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    Defence Cadets Celebrate Anzac Day     3
                                               Note from the editor
    Defence Census 2003 –
                                               As you can probably tell we’re a little late with
    Focussing on Families                  4
                                               this edition, as the magazine moved offices.
                                               We had an excellent response to the survey
    From the Chaplains                     6   (see pages 16-20), and we will look at all the
                                               suggestions you made over the coming weeks.
    Delayed Pay and Conditions Web Site        Last edition we listed contact details for the
    now online                             7   DCO regional offices on the back cover.
                                               Unfortunately some of them were wrong, as was
    Message from the DFA Convenor         8    the contact number for Lee Hecht Harrison for
                                               the SWAPP program. These have since been
    DFA Executive Contact List             9   corrected. My apologies to anyone who tried
                                               to call those numbers.
    Message from DCO                      11   The survey has indicated that readers would very
                                               much like to see Network information in the
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Defence Cadets Celebrate Anzac Day

                                                                                                                DEFENCE CADETS
                                                         by greeting and escorting official guests, carrying
  By Samantha Ward                                       banners and marching in parades. Cadets are
                                                         welcome participants in these ceremonies.
ADF Cadets from around Australia rose before dawn        They reinforce an iconic part of Australian history
this Anzac day to reflect on the many Australians,       and their active involvement strengthens the ties
some of them teenagers themselves, who served            between the ADF and the Cadets.
their country in military conflicts around the world.    This relationship was exemplified this Anzac day by
Around Australia, Cadet Units mark Anzac day in a        the co-operation between 73 Army Cadet Unit (ACU)
variety of ways. Common to all Cadets, is the sense      Tennant Creek and Navy personnel from Darwin.
of pride and connectivity they feel to the Australian    The Unit held a pre-dawn vigil at Tennant Creek
Defence Force (ADF) particularly on Anzac day.           from 5.00 AM until the Navy relieved them at
Cadets play a significant role in Anzac day              6.05 AM in what has been described as a ‘moving
ceremonies around Australia in catafalque parties,       and poignant’ ceremony.
                                                         Chris Rothery, Officer Commanding 73 ACU said
  Picture from front cover:                              ‘the success of the ceremonial party displays the
                                                         ability of the Cadets to train and work with the
  CPL Lance Hanson from the Catafalque Party.
                                                         regular ADF personnel and vice versa to achieve
  He is wearing his grandfathers WWI medals,
                                                         a result everyone can be proud of’.
  his Adventure Training Award, and both the
  Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
                                                                                          continued on page 5

  Reflections on Anzac Day
  ‘At times, particularly close to Anzac Day, when
  I encounter times of hardship, I pause and take
  a moment to think about what I am facing in
  relation to what soldiers of many years ago have
  faced. Over times of reflection, a sense of pride in
  belonging to a nation upholding strong values of
  courage, mateship and valour has been cultivated
  within me. On Anzac Day this year, with more
  meaning and importance than any other day
  before, I took the time to express my appreciation
  to those soldiers who lost their lives for me and
  my country, and I honoured the heroes who
  returned. I believe in nothing greater that has
  shaped and influenced the character of this
  homeland and its people, and nothing makes
  me more proud to be an Australian.’
              Cadet Warrant Officer 1, Jessye Harris,
               Australian Army Cadets Headquarters
                                  Western Australia      Jessye Harris on parade

              Defence Census 2003 –
              Focussing on Families
              Last year, March 18 was Defence Census day, and the       Census 2003
              important information provided by personnel is now
              being used widely across Defence.                         Defence Family Facts
              It was the fourth Census to be conducted within           Marital Status
              Defence, but the first to encapsulate the total Defence   • 51% of Permanent ADF personnel are married
              workforce. The 1991 and 1995 Censuses included              or have an ADF recognised partner.
              permanent ADF members only. In 1999 the ADF active        • Air Force personnel (47%) are more likely to be
              reserves were added to the Census population and in         married than Army (41%) or Navy (36%)
              2003 Defence APS employees were included.                   personnel. However, in the Reserves, Navy has the
              The Directorate of Strategic Personnel Planning and         highest proportion of personnel who are married
              Research (DSPPR) in the Defence Personnel Executive         (71%), and Army has the highest proportion who
              carries out much of the people-related research             are single (39%).
              across Defence, and is the custodian of the 2003          Spouse/Partner Employment
              Defence Census data.
                                                                        • About two-thirds (68%) of ADF spouses/partners

              Census data, and supporting surveys administered            are employed in their chosen profession or trade.
              by DSPPR, are used by policy makers and service               – Over a quarter (26%) of spouses/partners of
              providers in the Navy, Army and Air Force as well               ADF personnel are employed as professionals,
              as staff in the Directorate of Retention Policy, the            16% as intermediate clerical, sales and service
              Personnel Policy and Employment Conditions Branch,              personnel, 15% as managers/administrators,
              the Defence Community Organisation, and the                     and 14% as advanced clerical and service.
              Defence Housing Authority. The information has
                                                                        • The majority (64%) of spouses/partners of ADF
              helped inform decision makers in the areas of
                                                                          personnel have changed jobs at least once
              housing, removals, pay and conditions, childcare,
                                                                          because of a Service-related relocation.
              spouse employment and so on.
                                                                            – The last time that a spouse/partner changed
              If you are interested in any information from or                jobs because of a Service-related relocation,
              about the Defence Census, go to the internet and/or             only 18% received a higher income, 24% the
              intranet site on the Defweb:                                    same and 54% were on a lower income.
              Internet:                        (5% did not answer.)
              Intranet:             Spouse/Partner Income as a Result of
                        defencecensus2003/default.htm                   Service-Related Relocation

              Or contact the Census section in DSPPR:
              Phone:    02 6266 3439 or 02 6266 3410
              To access other Defence personnel survey results,
              visit the DSPPR intranet site listed below or call
              the office on 02 6266 3435.                               ■   Higher    18%
              DSPPR                                                     ■   Same      24%
              Intranet:           ■   Lower     54%
                                                                        ■   No answer 5%

                                                      Defence Cadets
                                                      Celebrate Anzac Day
                                                      continued from page 3

