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									                                                                                      John Eldridge, author of Wild at Heart, writes: “A number of years
                                                                                      ago, at a point in my own journey when I felt more lost than ever, I
                                                                                      heard a talk given by Gordon Dalbey, who had just written ‘Healing
                                                                                      the Masculine Soul’. He raised the idea that despite a man’s past and
                                                                                      the failures of his own father to initiate him, God could take him on
                                                                                      that journey to provide what was missing. A hope rose within me.”
                                                                                      Brian Doerksen, Songwriter/Producer of Come Now is the Time to
                                                                                      Worship: “Gordon Dalbey’s teaching on manhood has touched me
                                                                                      deeper than any other. Listening to Gordon teaching at a men’s
                                                                                      retreat was like constant ‘explosions of revelation’. Hearing Gordon
                                                                                      in person is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone who wants a
                                                                                      deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian man.”
Gordon Dalbey Men’s Event

                                                                                      Paul Ryan, Ellel Ministries Australia Ltd. : “There are many great
                                                                                      ministries available for men today, but what sets Gordon Dalbey
                                                                                      apart is that where most other ministries rightly show men what
                                                                                      they should be DOING for the Kingdom… Gordon highlights most
                                                                                      men simply cannot do it – because we carry unrecognised wounds
                                                                                      that rob us of the strength to sustain what it is the Father requires…
                                                                                      That is, until a restoration path has been cleared to help us recognise
                            In 1988, Gordon Dalbey’s first book Healing the           and face our wounds, which Gordon is brilliantly gifted and called by

                            Masculine Soul pioneered the growing Christian men’s      Abba Father to lead us into. “
                            movement, by calling men to a Godly strength. His
                            ground-breaking 1991 ‘Focus on the Family’ radio
                            interviews drew a listener response in the top 10% of
                            the show’s history, and were re-broadcast in 1998 and
                                                                                      A little about Ellel Ministries...
                                                                                      The Vision: Ellel Ministries is a non-denominational Christian mission
                            2003 as “classics”.

                                                                                      organisation with a vision to resource and equip the Church by
                            Gordon’s second book, Sons of the Father, offers          welcoming people, teaching them about the Kingdom of God and
                                                                                      healing those in need. (Luke 9:11)
                            healing for the father-wound, which cripples men
                            today as husbands, fathers, workers and friends.          The Mission: Our mission is to fulfil this vision throughout the world,
                            His third and most recent book, Fight Like a Man,
                                                                                      as God opens the doors, in accordance with the Great Commission
                                                                                      of Jesus and the calling of the Church to proclaim the Good News,                            Gordon
                            shows how Father God transforms us with His truth         healing the broken-hearted and setting the captives free. We are,
                            and grace into warriors for His Kingdom.                  therefore, committed to evangelism, healing, deliverance, discipleship
                                                                                      and training.
                            A popular speaker at conferences and retreats, and
                            on radio and TV shows, Gordon has ministered
                            throughout the US and around the world. Gordon’s          Up coming Ellel Events:
                            articles have also appeared in a wide variety of          ‘Healing for Accident and Trauma’ (20-22 July); ‘Free Taster’ (28 July);
                            magazines and newspapers, including ‘Los Angeles          ‘Healing through the Father Heart of God’ (3-5 Aug); ‘Moving on with
                            Times’ and ‘Readers Digest’.                              God’ (7-9 Aug); ‘Understanding Freedom from Pornography’ (18 Aug).

                            Gordon now divides his ministry time between
                            writing, conference speaking, and a private practice in
                            prayer ministry. He lives in Santa Barbara, California,
                            with his wife and son.
                                                                                                                                                                 A Life-Changing
                            You can visit Gordon’s website at:                                ‘Bringing the Heart of God to the heart of man’                     Event for Men
                                                                                          Gilbulla, 710 Moreton Park Rd, Menangle, NSW, 2568, Australia
                                                                                           Tel: (02) 4633 8102 Fax: (02) 4633 8201
      Sons of                                                                          Event Details
                                                                          Event: ‘Sons of the Father’ Conference
                                                                                                                                      Registration form
                                                                                                                                      Please complete and send to Ellel Ministries Australia.

                                                                                                                                      Mail: 710 Moreton Park Rd Menangle, NSW, 2568 • Fax: 4633 8201
                                                                           Date: Saturday 30th June – Sunday 1st July
                                                                         Times: Please see below                                      Name:
                                                                           Cost: $80
“Are you sick of running yet? If not, then keep running                Location: Petersham AOG Hall,
until you are. Today, I haven’t got the energy to outrun                         93 Audley Street, Petersham, Sydney, NSW             Address:
God any more. Truth is, I never did; it was just easier to fool
myself for all those years... Want to take a real rest? Have                                                                          Suburb:                               State:             Post Code:
you run as long as you can yet? If you want to get real with           Event Times:
other men who are willing to get real with God, this is your
                                                                       Saturday 30th June                                             Phone No.
weekend. It’s time.”                – Gordon Dalbey
                                                                       Registration                          8:30am                   Email:
This exciting weekend will be both challenging and                     Start of Conference / Worship         9:30am
encouraging, designed for men who want to:                             Evening Session                       7- 9pm                   Method of payment: (Please tick)
– Get real with God and other men                                                                                                          Cheque made out to Ellel Ministries Australia LTD
– Let God focus your sexuality for His purposes
– Give your children all God has for you as their father               Sunday 1st July                                                     Visa
– Be free from the fear of not measuring up                            Final Sessions                        1:30pm                        Master Card
– Discover your true heritage and destiny                              Close                                 4:30pm                        Money Order

        The main Topics* will include:-                                                                                               Name on Card:
‘Father & Son’ – The Roots of Manhood                                      ... a real man is
The lack of fathering has become a destructive epidemic in                                                                            Credit Card No.
our time. Jesus came to heal this father-wound, by restoring
relationship with the Father of all men.                                                                                              Expiry:         /

‘Loving A Woman’ – Sexuality & Spirituality
What actually is sexual attraction? How does
Father God mediate this powerful mystery in men
and women to shape us for His purposes?                                                  a man who is real                            (Please tick)

                                                                                                                                           Payment in full $80 or
‘The Wolf Loves the Lone Sheep’
                                                                                                                                           Non refundable deposit of $20
         – Battling Together as Brothers
                                                                       “In my ministry, I want men to experience the healing and
How can we overcome our fear of each other, bond together as           freedom that comes when you get real with yourself, with       Alternatively:- To make a booking:
sons of the Father, and walk in victory together as brothers?          God and with other men. That’s how we discover not only        Phone Ellel Ministries Australia on (02) 4633 8102
‘From Shame to Sonship’                                                Whose we are, but the manhood we’re created for and the        or by e-mail:
How can we give our shame to Jesus, receive His grace and              power to walk in it.”
experience the overcoming dignity of sonship?                          “Men whose longing for healing is greater than their fear of
An opportunity for wives to join the men who have                      shame go to Jesus with their wound, and find the life they
attended the event will be provided in the final Session,              were designed to live.”           – Gordon Dalbey
3pm Sunday. (No extra cost)
*Sessions may be subject to alteration and input by Ellel Ministries

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