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					July 2009
                         Kamloops North Thompson
                            President’s Message:
At our general meeting on June 28 we elected an executive committee that is
dedicated to serving Kamloops North Thompson NDP members. They are a
group of men and women from all walks of life. Some are younger, some are
older, some experienced and some inexperienced. Each of them brings a
unique set of skills and talents that will benefit our party and our riding. I was
fortunate enough to be elected as President for the coming year and I feel
honoured to do so.
We look forward to tough challenges and building member support leading up
to the provincial election four years from now. We have a debt to pay off but
we will do it and we need to connect with our members and build good
relationships with each and everyone of you. These will be demanding tasks
but this executive is looking forward to it. We also believe we will send a       Outgoing KNT NDP President
KNT NDP MLA to Victoria in 2013.                                                  Edna Park (left) and new
At our July 21st meeting we will be putting together our feedback regarding       President Rick Turner (right).
the recent provincial election: what did our party do well in the election and in Edna served as President for 3
what ways can we improve. We look forward to hearing from you and                 years.
welcome your input.
Our September meeting will see the Executive Committee set its goals for the coming year. Again, please feel
free to contact an executive member with input.
Big thanks to Dave Guinn, our barbeque chef extraordinaire, and Karen Cerniuk, our Events Coordinator, for an
excellent job of hosting our barbeque with Carole James on July5. Everyone had a great time and we raised a
substantial amount of money too. Thanks also to Michael Crawford for his donation of many beautiful hanging
flower baskets for fundraisers.
We are also looking forward to the KNT NDP Walkathon on August 22. This event is a good opportunity to
raise some money and have some fun. The North Thompson is always beautiful at this time of year. We
encourage you to sponsor a walker and attend the event. The walk and picnic will be fun and there are lots of
sights to see in Wells Gray Park afterwards. See page 2 for more details and give Mel Schmidt a call if you want
more info. See you there!
Finally, I want to thank the outgoing Executive Committee and especially Edna Park, who, as President, spent
many an hour in meetings, staying up late at night reading documents, communicating with the folks in
Vancouver, knocking on doors, and much, much more. Many of the outgoing Executive Committee have also
spent many years working hard for the rest of us to insure our voices were heard and that we had a choice we
could feel proud of. We are grateful that many of you have stayed on. To those who are taking some time away
from it all, thank you for your many years of service and a job well done.
—Rick Turner

                     July 5 Barbeque at Dave Guinn’s
Almost forty of us gathered at Dave Guinn’s on the evening of July 5 and enjoyed
good food, fun, and a visit with Carole James. We enjoyed a potluck dinner that
included a rich array of salads and Dave’s culinary expertise on the barby, as he
cooked delicious chicken kabobs and smokies. Desserts were also available and
those who still had room after supper enjoyed those too.
Carole James attended the event and enjoyed the fine dinner also. She visited with
everyone and talked about the four years ahead. All of us shared a lot of good
conversation and lots of laughs. Zack showed us how to play slip the ring around
the bottleneck and many of us made a small contribution to party coffers, hoping Zack’s skill would win us a
bottle of fine wine from Dave’s wine cellar. It was a great fundraiser and very entertaining as well.
Michael Crawford donated many hanging flower baskets, also as fundraisers, and people took them home in
return for a donation to the party.
Our thanks to Dave Guinn and Karen Cerniuk for organizing and hosting this event. All of us had a great time.
 - Rick Turner

                        1st Annual KNT NDP Walkathon

On August 22, 2009, the Kamloops North Thompson NDP is holding a walkathon and
picnic. This will be a Fun Day Fundraiser.
Find a walker and sponsor him or her for the 10km walk, have your group sponsor a
walker, or contact Mel Shmidt at 250-672-1843, or He will be happy to
have you sponsor him..
The walkers will leave Dave Simms’ place in Blackpool at 244 Phillips Road, starting at
10 a..m. (follow the signs to Dave’s place). They will be following the old Highway 5 to the ball park in
Clearwater. Bring a picnic lunch or buy a hotdog and some ice cream from our folks at the ballpark.
Each walker who has at least $100 in pledges will be provided with a t-shirt to wear on the walk and keep as a
souvenir—the more walkers the merrier. Get behind this event with your wallet. These sponsorships are a tax
If you plan on walking and want a t-shirt, please let Mel know by August 15.
Please come one and all.—Mel Schmidt