                                                                                                                   2003 CENSUS
Highest Level of Educational Attainment               ‘Proud’ is how Army Cadet Adjutant for North
• 23% of ADF spouses have completed a bachelor        Queensland, Gabrielle Byrne described her Anzac day
  degree or higher, compared to 17% of ADF            experience.
  members having achieved such qualifications.        ‘Even if you’ve stayed up the night before to ensure
Children & Childcare                                  your uniform is immaculate, the morale and the
                                                      atmosphere fills you with an esprit de corps that
• 37% of Permanent ADF personnel have at least
                                                      only a member of such a diverse Defence Force
  one child living with them (Navy – 32%,
                                                      organisation could experience. This experience lifts
  Army – 38%, and Air Force – 41%).
                                                      us to our full potential and gives us the energy to
• 36% of ADF children are aged 6-12 years, and        complete the rest of the year knowing that we
  41% are under 5 years of age.                       have honoured the Anzac tradition.’
• 37% of children of ADF personnel regularly
                                                      For more information on Cadet activities, please
  attended some form of childcare.
                                                      see the web site listed below.
• 2% of children of ADF personnel (approximately
  800) attended Defence sponsored childcare on a
  regular basis.                                      The site will be able to answer questions you
• 22% of permanent ADF personnel say their            may have, as well as link you to your nearest
  current childcare does not meet their needs.        Cadet Unit.
  – Main reasons childcare needs are not met:
    not affordable; places not available; and
    childcare services not open early/late enough.
ADF personnel using childcare are most likely to
                                                        A catafalque is a raised structure supporting a stand,
spend between $20 and $199 per child per week.
                                                        upon which a coffin is placed for display before
Current Residence                                       burial; people may then file past and pay their last
• 18% of military personnel live in a home they         respects to the dead. In times gone by, a watch or
  are purchasing/paying off and 25% live in a
                                                        vigil, was mounted around the coffin to ensure that
  married quarter off base.
                                                        the body was not interfered with whilst it lay in State.
Serving members, Defence civilians and families are     Today’s vigils or catafalque parties are mounted as a
often asked to complete surveys. We recognise it is
                                                        sign of respect around personages as they lie in State
time consuming and want to thank all who do
                                                        and around memorials on occasions of remembrance
respond. Census data provides essential factual
information on our people, providing a valuable         such as Anzac Day. The memorial is a ‘symbolic coffin’
insight into how members and their families             for those who have fallen.
experience work and life. Your responses
to surveys influence future policy directions and
employment conditions, so please have your say
when asked.

            From the Chaplains
                                                                    a card too from the local football club wishing him
              With Chaplain Michael Taylor                          well. His little girlfriend had sent him a letter that
              Headquarters 3rd Brigade, Townsville                  wafted with perfume, and you could almost see the
                                                                    dozen little lovebirds twittering around the envelope.
            On operational duty in Bougainville in late 1998,       But then the soldier looked at me for a moment.
            I sat one sultry morning reading a newspaper that       ‘Padre,’ he said, ‘Can I read you something my dad

            was only a week old. A nice mug of tea, and I was       wrote?’
            all set for a bit of quiet time after coming back
            from a morning patrol. I was visiting this team-site    ‘Only if you want to.’ I said.
            at Wakunai, and was due back at the headquarters        He read out to me one small paragraph. It was very
            at Loloho later that afternoon.                         personal, but I have never forgotten it.
            A group of soldiers sat close by, and there was a       His father had simply said, ‘Nathan, you may not
            deep silence. The mail came once a week, and it         understand this, nor may you believe me. But I
            had just been sorted. Around the large table and        have to let you know. I love you. I am proud of you.
            around the room, each person had retreated into         I’m so very, very proud. And I always have been.’
            their own private world, reading letters, or opening
                                                                    The young soldier then said quietly – with a voice no
            small parcels and packages that had been sent
                                                                    louder than a whisper that came from somewhere
            from families and friends. Now and then there was a
                                                                    deep inside.
            whoop of delight – the parcels often had fruit-cake,
            or some other luxury to share around. But mostly,       ‘Padre. My dad and I don’t get on at all. He walked
            there was the busy and intense silence.                 out on mum and my family when I was only nine.
                                                                    I’ve hated him for a long time. You’re not supposed
            I stopped reading my newspaper (my own mail –
                                                                    to hate your own dad. But Padre? I had to read
            hopefully – was waiting for me back at Loloho),
                                                                    this to you, because I really don’t think I hate him
            and took more notice of what was happening
                                                                    any more…’
            around me. It was an intriguing moment, and as I
            looked from person to person, each one suddenly         It was an unexpected and intense moment, and a
            ceased being ‘just another soldier’. Each person        very precious letter.
            belonged to a family – to people who missed them,
                                                                    The connection we have with our families is clearly
            to people who loved them.
                                                                    the most important connection we have in life.
            One young soldier caught my eye. He could not           Far more important than the proverbial fame and
            have been more than eighteen years old. In front        fortune is to have the experience of belonging to
            of him was a handsome stack of letters, some in         people whom we love, and by whom we are loved –
            various colours of envelopes, and a couple of little    our families. For this reason, when families are
            packages. He was intently reading one of his letters,   broken, or separated, or lose one of their own, it
            and seemed to be completely transfixed – the            is the most painful and tragic of experiences.
            expression on his face was a shining one, as if the
                                                                    For this reason, the Australian Defence Force – in
            words were gold.
                                                                    my experience – prizes the value and place of its
            Whoever wrote the letter to him would have loved        families, even while recognising the tremendous
            to have seen it. As I surveyed the pile of mail he      pressure that life in the services places upon each
            was yet to open, I smiled to myself – here was          and every family.
            someone who obviously was very, very loved!
                                                                    Today, it’s now several years since that young soldier
            I chatted with the young soldier afterwards. He told    told me about his dad’s letter, and the world has
            me that he heard from his two brothers and sister,      changed dramatically. The Australian Defence Force
            and from his old chums from school, and there was       is on the move in a way that it has not been for a
very long time, and there are a number of operations
being supported across the world that are taking our
people away, often to new and uncertain
                                                           ALL HOURS
However, do not wait until your loved one is gone          support line
before you say those words that you know need to
be said.
                                                                  The confidential
Do not wait until it’s too late, because tomorrow
may never come. In this world, tomorrow is never           toll free help line available
guaranteed to any one at all.
                                                           24 hours a day, seven days
Thus, today may be the most appropriate time to
go to the shop, buy that card, and write those things       a week, for ADF members
that matter not only for today, but for eternity.
                                                                and their families.
The impact of his father’s words upon the young
soldier was enormous – but his father so easily
could have chosen not to have written them.                       1800 628 036
Today is the most acceptable time to reach out to             (FREE CALL WITHIN AUSTRALIA)
your family. Tell them you care, and do it now!
God bless you all.                                                02 9425 3878
                                                                     (OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA)
Chaplain Mick Taylor

