fraud, tricks and falsification are
                        .                         s
not acceptable in Islam On the contrary, Muslim should be exam of     ples
straightforwardness, honesty a and exerting their best efforts in their work

Q90. Is it allowed for a Muslim in Canada to give his SIN card to other
      s               e
Muslim to use his nam in finding jobs?

                                                                                converted by W
A90. This lending is an act of falsification, treachery and cheating, all of
            orals                                           e
which are m alien to Islamand Muslimhonesty. Q91. Som Muslim go to  s
m edical doctors or buy m                            's es.
                         edicine using other Muslim nam What is Islam      's
      ent                                              e
judgm of a Muslimwho allows others to use his nam in this way?

A91. These methods of cheating, falsification and lying should be avoided by
      s                                         m
Muslim neither should they help others to com it them    .

Q92. The choice of the pious com   panion is it something required by Islamic
law? What are the characteristics of such com  panion?

A92. Indeed Islamcom ands the choice of pious com   panions. It shows that a
Muslim will be asked on the Day of Judgm even about a one hour
com pany, whether he established through the right of Allah or lost it. As for
the good com             e
               panion som scholars said he is the one with whose com      pany
you grow and whose speech guide you to God. This m the com             panion
who when you see him or his m                    em
                                 anners he rem bers Allah, from whose
com pany you benefit through hearing a good piece of advice or get
something good or you obtain som  ething that leads to obedience of God or
protects you fromsin.
Q93. Suppose I want to buy a car and the seller said: As for this car its   ,
price cash is 500 dollars, while after two years (installments) its price is 1000
dollars. If I decide to buy it for 1000 dollars in installm what is Islam       's
judgm of this transaction?
A93 It is allowed to buy goods according to a price that increases due to
instalm upon the cash price. The m     ajority of jurists allow this; and the
increase in the price due to instalm is considered to be part of the

Q94. Is it possible to put one's children with a non-Muslim day care
specialist as both parents go to work and what is Islam view of the wife's
work under these conditions?

A94. Basically, Allah laid a great responsibility on the shoulders of parents to
take care of their children as far as their worldly and religious affairs are
concerned. Allah says in the Quran (O you who believe. Protect yourselves
and your kindred from Hell fire whose fuel is m        ankind and racks.) Chap.

On the other hand, Im Muslimreported in his collection of traditions that
Prophet Muham ad p.b.u.h. said: Each of you is a shepherd and each is
responsible for his dependents. Thus a m is a shepherd of his household
                              ,           an
and he is responsible for them and a wom is a shepherd of the household
of her husband and children and she is responsible for them.

Im Ghazali said: A child is a trust with his parents; his pure heart is a
precious jewel, sim and void of all inscriptions and im   ages, susceptible to
every inscription and to be affected by each influence. If he is accustom  ed
and taught all that is good, he will grow accordingly, and will be happy in
this world and the next. His parents will have a share in his good deeds, and
also his teachers and tutors. If the child is accustom to evil or is
neglected like anim he will suffer and perish and his parents or guardians
will be the sin for it. That is why scholars m   entioned that Allah will ask
parents about their children on the Day of Judgm before he will ask
children concerning their parents. Let us contem   plate this!

Q95. How does Islam judge a husband who falsely separates him from his
wife according to the Canadian civil law in order to get som petty money?
Is this separation considered a valid divorce in Islam?
A95. No one would do this except bankrupt people as far as m      anners and
honesty are concerned. The ethics of Islam and the characteristics of faith
reject such ugly perverted deeds to obtain m                   ic
                                                oney. The Islam rule states
that: It is prohibited to take any one's m oney without a valid reason. This
cheating and trick is not a valid Islam reason for allowed gain.

As for his separation, if the husband's expression includes divorce,
separation or release, then what has been expressed is a valid divorce with
all the legal results whether it was done with or without the intention of
divorce. Abu Dawood, Tirm Darqutri and Hakem reported the Prophet
p.b.u.h. to have said: Three things are serious whether they are done
unseriously or seriously. They are: divorce, m  arriage and returning the
divorced wife.

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                   's     ent
Q96. What is Islam judgm of a person who rejects som      ething taken for
granted in Islam although there is consensus of opinion on it. This he does
out of ignorance, and what are the lim of ignorance?

A96. The claim of basic consensus are innum            erable in books of
jurisprudence, the m                              ,
                      ajority of them are, however issues of difference with
the exception of what is taken for granted and is an essential part of
religion. He disbelieves and rem            self
                                   oves him from the fold of Islam who
rejects som  ething essential in religion and enjoys real consensus am   ong
Muslim scholars, while this is not the case when the issue he rejects is a
m                                 e              ed
  atter of difference even if som scholars claim consensus on that issue.
Q97.If ignorance is not an accepted excuse should we consider m people
in this country and in Muslim countries where ignorance is widespread,
should we consider themdisbelievers?

A97. The fall of Muslim in this or other countries in prohibited things and
their non-observance of Islam conditions in their virtuals, m        anners and
behaviour due to their ignorance is not an accepted excuse for them with
Allah; this is because they are negligent of learning their religious teachings
as far as their rituals, transactions and other m          anners. They are
preoccupied with seeking this worldly life, its ornam and pleasures and
lusts and are in oblivion of their religious duties at the head of which is
their duty to seek religious education. Their talk is m while their good
deeds are scarce, their tim is cheap which they spend aim          lessly and in
vain. If they do good they scarcely do it in sincerity to Allah. Thus such
                          alk                               m
good is often fruitless. T is endless about Muslim com unities here and
the Muslim nation everywhere. I don't want to indulge in declaring the
disbelief of people due to their ignorance, I would rather encourage them
to reform their affairs and to em  erge from this painful situation they are
preoccupied with away fromAllah.

Q98. What is the right definition of the house of Islam and the house of

A98. The House of Islam is the country that applies the teachings of Islam
which are prevalent in it while the house of disbelief refers to every
country where the rules of disbelief rather than the teachings of Islam are
predom inant.

                     ic                 ost issing in Canada. What is the
Q99. The law of Islam inheritance is alm m
              erge                                    uch
solution to em fromthis and to apply Allah's law as m as possible?

A99. The science of obligations (as the law of Inheritance in Islam is called),
is not yet m issing from the earth. It is not difficult to learn it and know its
teachings esp. for those who are serious in their religion and sincere in
following it. There is no excuse for Muslim in Canada for not applying this
     ic                        ,
Islam law of inheritance; for in point of fact, they don't want to bear the
responsibility of learning it or asking about it as far as what concerns each
one of them This they do out of laziness and because they are not serious
and thus they forsake Allah's law.

Each one who has property or wealth can easily ask the learned ones-
either orally if possible or through correspondence- or other m odern means
        m                                                      em
of com unication about those who would inherit him of the m bers of his
fam and about the share of each in his legacy. Then he can keep a
written will docum   ented by a notary public or a law in Canada stating his
death according to the Islam law of inheritance. Thus when he dies his
legacy would be distributed accordingly without any problem  .

Q100. Is it allowed to give inheritance to the person who does not pray nor

A100. The person who abandons prayer or fasting or charity or any of the
essentials of Islam due to his rejection or ignoring them is an apostate who
is outside the pale of Islam He neither inherits from his relatives or is he
inherited by thembecause of difference of religion.

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