   Yes!                I want to build a strong Kamloops North Thompson NDP.
                                   Please send your cheque, payable to BC NDP to:
                                                Ben Capps
                                                Treasurer KNT NDP
                                                Unit 308 465 Greenstone Dr.
                                                Kamloops BC V2C 1N8
                                    A tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you.


President: Rick Turner   phone: (250)579-8541 email:
Vice President: Doug Brown phone: (250)372-2705 email:
Recording Secretary: Ingrid Barnes    phone: (250)374-0569 email:
Treasurer: Ben Capps phone: (250) 377-5083 email:
Provincial Council Delegate: Melvin Schmidt phone: (250)672-1843 email:
Alternate Provincial Council Delegate: Krystal Smith phone: (250)574-4570
Federal Council Rep: Melvin Schmidt phone: (250)672-1843 email:
Communications Director (Co-Chairs):
Lois Rugg phone: (250)554-1156    email:
Michael Crawford phone: (250)571-4201 cell; (250) 371-5520 wk email:
Newsletter Editor: Rick Turner phone: (250)579-8541 email:
Membership Secretary: Deb Toth       phone: (250)376-1197   email:
Events Coordinator: Karen Cerniuk phone: (250)554-1440 email:
Fundraiser Chair: Carole Gillis phone: (250)579-5982 email:
Policy and Resolution's Co-Chairs:
Marion York phone: (250) 828-0728 email:
Fawn Knox phone: (250)579-5768 email:
Women's Rights Rep (Co-Chairs):
Cathy Hamilton   phone: (250)376-8902 email:
Samara Gowrie    phone: (778)-220-5128 cell email:
Young New Democrat Rep: Josh Phillips phone: (250)573-2546
Labour Council Liaison: (Position Unfilled)
Alternate Labour Council Liaison: (Position Unfilled)
Members at Large:
Thelma Schmidt      phone: (250)672-1843 email:
Dave Guinn          phone: (250)682-3500 cell email:
Rod Andrew          phone: (250)579-9359 email:

                                         Find us on the web!

                                Layton, NDP - Real Opposition in Ottawa

Michael Crawford
Communications Officer
Kamloops Thompson Cariboo NDP

The 2nd Session of the 40th Parliament has ended and the House will sit again September 14, 2009. MPs
of all political stripes have been working hard and now they will return to their ridings to meet with
constituents and hopefully find some time to relax.

Jack Layton and our 36 MPs, including twelve new members, have been working hard to protect workers
and the environment, and to make sure Canadian families are always front and centre when tough
decisions must be made. Canada's NDP continues to be an effective opposition to Parliament.

The same can't be said for the Liberals. New leader Michael Ignatieff continues Dion's legacy of
supporting and propping up the Conservative government giving Harper a de facto majority.

The Liberals closed out the session by voting for a Conservative finance bill. That vote marked the 79th
consecutive confidence vote in which the Liberals supported the Conservatives, keeping them in power.
Layton has accurately referred to this latest vote as a joint Liberal-Conservative attack against the two
million unemployed Canadians who need immediate assistance to make ends meet.

Canada's NDP has always worked well with minority Parliaments to produce real results for Canadians.
Results that create more housing, increase access to education, provide health care, protect the
environment, and increase public transit. But our cooperation in Parliament has always been contingent
on government making decisions that benefit ordinary people and Harper's Conservatives don't share our
values in that regard.

Alex McLennan, Danae Theobald, and I are off to the AGM in Halifax this summer and we will report in
the fall.

I hope everyone has a relaxing summer and that you are ready if a federal election is called this fall.

Michael Crawford

                  Do you have a question or an issue, a change of address,
                  want to donate to the KNT NDP? Email your question or
                    request to or phone 250-579-8541.