Delayed Pay and Conditions Web Site
now online
Last edition we printed an article about the trial of   We want to give you the best possible access to the
the new Pay and Conditions web site, which is a         information you need. We are only able to do this if
one-stop shop approach to everything you would          you tell us whether you are able to find everything
like to know about ADF or APS Pay and Conditions        you need and if not, why not, so we can improve
of Service. Unfortunately due to technical              the site.
difficulties the web site could not be published on
                                                        The site is available through:
the Internet as advertised.
This problem has now been fixed and the web site is
available through the Internet. Please take the time
to have a look at the site and tell us your thoughts.
                                     Message from the DFA Convenor
                                     I write this from sunny South Australia, where my                We have always rented privately or been living in
                                     family and I have just relocated due to my husband’s             our own home, where the expense of cleaning prior
                                     latest posting.                                                  to inspection was extremely costly and stressful.
                                                                                                      The knowledge that this burden did not rest on my
                                     Having now notched up another move on the
                                                                                                      shoulders was an enormous relief, particularly as
                                     Waller moving belt, I am pleased to note that every
                                                                                                      I did this move alone.
                                     move seems to get a little easier. Partly, it is the
                                     preparation that you learn to start putting in place a           DFA are concerned, however, that the same stress
                                     long time prior to the move, like talking to the kid’s           free move is not available to all ADF families.
                                     teachers about what work they should bring with                  Those families who are residing in private rental
                                     them to the new school and how to help them make                 accommodation do not receive an additional
                                     the transition between different school systems.                 allowance or access to the same cleaning contract.
                                                                                                      This is despite the fact that they are often already
                                     There are other important matters to be managed,
                                                                                                      disadvantaged in the sense that these private
                                     like eating all the funny shaped, ancient frozen meat
                                                                                                      rental homes do not offer the same affordability,
                                     at the bottom of the freezer rather than throwing it
                                                                                                      security of tenure or amenity as most DHA homes.
                                     out! (Don’t pretend I am the only one that does
                                                                                                      These families are able to receive an additional
                                     this!) Needless to say, the children and my husband
                                                                                                      night’s accommodation in their losing locality,
                                     are very glad that particular phase of moving is over
                                                                                                      but this is of little practical value in terms of
                                     and it is back to eating recognisable meals again!!
                                                                                                      cleaning, as at that point, all your cleaning tools
                                     On the organisational side, so much has changed                  are on the truck!
                                     since our first move. Firstly, the need to itemise
                                                                                                      DFA are keen to look at ways that the same level
                                     every single possession for the inventory was a
                                                                                                      of assistance can be offered to those families.
                                     labour intensive task which I think we all dreaded.
                                                                                                      Our quick survey of end of lease cleaning contracts
                                     Now, the process of listing the major items in each
                                                                                                      around Australia indicate that the costs vary
                                     room took about half an hour.
                                                                                                      between $400 - $800 for a four bedroom, two
                                     The other major benefit to our move this time was                bathroom home. This translates into a very large
                                     vacating a DHA house, which would be cleaned on                  proportion, if not all of a member’s disturbance
                                     our departure under the Halcyon cleaning contract.               allowance.

                                     Caragh Waller (2nd left), with Sue Donnelly (3rd right), the outgoing NT DFA delegate, with senior representatives from
8                                    Darwin and some family members.
                                                                                                                    DEFENCE FAM ILIES OF AUSTRALIA
Remote localities                                         The general comments so far tend to primarily
                                                          relate to these areas:
Earlier articles have referred to DFA’s active interest
                                                          1. Inconsistency or lack of availability of services to
in the review into remote and regional localities
                                                             assist in adjusting to or leaving remote localities.
and allowances paid to those families.
                                                          2. Concerns about the correctness and currency of
DFA believes that the best way to ensure that the            the information presented before they took the
voices of those living in these areas are heard is to        posting.
talk to those families directly. As a consequence,
                                                          3. High costs of living in remote areas.
DFA National Delegates have now visited Port
Hedland, Karratha, Broome, Derby, Tindal, and Port        We appreciate the honesty and interest of those
Wakefield. We are now reviewing the information           families who have put forward some suggestions for
we have collected and looking at what general             change and we look forward to working together
solutions we can present to Defence to best               on the solutions.
represent the views of those for whom DFA speaks.         Caragh Waller
                                                          National Convenor
                                                          Defence Families of Australia

  DFA Executive Contact List
  Convenor                                                Victoria/Tasmania
  Caragh Waller                                           Ruth Tindale
  CP3-2-160                                               Email:
  Dept of Defence                                         Mobile: 0428 311 257
  Canberra                                                Phone: 03 9974 2080
  Email:                     South Australia
  Mobile: 0410 626 103                                    Kathryn Lewis
  Office: 02 6266 2768                                    Email:
  North Queensland                                        Mobile: 0412 279 952
  Kylie Sidwell                                           Phone: 08 8289 9616
  Email:                       Northern Territory
  Mobile: 0439 497 377                                    Sharon Schmidt
  Phone: 07 4755 0492                                     Email:
  South Queensland                                        Mobile: 0416 123 076
  Kylie Hutchins                                          Phone: 08 8932 2602
  Email:                          Western Australia
  Mobile: 0410 484 797                                    Kate Mathews
  Phone: 07 3869 1120                                     Email:
  Central/Northern NSW                                    Mobile: 0417 256 971
  Peta Renwick                                            Phone: 08 9385 6181
  Email:                              ACT and Southern NSW
  Mobile: 0408 071 060                                    Robyn Ritchie
  Phone: 02 9771 0910                                     Email:
                                                          Mobile: 0414 391 740
                                                          Phone: 02 6255 5563
                                      Message from the Convenor – continued

                                      Changes in Delegates
                                      Due to the imminent arrival of a second pair of       issues, related primarily to their isolation and
                                      tiny feet in both of these National Delegates’        climate. These women have worked very hard to
                                      homes, the time has come to farewell Sue              ensure the voices from their regions were heard
                                      Donnelly (NT rep) and Debbie Holland (Nth Qld).       in Canberra and for that, we are all extremely
                                                                                            grateful and proud.
                                      The commitment that a National Delegate makes
                                      when assuming this important role is substantial.     The DFA Executive and all the families whom you
                                      The role is one appointed by the Minister Assisting   have assisted, thank you both and wish you well
                                      the Minister for Defence with the direct              with your next challenge!
                                      responsibility to advocate and advise on behalf
                                                                                            New Delegates have now joined the team and we
                                      of all Defence families in their region.
                                                                                            welcome Sharon Schmidt (NT) and Kylie Sidwell
                                      Both Sue and Debbie have represented regions          (Nth Qld).
                                      with large Defence communities and with specific

                                      Western Australia – New Delegate Required
                                      DFA’s current National Delegate in Western            are mothers with young children, who have
                                      Australia, Kate Mathews, will be moving at the end    enjoyed the opportunity to do some regular,
                                      of 2004 and we need to find a replacement. Kate       volunteer work (DFA will pick up the costs for
                                      has worked very hard to build up a strong network     childcare while doing DFA business).
                                      between the RAAF, Army and Navy contingent in
                                                                                            Although previous experience with DFA would
                                      WA, so we are looking for an energetic volunteer
                                                                                            be helpful, we would welcome expressions of
                                      to continue her good work.
                                                                                            interest from any Defence spouse.
                                      These voluntary positions are ideally suited to
                                      someone who has some spare time during the
                                      week and who is interested in representing            Call Kate Mathews on 08 9385 6181 or
                                      Defence families in their region. Many Delegates      Caragh Waller on 1800 100 509

                                        Want to know more about                                           The web site has copies of
                                                                                                          our newsletters, conference

                                                        DFA?                                              outcomes, and our reports
                                                                                                          into issues such as Spouse
                                                                                                          Employment and Education
                                                   See our web site at:                                   concerns.

                                                                                                                  SNAPSHOT ON DCO
Message from DCO
Thank you to dFM for giving me the opportunity to
introduce myself to you as the new Director General
of the Defence Community Organisation (DCO).
I have had a long association with Defence, both
professionally and personally. My father and both
grandfathers served in the Navy during World Wars
One and Two and my husband Tom served in the
RAN for 20 years before retiring, and remains on
the active Reserve. My eldest daughter is hopeful
of joining the Navy and studying at ADFA next year
- so I think there must be something of the military
in our blood!
My own career with Defence started in 1984 when
I was employed as the Naval Social Worker based in       Janet Stodulka
Nowra. Since then I have filled various positions -
including National Director of Naval Social Work,        Social Work counselling, reports for Command on
Project Officer with ADFILS (Australian Defence          the compassionate requests of members, support
Families Information and Liaison Service), Regional      in times of crisis, advice during postings and
Director DCO NT, and Director of Corporate               deployments and so on. Other activities DCO is
Development in DCO HQ. I have also spent some            responsible for delivering on behalf of Defence are
time in the corporate world and state government.        far more visible – SWAPP (Services Workforce Access
As is the experience of many Defence partners, my        Program for Partners), FSFP (Family Support Funding
career has had some stops and starts to accompany        Program), Childcare, and DSTAs (Defence School
Tom on his postings as well as time out to have our      Transition Aides). I think this balance in the type of
three children, Louisa, Katherine and Thomas.            services we provide is very important in supporting
                                                         the differing needs of our Defence community at
I returned to DCO on 24 May 2004 after an
                                                         different times in their lives.
18 month absence. Whilst much of the work and
issues faced by DCO are familiar to me, I have           We know that the numbers of serving members
rejoined an organisation that is pursuing very           with dependents is increasing; we know that
seriously, a process of renewal. This renewal is all     Defence partners are well educated and are seeking
about modernising the skills, services and programs      to maintain their own careers despite their mobile
offered by DCO to ensure they are genuinely able         lifestyle; we know that Defence families’ formal
to serve the needs of the contemporary Defence           childcare needs are not being met in all posting
organisation and its people.                             localities; and we know that the tempo of overseas
                                                         deployments, and the effort of those involved in
Defence has a great depth of services available to
                                                         supporting those deployed, creates particular
members and their families to both support you in
                                                         challenges associated with absence, uncertainty and
negotiating the challenges associated with this
                                                         long hours on the job.
lifestyle as well as to benefit from the opportunities
associated with it. Defence established DCO in 1996      We know that DCO will need to continually adapt
to provide a range of professional social work,          and reprioritise our effort in response to your
education, employment, childcare and other               changing needs. We know we must work hard to
community support services and programs focussed         provide well targeted and effective services that
on enhancing the well being and morale of serving        improve the experience of Defence family life and
members and their families. Some of our services are     support your own resilience and successful
quite invisible to most people – such as confidential    management of the unique demands of Service life.
         Message from DCO – continued

         As we work to evaluate the impact of the full range    I am very honoured to have been given the
         of DCO services, your views and your suggestions       opportunity to lead the DCO into the future and
         will be invaluable to us. As I visit the DCO offices   look forward to meeting many of you and working
         nationally, I will be seeking to meet with local       in support of the Defence community over the
         Command, members and families to listen to your        coming years.
         suggestions. Additionally, I would encourage you to
         speak with your local DCO people at any time to        Janet Stodulka
         discuss our services (please see the back cover of     DGDCO
         this edition for contact details).

         Employment Programs Update
         The Services Workforce Access Program for Partners     Another great Defence initiative is the Professional
         (SWAPP) trial has been operating since October         Registration Expense Payments scheme (PREP)
         last year and is continuing until 30 June 2005         which is managed by the Defence Community
         when it will be formally evaluated to determine        Organisation (DCO).
         its future direction.
                                                                PREP may assist you with the payment of
         SWAPP can help you access the workforce when you       re-registration fees, short upgrade and re-registration
         move to a new area because of a Defence relocation.    courses if you have moved to a different state or
                                                                territory and have incurred a professional registration
         Currently SWAPP includes workforce access through
                                                                cost after a Defence relocation.
         Lee Hecht Harrison & Adecco Group, assistance
         through local Transition to Work providers, funding    Many different types of professions can access
         of childcare costs, up to $1,000 for training and      PREP. For example, DCO has so far assisted partners
         very remote locality Internet access.                  who are teachers, nurses, bar staff, accountants,
                                                                receptionists and clerks.
         Contact our service providers for more information:
         • Lee Hecht Harrison &                                 Both SWAPP and PREP are Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
           Adecco Group                   1300 780 388          reportable. All potential applicants are advised to
                                                                seek financial advice.
         • Transition to Work Providers 136 268
                                                                Visit the DCO web site for more information,
                                                                including eligibility criteria and application forms.
           Feedback                                             Defence Community Organisation contact details
           “I feel confident and motivated”                     are listed on the back page of this edition of dFM.

           “I am very grateful for the encouragement            Internet:
           provided by the SWAPP initiatives”
           “I am quite focussed and very positive about
           my own new business”                                      ‘The SWAPP program has
                                                                 helped partners who are teachers,
                                                                  nurses, bar staff, accountants,
12                                                                   receptionists, and clerks.’
                                                                                                                   SPECIAL NEEDS
Special Needs Policy
The Defence Community Organisation (DCO) has               and your family. You can get a copy of the revised
revised the policy that assists ADF families with          policy from your local DCO office.
special needs when they move to a new location
                                                           If you are a recognised family with special needs,
on a Defence posting.
                                                           you may like to read in more detail the following
The revised policy (Defence Instruction General            paragraphs of the revised policy:
PERS 42-5) was released on 21 January 2004 and             • 23 – 29
took effect from that day. This means that families
                                                           • 36
who were posted before this date will be assessed
under the previous policy, as this new policy is           • 40 – 43
not retrospective.                                         • 48 – 53

Our aim at DCO is to provide families with special         • 54
needs with interim assistance that minimises               Application forms and step by step flowcharts are
disruption to their special needs services when            included in the policy documents.
they move on a Service posting.
                                                           For further information, please visit the DCO web
This revised policy has many benefits, but does            site or your local DCO office.
include changes that you should be aware of. We
                                                           Defence Community Organisation contact details are
have highlighted changes below, but recommend
                                                           listed on the back page of this edition of dFM.
that you obtain a copy of the new policy and
become familiar with the full details of the changes       Internet:
and the assistance measures available to help you

Queensland Education News
It’s official! From 2007 all Queensland children will      From 2008, the compulsory school starting age will
have access to a full-time preparatory year of             increase by six months, so your child will need to be
education before starting Year One.                        six by 30 June in the year they enrol in Year One.
This non-compulsory preparatory year will be offered       If you would like more information, please contact
at all Queensland state primary schools. It will replace   the Regional Education Liaison Officers:
the part-time pre-school system that is not currently      • South Queensland on 07 3233 4206
available at all schools. There will be no waiting list
                                                           • North Queensland on 07 4753 6532
for this new preparatory year as it will be available
to all children attending state primary schools.           Defence Community Organisation contact details are
                                                           listed on the back page of this edition of dFM.
The new preparatory year will be phased in at
40 more state schools and up to ten non-state              Internet:
schools during the 2005-2006 school years.
If you intend enrolling your child in a Queensland
non-state school, you should ask the school
whether it offers a preparatory year.
               Defence Community Group Insurance
               The Defence Community Organisation (DCO) has          Community groups who have been experiencing
               some welcome news for volunteer Defence               problems in securing insurance to cover their
               community groups who have been struggling to          operations and activities can now apply to join the
               come to terms with insurance requirements for         insurance umbrella by contacting their local DCO
               their activities.                                     office or by downloading an application form
                                                                     from the DCO web site.
               DCO has negotiated an umbrella insurance policy
               that came into effect on 30 April 2004. The policy,   Defence Community Organisation contact details
               provided by Marsh Pty Ltd, will cover public and      are listed on the back page of this edition of dFM.
               products liability, contents and volunteer workers
               during the operations of Defence Community
               Centres, groups and their self-help projects.

               Have we got a DEAL for you!
               You may have heard of the Defence Equity Advice       The Defence Equity Advice lines are free call
               Lines (DEAL). You may have heard that they are        numbers which are staffed between 8.30am and
               available to Defence personnel who need advice        9.00pm (Eastern Standard Time) every day, except
               about what they can do about unacceptable             Christmas Day. Calls received outside these hours
               behaviour. But, did you know that the DEAL is there   are diverted to a confidential message bank, where
               for the family members of Defence personnel?          messages can be left. If a contact telephone
                                                                     number is left, an operator will respond to the
               The lines provide a confidential information and
                                                                     message within 12 hours. The three national DEAL
               referral service for ADF members, Defence APS
                                                                     numbers are:
               employees, Defence contracted staff, and the
               family members of all Defence staff. Callers can      • 1800 803 831
               discuss any form of unacceptable behaviour,           • 1800 644 247
               including harassment, bullying, sexual harassment,    • 1800 626 254
               discrimination, and sexual offences.                  There is also a DEAL number for Defence personnel
               Operators will talk confidentially, on any issue of   overseas. The number is:
               concern. They will listen to a caller and help them   • (international access code) 800 3333 6231
               identify and work through possible options for          (800 DEFENCE 1)
               resolution. But, operators cannot take or manage
                                                                     Messages can be left on the confidential message
               complaints of unacceptable behaviour. Callers may
                                                                     bank and an operator will respond within
               be directed to a more appropriate point of
                                                                     18 hours.
               contact for assistance and support depending
               upon the situation.

Defence Holiday Accommodation

A day at the beach,                      Tennis with the Kids,                 Visit the mouth of the Murray,
Sunshine Coast in QLD                    Forster Gardens in NSW                Goolwa in SA

In recent issues dFM has provided details of the              Bungalow Park – Burrill Lake (near Uladulla), NSW.
holiday facilities available to serving and civilian          Phone 02 4455 1621
members of Defence through single service
Amenity companies.
All are eligible to use the facilities although booking
                                                              Surfside on the Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine
timeframes may vary depending on service
affiliation. Please check with individual resort
booking staff. Additionally, as a general rule, the           Phone 1800 802 305
eligible members must be in attendance during                 Ask for Army Apartments
any stay at the facilities.
                                                              Grande Florida Resort on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
Here is a contact list for the holiday facilities:            Phone 1800 627 804
                                                              Ask for Army Apartments
                                                              Bay Lodge Apartments on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
Ambassador Apartments
                                                              Phone 07 5592 2811
on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
                                                              Ask for Army Apartments
Phone 07 5531 5692
                                                              Goolwa Holiday Homes – Goolwa, SA.
Surfside on the Beach
on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.                               Phone 08 8555 0255
Phone 1800 802 305                                            Kalbarri Beach Resort – Kalbarri, WA.
Ask for RAAF Apartments                                       Phone 08 9937 1700
Tuscany Apartments                                            Ask for Army Apartments
at Merimbula on the NSW Sapphire Coast.                       Fort Direction Cottages - Tasmania.
Phone 02 6495 2030                                            Phone 03 6237 7124
Ask for RAAF Apartments
                                                              Army Alpine Centre – Mt Buller, Victoria.
                                                              Phone 02 6265 2960
                                                              For more information you can also visit the
Amblin Caravan Park – Busselton, WA.
                                                              Directorate of Personnel Support and Amenities
Phone 08 9755 4079                                            (DPSA) web site listed below, which lists details of
Forster Gardens Caravan Park – Forster, NSW.                  the accommodation and facilities on offer.
Phone 02 6554 6027                                            Internet:
                  Survey Results
                  Well, the results are in and 529 people responded.                  We’ve only just finished compiling the data and the
                  Most were supportive of the aim of the magazine,                    results can be seen below. We will note your
                  and offered many suggestions for improvement or                     suggestions and see what will work best to make
                  for subjects and areas we should cover in future                    the publication more useful for you.
                                                                                      Comments/Suggestions that were made will be listed
                  We also got some results from people that don’t                     on the dFM web site, along with the raw survey data.
                  normally read it; highlighting why and
                                                                                      Thank you so much for responding.
                  recommending different ways to provide the
                  information other than as a magazine.                               Michael Hughes

                  Q1: On average, how much of the dFM would you normally read?
                                                      other       4.36%

                                    I don't normally read it     3.22%

                              only articles that interest me                               47.54%

                                           front page only     0.95%

                                             cover to cover                              45.08%

                                                           0%                20%           40%              60%                  80%           100%
                                                                                           Percentage of readers

                  Q2: To what extent do you agree with the following statements about dFM?
                                                     useful                                                             3.92

                                                      dated                                2.73

                                                     timely                                                  3.55

                                                  just right                                                      3.72

                                                   informal                                       2.97

                                                     formal                                         3.03

                                              bureaucratic                                 2.72

                                                amateurish                    2.08

                                               professional                                                               4.05

                                               informative                                                               4.01

                                                           1.0         1.5      2.0       2.5         3.0         3.5          4.0     4.5       5.0
                                                               1: Strongly Disagree   2: Disagree    3: Neutral     4: Agree     5: Strongly Agree

                                                                                                                                       SURVEY RESULTS
Q3: To what extent do you agree that the following topics that appear in dFM are of
    interest or relevance to you?
                 social or support groups                                                             3.92

    services available to Defence families                                                                     4.27

           financial conditions of service                                                                4.13

                       moving or posting                                                                  4.09

         messages from Defence readers                                               3.28
           holiday or discount programs
                    for Defence families
               feature articles or reviews                                                         3.77

                             employment                                                            3.82

                     children's schooling                                                       3.73

                                childcare                                                3.44

         children's activities or programs                                                  3.51

                                   cadets                               2.63

              assistance in times of need                                                              3.95

                         adult education                                                        3.72

                                         1.0        1.5       2.0        2.5       3.0          3.5           4.0      4.5       5.0
                                             1: Strongly Disagree    2: Disagree   3: Neutral      4: Agree      5: Strongly Agree

Q4: What of the following would appeal to you?
                           a gallery page                                 47.48%

                     a lost contacts page                                          57.56%

                            a letters page                                               64.50%

                          a network page                                                           74.58%

                              a kid's page                          38.66%

                                         0%               20%             40%               60%                  80%           100%
                                                                          Percentage of Readers

                  Survey Results – continued

                  Q5: How would you rate the length of articles in dFM?
                                                    just right                                                                             88.10%

                                                    too short           7.54%

                                                     too long        4.96%

                                                              0%               20%                40%              60%                 80%            100%
                                                                                                  Percentage of Readers

                  Q6: To what extent do you agree with the following statements about dFM?
                    dFM needs more photos and illustrations                                         2.87
                             dFM needs to cater to members
                                       without dependants

                                 dFM is a waste of resources                     2.06

                                The style of dFM is outdated                         2.26
                              dFM only repeats information I
                                           get from elsewhere
                               There is too much unnecessary
                                           information in dFM
                    The content tells me what I need to know
                  about issues that concern me and my family
                          The layout makes dFM easy to read                                                                    3.97

                          I find dFM has useful information                                                                   3.91

                                            I like dFM as it is                                                   3.48

                                                              1.0        1.5       2.0        2.5           3.0         3.5          4.0       4.5     5.0
                                                                  1: Strongly Disagree    2: Disagree      3: Neutral    4: Agree      5: Strongly Agree

                  Q7: Overall, how do you rate dFM as an effective publication?
                                            Not Useful at all        4.00%

                                             Not Very Useful           6.67%

                                          Moderately Useful                              36.95%

                                                  Very Useful                           36.76%

                                            Extremely Useful         16.57%

                                                              0%               20%                40%              60%                 80%            100%
                                                                                                  Percentage of Readers

Q8: What is your current relationship with Defence?

                                                                                                                           SURVEY RESULTS
             Defence Civilian Employee      3.04%

      Family member of an ADF member         5.13%

            Partner of an ADF member                                               65.02%

                           Reserve ADF         8.37%

                   Permanent Air Force 11.41%

                      Permanent Army        15.59%

                      Permanent Navy          6.27%

                                       0%             20%            40%             60%             80%            100%
                                                                     Percentage of Readers
                                               (Note: because a multi response is allowed the total exceeds 100%)

Q9: How old are you?
                       50 years or over      5.51%

                           41–50 years              23.57%

                           31–40 years                              47.34%

                           19–30 years             23.19%

                        18 years or less   0.76%

                                       0%             20%            40%             60%             80%            100%

Q10: What is the HIGHEST level of education that you have completed?
                  Postgraduate Degree       14.94%
          Bachelor Degree, and/or Hons
                  Year 12 or equivalent        19.54%

                         Year 11 or less    15.33%

                                       0%             20%            40%             60%             80%            100%

Q11: Do you have Internet access at home?
                                    yes                                                               88.61%

                                     no 11.57%

                                       0%             20%            40%             60%             80%            100%
                  Increased Superannuation Benefits to
                  Eligible Allowances
                                                                                   By Donna Martin

                  The Government has agreed to make the Qualification           year. Once a confirmed date becomes available
                  and Skill (Q&S) elements of Flying, Special Action            members will be advised.
                  Forces, Special Operations, and Submarine Service
                                                                                On commencement, the superannuable salary of
                  Allowances part of superannuable salary. This will
                                                                                eligible members will increase by the relevant Q&S
                  result in higher pensions and/or lump sums, or
                                                                                rate of that allowance. This does not mean an
                  increased death or disability entitlements for eligible
                                                                                increase in the allowance itself – it means that the
                  members. No other allowances will be affected.
                                                                                amount that counts towards your superannuation
                  The time required for changes to superannuation               will increase by the quanta of the Q&S element.
                  scheme regulations and the pay system means that              The relevant allowances and their Q&S amounts
                  this change will not take effect until mid August this        are displayed in the table below.

                    Allowance                             Criteria                                               Amount per annum
                                                                                                                  As at 6 May 2004

                    Special Action Forces Allowance
                                                          Trainee Special Forces Member                                   $ 9,243
                                                          Qualified Special Forces Member                                 $16,312
                                                          Member 152 Signals Squadron                                     $ 1,631

                    Specialist Operations Allowance
                    Member Serving in 2nd TAG or          Trainee 2nd TAG member                                          $ 6,524
                    as qualified commandos or in
                                                          Qualified 2nd TAG member                                        $ 9,243
                    related positions
                                                          Qualified Commando                                              $ 3,263
                                                          Member 126 Signals Squadron                                     $ 1,631
                    Clearance Divers                      Clearance diving qualification other than advanced              $ 3,806
                                                          Clearance diving qualification (advanced)                       $ 6,090
                    Member serving in the Incident        Member who has completed IR Regiment training                   $ 1,631
                    Response Regiment
                                                          Member who has completed IR Regiment training
                                                          and additional specialist training                              $ 2,718

                    Submarine Service Allowance
                                                          Annual rate                                                     $ 7,880

                    Flying Allowance                                                                           Officers     Other Ranks

                    Period of qualified flying service    Completed less than 2 years                          $ 2,880        $ 1,599
                                                          Completed 2 but less than 4 years                    $ 4,800        $ 3,521
                                                          Completed 4 but less than 6 years                    $ 8,643        $ 4,800
                                                          Completed 6 but less than 8 years                    $16,323        $ 6,082
                                                          Completed 8 but less than 10 years                   $24,003        $ 7,362
                                                          Completed 10 or more years                           $26,567        $ 7,362

20                                                        Brigadier Qualification and Skill rate               $18,885
Once the allowance elements have been made                • Private (Pay Goup 4) with seven years service in
superannuable, members will be required to pay              MSBS would have an increase of $15,750 for a
an increased ‘member contribution’ to their                 lump sum or $1,312 per year in their pension.
superannuation fund. Defence will also increase the
                                                          These examples are indicative only as actual benefits
employer contribution, reflecting the new higher base
                                                          on discharge will vary according to individual
of superannuable salary. Increasing the amount of
                                                          circumstances. As MSBS and DFRDB are quite
member contribution for superannuation will have
                                                          different schemes, each with differing eligibility for
the immediate effect of reducing take home pay
                                                          pension and benefits offered, the immediate impact
for those members in receipt of these allowances.
                                                          of the change to individual members will also differ.
Members are reminded that this investment will
attract a substantially greater superannuation benefit.   Those on DFRDB will receive the full benefit of the
                                                          change directly after implementation i.e. their
To calculate the fortnightly increase to a member’s
                                                          superannuable salary on discharge will incorporate
contribution rate you need to apply the following
                                                          100% of the increase immediately. Those on MSBS
                                                          will take longer to see the full benefit due to Final
  % contribution to super scheme x Q&S amount             Average Salary being an average of the last 3 years
        26 (number of pay fortnights annually)            salary prior to discharge/resignation.
For Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits           You are strongly advised to seek professional advice
(DFRDB) members the contribution is set at 5.5%,          on what the impact means to you.
while Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme
                                                          The Government’s decision has not changed the
(MSBS) members can chose to contribute between
                                                          structure or amount of the four allowances, and the
5-10%. For example, a member on Submarine Service
                                                          provisions for payment of the Qualification and Skills
Allowance of $7880 per annum, would multiply
                                                          elements remain unchanged. If, after implementation,
that by the per cent rate of contributions (say 5%),
                                                          a member ceases to be eligible for the allowance
to calculate that they will pay an extra $394 per year
                                                          there will be a corresponding reduction in his or her
or about $15 per fortnight in contributions.
                                                          superannuable salary. As superannuation differs for
                5% x 7880 = $15.15                        each member, those affected are advised to discuss
                   26                                     their own circumstances with an accredited financial
The long-term benefit of this change is a higher          adviser and to visit the superannuation web sites
pension and/or lump sum upon retirement or                listed below to calculate the effects on your benefit.
enhanced death/disability benefits where                  The time it will take to update these sites to reflect
applicable. For example:                                  changes is not currently known.
• A Major on Special Action Forces Allowance with         DFRDB Internet:
  30 years service in DFRDB would have a pension          MSBS Internet:
  increase of about $7,866 per year.                      The Directorate of Military Salaries and Allowances
• A WO2 on Pay Group 4 with 20 years service in           (Policy) web site is currently undergoing
  DFRDB would have an pension increase of about           refurbishment but further information will be
  $5,570 per year.                                        available as soon as possible on the Defence
• A Major with 30 years service in MSBS would             Personnel Executive web site listed below. Follow the
  have an increase of about $88,125 for a lump            link to Personnel Portal Pay, Conditions, Personnel
  sum or $7,344 per year in their pension.                Policy and Human Resources.
                                                          DPE Internet:
• A Warrant Officer Class 2 (Pay Group 4) with
  20 years service in MSBS would have an increase         Contact: Major Donna Manton,
  of about $53,125 for a lump sum or $4,427 per                    RRP2, Directorate of Military Salaries
  year in their pension.                                           and Allowances (Policy)
                       dFM Spotlight –
                       The Submarine Community Group
                       The Submarine Community Group is a new and              the difficulties of separation, isolation and filling the
                       growing network of spouses and friends of naval         role of both mum and dad while spouses/partners
                       personnel in WA. It is a very exciting venture that     are absent.
                       will make possible many of the practical things
                                                                               Submariner’s families have become a relatively stable
                       that will aid being a Service spouse, far from
                                                                               community in WA. They are very good at coming
                       family and established friend networks.
                                                                               together in small groups and this has provided a
                       The aim is to get our Community working together        willingness to take ownership of the organisation.
                       and supporting each other in friendship, childcare,     By becoming a member or associate member, you
                       interest groups and simple gatherings when our          are not only helping yourself, you are making it
                       spouses are away or when new people arrive in           easier for others to find friendship or participate in
                       the West.                                               an activity that attracts like-minded people.
                       By coming together as a registered self help            We have a bimonthly newsletter that will inform you
                       organisation we are in a better position to             of things that are available for your use or activities
                       communicate with each other, engage with retired        that are happening in your area. We will provide
                       servicemen’s organisations such as the Naval            opportunities to come together with other similar
                       Association and Submarine Association, and              organisations such as the SAS Ladies Auxiliary and
                       provide a valuable point of contact for the             a variety of get that will suit a working partner or
                       assistance organisations.                               a family unit.
                       The number of naval personnel and their families        This is an inclusive organisation of all spouses/
                       based in Western Australia has increased                partners and all ranks and occupations in the WA
                       dramatically in the last 10 years. We are scattered     RAN. Associate membership is available to all other
                       from Mandurah to Rockingham to Perth and in             WA Defence Force personnel, NOK, retired Defence
                       many cases, do not know other service families who      Force personnel, widows of Defence Force personnel
                       may be just around the corner.                          and others upon application. We are a non-profit
                       It takes a long time for a new family to find friends   organisation, registered with the Department of
                       and make contact with similarly placed families.        Consumer Protection and Environment and operate
                       And the reality is that Defence families have           under the umbrella of a Constitution.
                       empathy with each other because we understand           If you haven’t joined yet and are interested, please
                                                                               fill out the form on the opposite page. There are
                                                                               many exciting things to look forward to and some
                                                                               great opportunities are coming up so register today!
                                                                               Contact Details:
                                                                               Phone:    08 9335 2761
                                                                               Mail     C/- SCG Secretary, 3 Annean Loop,
                                                                               Address: Cooloongup WA 6168
                                                                               Editor’s Note: A big thanks to the Submarine
                                                                               Community Group for letting us know what they
                                                                               can do for Navy families. If you are a member of
                                                                               a similar organisation then please let us know.
                       Come to an SCG morning tea!                             See the back of the magazine for contact details.
                                                                                                               SUBMARINE COMMUNITY
                        Submarine Community Group Registration Form
  Once completed, please send forms to above address or return to SMFEG HHR Office, SMFEG HQ.
  Please include your $5.00 membership fee with this application or pay at first meeting

  Name:                                                      Your relationship          Your Interests
                                                             to WA RAN (Tick)           (Tick)
                                                             ■ Serving Member           ■ Swim Group
                                                             ■ Spouse/Partner           ■ Social Group
  Children (M/F & Age):                                      ■ Next of Kin              ■ Fitness Group
  ■ Phone:                                                   ■ Army                     ■ Creativity
                                                             ■ Air Force                ■ Book Club
  ■ Mobile:
                                                             ■ Retired                  ■ Movies
  ■ Fax:
                                                             ■ Widow/er                 ■ Bike Group

  ■ Email:                                                                              ■ Childcare
  (Please number your preferred methods of contact)

Glenvale State School Remembers
the Anzacs
                                                         it also focussed on the role of Defence today and
  By Marg Smith                                          the importance of family and community. ADF
                                                         children have many issues to cope with, including
Anzac Day was remembered by 500 students at              separation from parents on deployment, courses or
Glenvale State School in Toowoomba. Service              exercises and moving on posting. An event like the
Coordinator and Glenvale’s Defence School                Anzac
Transition Aide Warren Seip, said that each class        Day Remembrance at our local school brings a sense
made their own wreaths, with class representatives       of community and belonging to our children. It also
laying the wreaths at a memorial set up in the           highlighted the role of Defence School Transition
school’s hall. The wreaths were later donated to a       Aide workers in our schools providing important
local retirement home.                                   linkages between ADF families and the school
                                                         community. Well done Glenvale, Mr Siep, and all
Private Liz Browne was the guest speaker, helping        the children!
the students to focus in particular on the Anzac
spirit. Some of the schools’ ADF children were also      Editor’s Note: Reprinted with permission of the
involved, delivering moving tributes to the first        Bush Telegraph, the Defence Newsletter for the
Anzacs, as well as participating in the wreath-laying.   Darling Downs (the newsletter is available care of
Victoria Cross recipient Albert Jacka was also           the DCO Darling Downs Office). If you would like to
honoured as he has relatives at the school.              let Defence families know about your community
                                                         event, please get in touch with us. See the back of
As a parent, it was great to be a part of the            the magazine for contact details.
ceremony. As well as celebrating the Anzac spirit,
                   Defence Community Organisation
                   Contact Details    I n t e r n e t : w w w. d c o . d o d . g o v. a u

                   New South Wales            Canberra                       Tasmania                    Western Australia
                   DCO SYDNEY                 CANBERRA OFFICE                TASMANIA OFFICE             PERTH OFFICE
                   Level 3, Defence Plaza     Ground Floor                   Anglesea Barracks           Leeuwin Barracks
                   270 Pitt Street            21 Napier Close                Davey Street                Riverside Drive
                   SYDNEY NSW 2000            DEAKIN ACT 2600                HOBART TAS 7000             EAST FREMANTLE WA 6160
                   PH: 02 9377 3314           PH: 02 6265 8777               PH: 03 6237 7135            PH: 08 9311 2310
                   LIVERPOOL OFFICE                                                                      ROCKINGHAM OFFICE
                   Liverpool Military Area    Victoria                       South Australia             23 Chalgrove Avenue
                   Moorebank Avenue           MELBOURNE OFFICE               ADELAIDE OFFICE             ROCKINGHAM WA 6168
                   LIVERPOOL NSW 2170         1st Floor, 661 Bourke Street   Building 60                 PH: 08 9553 5136
                   PH: 02 9600 4866           MELBOURNE VIC 3001             Keswick Barracks            PEARCE OFFICE
                   DCO RICHMOND               PH: 03 9282 3028               KESWICK SA 5035             Family Services Centre
                   Building 14                FRANKSTON OFFICE               PH: 08 8305 6231            RAAF BASE PEARCE
                   Delarue Street             2nd Floor, Landmark Centre                                 BULLSBROOK WA 6084
                   RAAF BASE RICHMOND         454 Nepean Highway             Queensland Region           PH: 08 9571 7015
                   NSW 2755                   FRANKSTON VIC 3199             BRISBANE OFFICE
                   PH: 02 4587 1130           PH: 03 9783 9344               71 Osborne Road
                                                                                                         Northern Territory
                   NOWRA OFFICE               LAVERTON OFFICE                MITCHELTON QLD 4053         DARWIN OFFICE
                   Level 2, Suite 2,          Building 98, Cnr Tangmere      PH: 07 3855 2822            3 Tybell St
                   Bridgeton House            & Shrewsbury Street                                        WINNELLIE NT 0820
                   55-57 Berry Street                                        AMBERLEY OFFICE
                                              RAAF WILLIAMS                  Building 726                PH: 08 8935 7900
                   NOWRA NSW 2541             LAVERTON VIC 3027
                   PH: 02 4421 3855                                          Hudson Road                 TINDAL OFFICE
                                              PH: 03 9256 2474               RAAF BASE AMBERLEY          Building 240
                   WILLIAMTOWN OFFICE         SALE OFFICE                    QLD 4306                    Tindal Community Centre
                   RAAF Base                  7 Hudson Avenue                PH: 07 5461 1678            Easton Parade
                   Building 225               (Opposite Cinema)                                          RAAF TINDAL NT 0853
                   McNamara Drive                                            DARLING DOWNS OFFICE
                                              RAAF BASE                      25/49 RQR                   PH: 08 8973 6353
                   WILLIAMTOWN NSW 2314       EAST SALE VIC 3852
                   PH: 02 4964 6973                                          O’Quinn Street
                                              PH: 03 5146 6030               TOOWOOMBA QLD 4350
                   SINGLETON OFFICE           PUCKAPUNYAL OFFICE             PH: 07 4631 4470
                   Infantry Drive             Vivi St
                   SINGLETON NSW 2331                                        TOWNSVILLE OFFICE
                                              PUCKAPUNYAL VIC 3662           Nathan Business Centre
                   PH: 02 6570 3296           PH: 03 5735 7731               340 Ross River Road
                   WAGGA OFFICE               MACLEOD OFFICE                 AITKENVALE QLD 4814
                   First Floor, Suite 104     19 McNamara St                 PH: 07 4753 6539
                   76 Morgan Street           MACLEOD VIC 3085
                   WAGGA WAGGA                                               CAIRNS OFFICE
                                              PH: 03 9455 3422               3 Jensen Street
                   NSW 2650
                   PH: 02 6931 0011           ALBURY/WODONGA OFFICE          MANOORA QLD 4870
                                              Building 109                   PH: 07 4053 9300
                                              NORTH BANDIANA VIC 3694
                                              PH: 02 6055 2130

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                                                                               Editor, defenceFAMILYMATTERS
                                                                               Department of Defence
                                                                               R1-1-CO19 Russell Offices
                                                                               CANBERRA ACT 2600
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